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As Donald systematically removes “the best people” in power that could hurt him, while the Republicans do their best to protect him, several of Trump’s very best are demonstrating how his very own choices could actually end him

“I WAS DIRECTED TO…" words that will be remembered for years to come. Four words which could start the ball rolling in removing our sitting President from a chair he never rightfully should have ever sat in. Especially if the new revelations we learned this past week turn out to be real and not the words of a man who’s pleading to not spend the rest of his life in prison, turns out the be what actually occurred. I was gonna call this piece, Michael Cohen the gift that keeps on giving, cause come on, look what this sleaze bag has come to. First coming out with audio tapes and now pleading to eight counts, two of which totally screws over DJT by implicating the orange faced liar in the crimes that Michael Cohen admitted he did for Donald. If anyone deserves his comeuppance, this fixer does. Am I the only one out there who remembers the hateful tweets the now admitted felon spewed. So Hillary was gonna get what she deserves? Really Michael? Perhaps with your new honestly she still might, by being sworn in as the 46th President of these United States. Listening to the news people, and his so-called friends on air describe his demeanor in court and how he’s feeling behind the scenes, was striking. As they try to humanize the man without disregarding what he did for over a decade. I’m sorry, I honestly don’t care how the man feels. I only care about his crimes. I only care how he helped place Donald into the seat of power illegally.

That said, I have to say, thank you Michael Cohen for actually doing the right thing, as your lawyer Lanny Davis said you would, whatever your motivations are. Apparently you’ve seen the light and you’ve seen the error of your ways. Of course Michael also realizes that if he doesn’t speak up he would probably take the brunt of Donald’s wrong doings and be spending a lot more time in federal prison then whatever his final deal comes out to be. According to most of the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, and even one or two on FOX, Michael Cohen explanation in court, in regards to Trump’s knowledge and involvement with the paying off the two lovely ladies during the campaign has turned our 45th President into an alleged co-conspirator. In a moment reminiscent of John Dean’s implicating Richard Nixon, which was the beginning of the end of that President, this bombshell announcement could be the beginning of the end of our current one. Regardless of what you think about his politics, if you do the crime… sorry you don’t get rewarded with running the United States of America.

Apparently paying off ladies, using illegal means, including campaign funds or private funds, without disclosing it in your taxes, to hide bad deeds ain’t kosher, be it personal or business, and especially when it comes to a political office like the presidency. Sadly for Trump pay offs aren’t legal, especially when you try to hush them up. Heck, it ain’t collusion, but in a pinch it’ll work. Lets never forget, they didn’t get Al Capone for his murderous crimes, but they got him for his taxes. While there might not be proven collusion yet with Russia, which I guess will have to wait, since Mueller hasn’t started making any announcements on that matter, but we have a sitting President who’s Presidency is now tainted with real possible crimes. With the knowledge that Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen swore under oath that  he was instructed by the now President to pay off two different ladies to keep quiet about their affairs or one night stands, or however you want to call his behind the scenes moments with them.

If that wasn’t a big enough demon to slay, our justice department, the one that Donald keeps insulting as a band of monstrous witch hunters, just got an even bigger monster. While not the slam dunk that Michael Cohen’s apparently is, Trump’s former campaign chief Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight counts out of the 18 is pretty much another nail into Trump’s proverbial coffin. Of note, it was just announced that the 10 counts he wasn’t convicted on, all could have been convictions. Seems 1 person in the jury box refused to go along with the evidence. So yes, Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 counts, 8,  and according to his attorney he is now deciding on his future. Which means we don’t know if Manafort will appeal his convictions, or if the prosecutor will go after him and retry him on the other ten counts that this jury couldn’t come to 12-0 decision. Or perhaps as the other basket of deplorables one by one give up the ghost, Manafort might go maybe its time I should too, before its really too late. Or his easiest out, on these convictions, if Donald will swoop down and save him from his life in the gallows by pardoning him. And the best part in all of this, in September, the now convicted felon, has an entirely different trial waiting to begin. 

I can only imagine what the should be President, Hillary Rodham Clinton must be thinking. That is if she’s even giving any of this notice. I won’t even fantasize that some time in the near future she comes out and pretty much announces ‘hey fellas’ my crown was stolen illegally. See, I warned all of you. So don’t you think the rightful winner of the election should get the seat at the table that Donald and his henchmen stole from her?’ I would love it if she did do that, as Trump and all of his treasonous basket of deplorable’s are banished from the Kingdom. Or how the entire Republican party must be thinking behind the scenes, because in front nothing has seemingly happened. Its still unbelievably a real witch hunt by the Republicans on Hillary, and no I am not kidding. Thats right the same week all of this really bad news has come out about Trump, instead of opening up an investigation into if what Michael Cohen said about Donald is true, they are actually holding a hearing about Hillary again.

‘And remember Democrats, no talking about Impeachment?!?!?!’ Its maddening, according to the talking heads on air, the Democrats are supposedly in a tight position, but since its the Republicans who have basically sold themselves down the river on the back of Trump’s coat tails, shouldn’t that be the opposite? No according to the geniuses, they can’t bring up the word impeachment because history says that’s a losing gamble. You see when it happened to Bill Clinton the voters slammed the breaks on that in the polls and scared off the politicians from going on to removing President Clinton. So if they pitch impeachment the next election trying to win back the House, the voters according to them, will erupt in anger and vote back in the Republicans and Democracy as we know it would be going the way of the dodo bird. I noticed several of the Republican talking heads pitching this, at the voters, see the evil Democrats want to remove our President over fake news, lets watch them a lesson and vote the republicans back in. But they also say, if the Democrats play it cool and simply wait for Mueller’s announcement, ‘just wait’, the waiting for the drip, drip, drip, to have its probable effect on the masses, they say it looks like the Democrats could win it in a huge blue wave. 

Point blank, I don’t agree with their logic and spin. There is a big difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Donald Trump did and is doing. Clinton lied, yes thats perjury, yes, but to cover up an affair, or however you will like to describe it. While yes, this has to do with, OMG another scandal with women, Trump committed campaign finance crimes and probably treason covering up his misdeeds and cheating ways. I’m sorry that is a big difference.  And remember the masses, the majority of this nation loved Bill Clinton. I can’t say the same about Donald Trump, if you wanna go by poll numbers, Donald is on borrowed time.

So we’ve gone from Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ to Donald Trump’s way too Orwellian “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” To Rudy Giuliani’s latest legal defense “Truth isn’t truth.” Without a doubt, I’m expecting Trump to go full Richard Nixon and tweet out “I’m not a crook, Hillary is, Obama is, I’m well Donald Trump, God’s gift to the world!” After all, he’s now actually calling John Dean a rat, not because Dean was in on the crimes, but because he testified against Nixon. What gets me with Trump and seemingly the entire Republican party, the crimes themselves never seems to matter. The people who discover the crimes, the investigators, the reporters, the court of law, are the rats. The flippers as Donald was way to happy to repeat during his FOX interview as if he was on a loop. Apparently in Trumpland the good guys are the criminals who don’t flip or rat out their associates, not the ones that keep their mouths shut and take the fall. The criminals are the victims, simply because they got caught, not because of their illegal actions.  

Now I must mention that before Thursdays bombshells exploded in the faces of the Republicans who sold their souls and dignities for a seat at the Pumpkin’s table, this commentary was gonna be all about another former member Donald’s inner circle from Hell. A woman named Omarosa and how her pitch to peddle some books, or should I write millions of books, might have turned a pariah for siding with an obviously poster boy for racist every where, into the vessel that would cause Trump to step down. So all I want to write about her is good work Omarosa. For once I’m loving the drip, drip, drip, and I’m much more preferring this to the Wikileaks nonstop dribble that helped elect... or should I write helped hurt Hillary Clinton enough to turn the election results and our world upside down. I guess it makes sense, or is that karma that a person who got famous for being a bitch on reality television or at least was pitched as one, might be the bearer of poisoned fruit that takes down the monster that helped create her. If Donald John Trump is the Doctor Frankenstein in this real world horror show, Omarosa has got to be one of his most diabolical creations. Don’t you love it when the baddie gets destroyed by one of his own making? Seriously, she was cast by Trump to be pretty much the token person of color in his administration. But before we all go all lovey dovey over her and her now leaking of audios and videos, always remember when she started working for the Trump White House, she once, announced or should I write threatened a warning that we all would bow down to the Donald, or we would all suffer the consequences. That said, since she started proving what she wrote in her ‘Unhinged’ book was factorial, by releasing audio tapes of the conversations discussed in the book, which up until minutes before the other people on the tape claimed that those conversations never took place are proven liars to their faces. Helping to out even more liars and traitors in our midst. 

The worse part of this entire ordeal is the fact that the most important person in the entire investigation into Trump’s possible crimes, has pretty much kept his mouth shut. Which has allowed people on Trump’s side, to pitch a non-stop lie attacking the investigation and those doing the investigations. See no collusion, if they had something by now, they would have said something. Its all a hoax. Shut it down! Seriously, its been maddening, as the voters out there, seemingly were believing the lies, and the supposedly polls showcased the people believe their lies and misdirections. But as we’ve discovered, whats occurring behind the scenes, when it comes out surely is the best way to shut down the fools on the hill, lying to save themselves and their windfall.

And as has been the case, Robert Mueller’s only response has been, what happened this past week, Manafort and Cohen went down. Seems investigating actually finds crimes and the criminals who did them. And the best part in all of this, Robert Mueller is too smart to give Donny any edge. These legal decisions, their victories against criminal running our government, really have nothing to do with him, but with other legal court of laws that Mueller has dealt them out to. The smartness in this is, now the people can’t say its just Mueller who of course is one of the 17 evil democrats trying in the worse possible manner to steal Trump’s presidency. Plus, if the cases are under other court of laws other districts, Donald might not be able to shut down the flippers with the gift of a pardon. Donald you are toast, the king has no clothes. All the lies are being proven false. The truth, or as you call it the fake news, is coming from you and your henchmen and you are all going down. 

Amazing just a few days ago, Omarosa was the big story of the week, with all her talk about hearing Donald say the ‘N’ word and of course the audio tapes. But now it seems Mueller’s work is coming to fruition. In addition to the two felons that both are awaiting their sentences, an even scarier list of people have emerged against him. To cap off a very bad few days for Donald, and hopefully the week when we can all say this was when the wheels finally actually fell off. Besides the convictions of Cohen and Manafort to showcase what a great job these investigators are doing, we now have learned that two of Trump’s closest advisors, business associates and friends were giving immunity in the Cohen probe. These two more than the felons just convicted could spell greater doom for Donald and his entire criminal enterprise, not to mention his presidency. 

The first of the two, of course made the biggest splash, David Pecker of National Enquirer fame, because of all the dirt he must have on Donald, and the obvious role the tabloid newspaper had in destroying Hillary’s reputation and helping to pump up Donald’s candidacy. David Pecker, the chairman of American Media Inc., which owns the National Enquirer, has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors. Which pretty much means they had him for campaign finance crimes and he was probably looking at years behind bars too, if found guilty. I presume he got the deal to explain why he never published the interviews in The National Enquirer in whats called a catch and kill scheme, which is when a publisher buys a story and kills it instead of publishing it. In this case, this catch and kill was used to kill a story that could have possibly ended Donald’s campaign. With that as a wedge, apparently every misdeed and vile crime that Donald has done is now a possibility of getting uncovered, especially with the explosive information that David Pecker, supposedly had a safe at AMI, which had all the smack on Donald, that David Pecker catched and killed. One can only imagine what was in it, possibly stuff on Donald getting urinated  on during his romps with his hired ladies? Why this matters, according to Associated Press, Trump and Michael Cohen, coordinated the cover stories with David Pecker that were published in the National Enquirer. All the conspiracies against Hillary like pizza-gate, her supposed crimes, her health scares, all the God-awful imagery of her looking like death, a zombie, or worse. Everything that you now hear from the followers of Donald who when you ask, why you voted against Hillary or worse why you hate Hillary, are all unbelievably the cover story’s on assorted National Enquirer cover, that we now discover were in cahoots with Trump’s campaign. Which of course were coordinated with the so-called news coverage on Fox News. Remember The National Enquirer was the only publisher in America that endorsed Trump for President. Sorry that’s a lie, Jared’s New York Observer also did, but thats another story, for another time. 

I must mention here, as they say for full disclosure, I have worked at American Media from time to time over the last decade or so. I should also add that by writing this, it could possibly cost me not to be hired by them again. One never knows. I’ll presume what I write won’t hurt me, but if it does so be it. Better to be totally up front then to forget to mention something that later could be used against me. See he’s a liar too, not us. WITCH HUNT! Anyway, usually when I work at AMI, I work as a freelance production artist, to help get their celebrity related magazines out to the press on time. The three I have worked on for the last several years are the Star, OK! Weekly, and US Weekly. And yes I have seen the company’s chairman David Pecker usually walking swiftly, looking very important and way too busy for anyone to imagine. But I haven’t spoken to the man in decades, and never once at AMI. You see years before I first worked at AMI, I used to work at Hachette Filipacchi, another magazine publisher here in New York City, and yes, as it just so happens at the time David Pecker was then running that company. It was there during my tenure as the art director of circulation and promotion at HFM, that I got the chance to work on the launch of John Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine in 1994 and 1995, thats a story in itself and Hollywood, yes I am waiting for the call, which was when I finally got the chance to meet David Pecker and work directly with him for a very short period of time. During our meetings, I always found him to be a no nonsense commanding straight shooter who knew exactly what he wanted and definitely was the perfect casting for the head of a huge corporation. I honestly have nothing bad to say about the man, at least as far as I know from my personal meetings with him. But since then, even though I have worked off and on at AMI for over a decade, I’ve never once spoken to him since I entered its doors. The few times we have made eye contact while working at AMI there didn’t seem to be any recollection on his part of who I was, or when we worked together. I mean it had been decades, and the man runs in powerful circles. That being said, when I began life at AMI, one of my first jobs I had was working production and traffic on the National Enquirer. But it was only for a few weeks, and at the time I never dealt with David Pecker or actually saw him. 

One last thing in regards to David Pecker running AMI. I have to ponder if his tenure at American Media could be coming to an end. I understand he’s gotten immunity for what he knows and what he can give the investigators, but what if it comes out is that he was aiding Donald Trump, assisting a criminal into power? I have to ask how the money behind American Media thinks of him now? The man might know magazines, obviously he knows the law, considering he made the deal, but you gotta wonder how it looks to the powers that be that the man who runs the tabloid is in bed with treasonous thugs? You want to be considered a real news organization, you can’t be run by people who are criminals or are associated with one who stole the Presidency, can you?  Not that I’m calling David Pecker one, but the what if’s do come to mind. See I told you this might hurt me, what do you think? Now that my full disclosure is out there and my possible future employment at AMI, lets go on to the last of this weeks bombshells. I promise I will be short.

The second lucky winner of immunity this week, so far, could without exaggeration be the final nail into Donald’s coffin. I know I’ve written this before, but trust me, this one is huge. When it was announced that Allen Weisselberg, the CFO and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and the Treasurer of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, was granted immunity because Michael Cohen brought him up in conjunction with the payoff of these two lovely ladies and the catch and killing of their stories. One would think, any of the people I mentioned already could help get us to the end of a Trump Presidency, but Allen Weisselberg might be the only one the investigators need to shut not only his Presidency down, but his entire criminal enterprise. This news that Allen Weisselberg, has been given immunity, must have shoved a spike into Trump’s heart and all the members of Donald’s inner circle. I can only imagine the tweets that we will be seeing over the next few days, cause the ones we’ve already gotten are pretty much insane. Maybe they should decide to sedate Trump for a few days, from what we’ve seen, especially lately, the man does need some rest. I also have to throw in, I wonder if they should start a suicide watch on him? I mean the walls are closing in, who knows how Donald will react, when he fully realizes that his family’s accountant, is now giving up the ghost. Point blank, Weisselberg knows where all of Trump’s bodies are buried. He knows about the finances of the Trump organization, not to mention Donald’s taxes themselves. We can finally learn if Trump is really under audit, possibly his first and biggest lie of his political career. Lastly  remember Weisselberg knows how tied up Donald is with the Russians. How they have helped finance his life, his businesses, and that little hotel in Washington, D.C.,  and how much money his family is making from it illegally. Plus he knows, how his sons and daughter and son-in-law are running Donald’s criminal enterprises while they are supposedly in charge.

Phew, talk about a week. We already know Rudy Giuliani’s deaf, dumb and blind, but even he seems to be have been struck mute, at least for the day or two, with the latest revelations. Robert Mueller and his merry band of investigators in one big swoop has shut up or is that shut down the traitors, and sent a real message to the president. So the question I leave you with is, what after all this will make Donald finally give in or give up? Perhaps when one of Trump’s family members sell out their father, or husband or father-in-law, to save themselves from prison or death row? I guess sooner rather than later, we will find out. Now can I call Hillary President, please?

Just one man’s opinion.
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