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923,110 Americans are now infected, 52,077 Americans are now dead. Flu my ass! Now I get it, in order to prove he’s right, that he’s a genius, a whiz, that knows all, Donald is willing to let tens of thousands die! 

Remember when 2018 was bad, then 2019 was awful, well 2020 seems to be the worst of all… and we haven’t got to May yet!

SO HERE ARE A SERIES of thoughts that's I've been mulling over while transforming into a teary eyed mess, practically every night for the last several weeks. My sleeping patterns are screwed up, and everything makes my emotions go all over the map. Hey, maybe I have the real Trump Deranged Syndrome? I’m sorry I simply can not fathom how as the numbers grew from nothing to a now staggering 923,110 American infected, and over 52,077 dead that this is actually happening. Remember when Trump said this was a nothing? Remember? He said, he had it handled. He still says that too. His pitch was that only 15 people had it, and only 1 died, and he was doing a great job. A constant pitch, as if he says it enough times, not only will the people think its true, but he will think so too. This, what you’re reading, is also a quasi time line of events and how I reacted to them, some of which initially conceived as instant screams of angst, rage, fear and horror on Facebook, that Trump and his associates seem to want to do the to American people. 

I mean, when I warned you, when I warned anyone who would listen, that he was bad, that he was evil, that he might be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, I in my loving way was being sarcastic, for the most part. At least the Hitler part. Nobody possibly could be that bile inducing? But it turns out, that not only was I scarily prescient, the orange Adolf, was even worse then even my worst fears ever imagined. I’m actually now surprised that during that unbelievable debate, in front of millions of Americans and the world, when Trump was seemingly stalking Hillary Clinton on the stage, walking behind her like The Monster of Frankenstein, I’m surprised that right then and there,  that he didn’t jump on top of her then and rape her for all to see. If the nominee was a woman this time, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would’ve tried. Heck, he might try it with Joe, if we have any debates. 

So this has been Trump’s most repeated lie, that we should all thank him because of his fudging of the facts. That he stopped China from flying into the United States, that really saved us all! That was all he need to do. How’s that working out for you Donald? As mentioned above, 923,100 American infected, and over 52,000 dead as of: April 24, 2020, 23:09 GMT.  The warnings by the Democrats of what was to come, according to Trump was just political attacks by them to try to hurt Donald’s reelection campaign. He now claims unbeleivably that the Democrats are repeatedly attacking him about the needed ventilators and the PPE masks as both political attacks against him. Pretty much, he’s now attacking them, while ignoring the Republican Governors and political leaders who are saying the same thing. Seems openly Democrats are stupid enough not to understand how things work? Seems one particular governor, Illinois’ who organized secret flights to bring masks and gloves from China out of fear Trump would seize them. DIdn’t understand that he was given a list of places that would help him get the items he needs. Sadly, Trump didnt get it, seems, those places couldnt help him, so he had to go out of the way, swecretely so the Feds wouldn’t steal it from right in front of him. Leaving the state, short of needed mecial supplies, and also the Millions dollars they already had spent, they definitely couldnt afford to lose. Especially with no money coming in. No gtax dollars, and no federal financial funds seemingly ever going to the states and cities that are all going towards a bigger finiancila crisis then the 1970’s. 

Seems Donald’s should come up with a better word, then ‘winning’ when describing his handling of this crisis. Simply because of his big ego, boy something must have happened to him as a child to turn him into the spawn of Satan. I refuse to believe he was born this way. Perhaps he was brought up this way, by his family upbringing, maybe its simoply in his genes. Maybe the copy of Mein Kampf, that some have said he had by his bedside as a child, didn’t help? Of course, thats just a conspiracy, right, and should never have been mentioned. Meaning, now anything I write in this ‘essay’ or have ever written is niow tainted with conspiracy? Well so be it. There’s gotta be a reason, the man is playing with people’s lives. I’m sorry, I just can’t believe its just his fear that if the ecomony tanks, all of his followers will flee from him. And he will lose his treasured crown. The problem is, Trump wanted to be President not to help Americans or make their lives better, he wanted to become President to use to power now in his hands, his own needs and whims. Absolute power, corrupts absoultely. And what happens when a corrupt person attains it? Hm, apparantly the rest of us are in real danger of losing our lives. Even before we lose our democracy. 

Trumps constant mood swings from civil, to distracted, to deranged wannabe dictator, in the span of mere minutes, has showcased once again that the man has to be on something. No seriously. Be it Adderall, cocaine, or perhaps he’s simply bipolar or worse insane. But one way or the other, Donald may be the death of all of us. I don’t know what’s more dangerous the coronavirus or the man himself? If nothing else, his handling of this historic pandemic has proven once and for all, Donald J. Trump should never have been elected President, and if not removed from office immediately. Definitely voted out on Election day, by the American people. Removed by the people for being the worse President in the history of this nation, woirse then George Walker Bush, worse then Richard Nixon, and even worse then Herbert Hoover. Come on, you tell me, if he isn’t the poster child for the 25th Amendment, who is? I mean, seriously how many more people have to die, and get infected, before people finally pull the switch, and remove him from office?

Now I finally get it, there is no bottom, it just keeps getting worse! Example, remember this pitch? “what do you have to lose”, its been updated … it now means you’re a guinea pig in Donald’s quake medical experiments ‘what do you have to lose, you’re sick, or you’re gonna die, might as well be of service… seriously are you a Nazi, in Germany during World War 2? Come on Donald, seriously, just put on your SS uniform already! Just come out of your closet. Seems your followers are awaiting it too, as they carry their Confederate and Nazi flags, protesting real political leaders trying to save our very lives. 

How else can you explain his arguing with Governor Andrew Cuomo, excuse me America’s Governor, as he is now known for the rest of all time, about the amount of ventilators are needed. That ‘nobody knew’ talking point he keeps pitching is well, to put it nicely, a crock, considering, everybody knew, including Donald. Until that is his lies caught up to him. His jokes, his attacks against the media and other politicians that dared to disaree with him or argue with him that what he’s pitching is wrong, and dangerous. He just didnt want to listen, or believe, or he worse thought his share charisma would will the virus away. And his friends who have either followered his lead or somehow given him his talking points are as culpable or worse, they’re the ones he’s getting his talking points from. And you know Trump, once he learns a talking point, thats it, his opinion never changes, everyone else is just attacking him, instead of praising him trying to hurt his reelection chances. Too many people have died already because of what these liars and worse have done so far, now when you have the system finally taking shape, actually doing the right thing, and actually helping people, to prove that you’re right. But to also spite those who are now coming out, showing how things aren’t as you keep claming, because of what you haven’t done. So all you do is attack them even though they aren’t attacking you, but listing the facts as they are happening.  No matter how many times Donald tell us, what he’s telling us, isn’t what is happening in reality. No matter how different times and different ways he spins it. 

So now that the orange kabuki clown, excuse me Nazi, is doing medical experiments on Americans,  perhap’s everyone in America should be watching Amazon’s Hunters season one. I presume you weren’tr expecting a pitch for a streaming service, in an opinion piece against Trumps mishandling of this latest and most deadly crisis of his presidency. Its not, but, if you do go to watch it, you will discover that it predicted exactly what most of us are “hopefully’ living through. No spoilers, but tell me this doesn’t sound a bit too similar to our current situation. Underground Nazis, living in America, for decades, secretly plot and put into action a virus to infect millions of inner city communites. Pretty much taking der Führer’s master plan into the stratisphere. Did you miss the virus part? Should I let you sit on that description for a moment, or are you ready to continue? Now that your chin has come up off the floor. Not to give it away, sadly what occurs in the streaming series, a quasi happy ending, hasn’t yet been realized in the real world. And the way things are going won’t the more Trump doesn’t seem to want to wake up to reality.

THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS!  Sadly too many don’t learn and we keep repeating this vicious cycle… and each time it gets worse, OMG… its like this pandemic, each deadly ‘flu’ that has come out the last several decades have gotten worse… and this one so far is the worst… just like our republican leaders and presidents… Nixon, Reagan W, and now Trump… and somehow as the Democrats keep fixing their sh t, the Republicans attack them, for their fix up not being good enough… it worked For all of them…Obama gave people healthcare, I know it wasn’t perfect, but all they did was try to make it worse, and argue the democrats were evil for doing it… and a racist accused a Black American of benign illegal… and he got… and Hillary was called the racist!!   so now we have a monster playing Nazi games on us

Four people died in an embassy in Benghazi, that the Republicans cut funding for, and Hillary Clinton was practically dragged by the ankles to Washington, called a monster, and worse, and the Trumpters made her a Pariah in millions of peoples minds. Trump is killing thousands of Americans every day by his incompetence, lack of leadership, and well bloodlust, and the Republicans are acting like he’s God…

People, please people, vote for Joe Biden, I beg of you. Ignore the conspiracies and the garbage, that now only after a lifetime of working for the people, seem to come out of some trumptopian wet dream to try to destroy Biden, as they destroyed Hillary Clinton’s credibilty. No facts, no evidence, no witnesses that can attest that at the time, in 1992, no less, that she cried to her friends about what an evil man Senator Biden was. That now months after the story started percolating amongst right wing media services, now she’sbumped it up to he raped her!  No tears of woe. But now that he’s running for President, the man, who he almost lost his Presidency for, because he tried to blackmail a foreign leader to just announce the were opening an investigation into a made-up crime. I understand you are supposed to listen to all accusations. Even those coming from an obviously something out of central casting for an OANN segment. And the person who accuses the 8 year tenured Vice President of sexually harrassing her, now suddenly has bumpe dit up to rape! Somehow now that she’s getting a little spotlight, she’s making her accusation of what he did to her a whole lot worse. I presume, he didn’t do anything to her. I understand all woman should be listened to, and if warranted, should be fully investigated. Something that the Republicans who fought to their deaths to stop all investigating in a Supreme Court nominee. But now Joe Biden is being persecuted as a deviten, and the right is usiung this to pretty much say, see Joe’s a monster too. So disregard, everything that Trump’s been accused of. Seriously, now, shouldn’t that been the big bombshell at the beginning? Oh, i get it, seems your obvious tale of lies, wasn’t juicy enough, and wasn’t getting enough press, so if you double down on his nefarious ways, your libelous allegations against hom could cause a lot more damage. It could possilby bring down America’s last hope of removing an I have to say it insane lunatic. I will add, no matter what Joe might have done, Trump is literally causing the death of thousands daily now, who knows how many will be gone before he is. To those who say this is the lesser of two evils good, call Joe evil, hate him, whatever, I don’t give a flying you know what. Trump is now and may be in the history books in the future, a mass murderer.

Least we forget that the man was impeached for crimes! Somehow amazingly the impeachment trial and hearings an investigation, seemingly never happened and ended  2 1/2 months ago! Least we forget we’ve never seen his taxes, and we have no idea how much money he’s taking from the American people while he’s been president! Or his children. Sure they want to tar Hunter a criminal, right. Bullsh*t. Remember we have no idea how much money he’s taking for himself from the wall funding. Speaking of the wall funding, what happened with that? What’s the stratus on that? Maybe we should wall in the states that reuse to keep their citizines safe. WHo pitch that human beings should be willing to die for their nation. Pretty much saying, hey old people, you’re on your last legs anyway. Time to die for us, while we he rich folk vacation in our mansions eating the only steaks available, and using the last toilet paper in their cities.All I know is he’s gotten billions of dollars from the Congress, he’s taking Billions from other projects, that were already allocated for those projects, and nothing is being done anywhere. Plus who knows how many trillions he could be stealing from the stimulus packages that Mitch forced the Democrats into signing...that has no oversight with the funds. And somehow the Democrats are the evil ones? It’s always their fault the money is delayed. Oh my God, how bad of Nancy and Chuck to want to make sure the right people actually get the money, as opposed to the wrong people who keep getting the money. While the small businesses get to  twist in the wind, hoping for crumbs.

STAY THE COURSE! Unbelievably one of my friends who somehow sounds more and more like a fanboy of the Fox and friends of ghouls, conspiracy and OANN talking bots, actually said to me that the nation should ‘stay the course’ when it comes to the President of the United States. Somehow he thinks Donald J Trump has earned a second tour of duty. Well I guess if you believed George Walker Bush deserved to stay the course after starting a war with the wrong nation, you might agree with him too.  923,110 Americans are now infected, 52,077 Americans are now dead. Stay the course? And even if Trump had turned out to be the greatest president in our history, like his predecessor might one day be considered, and had done everything right until this point, but then screwed up like he has so badly on the COVID 19 pandemic, he still shouldn’t ever be given a second chance on anything. Let alone the presidency of the United States.

But sadly for Trump, he wasn’t even a good president before our current nightmare hit our world. He was simply pathetic. The man, should have spent his whole presidency on various impeachment hearings for an assortment of crimes and allegations, except, he had a Republican majority to save him in thew Senate the last few years. So instead of having a once in a generational tenure that up there with FDR or Lincoln, we’ve suffered though one which has to compared to only the worse presidencies in history, like Herbert Hoover’s for example. So Donald screw up too many times to count. He cheated his way into the White House. Cheated his way out of an impeachment morew than once. Has lied, gas lit, spewed nonsense and dangerous rhetoric way before he got the gig as president. And we should stay the course? What planet are people living in? No seriously where are these people coming from. I keep reading how People now get how Germany turned itself into Nazi land. Before this out all over, hopefully which it will be sometime in the near future, and once we get back to whatever our new normal will be, Trumps mishaps, actions and lack of such, his pitching of drugs, might find Donald in court for crimes against Humanity.   

And as I shut off my light and tried to quickly forgot about this latest, WTF moment, instead of falling asleep, I instead began to recall with Brian Williams was discussing the other night on his show. And sadly he broached the subject by showcasing clips of Donald. Which of course normally makes me change the channel, I refuse to watch him anymore, and prefer if at all, just to hear the descriptions and opinions on them. I simply can’t take him any longer, especially as people by the hundreds of thousands are getting sicker every day. Well today’s unbelievable daily insanity moment occurred during his reelection rally/coronavirus briefing, when he was questioned about if it was dangerous of him to have pitched that the virus was going to be a nothing and that people were using his advice and they were getting infected because of his lies that he’s pitching. Which got us to the revelation that believe it or not, Donald said he hadn’t been to a rally in months! He laughably said he had been too busy helping the American people for the last few months that he hadn’t the had time to go to any rallies. But when he was questioned again about the fact that he did go to the rallies in February and March, he fudged a little as if, did I, and he didn’t recall going to them. Like it never happened! Like the thousands of people who attended, never attended and possibly got infected, and possibly spread it to more people, which possibly caused the deaths of others. Trump acted like he never had any rallies and only attended an event for the Navy.

And lying in my bed it suddenly occurred to me that either he’s a complete egotistical maniac who just out right lies, and his followers go with it even if they themselves attended the freaking rally’s. But what if he doesn’t remember doing the rally’s? What if the man is so gone that a month ago didn’t happen as far as he can remember? They always sane, the last person he meets with, whatever they pitch, is what he pitches, screwing over whatever deals were already in place. Maybe all this time when he said he never met with Russians, the fact is he doesn’t remember meeting with them? So all this take is a lie? What if Trump has Alzheimer’s Disease? Or better yet, what if the man has had mini strokes in his head or embolisms? Perhaps in his mind he didn’t, so he’s not delusional, he’s just really a sick man that his minions are covering up for? That would explain everything, And that would mean the Republicans know about this and they’ve been hiding it! So the irony of ironies is, the thing that they keep going after Joe Biden, his mind, he’s lost it, or worse, the out right accusations that the man has dementia. What if Trump is the one with dementia? I mean I keep thinking he was bipolar. Or I thought it was his medication, was he not taking it, or taking too much. I keep seeing people say it’s Adderall, while other people think he’s on Coke, the snorting kind.Now I’m pondering if the man has literally lost bits of his mind, on a regular basis. That would definitely explain everything. His mood swings, his insanity, Or maybe he’s just an ego maniac, wannabe Nazi, who just enjoys hurting people and piling up the body count. Why doesn’t somebody use the theme from Friday the 13th, part two. The body count continues?

In closing, so they started studying on human patients, using trumps magic elixar, hydroxychloroquine drug, well it isn’t going so smoothly, according to an Associated Press article (Published: April 21, 2020 at 2:16 p.m. ET), entitled ‘Hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 shows no benefit and more deaths in VA study’ Researchers analyzed medical records of 368 male veterans hospitalized with confirmed coronavirus infection at Veterans Health Administration medical centers who died or were discharged by April 11. About 28% who were given hydroxychloroquine plus usual care died, versus 11% of those getting routine care alone. About 22% of those getting the drug plus azithromycin died, too, but the difference between that group and those receiving usual care was not considered large enough to rule out other factors that could have affected survival.  And to really end this bit of horror, yesterday he pitchyed Sunlight and injecting disinfection into people as a way of killing the viruew. Well if the cure is posion,  perhaps, the patients should let the virus run its course. I meran by the time thre American people actuallty get tyher promise tests, if they are infected. Atr least if they don’t go wiht Trumps medical advice, they might still get the virus, but at least they’re way won’t kill them instantly, Donald’s would. So in other words, maybe Donald should stick to what he’s good for, whatever that maybe. But definitely pitch medical advice isn’t one of them. 

Just one man’s opinion

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