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Our current health crisis got real this week, but sadly for Donald, the only thing that has changed, is this crisis could finally be the thing that puts an end to his political career 

IRONICALLY THE WAY THINGS WERE GOING (before you scream after reading the next sentence, please read the one that immediately follows, then if you’re still angry go right ahead, blow off steam) the only thing now that may actually save Bernie from exiting the Democratic race for the nomination, sooner rather then later, could be the coronavirus crisis itself (See don’t you wanna scream at me. How dare I! please continue). Not that anyone could ever wish an actual freaking pandamic to be the thing that disrupts the campaign. That this would be the thing that delays the seemingly inevitable, of having to endorse his rival Joe Biden (see I told you, I wasn’t being evil). But the way our world is happening these days, it could just work out that way, that Bernie could get the needed time to figure out how to get back into this race. 

After the debate last weekend, which Vice President Biden pretty much slammed out the park, as he showcased a presidential style so missing these days, in his response to Trump’s badly read announcement, the night before. We were then treated to our first one-on-one, between Bernie and Joe during the Sunday Night Debate. And what Joe displayed explaining what he would do if he was currently President, actually made me cheer, as he showcased what a President is supposed to represent. Biden came out strong, looked more energized then he has the entire campaign, and gave us clear concise steps that he would do with our current health disaster. Probably proving more than anything, why Trump is so wrong for the job as President, and was never the right fit to begin with. Now let’s backtrack a little. Bernie’s speech wasn’t bad, as he expressed what he would do. Very much the Senator that he is. Which for the most part was fine. But sadly for me, the Sander’s pitch to showcase how to fix the mess we are currently going through, felt more like a campaign speech and a  pitch for his healthcare dreams, or as Amy would say his pipe dream. Sorry that’s how I felt watching it, twice. Now back to the debate, I know I’m slanted in my feelings towards the Vermont Senator, but Bernie Sanders did not have his best night on Sunday. To put it bluntly, it was the first time in a while (again please read the whole paragraph before screaming at me), that the urge not to vote for him if he won the nomination came over me (Read on). Which I am happy to report didn’t last long. I’ll admit there was that 15 minutes or so, after Bernie basically dissed Barack and Joe’s handling of the Ebola crisis. ‘How it was nothing compared to a pandamic.’ WTF? How somehow they had left our nation stranded when they existed the White House? Are you trying to sound like Donald, in your attacks against Joe? Really Bernie? Completely forgetting that they hadn’t left it decimated, but had set up a system that actually Trump shut down. Remember he disbanded it, or has his gaslighting and conspiracies finally taken you over completely? Hint, he got rid of the whole division, he demanded they all move across the country, and they all resigned or quit or were let go or fired. Donald I guess, just like Bernie, now have amnesia and blame others for our current nightmare situation. Sad Bernie, shame on you.Donald’s excuse then (not that he currently remembers or admits), when asked was because of cost cutting. Yup, I mean, ‘why should we have a task force ready and waiting, wasting money, just sitting back, twiddling their thumbs, just in case if the next crisis of epic species ending viruses show up. Nah, we can just have his minions dial them up weeks after the crisis, on their rotary phones, after he completely tried to use the Coronavirus itself as a political attack pitch against others. After he let the virus get ahead of our defenses, as opposed to trying to get ahead of the situation before it was too late. Trump ran around acting like the deadly virus would just magically die away in the Spring. Like it wasn’t real. For him and the legions of FOX like TV and web sites who dress up like real news organizations, but are really conspiracy wastes of space. Who used the medical crisis as a chance to attack the Democrats, all over our social media, our internet and our television sets.That was until this past week, when the Republicans got woke to the reality of the horror we are currently living in. As our life got desrupted and the very air outside became our enemy. As our neighbors all seemingly turned into hoarders, buying enough toilet paper to last a lifetime, just in case they might run out after a  bad lunch or a mid night snack. One of them, trying to make a profit over it,  actually might wind up getting punished by the law! And even as the crisis began to leave a shadow over our landscape from coast to coast, Trump proved all too often that he wasn’t living in reality, as sadly reality made him have to grow up a little bit, or at least for once have to actually listen to others, because millions of real people might die.  I gotta admit, that in the past I’ve accused the man of being the second coming of the disgraced former leader of the Nazi party, a lot, but I never expected that under his watch the number 6 million, that horrible number we always associate with the casualties of World War II could be written on Trump’s tombstone. Scarily it could actually get worse. The experts, are saying that the numbers could top the 36 million or more that was the actual total number of deaths during that war, not just the 6 million Jews, that are always who are discussed. Of note I am a Jewish American, so please don’t attack me for bringing up the others ethnicities as a diss to them or the Jewish people. Sorry, not sorry,  I went there. Maybe he’s nota Nazi, although we debate on that for days on end, he surely is a racist. As usual, Donald was worse then even I ever feared he could be. He’s now with his pals on FOX pitching the coronavirus as a racist attack against the Chinese people. Since as he spews, well it came from China, they were saying it was an America thing (who are they) so no, I don’t feel bad at all. I simply wish he would when he says such vile things. Of course knowing Trump, what he himself did, was exactly what he shouldn’t be doing. Unnervingly, after meeting with several people who it turns out were diagnosed with the virus, or who had come in contact with someone who had might have the virus, including Vice President Mike Pence, and half of the Trump inner circle that got him out of his impeachment mess, which includes such winners as Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Georgia Rep. Doug Collins. I know, I so want to say it’s all about karma. Especially with Matt Gaetz, if you can earn several weeks of self quarantining, at the least this putz did. As he actually went up to the House wearing a gas mask, trolling the American people and insulting the Congressional House of Representatives. Tell me, somebody, anybody, when will this fool get his just desserts. Well perhaps he did. Still awaiting word if the Congressman actually has it or not, but he flew with Donald on Air Force One, back to Washington. And after he announced he was self quarantining, Trump still refused to get tested. Telling us all that he didn’t have symptons and the doctors said he was fine. Even though all the experts said that you are actually more contagious when the virus isn’t noticable, if you are a carrier.So of course he still preceeded to practically come in contact with every living soul in Washington DC, including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Everything they, not him, told us what to do, to keep ourselves safe, and all those around you protected, he did the opposite, while shoving it in our faces. As if Donald believed he was impervious to getting it. Perhaps he’s been reading too much of the publicity that FOX not by a mile NEWS was spewing, or his bots all over the internet have been sharing. Maybe believing just a bit that he actually could walk on water. Or he’s found God, or he’s never lied or cheated on his wives, and he’s prayed away all of his sins. To guide us towards ‘End Times.” And as one by one, the people Donald had contact with days earlier were coming out and telling the world they were diagnosed with the coronavirus, Trump never slowed down with meeting people, possibly spreading the contagion, touching everything within ear shot. Unbelievably when Trump finally announced he had taken the test (if he has), instead of self quarantining himself, waiting till the test came back negative, staying away as not to possibly hurt others, Trump announced only a few hours later, that he had passed the test! Yeah, for him. Surprised he didn’t announce he was throwing himself parade… oh yes the coronavirus would put a damper on the audience numbers. Why do I disbelieve Donald in his proclamation nation on Twitter, because all the experts tell us that it takes two days for the results to come back. Not two hours! So unless he never took the test, and as usual is lying to make himself look or feel better, and to relieve his followers of their fears, I’m sorry, Donald, that face color still makes me think you’re a carrier, so please stay away when asking for money too help you pay for your reelection campaign. For some odd reason I am on their mailing and email and messenger lists, so hysterically I receive requests for funds. For a while all the ads that I would see when I visited my site, was pro Trump ads. Seems the use of his name, made the algorithms think I like the man? Well, after losing my mind for a few weeks, happily, that glitch was fixed. I mean I think the audience I get here, wouldn’t appreciate ads pitching daggers at Democrats and praising the trumpeters as Gods children sent to save our souls.I’m sorry, I simply can not trust a word Trump’s physician says. Nobody that looks like Donald, can be as healthy as the good presidential doctor says he is. No one. But sadly for Donald, a pandamic isn’t something you can just wing, like everything else, especially when half the time it seems like you just had a ten minute crib note session with Jared and learned one or two grown up words to try to impress at least yourself. These gems of word play, will now be added to the lexicon that will be known as Trump speak in the future when diagnosing Trump’s mental capacity and what finally took him done. When all you’ve ever done is claim to be the greatest at things, that are now falling apart all around you, it must really suck to finally have the world witness your downfall. You wanted the ratings, you wanted the cameras, you wanted attention. Well you get to go on television daily and spend an hour showcasing what you don’t know, questioned about what you did wrong? And we get are everyone is to blame. The buck stops on your desk, not mine.  The sad truth is, he simply doesn’t get it. The presidency is not a job where you get praise for simply wiping your ass. It’s a job you earn praise for a job well done. And let’s not forget, getting the praise isn’t the reason you take the job in the first place or the last. The doing the job right part, the helping the people part, the it’s not about me but about all of us part, sadly he just doesn’t get. It’s not about acting like Kings and Dictators, and wining and dining on the people’s dime, it’s about being humbled that the people of our nation has granted you the tremendous honor of being our President for at least a little while. Your job is to not F--k it up too badly and not to get away with murder one day at a time, as the body count grows. Sadly we’ve come to the point when your incompetence will cost lives in the tens of thousands or worse. And the President’s report card, our election day, let’s you know if the American people have graded you a passing to excellent grade, or a failing grade and a pink slip. It’s by your actions and deeds, for us, the American people, to decide if we wish to love you, adore you, ignore you, and or despise you. I’m sorry sir, you can not just demand us to be in love with you. That we vote for you because you tell us the Democrats are gonna destroy the world. Remember, we are talking about the Donald? We aren’t expensive dates set up by a go between, or a hired audience to play trump supporters you placed ads on craigslist to play extra’s in your background. You don’t get to tell us how we feel about you or how we feel about the job you’re doing as our sitting President. Or tell us that our eyes are lying to us, when what we are looking at with our own eyes are seeing the complete inverse of the garbage you keep coming up from a seriously sick, twisted and very much in need of help mind.  Apparently, not only is our Democracy in danger of going the way of the dinosaur, but now scarily so are our very lives. As this once considered new nothing kind of a flu, has morphed into a world wide on the cusp of being, and now officially being, forever known as a pandemic. And it’s finally gotten way too real for way too many people in a very quick way. The initial reaction was almost comedical as too many people made light of what was happening. It wasn’t real. People were being attacked for believing that the virus was serious. The little we heard was on televison. Nobody we knew or loved had gotten sick. We had no idea what the effected looked like. So if we came in contact with someone with it, at least we could know what to look for. Nothing. The numbers were so small, what was there to worry, plus as Trump kept touting, the Stock market was at record highs, unemployment was at record lows, and the economy was rocketing. No matter how much trouble Trump got himself in, everything was going Donald’s way, and the democrats, were looking at each other saying come on people, give us a break. Are your eyes not seeing what our world is suffering through. Are you so blinded by whatever life had smacked you with, that your perception of reality has gone the way of the dodo? Well a sad reality, has smacked Donald’s smooth ride to reelection and possible dictatorship completely off course. Seems reality, a little brand new super flu, arrived to mess up his crooked plans for world domination. Plus, of course the fact that Trump never should have run for President in the first place. I’m sorry, at the RNC convention when Trump was about to be announced, he should have said, you know, it was a mistake, I never thought it would get this far. It was a reality show they were filming that somehow got real. But when he was announced as the nominee, at the RNC convention as he walked on that stage, you could see it in his eyes. Absolute power corrupting absolutely. Screw the television show, we now can make real money, and so it went. And from day one, sad to say, that instead of growing into the job, the job has proven time and again to be way too much for him to handle. So now Donald has stepped into a crisis he can not control or manage, and sadly real lives are dying every day now at an ever growing pace and frequency. The time for training wheels are over, I’m sorry, isn’t it time for the people who could stop him to step up to bat and do their patriotic duty, remove Donald John Trump as soon as possible. Or put someone in charge of this battle, this war as Joe Biden called it during the debate, who can handle this part of the gig. Which today, Donald adopted as his description of the Coronavirus, ‘it’s a War! He’s now a war President’. I kid you not he said that… I’m sorry, this is real now. The ‘who would you want at 3am to be in command’ question, is obviously not the one currently in charge, as if this is The Titanic, and he’d rather go down with the ship with us all along for the drowning, by anyone that should ever even be allowed to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and drive. I guess we should give Donald the benefit of the doubt, I understand he really blew the opening of the prequel to the crisis, and the opening credits, but as the reality has struck home, you have to admit at least right now, it actually seems that things are finally getting a bit more organized. A bit late, but fingers crossed, from now on, every thing will run smoothly. A cure will be found. And the best possible ending to this horror story will occur. And Trump will somehow steer us out of this and turn out to be a genius with the virus, as he proclaimed rather proudly the other day, as he stood surrounded by people, possibly spreading the coronavirus as he celebrated his knack for figuring out viruses. I mean I’m not a fan, but I would praise the man if he somehow saved the world with his genius. If this pandemic is over by Spring as he initially threw out as he attacked the Democrats for using it for political purposes. So, I just gave Donald one full paragraph trying to find something good to say about how he’s handling this newest world shattering crisis in our lifetimes. I must say, that as we get deeper into this, Trump keeps ratcheting up the powers he giving himself to deal with it. Some of which scares me that me might use, to without sounding like a crazy conspiracist, stop the election from happening. Pretty much installing a fascist regime to save us all. Of course Donald would never do that. I do have faith that somehow this self-quantining for weeks or months or even longer, together or alone in our apartments, in the end might actually have a positive spin on the worse possible crisis in our lifetime. We as a society will change slightly from the viruses ramifications of course, and all the negatives and heartaches that come from such a health crisis. But as this event plays out, we will discover how to work more from home and mobile, new businesses will be created, while others which were dying off, might fully be welcomed back as old long lost friends. Perhaps mom and pop shops will come back, or the inevitable will happen anyway, and Amazon will completely take over as many have predicted for years. But if we survive at all, the question is how many will, and how will it forever change ours in large or small ways. Will our new reality seem more like The Walking Dead with the walking dead, just wandering flocks of humanity trying to regain their world. O most likely will the current way of quarantining our life be simply a blip in history and after the election is over, we will be in such a deep economical funk, we will have to spend the next four or eight years simply trying to shovel our way out of the pile that Donald has left us all in. Not to mention the bodies that will have to be buried.Which brings me back to yesterday’s primary results. And while they aren’t finished counting them as I write this, after the primaries in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois, it definitely doesn’t look good for the Vermont Senator. Joe Biden might actually win a clean sweep, and his delegate lead has now grown to over 300 points. Leaving Joe more than half way to the delegate totals needed to win the nomination. Before the night began, it was reported that Bernie’s spokesperson had said, that no matter what happened today Bernie wouldn’t be dropping out. But I’d have to think, that statement, might be being reconsidered. With the coronavirus completely disrupting the campaign, the difficulty of organizing the upcoming primaries, with the possibilities that those Americans who might be getting ready to vote might be unable to leave their homes and figuring out a way for everyone to have their votes counted, one would think it might be impossible for the primaries to go on without too many people not having their votes counted. So the pressure for Bernie to decide to say uncle… and as promised Joe Biden gets his endorsement will grow stronger with each passing day.  And even though Bernie decided not to today, eventually I think he will come out and any say, ‘Now children, my flock, my people, the time for revolution is over. For now. It’s time for us to return to what made America great in the first place. American values. Plus getting Trump out now is our only mission. And as we keep learning more and more, the people have decided on Joe. And its pretty obviously I can not mathetically catch up to him in this primary season. So Joe won fair and square, and we must all join together and show the Republicans, the world, and most importantly Donald John Trump, that we the people want Joe Biden in and Donald Trump out. Of course, that’s if or when Bernie Sanders gives in, if he ever does. I mean we could go all the way to the convention, but I think that pitch, has struck out. As the American people have voted and it looks like they want Joe back in to the Oval Office. Right now, I would sat Sanders is probably happy that the Ohio Republican Governor cancelled yesterday’s primaries. Because a grand slam by Joe’s campaign might have been the knock out punch Biden has been looking for. To finally get to go mano a mano against Donald and discover if Trump melts into a puddle, and whines how unfair the world is and what a crook Biden is, as Joe does what he just did to Bernie during Sunday nights Debate. Just laugh off Trumps lies, correct them with facts, throw back the negatives that Donald has thrown us, showcasing he’s the man who should be carrying the title of President.  I started this saying how the coronavirtus might help Bernie, at least slow down the inevitable. When in the real world, it could be ironic that the virus that is causing Trump’s presidency an unforeseen calamity, might in the end be the best thing that has happened to Joe Biden’s campaign so far (again, please wait to yell, till after you finish this paragraph, I promise, I’m being nice). Well the first thing, and I haven’t even talked about this, it’s tanked our economy. Estimates are that unemployment might explode to over 20%! And in less then a week the stock market has plummeted almost 10,000 points. Almost a third (Here goes my reasons, are you ready?). Trump and his crack pot team of political geniuses was getting ready to bombard Joe with attacks about his son. The Senate was about to drag Hunter Biden by the balls down Pennsylvania Avenue as the biggest monster since the Devil himself roamed the Earth in biblical times. But sadly for Donald, he’s got a pandamic to keep himself busy. He has to act and be presidential, even if the grimace on his face shows he’s really hating not playing golf right then and there. He has to unhappily do his Job. I mean I don’t think it would be a great fireside chat by the sitting president, as he weeps for the sick and the dead, that he would go in for the kill about what a traitor Hunter is, and that some people have told him that the server is actually in Joe’s bedroom closet. Which is when  the men in the white jackets will show up, and drag him away to the insane asylum. And all Joe Biden has to do, is spend the next 6 months or so, just looking and acting Presidential. Being the rational Uncle Joe everybody is longing for these days. Simply put, we are looking for someone to tell the American people the truth. Letting the people fall in love with him that much more, as they originally did when he became our nation’s Vice President. Plus constantly telling us what Trump has done wrong will make himself seem even shinier as he brings back Trump’s top ten sins, The Impeachment, the babies cages at the border, the dead children. Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico, and so forth. Not to mention his weekly gold vacations on us, and his families fleecing of America. All the nonsense, and all the noise. The way Trump’s mishandled everything.  Hopefully by the time we have Vice President Joe Biden sworn in as our 46th President, this pandemic would have been slowed to a crawl, the number of casualties weren’t as bad as they predicted and a vaccine will be rolling out. President Joe Biden and his cabinet of professionals will steer our country forward, and get America back on course to the greatness, Obama had us heading towards when left office. He handed the keys to the kingdom to Donald, which was when this current national nightmare began, the Trump presidency. Out of everything we’ve lived though since Donald was sworn in,  the Coronavirus has been the only thing so far that has truly dented Trump’s armor. Impeachment, amazingly didn’t do anything to hurt him, and in some circles actually made him seem stronger. Perhaps death, disease, and not being able to go to the store and simply buy a roll of toilet paper will be the straw that breaks Trump’s hold on his sheep. Perhaps finally we found Donald’s Kryptonite. So there you go, I hope I haven’t offended anyone. Maybe my commentary is simply too soon? Maybe I will be attacked for being anti American, I mean to actually suggest what I’ve suggested here might be going too far. I am expecting this to be blocked on social media. All I can say as I finish writing this. Stay safe everyone. Do what the real experts say. And I’ll touch base soon.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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