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Speaking of video tapes, have you seen the propaganda video showcasing what will happen to North Korea if they don’t agree with der Führer, the one that was so bizarre, they actually credited somebody else for making it!

SO THIS WAS WORTH BLOWING UP THE G7? Donald J. Trump once again showcased why the wrecker-in-chief is exactly what our worst predictions imagined. Not that anyone of us should be surprised, but every day he simply out does himself. On most occasions the resistance, as we like to be called, come out screaming at the top of our lungs that enough is enough. Here it is, the same reasons be it real or fabricated the Republicans demanded they remove Barack Obama or jail Hillary Clinton, or impeach Bill Clinton, but with Trump those crimes against the state receives silence or worse praise. Amazingly and not surprisingly, and utterly mind-blowingly scary as Hell, on the other side nothing he does, or tweets, or says matters. In fact everything is taken as the work of God, and Donald was chosen to bring back good old fashioned American values. Including the caging and removing of hundreds if not thousands of children, separating them from their parents for the audacity of being an “illegal” immigrant. 

I’ve been saying for a while now, Donald has a thing for Adolph, which is why he so loves and praises people like Vladimir Putin and his new love, Kim Jong Un. Listen to him talk about dictators with such praise, admiration and shall we call it envy, and then listen to how he describes the leaders of other Democratic nations. Its striking to me how he seems to consider the elected leaders to be weak and pathetic. The story that came out in the 1990s, be it real or gossip, that Trump liked to keep ‘My New Order’ a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, or worse, ‘Mein Kampf’ by his bed to read at night, didn’t hurt the idea from stewing in the back of my head for decades. Reading that he liked the Nazi’s leadership abilities for some reason sort of bothered me, and when he announced he was running, they came back to me in waves. And as is his lot with every tyrannical head of state, always disregarding what the monstrous actions they did to achieve their world conquering goals. All Trump’s talk about the North Korean leader and his love of his people seriously making me want to blow chunks. I understand he doesn’t like to read or research, but the estimated 100,000 or more political prisoners in North Korea’s gulag-like penal system probably wouldn’t agree with Donald and his propaganda lies.  

What I found interesting and most frightening with the entire historic meeting between what constitutes as world leaders in 2018, was the one-on-one with only Donald and Kim, plus the two translators. The pow wow between the two was unprecedented to say the least, and not just because of whom was involved in it. Unnervingly this meeting of the minds, between Trump and Un occurred with no recording or documentation, and no advisors in the room with them. No Secretary of State, no Vice President, no one, except two people who none of know anything about. Am I the only one who ponders why? I guess we’ve got the transcripts of the notes that the translators wrote, that is if any of us will ever be privy to them. Since we’ll never know, unless the meeting was recorded by one of the two leaders people without the other knowing. Or perhaps neither knew and there’s another player on the world stage who now has got the dirt and the real details that they can use for their own devices. That one I can believe over all others? Or perhaps someone in that room or else where already created a record before the meeting even took place, and that will be the thing that we get to see.  

When I heard about the first meeting between the now best friends, I thought okay, makes sense about translators. At least they will be able to understand each other, or better yet not misconstrue something one of them might have said since English isn’t the North Korean leaders language. But during the historic event the media and their viewers got to hear the North Korean leader speak for possibly the first time, and we discovered surprisingly that Kim Jong Un actually understands and can communicate in English. So why did we need the two translators in the first place? And most importantly, why was no recordings or videos of the historic moment taken? Isn’t there some kind of rule? We’ve got the world’s two biggest liars in the room, discussing real world events and all we have are the words of either. Trump’s favorite campaign mantra was “Believe me”, but how could any person with any intelligence or recollection of the last couple of years believe anything that comes out of his mouth is the truth. Remember we are discussing nuclear weapons not simply old school fistacuffs. If Trump plays this the wrong way he could send us all into big cloud of radioactive dust. Not surprisingly his diplomacy has already sprung a few leaks, as reports have been coming out of North Korea already explaining that either Trump had agreed to a lot more in the deal then was announced. So since we haven’t a clue what really transpired during than alone time, either Kim is as big a liar as one of the Trump family singers or Donald is the worse liar on Earth. 

Since becoming President, Trump has been all bluster with no substance. More and more he has proven what an absolutely horrendous deal maker he is. My feeling now is the only way Trump has succeeded is by playing dirty and getting away with murder. Of course being the President of the United States now, Trump’s dirty deals have much bigger consequences with human lives in the cross hairs. How many times has he gone through bankruptcy, how many people have sued him? Somehow everything Kim wanted he got, and nothing Trump said he was gonna get, he got. His biggest pitch was that he was gonna get North Korea to end their Nuclear program, and remove all the damaging WMDs within their borders. Well all we got was something every other President has gotten over the years, except an agreement to verify their clean-up. Donald, as usual pulled his ‘Mission Accomplished’ routine, and this time came out and told us that he believed that North Korea was “no longer a nuclear threat” because of assurances of his new best buddy. So everyone you can now sleep at night once more, Uncle Drumpf has saved the day.

After his big get together, for only the second time since he became President, Donald had a press conference, that I actually accidentally discovered was on at 5 am. I had woken early to go to a gig and turned on my television, to help me wake up and to see what was new, how the weather was and what the day might be bringing me. Sadly Trump was on, all chest out with pride, almost sounding healthier and happier as President since the day he swore to uphold our constitution. Unfortunately for me he was on every news channel live, answering questions from the press. So I sat back for a few, while I ate my breakfast until I couldn’t take it anymore and shut the set off. It took only a few moments to realize the man was as usual making stuff up or simply playing games with everyone’s heads. First I’ve never seen anyone praise another leader as Donald praised Kim, something the North Korean leader has not reciprocated in any way. Donald made Un sound like the second coming of Gandhi with his love of his people and most importantly to Donald, the greatest negotiator that ever walked this Earth. Possibly even better than himself. The very first question he was asked was to do with the North Korean leaders horrible treatment of his people. How could he like him so much? So Donald spouted about how great he has to be to have taken over his country at such a young age,…. He said. “He’s a tough guy. Hey, when you take over a country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over at 27-years old, I mean, that’s a 1 in 10,000 that could do that. He’s a very smart guy, he’s a great negotiator, but I think we understand each other.” That was his defense for the horrendous way he treats his countries citizens. Completely disregarding the fact that he’s killed off family members, and everyone thats been at all against him, to enshrine himself as Supreme Leader of North Korea. 

Oh one last thing about not having a record of the historic meeting. A reporter asked Donald if he had notes to verify details after the meeting in Singapore, Trump pretty much said he didn’t need to when he explained “We had a great conversation, it was a very heartfelt conversation... I don’t have to verify because I have one of the great memories of all time.” This from a man who doesn’t remember what he said 5 minutes ago, let alone a meeting with a nut job who has the ability to blow us all up. But remember, chill everybody, America and the world can “sleep well tonight,” Trump let us all know that all our worries are now over with North Korea thanks to him, cause he and his best pal made a deal and as we know when he makes a deal the heavens open up and the God’s sing their praises for our great leader… not! This was when I had had enough and shut my television off. I discovered later I had missed the big stunner of the entire event. Trump’s announcement that he was halting the annual US-South Korean military drills, was to put it simply Earth shaking. According to everyone in the know on television, nobody knew about this decision in advance. Don’t you think that he should have discussed this with South Korea or at least his military advisors, before announcing such a major change in our military strategy? Seems currently they are already setting up the next war exercise and those in power hadn’t been given notice either.

He also suggested that this could some day lead to the United States eventually removing all their military in the region. “I want to get our soldiers out. I want to bring our soldiers back home,” Trump said. “But that’s not part of the equation right now. I hope it will be eventually.” Something that he’s been pitched way back during the campaign. But as has been explained by a lot smarter people then I am, that the reason that the US does this exercise every year is because of the other world leaders who might want to take control of the region. Take advantage of the absence of United States military strength. The idea of removing US troops who have been stationed since the 1950s, thats over 70 years, will likely cause grave concerns in Tokyo and Seoul. But in other circles could be exactly what they’ve been dreaming of for years. 

In fact on Rachel Maddow’s show the day after the big get together, she had a segment discussing why Russia and China possibly were drooling at the notion of the United States pulling up stakes. From how I understood her assessment of the situation, she sort of inferred that the leaders of those nations might have come up with the idea or perhaps were working together with Donald on this historic shift in world affairs. How scary is that? Its not as if the Russian Federation hadn’t annexed Crimea just a few years back.  

Donald’s off the cuff comment on ending the war exercise was immediately attacked by his critics. From what little we know about Trump and Kim’s brilliant plan, North Korea haven’t given us anything in return, not even their assurances that they would actually in fact start to denuclearize. Something they have promised to do and signed off on several times in the past, but as history shows never fulfilled their side of the deal. But this time will be different, because of Trump’s great friendship with Un.

The White House realizing how Trump’s decree has upset so many people in the Republican party, let alone everybody else, is now saying that the ending of the war games, would only happen as long as North Korea follows the deal that will eventually be hammered out. Of course one has to wonder how long it will take to iron out the kinks of this deal, and how many years they will eventually get to fulfill their side of the bargain?  After the dust settles, that is if the dust isn’t nuclear fall out with our ashes in it, it would be interesting to compare the Iran nuclear deal, which President Barack Obama helped put together with Trump’s cross your fingers decree. You know the one that apparently was working, which actually talked Iran into ending and dismantling their Nuclear program. That most people in the free world were happy that yes, it was accomplishing what it had set out to do. Unfortunately President Barack Obama’s enemy’s, of which Trump was one of, attacked it from its earliest stages of discussion to the day Trump pretty much tried to destroy it. Happily so far, the other nations who signed off on it are still supposedly operating under it. Perhaps hoping to bide their time till another leader is sitting in our nation’s highest office. As Trump keeps forgetting with each of these deals other nations had agreed upon before he got into power, especially the ones that his predecessor had signed off on, aren’t just deals he can tear up and rewrite whenever he decrees it. 

The Iran Deal wasn’t just Donald on the crapper watching Fox and Friends, deciding on a whim to blow up everything. The Iran nuclear deal was an international endeavor that many nations including China, France, Germany, the European Union, Iran, Russia, United Kingdom, and  the United States took part in. Trump keeps forgetting that many people worked long and hard to accomplish this historic agreement together, they can’t all be wrong. Or maybe he doesn’t want to remember, as with everything he’s been doing, as he tries to fix what he thinks is wrong, shaping our world into whatever dystopia he is envisioning. Who needs a room filled of aides or at least one of two of his minions when Donald can do it all by himself. Who needs the generals?!?! But if what you know best, turns out to have been delusions of a madman, and the people who are supposed to keep him in check, sit back and in most cases assist him in whatever his desires are? What do you do? 

But if you believe Donald his day long love fest with Kim, which was cemented by a 4 page document, is yet another showcase of what a great deal maker he is. As usual with any Trump doctrine, we get an outline of ideas or talking points with no real explanation or detail on how any of the deal works. Its more like a good faith hand shake kind of deal. You know the one where you spit on your palms before shaking off on the deal. For some reason, I can imagine, the two best buds, locking lips for a sec to seal the deal, in a lovers embrace, that would make the Godfather proud. I’m sure that video tape would sell like gang busters. But what is most striking about Trumps deal, is as opposed to all the previous deals between the US and North Korea, there is no mention of how, or if, or when, their would be any verifications. Something that was written in stone with the Iran Deal and with any other country in the past that we had a similar issue with. Remember WMDs? 

What preceded the historic meetings between the two instant best friends, was the polar opposite. Look at how Trump acted at the G7 Summit. The way he showed up late, left early, embarrassed our nation and insulted what used to be our friends across the globe. A truly horrible display by any world leader, showcasing diplomacy is not Donald’s best trait. Watching our President act like a petulant child who isn’t liked by anyone was simply sad. It was however great seeing how the other leaders of the summit didn’t take any crap from him. In the age when an American President is behaving more and more like a certain Nazi leader, it is honestly thrilling watching Angela Merkel the current German Chancellor act the part of the perfect leader of a Democratic nation. What could have been if Hillary Clinton had attended the Summit instead, but those visions, only make what we witnessed seem worse.

The apex of the entire G7 Summit was Donald’s assault on the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, which felt like a scene right out the movies. My mouth dropped open when I went onto Huffington Post the next day and discovered my feelings were felt by others. An article by Ed Mazza, entitled ‘People Think Trump And Trudeau Just Had Their ‘Love Actually’ Moment’ made me sit up and go ‘yes’ or should I write ‘Oh, dear’? Seems the scenes between Hugh Grant, the Prime Minister of Britain in the film, and the U.S. president played by Billy Bob Thornton were playing out in the real world. And just like in the film, the people’s of the world, including American’s are rooting for the foreign leader. All I can say right now is, I wouldn’t want to be in South Korea’s shoes, and I’m wondering if that first class ticket to Mars is still available, since living in ours right now is so damned scary. 

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, June 14, 2018

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