Tuesday, March 10, 2020


The American people spoke loudly and clearly on Super Tuesday, seems they wanted Joe Biden as their next president. And to those who argue the opposite, don’t yell at me, check the numbers yourself, they don’t lie or gaslight. Plus, Hillary for VP?

AS THE POLLS HAVE SHOWCASED throughout the campaign, even before he announced he was running for President, former Vice President Joe Biden has been the person that the American people have overwhelmingly wanted to be their next Commander-in-chief. As much for the reason they love him, and because he was President Barack Obama's VP. The challenge by everyone else was to see if they could knock Joe off, before their time ran out, and sadly for Bernie it seems, once again  the people, at least too many of them, are simply not that into him. Perhaps that voice in your head that you might have thought was God talking to you, was actually just your fantasies or ego that you should have just ignored. Instead of doing your job, in the case of politicians, remember you ran for office to help people, not to use the new job as a means to apply for the next one…  I’m sorry there should be rule, you announce you’re running for another office, you resign your current political post… and let someone who wants the gig to actually do the job you are currently doing part time… 

I'm sorry, it is ridiculous, Bernie Sanders has been running for President for years now, at the same time he's traveling all over the nation pitching for himself, not for his constituents. I understand the idea is if he becomes President he can then help all of the citizens including the ones in his state. But why should they wait, for his election to be over. If he loses, they've lost too, because their Senator wasn't doing his job for years. No, was pitching for the next one. How many hours and days and weeks isn't he focused on his state? I'm sorry, nobody can do it all. The man is 77 or 78, he just had a heart attack, he's not a retired senior citizen. He's supposed to be doing the job of a United States Senator, plus he's also running for President, while having a heart attackLook I know he's doing his job, I saw him at the Impeachment Hearings, but come on, a man half his age couldn't do both with it not effecting his real job performance. You know the one he's getting paid for. The one people elected him to do for 6 years. Plus, to put a bow on it, he's decided not to release his medical records or updates on his condition. I guess it worked for Trump, so why shouldn't Bernie do it too? Oh, my opinion on Bernie running for President while also being a Senator being a bad thing for Democracy, goes for every political leader in power. You wanna run, resign or wait for your tenure to end.  

As we’ve discovered Trump’s pitching another gaslighting exercise against yet another Democratic powerhouse, has showcased Joe Biden is the one person he really doesn’t want to run against. I mean he’s practically doing commercials for Bernie, as the victim of the DNC for stealing Bernie’s thunder… what a mensch Bernie is. Donald was impeached for trying to turn Joe Biden into a criminal mastermind, by forcing a foreign leader to come out and say they were investigating him and his son. But remember the investigation wasn’t necessary, just the announcement. Who needs facts, when all you need to end other's careers are Trumps words to believe. I mean, the man only speaks truth, right, and never, ever lies. Right? If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. How many people have had their lives ruined by one of trumps lies? He not only ruins people's careers, but as usual with his enemies or any people in his way, he attempts to destroy their very lives and the lives of anyone associated with them. 

Sadly his gaslighting has paid off, since too many people out there are spreading the Hunter Biden gaslighting conspiracies trying to turn both Joe and his son into criminals, and worse they keep pitching Joe’s supposed dementia. Any time he has any difficulty with his words, there you go, Joe's losing it or worse, has. When you try to explain, he hasn’t, its a stutter he’s trying to control it, hence his hesitation, and his sometimes restarting comments in the middle of a sentence. Any human being with a little compassion could see that. But instead we get insults and disgusting garbage from hateful fools or bots trying to taint our nation's people's beliefs. It's sadly way too similar to the too many out there who still believe Hillary is on deaths door, because she fainted or had walking pneumonia. Apparently none of them have seen her many appearances lately, where she currently looks half the age she looked while running for President. 

Over the last few days specifically after Super Tuesday, the amount of troll, anti-democratic, anti Biden garbage that has been spewed on the internet is frightening. I keep seeing comments about Biden, his mind is going, which drives me crazy's but, the insanity level on those trying to distort Joe's achievements, his votes, his stance on Social Security and Healthcare is seriously worthy of punching in a wall for its utter gaslighting. Apparently, his whole career has been a colossal failure, and somehow he just lucked into the Vice Presidency, and nothing he did as VP was of any merit. Seriously WTFU, you might disagree with him, but you can’t negate a lifetime of service to our nation. You are allowed to disagree with him, but to attack him like a monster because you simply want the other candidate to win, is in a word, bogus, shameful, and for me, an immediate report and block to the Facebook police.

Scarily, we discovered another thing after Super Tuesday. Seems a few days ago, a video was shared on Social media, which Donald saw and shared as well, that made Joe Biden appear to be decrepit. A mindless way too old fool, that the trumpeters and the bots and the Bernie fans are trying to make the rest of us believe he is. Worse, according to the news, this tweet has already been shared over 6 million times. Well it turns out, its bogus. Apparently the video was doctored, edited to take Joe’s comments out of context as well as to make him look like he was losing it. Shame on them. And shame on Trump for sharing something he knows is a crock. But Donald would never lie to anyone, I mean didn’t he find God since becoming President, and now is only a truth teller and a spokes person for Jesus? Oh, sorry, that was just the religious charlatans talking points that they keep pitching about the orange black face kabuki impeached clown.  

NOW ABOUT THAT CORONAVIRUS maybe I wished too hard for Trump to fail, cause this tsunami of a virus apparently is looking more and more like it’s gonna tank our economy. And as even Donald would say “it’s the economy stupid"... or is it just Karma seeking revenge against him or mankind for allowing us a species to get this lost? The question I’m asking myself is how bad will the economy continue to fall before the Republicans finally cut the cord and realize how lucky we were when President Barack Obama blessed us with his greatness? Some body, well actually I should write a lot of people need to get on their knees and beg our 44th President to come back and save us from the abyss once more. Maybe this time Mitch and his buddies will get out of the way, yeah right, I know that’s pushing it, but a man can dream can’t he?

Apparently Donald J Trump can get away with trying to force Ukraine into opening a campaign of hate against Joe Biden. He can lie about facts. He can lie about the audience numbers. He can lie about the weather. And worse, he could cheat his way into the White House with the help of foreign leaders and get away, and apparently the Republicans are okay with him doing it again. Heck Republicans in the Senate pretty much gave their go ahead for him to do it again. And he’s probably correct, because apparently he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. The question now is, when a pandemic showcases what a dribbling unprepared fool he is, will the Republicans finally say no more? 

It’s not surprising that some might be wondering if this crisis could finally be his undoing. Not the millions of deaths that might occur, from the virus itself. No, what I’m talking about is the stock market, the job numbers, I’m talking about our economy plummeting. As they keep saying, it’s the economy stupid, well, what happens if the economy tanks. It's gone done about a quarter of its total in a week, and it could be closer  to a third in a few days, if not tomorrow! Much smarter voices than mine have explained how Donald's economy is pretty much a house of cards, and the questioning has been, how long would it last before the bottom dropped out? How much debt has the man given us before the people in power behind the throne, say enough? Well hopefully we will find out sooner than later, because lives are at stake. And hopefully this time the same names won’t be the ones again trying to stop progress from happening.

LASTLY, TALK ABOUT A NO BRAINER Now that Bernie followers, or at least the people that claim they follow Bernie have pointblank said either Bernie or burn down the place, I think if Joe Biden becomes the nominee, he should choose Hillary. I can already hear the screams of hate. Because the people who are saying never Biden, or only Bernie or the highway, are the same people out there screaming never Hillary. So since, in any case, they won’t be voting for the Democrat unless he’s named Bernie, why even contemplate a word they say? I would say, most of them aren’t even Democrats, they’re Independents who for what ever reason feel that what they believe is written in stone, and everyone else is blind. They know best, we're are just fools. Like we're in the Matrix and we don't know it yet. It's sad when the guests who's been welcomed into the party, acts like they run the show. As opposed to just being glad they were allowed to participate in the fun.  

Last election, Bernie Sanders lost decidedly to Hillary Clinton in the primary and for weeks, well actually months refused to concede. Eventually pulling a power-play at the DNC Democratic convention, forcing Hillary to accept most of Bernie's and his people‘s demands. And since the DNC was afraid they wouldn’t help Hillary win,  they gave in way too much. But still Bernie and his people bitched even more, apparently in their minds no matter the math or reality, he should be running things. But no matter what the DNC or Hillary did, somehow they still were the bad people, and worse then the monster called Trump. Yes, Bernie came out and pitched for Hillary, but sadly his followers or at least the people claiming to be his followers didn’t and are currently threatening to do the same again. While at the same time demanding fans of any other candidate to die on their swords for Bernie. And of course we know about what other things occurred, which can easily be answered using two words, James Comey. They stole the American people’s choice to be the elected President of the United States. And those of us who predicted bad things would come, once Trump became the 45th American president, have never been so sad about being so right about what we knew was to come.

So who’s the best person for the job as VP? Hillary Clinton. Who had more votes then everyone else in American history, except for Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton. Not to mention, who should currently be our President? Hillary Clinton. And since lots of talking heads are saying that the only way a woman could ever actually become president, is by running as the current Vice President, shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be given the opportunity to be Vice President, for Joe Biden? And if because of health reasons, President Joe Biden, boy that sounds nice, needed to step down, shouldn’t the most qualified person on Earth, who is prepared like nobody else to step in at a moments notice, be chosen as his running mate? Shouldn't Hillary Clinton be at least considered for the job? Talk about a no-brainer. Except of course for the people with no brains, or souls. Of course I’m not holding my breath on this, so I’ll just throw that out to see what the reaction is to my no brainer pitch. 

But I’ll settle for whomever Joe decides, be it my other fantasy of him choosing President Barack Obama, to really mess up people heads who still haven’t gotten over that someone they consider less then human turned out to be the greatest president of our lifetime. If not his VP choice, perhaps Biden’s first pick for the Supreme Court. Or more realistically, and most likely the best choice in my opinion for the gig, Senator Kamala Harris, who looks like the perfect running mate for Joe, or if not, as his Attorneys General once in office. And if not Kamala or Barack or Hillary, happily we’ve got plenty of other options for Joe to choose that easily could become our next president, and do a bang up job serving under this watch. There are many Democrats out there who could step in at a moments notice in a pinch, If the dementia  that the haters out there think he already has becomes a sad reality. How do I say this, even if Joe had dementia or some other health or mental condition, he still would do a better job then Trump ever possibly could do. Even in his wildest dreams.

So as I write this we are in another, some have called it Super Tuesday. Simply put today’s votes, much like last weeks that could have ended Biden’s, today’s could end Bernie’s chances of winning the democratic nomination. Today’s vote might force Bernie to have to prove his promise to the American people, that if Biden wins the nomination, he would concede and help Biden. That the most important thing in this election is getting Trump out, not who gets in in his place. It's not about our own desires anymore, this is about saving our democracy from an in training dictator. 

My hope is Bernie and his minions wake up, if Bernie loses, they all come around (at least the real Bernie fans, not the trolls), and wake up and vote for the Democratic nominee, because the idea of Trump actually really winning the election, is just too scary even for them to sit on their principles. But what do I know, I voted for Hillary Clinton, twice, for President, and twice for Senator, not including the primaries. And yes I voted for her in every single primary she was in to, and I would vote for her again if she ever God willing decides that yes, she wants to run again, and serve our nation once more.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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