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In our nation’s darkest hour, finally the light at the end of the tunnel has arrived, maybe its finally time, to take the blinders off, swallow our prides, and admit we all got punked, and Vladimir is pulling the strings.

The End of Democracy © 2018 Neil Feigeles 

I GOTTA BE LOSING MY MIND, just when I’m at my lowest, as our President comes out as a communist who is selling our nation out to the Russian President, incredibly a huge ray of light finally cracks treasonous Trump’s powerful hold over the people’s mind. All the dots are beginning to connect and my latest session sounding like a conspiracist whose having a nervous breakdown gets eviscerated from out of my system. Out of left field I’m hearing Doris Day music and the birds are chirping, when only hours before I was feeling like even the people finally beginning to really rise up was just yet another nice try but no cigar moment. As you will discover, what you are about to read, from my own skewed self critical perspective is someone who is crying for help. It may seem that I’m seeking help for myself, but really its a cry to the heaven’s for people to snap out of it. To save our nation from extinction. Before its too late. This Trump world is exhausting and I am just simply one tired worried American who still hasn’t gotten over how in one night our world, okay my world was shattered, and how quickly a man covered in orange has transformed our nation and its people. Somehow our land of the free, has turned into internment camps and being attacked for simply speaking a foreign tongue. Each step of that journey has been a never ending nightmare for me. And what’s worse, as Trump’s tenure as our dictator in training continued, the citizens of this country who follow him have also transformed into pod people right out of ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. Every day as Trump destroys something, a knot in my stomach tightens a little bit more, and all hope appears to be disappearing. But just as at my lowest, or something from out of left field comes out that makes me go wait, maybe there is some hope. Perhaps the end is near, but not for our democracy but for Donald J. Trump and his legion of doom.

After the North Korean debacle, the G7 screw-up, the British Prime Minister Theresa Mary oh my God nightmare, which culminated with the Russian Summit. Not to mention Donald getting the chance to choose his next Supreme Court judge, and the fellow he decides to enshrine for at least the next 30 or 40 years as he crowed, Brett Kavanaugh, pretty much is getting the gig, because he out of every one out there is everything he wants, desires and needs. First he’s anti-abortion, he agrees with all the bible trumping zealots that want us to live by their holy book and screw that little piece of paper we call the Constitution. But most importantly, and scariest Brett’s already years ago, came out and wrote a sitting President is too busy doing his job to waste valuable time on preparing for trials of any kind. Screw whatever crimes he may or may not have committed, even if its the selling off of our nation to the biggest benefactor. Therefore all of this Russian nonsense, must take a back seat to Donald systemically taking apart our democracy, while banking billions, decimating our laws and social services and handing over the keys to the Oval office to Vladimir. One would think enough, even for his most ardent followers, but no. There are days, I just want to take that space shuttle into outer space and leave this craziness forever. But then the heaven’s open up and unbelievably there just might be an ending to this horror show that yes only could be written for the movies. Because nothing we’ve lived through could possibly actually be really happening, right? Whomever is controlling the strings here really has to be taking some strong tranquilizers, or has to have one very sick twisted sense of humor.    

The Trumpeter excuse that this whole thing is a witch hunt, because nothing has come out proving Donald was involved somehow in the crime, the stealing of Hillary Clinton’s Presidency and the fleecing of America may have to be retired. The ‘there is no collusion’ punch line that they all spew like vomit, finally might have to be put away for good. I could be grasping at straws, but it seems the last few days might be the turning point of this whole experience. The time in the plot when all hope is lost, that the screenwriters finally work their reel magic. First with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement that 12 Russian intelligence officers were charged with the DNC hacking and conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, occurring right before the Russian Summit, opening many eyes to the truth, even many of the voices on Fox news. Which then was followed up by Trump’s obvious siding with the enemy on foreign land opening some more. Plus Trump’s many walk backs to his “would or wouldn’t” explanation of why he agreed with Putin and disagreed with his own national security advisors and the God damned United States CIA, FBI, CIA, and anyone who isn’t in this crime with him. Maybe the editors of our little movie we are all living under are realizing that this caper has been running a little long, and its time to bring this horror show to a satisfying and crowd pleasing ending. Because out of left field, just as the werewolf is about to take a bite out of our hero, we get the silver bullet. There is an audio tape! Oh my God yes!

The Richard Nixon curse returns! Remember a few months back when Donald whined some conspiracy nonsense about President Barack Obama having “wiretapped” the White House, which of course was debunked as trash. Well, Karma as they say is a bitch because it wasn’t our former and last American President who was pressing the record button, it was his former “fixer” who might have fixed the Trumpster forever. I definitely wasn’t expecting this, but learning that Michael Cohen actually recorded at least one meeting with Donald which the government now has finally opened enough eyes that yes, maybe we as a nation have had it. The evidence I speak of, is an audio tape of Trump discussing a payment to a Playboy model, with whom he had an affair with, and one that the National Enquirer paid off. You see they paid her for her story, and then David Pecker a personal friend of the Donald didn’t publish it. Of note this story was supposed to come out before the election and might have damaged the Trumps coolness with all of his gossip loving followers.  

One would think, so what. Just another notch on Donald’s bedpost, But, when this bit of gossip was first reported, Trump, the man himself was questioned about it, its on video, he said the whole thing never happened, and even better, that he knew nothing about it. He again called it fake news and attacked the press, trying to change the subject as usual. Amazingly this audio recording was made about two months before the 2016 election and was among the materials seized during the April FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel room. The best part in all this, the audio tape isn’t in the Mueller investigation, its a different one which is actually going to trial now. Its a defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, ironically a former contestant on The Apprentice, who says Trump sexually assaulted her in 2007 and then called her a liar when she spoke out about it in 2016. Somehow this case is actually going to court, and because it is, Donald could lose everything. Whats even better, the only reason why ‘we the people’ are even learning about it is because the info was leaked, and Rudy Giuliani of all people commented about it. Pretty much waving away attorney client privilege.

So, the press then reported it out the, up to then, privileged intel. The rumor thats going around is that Rudy, the fool himself, actually was the person who leaked it out, so that he could then come out and comment about it. Why would anyone want to do that? Well when you have a client who just outed himself as a communist maybe one needs to change the subject with the press. In the time of Trump, going all illegal is simply a given, when you follow a traitor to your graves. With all the happiness expressed over that possibly silver bullet of big news of an audio tape taking down the president, that is if you can call what I just jotted down happiness. I have to ask, am I the only one who dreads the next day dawning in the time of Trump? Since we might wake up the again to yet another Earth shattering event that either makes you want to scream, shake your head, or sadly which is happening to me in a more common occurrence, that maybe I shouldn’t admit to, tear up, at the insanity that we as a nation are living through. And the worries about where this could be leading. I understand shaking up the system was Trump’s promise, but man does it have to be so not worth waking up to? Okay, before I continue, no I am not depressed or on medication, or seeking the assistance of professional help, I am just tired and emotionally spent from the day in and day out of what ever this is gonna be known as for centuries to come. That is if whats to come doesn’t bring along the end of days, as some of Trump’s most ardent followers appear to be jonesin for. Donald promised to clean up the swamp, but instead look at the dreck that he keeps putting into leadership roles. I can’t figure out which one is worse, and which monster will be the one who will cause the end of our futures.  Which is why I’m here to proclaim that I’ve never been sadder in my life, when it comes to democracy and the future of our nation, and our world. Not to mention what that would mean to all of our lives. 

Its been a very long week after a very long year, and the worst election night of my life. As I almost reach my 59th birthday, for the most part, I’m pretty happy with it, my decisions, how I got to this point and where I might possibly be going in the future. Without sounding corny, I love that I was born in America and that I am an American citizen. How lucky can you get to live in the greatest nation ever to have been put on this planet. I know its not perfect, but I thought we were headed in the right direction. But then a Trumpian event occurs and fears of what might be happening begin to seep throughout my bones, as day by day our lives get turned upside down at what we are witnessing. 

If somehow we get out of this with our democracy still intact, especially if the crimes of Trump’s presidency’s proves as treasonous as they currently appear, the rules of the game have got to get rewritten. Now that we have discovered that yes, in practice, the President of the United States can be above the law, and no that isn’t a good thing. Especially when your President might be an enemy of the people. We are witnessing, we are all living through, a period in time when in a span of a few years, one man, Donald J. Trump could take us from a free society on a course for a brighter tomorrow, into a totalitarian state with just a orange faced glance. When if ever will the ‘powers that be’ in the President’s party say no more? How much more do they need to gain and pocket before even they say, enough is enough? If they do, will it possibly be too late? 

Now I’ve disliked many a Republican President. Must I remind you of The Nixon Years, or Reagans, or even George Walker’s. The only time that comes close to me in this horrible feeling of dread, was when President Bill Clinton was in real danger of being Impeached or of course when Vice President Gore’s seat at the big table was shall we say stolen away… but I can’t remember a time when I was scared for our country. A time where I actually believed the person sitting in the Oval office was a traitor to our nation. Who committed treason by being in bed with the leader of a foreign land. A person who has attacked our democracy and is still doing it, but he refuses to think its relevant or come out with it. The common consensus seems to be, Trump doesn’t want to believe it because that would mean his presidency is questionable. Screw that, that’s his talking point, thats his con. My feeling is he knows its real, because he either in on it or he’s under Putin’s thumb. And worse, he just did it, for the money, and made the biggest windfall in history, by selling our nation out to Vladimir.  

But I must ask, after all I’ve written, why was anyone at all surprised or stunned, the word I kept hearing to describe Trump’s practically climaxing over Vladimir Putin’s lap or his siding with Vladimir over the mountains of evidence. The outrage was so loud, that Trump came out and attempted to shutdown the noise by trying to walk back his shall we say little mess. Which he’s since of course walked back several times with ever worsening results. This has now been followed up by the announced invitation to Vladimir to visit the White House in the fall, sometime near the Midterm elections. It doesn’t sound at all like Donald is spiting at us and showcasing his utter disdain for our democracy, does it? And whats worse, as he’s agreeing and pretty much having sex with Vladimir on the world stage, he still has to rub it in the nose of Hillary Clinton, one of the few people who actually warned all of us about Trump’s connections with Putin. But not just her, he also keeps going after The FBI, all of intelligence, all our allies, the voters of the United States, all the facts, all the history, and all the truth. Oh and about that ‘does Putin have anything on Trump conspiracy’, enough! Perhaps he doesn’t and he’s just in on the scam. Perhaps Donald met him in Russia at the beauty pageant. Perhaps this is all just a deal with the worlds greatest deal maker. Or most likely Trump has sold out our nation for profit. And the sooner you see that the sooner you discover how the blind or brainwashed allowed a Con man to destroy the united States of America. Shame, shame, shame, on everyone who allowed this to happen, and to those who sit back as each day we go further and further down the rabbit hole, a pox on your house as well. What makes matters worse, the Republicans who are supposed to be a separate part of our government are acting as if they work for Donald. Nothing the Democrats propose to stop his treasonous actions are ever allowed to either be put up for a vote or are voted in. 

At least some of the talking heads on Fox and the Republicans in power are mostly saying the right things in regards to their disappointment at how Trump handled the historic meeting. I’ve lost count how many of the talking heads have come out and said what Donald should’ve done or if I was Trump, I would’ve said… but none of them still won’t come out and announce its time to get rid of him. For him to resign. The only real voices of dissent are those walking away from political office, so their words actually matter less. 

One small item, that actually could turn out to be a major screw up by the Russian President I must mention happened during the Helsinki debacle. During their joint press conference, a reporter asked Vladimir Putin if he had anything on Trump, and the Russian president made a joke about it. The look he gave the reported actually chilled me to the bone. But then the magic moment happened where I think he might have stepped in it, when with a comment he uttered that could come back to bite both of these world leaders in their collective asses. Vladimir basically said when Trump was in Russia for the Miss Universe Pageant he didn’t even know Donald was there. He knew of him as some kind of business man, builder, but had never met him or had any dealings with him. Really? Goping off on a tangant of things like, I didn’t even know who he was, and any of this talk of deal making are lies. Mind you for the last decade Donald and his sons and daughter, and son-in-law have all talked about their friendship with Vladimir and how much business that they did with the Russians. Of course all of that speak, ended when Donald announced his run for the White House. Remember all of this, did they or didn’t they, or is that would they or wouldn’t they, could be resolved once Donald J. Trump releases his Tax returns. Remember those? I presume eventually we will see something that proves Vladimir did know of Trump, and hopefully all of his illecit affairs with the Russian leader will be revealed to all. Remember Putin was and possibly still is in charge of the KGB, the man knows everything. I’m actually surprised the reporter who asked the question, if he had anything on the Trumpeters, is still breathing or wasn’t poisoned already. Has anyone checked his conditions since he dared to question the Russian monster? 

But until people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell finally realize that yes, Donald has been lying to us all along or at least admit it in public nothing will change till and unless the Democrats win back the majority in the House and the Senate. That it is now time to take the clothespin off of our collective noses, swallow all of our prides, and admit we all got punked. Vladimir is pulling the strings, and Donald’s and/or some of his people are in it with him. How else can you explain the eight Republicans spending our Independence Day in Russia?

So I ask once more, to the powers that be, isn’t it time? Mitch, this is to you specifically, it’s time to end the charade and the crimes being committed against our nation. The only reason why I would think you wouldn’t is, you are in on the whole scam. I get the greed, but now we are talking end of our democracy. How much of a monster could you be? You got a supreme court judge already. You got your blessed tax breaks. You are a much richer man than you used to be, so now it’s time to end it before you help end our democracy. Please. Now for the rest of the Republicans in charge, we’ve got an audio tape which proves Donald Trump knew and lied about his knowledge on a cover up that helped him politically win the presidency, isn’t that the smoking gun, we were all waiting for? How much evidence do you need? For all your gains, everything that you’ve gotten since you all bowed to the decrees of the Trump. You all talk about your patriotism, maybe its finally time to put up or shut up, before we all have yo learn to speak Russian in America, and if you speak English out loud others might beat you up for now speaking a foreign tongue. So has this one finally opened peoples eyes? Or is this just a temporary blip in people’s eyes which Trumps minions will wash away as nothing in a day or so?

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, July 21, 2018

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