Monday, May 31, 2021


Hmm, Mitch, seems without their bipartisanship you just gave Democrats a gift, now it'll be even easier to go after the traitors in our midst … remember Kevin, the truth will set you free, or if you're guilty, maybe send you to prison for insurrection! 

GUESS REPUBLICANS, WANT TO LOOK BAD, having had the chance to be patriots, and actually do the right thing,  and uncover the truth, instead played their usual games of deflection, blame, and possibly political suicide, by torpedoing a bipartisan commission to find out who if any power players in Washington were in on the attack and who is actually innocent, and have seemingly lost their minds. I understand they're trying very hard to take away as many people's rights in voting, and take our constitutional rights from us, but after the last election, haven't the GOP learned that the people rise up and vote in record numbers, especially when we realize monsters in Trumpian orange are trying to destroy our country. Well, guess thanks to Mitch, it's time for the Democrats to uncover the truth about what happened on their own. Makes sense, since currently they're the only political party actually performing politics to help Americans, as opposed to everything in the soulless monsters hearts, you know republicans, who's mission is to hurt as many Americans as possible. Heck, they were all in on Trump's genocide… weren't they? When will those hearings begin?

So enough with the bipartisanship, Democrats, you tried, repeatedly, on a loop. I'm sorry, if only one side if playing, then you are pretty much giving the non-players the victory, and the American people once again get the shaft. Democrats when will they learn? The Republicans aren't changing their spots, and especially they ain't changing their votes. They will only double down on their villainy till our very Democracy is dead, and the land of the free and the home of the brave is just in ruins and ash, burnt to the ground by hatred, lies and deception. Are you paying attention Democrats? At the exact same time Republicans are filibustering bills that could help Americans, they are going out pitching it's the Democrats who are not bargaining in good faith.

If you didn't guess by now, in the Republican dictionary, the word bargaining means, you take whatever we want, agree, then throwaway everything else or it's no deal, take it or leave it. Or maybe worse, spend weeks or months, negotiating and actually getting everything you want, but then at the very last minute, decide, nope, no deal for you, and we just played you some more, and you fell for it again. Which pretty much was Trump's way while in power. Mitch and the Republicans would negotiate with the democrats, and at the last minute after the two sides finally had nailed a plan, Donald would swoop in and throw a wrench into the whole discussion, and nothing would get done. Pretty much kicking the can down the road for the next or two, or never.  But somehow, the Democrats would get blamed for it again…  

So Democrats, you tried, to be the good American, but the minority prevented you guys, the majority from doing it. So, do it alone, enough. I for one would not complain, if this commission, or whatever they finally describe it as, is any where as thorough and fact finding, and in your face, as the most recent Impeachment hearing, or even the previous one.

So, the question I need to ask is, will this committee and/or investigation, interfere with the current investigations and trials, already coming Donald's way. How ironic, hysterical, and fitting, that once the Democrats do begin this, it may turn out that at the same time they want to subpena Trump to testify, about this, he might also be subpoenaed to testify in the many upcoming legal hearings and court cases for his obvious taxation issues, and other criminal acts, Cy Vance is overseeing. I can't wait to discover if Donald somehow gets away with everything, because he was president, somehow that saves him from everything again, you know, making him the king he apparently thinks he is. Its am amazing when Trump does it, a President is pretty much a king, but if a Democrat sneezes, it's life in prison or death row.

Of course sadly, looking as evil as possible, seems to be what the trumpeting Republicans are going for. Especially now with their current ongoing attempt at preventing as many people who might vote for anyone but them, while attempting to place others in power who aren't in it for the American people, but themselves and their masters. The worse they get, the more crazed, insane, racist, and vomit inducing or worse they get. It's as if their point blank evilness, is giving them strength, while weakening our very Democracy. 

So far, the Republican's current trajectory of bile and venom has caused them to lose the White House and the Senate in 2020, and 2 years before that the majority in the House as well. Hopefully this current attempt will be smacked down either by The John Lewis Voting Rights Act when it gets signed into law, or the courts will throw out all of the new restrictive anti-democratic and totally racist bills as completely unconstitutional. Or even if these monstrous republican laws stand, and no new over all law for our voting rights gets passed, the anger throughout the land, at what the republicans are pulling, especially after January 6th, will wake everyone up to the madness, and democracy will win once more. Of course, as things are going now, if that miracle occurred, then we would once again possibly have a Constitutional crisis because the bills which Republicans have shoved into law, gives them the power to throw out the people's votes… something which for some reason almost nobody is talking about, and is actually the most important thing that should be… so in 2 or 4 years, if God forbid, that scenario happens, and the Democrats win in states with the trumpeter stink all over our Democracy, and the Republicans in charge throw out the American people's votes and give the victory to their Republican minions, the American people will rise us and make the January 6th attack look just like a picnic, a tourist trip, as the lying douche bag republicans in Congress described it, while trying to gaslight Americans.   So enough already with bipartisanship Democrats, you tried, time to go it alone… they were in on it, time to prove it. Remember these fools are up for reelection in less than 2 years, let's show the people who they're really voting for.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, May 31, 2021

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