Monday, May 24, 2021


Remember the Civil War,  am I the only one who thinks, the current crop of trumpeters running the GOP, might be on course to try to secede… 

I GUESS SOME ATTEMPTED COUPS aren't worth getting to the bottom of? Could you imagine if the opposite was true, if the January attack had occurred and President Barack Obama, or better yet Hillary Clinton were in power, and it was their followers, and the Republicans were in charge… these Republicans? Boy I sure can, remember Benghazi? Shall I remind you what they did to Hillary? I didn't think so. Well I think we would be having a non stop court proceeding, with Lindsey, Teddy Cruz and Marco Rubio railing against those traitorous Democrats … of course this scenario would ever happen, since Democrats still believe in the rule of law, in our Democracy. I guess, these Republicans, or what was once  classified as the Republican Party, only seemingly believe in the Confederacy, Putin, or simply their golden calf. 

Maybe I'm the only one that's seeing it, but it sure looks like the states run by Republicans are swiftly transforming into the territories they once were some 200 years ago. Between their new laws that prevent more and more people from voting, as opposed to what has always been,  at least the advertised pitch… you know, in America, when you are born here, you automatically have that right once you hit the proper age. It's in the constitution!  Well apparently these bible thumping hypocrites who beleive in lies and refuse reality and truth, want voting to be as it when our nation began… white males only. How Red, White, and Blue of you… And let's not forget the recent attacks on native Americans, as simply relics that were here before their great white republican hunters discovered these shores and made it their own. And let's not forget that they did it by enslaving African Americans, and performing genocide upon the only true native Americans… of course, that's something that they're trying to erase from the history books and being taught in schools.
Notice I didn't mention the insensitive prick's name who spewed the very insulting and bigoted comments. Between racists attacks against pretty much all people of color, including Asians, and Jewish Americans. Yes, according to the real whites out there, us Jews are also not included with them in their racist backward, inbred, white people's handbook, treasured by those who consider their heritage better than others. One would think in the year 2021, crap like this would be a relic of the past, as some have said, since Kamala Harris is now our Vice President, see, racism is a thing of the past… Instead, it's the essence of those who found in the Republican Party who found their voice in Donald John Trump, a pathologically lying carnival barker, that they all fell for, and whose soul's Lucifer now owns. Somehow the more he hurts people, the more Godlike his hold on them gets, if this isn't madness it's pretty close to it.
So Republicans scream, we must not look back, only look forward in regards to a day they will probably be having parades over in their neck of the woods, like they now do for their Confederate heroes. Cheering the traitors, who stormed the Capitol, just as they cheer the Confederate soldiers that fought for the right to own slaves! 
At the same time they're cheering these insurrectionists as patriots, they keep trying to blame others for the crime against Democracy that they mostly all seem to be in with or in on. Either they are all in on it, for the patriotism of it, but any violence and bad vibes from it weren't the bad people, those were actually others in the crowd. What? Others that have yet to be revealed, uncovered, identified or brought in for questions. Somehow according the them, they describe the terrorists in Trump garb, as visiting the Capitol on a peaceful family tour, and the actual culprits was actually ANTIFA or BLM, presumingly all in white face and body makeup, covering their true skin colors. Disregarding all the truth, or worse, defending those traitors to our flag, as the real heroes willing to attack the Capitol in defense of our flag. Of course completely ignoring that the one flag they didn't bring was the American Flag. Instead, these peaceful flower children, brought Confederate, Nazi, White Power flags and pennants, covered with Trump commentary and hatred. Lunatics, all possibly related to their family life stock, if you ask me. 
But investigating lies, sure. Conspiracies by the mile, why not. Isn't that the staple of these modern Republicans, well isn't it? Thank God my parents were always Democrats, and never fell under the spell of these current monsters in charge who still call themselves Republican, after suffering through what some of my friends, or sadly former friends have transformed into. Because man, I would hate being me right now if I had my mind warped by so much bullsh… , as opposed to the angry confused Jewish Democratic American who is watching with growing worry and concern, that the fools on the right are really a danger to the future of our nation. Madness, the party who constantly screams about 'our' freedoms, are the ones who are gonna be the eventual demise of all of them!
I don’t understand Republicans, who don’t wanna investigate what happened on January 6, 2021, what are you trying to hide? We have lots of commissions already doing it, they shout. Really? Well, actually none investigating the how it began, only the day itself. You don’t want to find out if one of the members in the room, possibly standing next to you, actually carrying a concealed weapon, could’ve been involved with an attempted coup. Or to put it closer to home, and I can't believe I have to remind them, that there was an attempt on their very lives, or worse, the only logical deduction is, are they trying to hide the fact that they were involved with it? And what gets me is they don’t wanna investigate that, while I guess forgetting that we have videos of the event that the whole world has seen. Not to mention the millions of people across our nation and the world, who experienced it in real time on their televisions, phones and computers, who could all be witnesses in the trial, that what happened on that day wasn't no picnic! As some of the very same Republicans in power are now trying to call the infamous day, and we are talking the ones who were fighting for their very lives … and that's on video too! 
But instead, more important to Trump's party, is to investigate every freaking ballot, that's supposedly printed in China, that's really hard to believe, made out of bamboo! Yes, let's investigate those items, with as usual, in any conspiracy that these losers always pitch, no actual proof that anything happened, except what actually happened in reality, that they keep arguing against. Maybe our mantra should be, remember what they did to Hillary? Let's remind them they pitched President Barack Obama's homeland wasn't American. Let's see, they cause a problem, or create a conspiracy, and they make it their 24/7 talking point. And even without a shred of evidence or better, after all of it is proven to be flat out garbage, it gets drummed up so much, to become the next worst thing by a human since, you guessed it something Nixon or Hitler could have done. And even when outed, arrested, convicted, ostracized, somehow they gain political advantage, even when they lose in court, life or in their political races. They get jobs on television, as experts, and paraded around on air like royalty, and somehow get richer, and get even more popular, then run again and this time win. And the worst part of all this is, the American people always gets shafted, as they somehow get even more powerful, wealthier and even more obnoxious. So what I am getting to is, let's make them remember what their buddies tried to do to our Democracy! They refuse to have a commission, sadly for them the Democrats have the majority, and can arrange one anyway… remember Benghazi…
So now as the Republicans continue to come out fighting against investigating what actually happened to the Capitol on January 6, now what's happened, what is happening in Arizona, is gonna be spreading across the land… all the republican led states, at least for now, are going to be concocting rereading of the ballots, not to really overthrow the election but to prove that the wrong man got him and so, the voters should vote out Democrats, because they were bad and evil. Of course while doing this, they argue, that they don't want the January 6th commission, because the Democrats are using it as if it was another Impeachment trial against Trump… huh? So when they want to investigate something, it's never political, but when Democrats do, it always is. And of course, it goes without saying that the investigations they want are on false, and made up conspiracies with no evidence, and the ones the they don't are ones with actual criminal actions and human death!
Am I the only one that doesn’t see this? Talk about white privilege. Republicans in the Trump party like to take other things and make it their own, for example those who believe Trump's pitch about Election Day, that he's been spewing months before people actually started voting.
The Democrats coined the phrase, 'The Big Lie' in regards to Trump's pitch, before during and after Election Day, that the election was stolen from him, even before people voted, well as with all things Trumpian, any term used against them, they try to flip and use as a weapon against everyone else.  For example 'woke'…Earlier I mentioned the part about anti-Semitism in their ranks, and as I've been trying to remain calm, because I recently discovered that the monsters who are now seemingly running the asylum are using Gold Stars, as an attack against wearing masks, and I'm sorry that is the final straw in my opinion. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the disgraced, fool, and her buddies, are now wearing the same symbol that the Nazi's forced Jewish concentration camp victims to wear, as a comparison to the Government having people wear masks to save their lives from a deadly virus. How evil can you get? They spend years going after Hillary Clinton concocting a scheme that she was at fault for pulling funds for a foreign embassy, Wasting millions upon millions of dollars trying to destroy the credibility of one our greatest Americans who has ever lived. But they don’t wanna spend a cent investigating how January 6th was caused. Who was behind it, and how we can prevent it from happening again. Yes I understand there are other investigations, but they are investigating just what happened on that historic day, not what came before. Am I crazy, but shouldn’t the people who work in Washington, hired by the American people, they need to investigate the causes of January 6? If anyone in the Capitol was involved with it, in fact if any of the people currently working in the halls of Congress or the Senate were actually involved, assisted, flat out planned the events, shouldn't we know that? And people like Kevin McCarthy who literally had a conversation with Trump come as he claims, begging him to stop the crazies, shouldn't he have no say in an investigation? Since he's part of it! We have a lady who is now wearing gold stars as a protest to the American people having to wear masks, who has been harassing fellow congresswoman, who has now been censored from any work in any of the committees, who supposedly gave a tour of the Capitol to one of the monsters who ransacked it’s hallowed halls! And investigation it, is a no-no? Am I the only one who thinks something isn't kosher here?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, May 24, 2021

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On POINT! AND YES AMERICANS deserve and need to the answers to these very vital questions about the Trump INSURRECTION