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Speaking of nightmares, now we’ve got Internment Camps too. But that’s okay, according to the Trumpeters, its in the bible, so all is good in America, praise Vladimir! 

IF TRUMP GETS HIS WAY SAY GOODBYE TO DEMOCRACY. I wish I was being overly dramatic as opposed to seeing cleared eyed at the dangerous precipice our nation and our world is about to fall over. I’ve spent the last several weeks digesting the horrors that we as a nation are seeing with the despicable way our leader has been treating the refugees entering from the southern border of the United States. As usual with Donald J. Trump, whenever I’ve done this something else explodes which makes yesterdays Atomic blast seem like a distant memory. Scarily in the age of Trump, unless you can crank out commentaries on a daily basis, you pretty much have to write them and hope by the time you’ve dropped your latest, its still something that matters to those you want to spend their valuable time reading them. The abundance of non-stop insanity, which bombards us all in a daily dose of newsworthy events to write about. I must admit, the longer this current insanity continues the harder it is to get up the energy to attack another historic moment in breaking precedence, because just when you do, you sometimes have to scrap the whole thing.

I have mentioned here in the past that my commentaries come out of my seeing something online or on television or in print, that makes me either want to scream out loud or at least express my opinion on it. As the readers here have discovered, I can go on a bit especially when what I find goes so against what whoever is pulling the strings would ever find acceptable that I don’t. I have sadly learned in the age of Trump, if I wait, even a day or two, or worse a week or more, it almost feels like the events of the day are a runaway train and I simply can not catch up. But then eventually something will explode on the scene and that grip on whats right and whats wrong hits me just the right way and out comes my latest stream of consciousness. One of the main reasons Trump has gotten away with so much is because no one can spend too much time on one criminal act, or heinous comment or whatever, before the next one appears. Unnervingly the next one always tops the previous monstrous action, and that of course gets the front page. While yesterdays event, even if it was as big as blowing up the G7, gets forgotten as Junior would call them, nothing burgers. And just like clockwork Trump always sails through.

So just as I was about to write one of my long drawn out arguments of why Trump has showcased once and for all what a monster he is, by starting the age of Trump Internment camps, which horribly I know some day soon will become dutch ovens reminiscent of the Nazi Concentration camps made famous by Donald’s ancestral idol. Honestly I’m just a little bit stunned that the tents aren’t colored in gold. But before I could put my fingers on my keyboard to pound out a few insults, scream at the top of my lungs about his war crimes and try to explain why I found this so horrible, the fear factor just went to DEFCON 5! Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy, handed in his retirement papers, and Trump gets to choose his second Supreme Court Justice now. I honestly freaked out at what the ramifications of this historic moment meant. How it could shape the future of our nation and destroy the very concept of a Democratic nation.

At first all I thought of was the obvious target, abortions, women’s rights, but then my mind exploded. Besides the fear that those woman’s rights and many others would be striped, and gay rights and possibly their ability to marry might be taken away, our very democracy might be in danger. But then the real horror of what was possibly gonna occur dawned on me and I actually screamed out loud for someone to save us all. Am I the only one? Just listen to the insanity of what could happen if Donald gets to pick a Justice before the next big Election day. If Trump gets his wish and chooses one within weeks, and the Congress has its hearing and its voted on, without a Democratic majority in Congress, Donald gets free range to pick any nominee he wants now. If recent history is any indication, his choices all have  been one dismal failure after the other. So if Trump gets to choose his nominee before the November mid-term elections, and the Republican Congress votes them in, if and when Mueller’s investigation winds up in front of the Supreme Court, Donald can become king of the world. They could help decide to save his presidency. They could give him absolute power. They gave the Presidency to George Walker Bush, remember? Could you imagine if he gets to choose a judge who could be a puppet for his wishes, and his wishes are for Mueller’s investigation to go away and any Impeachment hearing to be decided in his favor? Could you? Obviously I can.

I guess I must suggest that during the questions on the hill, should a litmus test be given? Does his pick have to recuse themselves from any Impeachment vote? Of course then we’ll get the non-stop Trump tweets about how unfair that is. Mitch McConnell performed the heist of the century with his Supreme Court delay’s, that is besides Vladimir’s assistance with Trump’s ascension. He has already come out and announced unlike Obama’s last nominee which he helped stop from getting in, this time there was no need to wait til after the election. I mean its totally different according to the Trumpeters, the last time was for the presidency, this times just the midterms. Its no big deal, the Democrats are just upset they lost the election. And if Mitch gets his way again, the dream of possibly removing Donald from office for his crimes, probably will go out the window for good.   

To make matters worse, there is talk that Justice Kennedy’s son might have been in Trump’s pocket. According to a report by The New York Times reported that ‘The son of the Supreme Court Justice was leading a real-estate division of Deutsche Bank which gave Donald Trump over $1 billion in loans to finance his real-estate projects when other banks wouldn’t,’ The Times article describes an unusually close relationship between Kennedy and Trump and discusses a “quiet campaign” from the White House to encourage Kennedy to retire’. In other words they worked their mojo on Kennedy or worse, the retiring Justice was in on Trumps stealing of our Democracy. As others has mentioned, me thinks someone needs to investigate this possible treasonous act. And if true, should at least delay the Congresses vote on the matter. There is one hope with any of Donald's choices, like with most, sometimes they don’t do exactly what Donald wants them to do. Sessions with his recusal, Rosenstein launching the Robert Mueller investigation when he discovered he was duped. Perhaps our only hope now is whomever Trump picks, maybe when they get in and see all the evidence, see the big picture and disregard the trumped up conspiracies in the matter and they convict him anyway.

Only our glorious leader could be so damned ironic as to announce to the world that he’ll be spending the July 4th holidays, you know America’s celebration of our independence from the Empirical Rule of the British Monarchy, deciding which of the 25 candidates he’s supposedly choosing to be his next Supreme Court Justice. Who among the chosen few will be the person that might cast the deciding vote to throw out any possible eventual Impeachment hearings against him. Lets discount whatever crimes Trump or anyone else actually did. Pretty much stripping away any real hope of removing Donald from office, possibly ever. Unless of course the American people actually do rise up in masses, in numbers never seen before demanding his removal. That is of course if he doesn’t send his now goon squad of White Nationalist hooligans to use our nation’s military force to kill off any resistance. So Donald’s question of ‘what do we have to lose?,’ my guess is, it will be answered very shortly. If it hasn’t been answered already. 

What gets me is how little this nightmare scenario is being talked about. I understand it sounds crazy, or at least a little farfetched, but really how far of a stretch is it? I’m talking about Donald making himself king. The crazies on the right keep talking how there could be a second civil war, if the libtards get their way and remove Trump. Well the way I see it, that as usual the facts are being turned on its head by the monsters in our midst. How ironic is it, apparently millions of nimrods who follow Donald J. Trump like the second coming, would go to war to save a leader who cheated and lied his way in. Who if removed would be so because he was found that he did indeed perform treasonous acts. What then will they do? Continue their bogus civil war, the whole thing probably originally conceived in Russia, and being rounded up like traitors as well. Like the former Confederate Soldiers who refused to give up the ghosts of slavery. Sadly why do I feel that too many of Trump’s minions probably wish that slavery had never been outlawed. See what I just did, I went on a tangent that probably blew it, I went all conspiracy. So let me step back a bit and simply write, that if Trump gets to pick the judge, all rule of law as we know it in the streets of America is on the chomping block. 

Look at what he’s done with the refugee crisis which seemingly has arisen out of nowhere. Use this as a perfect example of whats wrong and why we should all worry. It is maddening with Donald Trump that whenever something he implements goes awry, if there is any really bad press put out there, like putting children in cages or separating them from their parents, it’s always the Democrats fault, in this case it’s a democratic Law he’s blaming for him doing it. We’re just using what the Democrats gave us, its not me, its everyone else. I love the children, this is all wrong. Disregard that I’m the person pulling the strings.

Such a hypocrite, surrounded by a basket full of them, followed like a God by millions of brainwashed sad brain dead sheep. This is the drill. He watches Fox News, oh excuse me, Fox faux news, and one of their hired conspiracist spew nonsense on something. He talks about it. Or the other way around, or even sometimes seemingly at the same time. In this case he and his minions hinted at it for months, he spewed it on twitter. His attorney general implemented it. It gets activated and turns out to be a shit show, so who’s fault is it? Obama’s! The Democrats! Or anyone but those who actually did the crime. Himself! Then their minions come out and lie and make up bull and again your sheep believe. And then whats worse, the so called mainstream media’s way of handling it is bringing on a circus car full of clowns and trying to argue any sense into the inbreds. Of course never succeeding, except for the killing of airtime which should be used to showcase what they’re are doing is wrong. Proving the nonsense they are pitching is all shade camouflaging what the Trumpeters are really doing to our nation. You don’t need to put them on to do that. By putting them on, you are helping their cause and hurting the very thing your channels were created to do, help the American people. 

Yes I am now discussing Trump’s heinous treatment of human beings coming in from other countries. I’m not so sure how smooth my transition was from one monstrous possibility to another real act of monstrous proportions. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see right through their hypocrisy as they come out lying that their kidnapping of children as blackmail to get Trump’s wall funded is in the Bible. Obviously signaling to all their sanctimonious bible thumping fans that it’s a good thing caging babies. I mean at least they aren’t white and they can’t speak English, right? Scream! Apparently if you listen to the monsters, it’s a good thing to cage little boys and little girls, heck for some its the best place they’ve ever lived. Separating them from their families, possibly forever, will build character, make them all true blue patriots. Such American values the trumpeters showcase on a daily basis with their racism and hatred spewing out of every pore. So now we’ve got Internments camps within the borders of these United States, in the year 2018. And worse, we’ve got Trump’s propaganda network Fox news spewing that this all a great thing. Could you be more obnoxious? Could you be more disgusting? You POS, drop dead Nazi scums! Yes I said Nazi! And yes I went there! When I heard Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders use the God excuse, I wanted to punch both their lights out. But these two aren’t worth a prison sentence, and I’m pretty sure, that each will receive the proper punishment when their time is due. But Jesus, could you imagine? And their flock of sheep that follow deaf, dumb and blind from the truth, believe every lie in the book and disregard any dissenting voices 

I guess the term fiscally conservative Republicans can finally be thrown out the window and the dictionary. I mean besides a tax cut that has already ballooned our deficit to over a trillion dollars, this camp for children and this insane refugee solution, concocted by the Trumpeters are costing millions of unnecessary dollars. I should mention, I keep reading that Donald wants a second tax cut, on top of the first. I know I screamed out loud again. Does this sound familiar? Donald took a problem that actually has a solution that was working, and then blew it all up trying to fix it. Some how with everything Trump, they find a loophole in the system that they could use to upend everything. He may have the worse handlers, but man they do know how to find the needle in the haystack for every problem that faces them. Even if its made up nonsense, somehow it comes out sounding like it was written on one of Moses tablets. Sadly Trump’s solution to the refugee boondoggle takes a page from our not too distant past. A disgusting blemish in the history of our nation, something that has been considered a war crime, the horrific Japanese Internment Camps. Unlike water torture which so far Donald hasn’t been allowed to bring back into use, Trump’s love of using his powers as President has allowed him to make a bigger statement of his hatred for humans and others who don’t follow by the Trump rule of law. Only I can break the law and get away with it, all others much bow to me or get the hell out of my country, and I mean my country.

So Donald has the power, and used it  by creating Internment camps and causing an international nightmare. How long does it take before people wake up and realize whats happening right in front of our eyes? He’s practically playing by the Nazi play book or at least following Vladimir’s example. He comes out one day and says the children are animals, vermin. Then they come out, and only when the shit hits the fan, they say they hate this policy and its other people’s fault. I love the little children Donald whined. They’re caging human beings! Separating families, possibly forever and this dip shit is whining that its not his fault he has to do such terrible things, its that evil man who I replaced. We don’t like seeing animals in cages, but Trump’s minion Jeff Sessions put it into action on his decrees. Trump is such a freaking coward. If you’re gonna be a bastard, do it with pride. You’re the President for God sake, you can do anything and have, and you’re such a egomaniac that you still need to lie about it? What a whiney little bitch, as Bill Maher loves to say, and I love to hear. But this is on you. You demanded it. You signed that crazy signature of yours and Sessions implemented your heinous request. What did you call it? Oh yes, “zero tolerance”  More like zero intelligence and zero human compassion or heart. Much like most things Donald has decreed, something went wrong, apparently none of Trump’s actions are talked over or discussed, and who knows how much of it is winged or on a whim. But somehow its always a shit show and we the American people get screwed. And he and his minions smile as their bank accounts prospers and their souls turn to  black coal.

These Trumpeters are mad geniuses, somehow even turning the most vile of acts, that only tyrants would praise, into something that was found in the bible. Disregarding that that doesn’t make it right, in fact if it was in that sacred book, perhaps it was a teaching moment to showcase what was wrong with it. Like the Tower of Babel. Like when they talk about murder and sin, but the good book is not telling its readers to go out and do the crimes, its teaching them not to. That said, bringing up the good book as an excuse, as evidence that their hatred and vile acts are a good thing, pretty much condemns all of them to eternal damnation. Keep up the good work charlatans, but don’t be surprised when you arrive at The Pearly Gates, they aren’t so pearly and you ain’t entering Heaven. Lets just say, your confessions won’t be helping you this time. Yes, as the Trumpeters explain, there was existing laws on the books, both by George W. Bush, and continued through the early Obama administration, but neither President took this action or interpreted the laws in your inhumane manner. It was only the barbaric brains behind this White House that could have even conceived of the rules the way they did. 

As our democracy apparently begins to take its last gasps of breath, it is rather scary going on social media and seeing the comments by those who follow the Trumpeter spin. Not to mention the bots that are currently in full force these days spewing lies worse than before the last election. Whatever draining the swamp that twitter and facebook had done, seems to have failed miserably. I guess the enemies of the state, are getting the engine running smoothly enough before this coming November’s now most important election is our country’s history. Hillary was right, and so was Donald, the 2016 was this nations most important. Sadly too many people fell for the lies and the bull shit, and Trump got the seat at the table, Hillary unfortunately got the shaft, and our nation got fucked. But that said, because of the ramifications of Trump’s Electoral College win and what he’s been able to accomplish so far, our next election in November is now the most important in history. Simply put, either Democracy might be saved if the Democrats prevail, or it will be taps for us all, if the Trumpeters do. Because King Drumpf is on the horizon.

And what makes it the most scary, in the age when polls seems to be more wrong than right, are what can be found on social media. Why is it that every Trump fan or bot has thousands if not hundreds of thousands of followers, and the voices of the resistance only have a few hundred or so if that many? I only bring this into the conversation because that is what is driving the conversation on social media. As I’ve already mentioned here the problem with the media is that they keep giving a stage to the monsters. Their excuses are always, its better to let them  be seen and heard and shown as the fools that they be, then keep them hidden away, gestating in the shadows before erupting into a full blown uprising, like the Tea Party was and the Trumpeters are. Of course I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t also mention those on the left who sometimes come off sounding like crazed 1950 socialists dreaming of a new world order. These two heart stopping events, trump choosing yet another Supreme Court Judge and the Trump Interment Tent cities, are just the latest in a string of wrong headed moves by a man setting our nation on a cross for destruction. You wanna talk the Korean earthquake or the Puerto Rican failure  or the $1 trillion dollar deficit, when does the powers that be say enough is enough?

Its like they’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid, and afterwards if there is a God, they’ll all get what they deserve, while the rest of us suffer possibly forever trying to clean up the rubble he’s caused. If its even possible this time. I guess my final question today is, if Trump does try to take over as I fear, will his minions finally say no or will they continue to fall under his spell? If he doesn’t, and actually acts like a President and leaves without a fight, what will our nation look like on the day he escorted out? Will his replacement be a Trumpeter or will it be whomever the Gods have come up with this time to save us from yet another Republican mess. And if history again repeats itself, till the sheep once again rise up and vote in yet another liar to destroy all the good the Democrats have done once more. And the vicious circle will continue till our great nation eats itself whole or survives and somehow arrives at the next stage in the democratic experiment that is known as the United States of America. 

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, July 4, 2018

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