Thursday, July 22, 2021

IMHO what Kevin McCarthy did yesterday, was already discussed with Donald in their last get together… Ignore what actually happened on Jan 6th, it was all Nancy's fault! Screw Democracy… no screw you!!

TRIGGERED AGAIN, SERIOUSLY I WAS SHAKING WITH ANGER, as I sat through the biggest sham I've ever seen, well, since maybe last week's biggest sham, or was that the day before? As Kevin McCarthy and the now 'not' involved Republicans he had chosen to be in (or is that on), the January 6th Select Committee, announced he was pulling all of his members out. Apparently Kevin was upset, because Nancy just kicked two of McCarthy's picks to the curb. I mean come on, she's no dummy, she saw right through Kevin's schemes, and said no! She used her veto power, which she got, when he blew up the original bi-partisan commission, and she was forced into creating this committee. So, in a hissy fit, Kevin pulled all of his picks, and then used the time to spin the story from a search for the truth of what actually caused and who was in on, the January 6th event, into yet another sideshow showcasing just how partisan political the trumpeting Republicans really are.  
So what did I get from watching this circus event? Simply put, we now know what Kevin and Donald talked about in their last get together. A way to get away with murder in the least, and a signal to what their pitch will be in the 2024 election. Get ready. It wasn't the followers of Donald who tried to overthrow Democracy, it was Nancy Pelosi and the Trump hating Democratic Socialists. They are the bad guys, Donald is the greatest President who ever has walked the earth, and surely need padded rooms and white straight jackets. I'm sure they never discussed his future prison sentences, or is actual audits, or his fund raising, or even their dangerous rhetoric, probably helping more then anything to off a few thousand more Americans at any possible chance, with their continued attacks on the vaccine, medicine and science.  Of course not, all they probably discussed this time, was ways to make Nancy's Select Committee into a political weapon against the Democrats. And the only way they can do that, is to create a circus, pitch more lies, turn someone else into the monster, the scapegoat, and try to change the subject. While in the background, they systemically attempt to turn our democracy for the people, into their own personal wish list. And once again try to lie their way back into power, just ignore the Trump followers who stormed the Capitol. This is all on Nancy Pelosi, she's to blame… for the lack of security on the day. It's her fault, no one else's. That's it. How do I write this, what utter fools these losers be. I honestly think we need to have all of them genetically checked for inbreeding, and I am not being sarcastic. Kevin, weren't you paying attention? That question was actually asked and answered a lot in the previous committees on the event and of course with the witnesses and their testimony during Trump's second Impeachment trial. Or were you too busy trying to turn those events into political commercials for your campaign to be the next Majority Leader, or is your ambition greater, the next douche bag Republican President? Perhaps with Junior or Jared as your Vice Presidential running mate, heaven forbid. But on this day, during this planning session or should I write, Trump's decrees for then day, I'm sure the conversation was all coming up with ways to steal President Biden's Presidency or at least render it as powerless as possible, for his eventual takeover. God forbid. 
That being written, to those who question the reasons those brave Texas Democrats fled their state to stop Republicans from voting in a draconian anti voting rights bill, are more patriotic then any one of the Republicans who argue so hard how much they love our nation as they transform their political beliefs into something akin to Apartheid or is that Fascism. Remember when Trump claimed that the popular votes of the over 3 million votes that Hillary won by were all illegal? That's what he meant. How ironic that a man who camouflages his face with orange clown make up, has issues with people with natural color in their skins… and apparently their rights to vote. Well this is a man who was once legally punished in New York State for not allowing people of color to rent apartments in his families properties, so why should anyone expect anything different today.  
I was gonna write yesterday's events were simply unbelievable, but by now, nothing they do or say should be a shock or a surprise. Just another event that makes you shake your head at whatever garbage they're pitching, because sadly it's always just another crock of horse manure, just as it was the day before. But Kevin announcing they would create a committee of their own, to prove that Nancy Pelosi was the guilty one in all this, probably topped everything else today. So pretty much Kevin is threatening to create his own committee, and go after Nancy just like they went after Hillary during their never ending bogus Benghazi witch hunts. And what geniuses Kevin and Donald are, they're gonna be using the same attack dog too, Rep. Jim Jordan. Like I wrote, this would be unbelievable, if things like this didn't happen so often now a days. But Jim Jordan, the same Representative who grilled, what should have been our real 45th President, during the Benghazi hearings, in that now famous 11 hour  session. That Hillary aced, while his fellow jackals in red tried to transform the former Secretary of State into the monster they wanted us to believe she was. And all they did was prove she was qualified to be the next President by a mile. Let's not discuss them reducing budgets on Embassy's around the world, after she had asked them to raise the amount because of how dangerous it was out there, but instead let's blame her for the deaths of 4 individuals, as if she herself had murdered them with her bare hands! As usual with them, they find someone to use as the scapegoat, and ignore all reality, fact, witnesses, the actual terrorists who attacked the embassy, the video tape or history. 
The question is of course, was this their plan in the first place? Everyone knows, I mean, Kevin and Trump publicized it for God's sake, a few weeks back Kevin took a trip to hang with the Trump, you think this didn't come up?  It wasn't like Kevin or any of the republicans wanted this commission or any investigation into January 6th, in any way. They've been trying to get past the event since the day it happened. I mean wouldn't you, if your side was in on it… allegedly. First of course, they didn't want a committee at all. Lets all forgive and forget. Oops about the dead police… But, the charade began, and then they supposedly negotiated in good faith. That is, till they actually came up with a plan, that gave them more then they ever expected, but somehow getting more, made the deal completely bad from the beginning and totally a political witch hunt on trump… what? Then Mitch succeeded in shutting down the bi-partisan commission, by practically begging the Republicans to vote against it, forcing Nancy to come up with this instead. Which got us to yesterday.  
Which amazingly brings me to something that Rachel Maddow brought up last night on her brilliant MSNBC show. In December, 21, 2020, POLITICO published a piece by Melanie Zanona, 'House Republicans meet with Trump to discuss overturning election results' which discusses a meeting, on December 21st, 2020, when Trump got together for several hours with roughly a dozen lawmakers, to discuss what the plans were to be on January 6th!, Huh? January 6th? Yes that January 6th! Please scream this to as many people that can hear you. I wonder what they talked about? Don't you? Seems to me, and I'm no genius, look who was in on the discussions, you guessed it, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)! Yup, the man Kevin McCarthy wanted to be in Nancy's committee, I guess to gum up the works? Also in the meeting was Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). oh, get this, they supposedly met with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss their plans! WTF! You can't make his stuff up, but you can invite them all of them to sit down under oath, and discuss. So Kevin, you wanted one of the people who were in on the talks about what was gonna happen, on the very day that the Capitol riots occurred, to become a member of the committee? Really? And you are whining that Nancy is making it political … how do I say this, shove it where the Sun doesn't shine! 
How stupid do you think people are? You tried to install a Trump puppet, his personal attack dog, as one of the people into the committee hearings. The same thug that was installed into the Impeachment Hearings, seems to be a pattern occurring. Interesting, how was this event, this get together to possibly discuss an attack on the Capitol, never brought up during Trump's Impeachment hearings? I presume this bit of news published by POLITICO had to have been read by someone, before Rachel brought it up on her show. Maybe it was, but he wasn't a soon to be subpoenaed witness yet, but now, I'm pretty sure he will be soon. So it better be on the top of everyone's lips when the January 6th hearings begin. Especially when Jimmy has to sit in front of Nancy's committee and make like a worm and squirm for all the world to see. Sadly for Jim and his buddies, who possibly went all in on the attempted coup, you can't use Donald's former executive privilege excuse to not answer questions about the conversations, you had with him, after he existed the White House. Finger crossed, this time, Donald, Kevin, Jim, or whomever was actually involved in the attack on the Capitol, and those who decided to protect and lie to cover it up, get everything they so justly deserve., 
If we are to believe what they pitched yesterday, I guess the events on January 6th, is all on her? Right? Don't you love it when men blame women for their own actions? Who continuously ignore the obvious fact that the whole world was watching it live on their televisions. Something that none of us you witnessed it will ever forget. So their entire attack pitch now has become a witch hunt on Nancy Pelosi… It took them six months to come up with this? Who do we go after to deflect this crimes? I know, let's blame Nancy! It's all Nancy's fault! Hysterical, the one person in Washington that Donald couldn't take down, but Kevin and Jim will, ha, ha, ha. We are the patriots they shout. We are the 'Law and Order' party they scream. It's the Democrats who are the authoritarian party, they spew. Just because we want to kick out President Biden on a lie, and reinstall Donald, and 'I can not believe I am writing this', with the almost in your face racist undertone that only white people's votes are legit, should count. The rest of us citizens are illegal. Yup, it's coming to that people, and if you don't get that yet, you better change the TV channel's you've been watching. Because pretty soon, you're gonna wake up and discover Democracy died, without one person dying on the battle field. We might not be in a declared war yet, but I'm sorry, people actually died on January 6th, at the Capitol. So forgive me if I feel that we are under attack, and the enemies at the gate, could be my next door neighbor!

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, July 22, 2021 

To read the entire article by Melanie Zanona, please check out this link.

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