Wednesday, September 01, 2021


Hysterical, as usual Republicans are trying to gaslight American's, by pitching this is all on Joe, disregarding reality, history and the truth! Apparently blaming others, because you are too busy pitching a lie about your loss then to actually do the job of helping Americans is the only job you guys are good at. Oh and screaming about your freedoms, while taking American's rights away, you know where you can shove it!  

DONALD YOU MADE THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, nobody else, remember? Funny, you were just on FOX recently pitching your genius deal, you forgot already. Or is something wrong with 'your' brain? Alzheimer’s perhaps, or simply lard on the brain? Too many lies have injured your mind perhaps? I’m actually surprised you don’t have a tumor up there with all the hatred engorging whatever brain cells you’ve got left. You released 5000 terrorists out of prison, not Joe, not Barack, you, remember? You know the ones that we are, excuse me, we were fighting a war against terror against. You ended the war, it was your deal. You had your Secretary of State meet with them. You made the deal not Joe or Kamala. Not Barack, and certainly not Hillary, just you! You set the date, you can’t even blame this on your subservient VP, the man with flies in his head… But instead of fulfilling your part of the bargain, you were too busy going around the nation lying about what happened on Election Day. Now apparently you're pissed, after your tantrum on Fox (not by a million miles) news, because people are not talking about your deal with the Taliban, but are instead talking about the latest once in a century horror story coming out of Louisiana. How dare people care about anything, you aren't associated with. So what is it, are you proud of your ending the war, or are you pissed a real President did? You can't have it both ways. Oh I forget, we are discussing you, so I guess we can, depending on what channel we're watching and what side of the bed you fell off of.
You didn’t give a flying fuck about getting vaccinations out the door, you didn’t even celebrate the fact you actually succeeded for once… You bet the farm on a vaccine being created in record time… and it actually for once happened! Oh my God! Let’s hear it for the man. But instead of parading it out, crowing about it. Telling people to just hold on a bit more, till we can get the vaccination out, look at the marvels I’ve accomplished, it was all about your election, nothing about wearing a mask, or saving lives, just saving your job, and keeping the law at a distance. It was all about you, and your loss, not about the hundreds of thousands of people that died because you couldn’t tell them the simple truth… that the virus was deadly, and to wear a mask for the time being. The vaccine which you could have touted as the greatest achievement of any American President in history, a modern miracle by yours truly, a man who can walk on water… look what I got for you… Trump’s magical elixir. But a loser is a loser, who can’t see victory when it’s sitting in his lap, he only sees what his small tiny mind can comprehend.
But instead all you care about is making up bullshit to get yourself back into power for a job you don’t want to actually even do, you just want the freaking title and all the power that comes from it. Even the ones that don’t come with the job… you know the absolute power bit, that you keep pitching you have. Trump was willing to commit crimes to retain power so much so, he got impeached twice for it, and  should’ve been impeached four times, maybe more. It’s amazing nobody’s going after him for his handling on the pandemic. Less we forget, he was in a meeting in January before the first  United States citizen died from a virus that was hitting the world, but instead of coming out and telling us the truth he lied. All you had to say was wear a freaking mask that would save peoples lives, not pitch freedom, causing death and infection instead! Who needs freaking freedoms when you’re dead! Look at all the Trumpeters around the nation, all the anti-vaxxer's screaming freedom, who are now either in a hospital, on a ventilator, or already 6 feet under ground. Or better yet, outside on the ground waiting to be brought into the hospital because there’s no room for them in the hospital any more because people are taking horse tranquilizer instead of a simple miraculous vaccine… and now you come out whining like you did before you unfortunately shocked the world and became commander in chief, that you still know best. Donald please just go away, get your legal affairs in order, and get ready for the fight of your life… elections have consequences, you lost, now get ready to lose everything, deservingly. 
Trump made the deal with the devil, not Biden… he got 5000 terrorists released… he set the date for withdrawal not Biden… Biden pushed the date back… but instead of dealing with the date he set up… Trump spent the months pitching a lie about an election he lost… he didn’t spend a second on figuring out how to get vaccines delivered to the people or worrying about removing anyone over there in a war begun by the last worst President in American history. Oh yes, and with his racist leanings, he made that sure nobody who wasn’t American would be able to leave, even those who helped us fore the last 20 years… but let’s skip reality and history… let’s just attack the man who literary was left twiddling in the wind with this. And unlike trump, President Biden says the buck stops with him…. Like a real President does… not the genocidal maniac who offed 1/2 million lives with lies….
You guys are amazing. We have a pandemic on our hands, the previous guy in charge caused it to become a genocide, and you made it all about personal freedoms assisting his genocide. Heck, you are still doing it. Now the man and the war that should never have happened in the first place, begun by the previous worst president in history, George W. Bush, on a freaking lie. Thousands of people have died, hundreds of thousands of humans have died because of Bush's lie. Trump also a Republican lied throughout his entire presidency about everything, and for that he was impeached twice. He lied to get into the White House by saying the previous president named President Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t born in the United States, without any evidence, and amazingly people believed him on that lie too. Trump made the deal with the Taliban not Biden, he released monsters into freedom, some of those monsters are back with Isis probably, while the rest are now running Afghanistan. Not the government that we were paying supposedly trillions of dollars to, no they cut and ran, conceding the nation within weeks, no fight what so ever. 
Oh and it seems that Benghazi, oops, I’m sorry, Afghanistan, is going to be Biden‘s albatross if Republicans get their way, just like the Benghazi Embassy turned out to be Hillary‘s albatross, even though it wasn’t her freaking fault. Even though the Republicans themselves cut the funding on the embassies, after she practically begged them not too. But what does she know, she's a Clinton? Obviously more then they do, because they caused the problem, that sadly she was blamed for. Of course, as usual, another Republican plan blew up in our faces. And their response as always, is to blame the Democrats, it’s their fault. And for some freaking reason that becomes the talking point, reality, truth or history, never come into the conversation. 
Mr. President, Joe if I can be so personal, if what the Republicans are pulling right now in regards to your withdrawal from Afghanistan, the war that Trump ended, doesn’t make you rethink your thoughts about the filibuster in regards to a Democracy teetering on the brink of insolvency, maybe nothing will, until it's too late. Why would they agree with you on the people's rights to vote, when they themselves have people who are literally removing peoples rights to vote! This is the people who literally have lied for months, about the election. As we watch as one by one all the lawyers who lied in court are finally getting their just dues. And the joke about this whole thing is and I have said it before and other people have too, if the ballots were corrupt and mishandled and changed for the presidential election, the entire ballot was corrupt and null in void. In other words, those in Congress and the Senate who were voted in on the same ballot, their elections have to be thrown out too. Funny how that isn't in the discussion. They forget that small detail… a lot. If theirs were good, and they won, then Biden did too. In other words these Republicans were and are still pitching a lie, and they also should be kicked out of office, because if trumps election was thrown out their's should be too. How does it work if one is in good the other one isn't? It doesn’t! The answer to the question is, it's simply a lie. A lie that racist white people are pushing, without any evidence. And the sad thing is how many people have, especially those who aren't white, but are other shades, colors, political parties, religions, are falling for yet another unproven lie. The same people that got us into a war in Afghanistan in the first place, who promised we wouldn't nation build, then did, are the same people who lied about Obama's heritage, about Global Warming, about tax breaks for the rich, are also the same people who lied about the virus, about wearing masks, simply about everything! And now they're trying to lie to you about what happened in the run up to Biden's decision to end the war in Afghanistan.
In closing, for the first time in weeks I actually turned on Fox News, I almost threw up in my mouth writing that, on the day Joe Biden officially announced the ending of the war, I had been switching from CNN to MSNBC to see what was happening, and basically the coverage was about the flooding in Louisiana, no other news apparently was happening on this historic day, so I decided to see what was happening on the other side of the cosmos, and I switched to FOX  for the first time in months. It turned out I could only last about 30 seconds, because what they were discussing was Afghanistan and the fact that Biden had “lied” to the American people! He had promised they would not leave Afghanistan till every American was gone and now they’re still 50 to 100 Americans in Afghanistan left… so the president lied. That whined that soon the president would be coming out, and they bet he wouldn't be discussing the 50 to 100 Americans left behind, he would only be discussing his victory. And we're sure lots of people will be discussing that too for a while… the fact that Biden had left Americans stranded the liar! And then I cursed the television out and switched to a channel back in the real world. Seriously evil… but prepare to hear that from every republican who were all in when Donald announced the deal with the Taliban, to end the war, watch as the all go impeachment crazy on Biden for fulfilling his side of the deal Trump made with the Devil….  Somebody on facebook wrote they were ashamed of being an American because of what President Biden had done this past week. My response was, 'Funny I'm ashamed America elected a genocidal maniac… named Donald who made a deal with the Devil… releasing 5000 terrorists and ending the war … forcing Biden’s hands time wise…. Perhaps if he wasn’t too busy pitching his lie about his lose, he could’ve spent the time getting the vaccine out, and getting humans out of Afghanistan that you all seem to be so upset over… hmm! And way proud 'We the People' elected a great American to replace the POS.
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