Tuesday, May 29, 2018


I was sitting awaiting a hair cut and spent the entire time trying not to punch in a wall or scream my lungs out… there is no collusion… It’s been over year… Have you been in a cave sir?

YES ITS GOTTEN THIS BAD, Donald J. Trump pulls a rabbit out of his ass, concocts a conspiracy, and the Department of Justice now bows done and investigates the charges. Am I the only one who finds this latest lowering of the bar a bit frightening? Somehow the DOJ is now his personal play thing? We’ve gone from President Barack Obama supposedly wiretapping, to Trump accusing Obama of now infiltrating his campaign with not one “spy” but many. Somehow no matter what insanity Donald comes up with or whatever talking points he’s learned from his morning ritual of Fox and Friends or where ever, can now be investigated with just simply a twitter spasm in the morning, evidence be damned.  

The annoyance in all this of course is that the man and seemingly all of his associates are under investigation for numerous crimes. And all we hear as a defense are excuses for why the investigation should never have happened in the first place, not about the possible criminal or worse treasonous acts that they might have done or might still be doing. That part of the conversation is never on their lips. All they do is whine that its “fake” news and that the investigation is taking so long. Not that any of the connected dots could be real, but how much money that they are spending on it. Forgetting the millions they wasted on Hillary Clinton and the many other bogus conspiracies. Not once do we even get believable explanations as to why under every speck of dust a Russian is hiding, or now we’ve learned other foreign dignitaries are slithering. Not to mention, why is every member of the deplorable basket of losers all striking deals that will benefit only themselves, and too many of them are living like kings on the peoples dime. That’s right, who gets to pay the price, we the citizens of what was once known as The United States of America, or as it should now be called Trumpland. All those weekend getaways, the meetings taking place in Mar-a-Lago, or as they call it the Southern White house, that’s right, Donald doesn’t pay, we do, he just pockets the fees. Somehow all this canoodling with all these foreigners before he was elected has nothing to do with helping Trump get into office, and none of the meetings afterwards has anything to do with Donald and his minions pocketing millions for themselves. 

So Trump drums up a conspiracy, by alleging that there was a “spy” or several in his campaign, that were put in place by either Hillary, Barack, those damned crooked Democrats, or the FBI themselves. Perhaps that 500 lb., fatso that Trump outed as the real hacker was the James Bond in Trump’s inner circle? Except if he was so fat, how come nobody saw him? So Donny tweets, goes off on a tangent about spies in his midst, if true as he explains, this too will be yet another crime larger than Watergate perpetuated by others against his greatness. Doesn’t it get old, this never ending stream of ever growing conspiracies? Somehow each new threat on him, comes out conveniently after something on him or his minions is reported that should be the final nail in his coffin. Just like before the election with WikiLeaks, the man is magical with his timing, just as something bad on him comes out, boom. The problem we face is, he is our President now, and each time he comes out with a new one, the bar gets lowered that much further. How many more steps does it take before we have to start goose stepping on the streets of America?

So this time, the DOJ bowed a little, just wondering how far Donald has to go before the DOJ actually puts their foot down and says no, that’s one step too far. And if horrible that day occurs, I tremble at the fear of how Donald would react to it. Will that day be the day, he transforms from a President into the full blown tyrant I fear he so craves to become. Sounds paranoid huh? But as the attacks against the investigation spreads farther, the fear in me that he will overthrow our government grows louder. I mean, now that he can get the Department of Justice to jump at one of his twitter decrees, I’m wondering how soon will talk by him of halting the vote begin?  

Of course if the man was innocent as he keeps telling us all to believe, one would think that he would spend less time behaving like a guilty man and more time trying to prove to everyone why they should be happy he’s now our President. I guess I can understand why it might upset him, that there’s this cloud above my head, if I was innocent. But instead of behaving like well a President Barack Obama or even a George Walker Bush, let alone a Richard Nixon and at least act presidential, all we get is a man who insults the very meaning of being the leader of the free world. 

Whats troubling to me is that all this witch hunt garbage might be working. As I discovered while waiting for a hair cut the other day. Listening to, to put it nicely a fool, who was receiving his trim, made me want to punch the wall in front of me in. As I pretended the birds were chirping and the sun was shining, inside I was having what I guess could be called road rage. I tried not to listen to him spout off on how long the investigation has been going, how they haven’t found anything, that it was all fake, was to put it nicely unnerving. But what was worse was the way he was describing the investigation as a witch hunt, using words uttered on Fox or by Trump’s sheep’s social media posts. So Trump’s madness might have a method to it that works. The longer the investigation goes on, the more time Trump and his cronies can attempt to make it look bogus. I mean there was something, wouldn’t they have come out with something by now? And it went on for minutes, as I stewed inside trying not to go all Mueller on his sheep droppings.

How difficult is it to remember that the only ones not coming out to talk about the investigation are the people doing the investigation, that when they finish, if they finish, then we will find out what they have on him. So, so far we’ve gotten nothing from them, at least some people are doing their jobs and not spending all their time on television pitching whatever they can to try to sway public opinion, if not the rule of law. So instead we get people who are leaking Intel for and against Trump. Of course, as we’ve learned so far, with Trump’s concocted witch hunt, in the real world, real criminals are being named by the droves. Mueller’s team has already gotten 5 or 6 convictions, 15 individual indictments and 3 corporate indictments so far. 

Sadly according to the talking heads, the poll numbers for Donald and the Republicans running for office somehow are actually getting better. Beats me why. Unfortunately, the masses are getting used to Donald’s shenanigans, I guess. Listening to the fool getting a trimming, proved its working for some. Somehow all the nuttiness and horrors we’ve been living through has magically disappeared into a fake news world, and all the brain dead  sheep out there, all they want is to discuss how good the economy is supposedly doing.

It reminds me of after Barack Obama became President, and the same monsters that got us into the mess that were the reason he got elected in the first place, were now the so-called experts all over television being listened to as geniuses. Seriously, the fools that destroyed our economy and got us into a now never-ending war, were now the all seeing Gods we were all supposed to agree with. I’m still shaking my head at how many instantly fell in line with their lies. 

So what do we do now? Just lie back and take the pain till we somehow survive Trump’s tenure as President? That is if any of us do. Should we allow the monsters to win cause its getting pretty exhaustive just arguing the facts to the sheep? Should we actually forget all their treasonous acts that he and his associates might have done to become President? Or the multitude of criminal acts that he, his family and his associates might have done since entering the White House that are being revealed while the investigation is on going. With all the chatter on criminal actions, from what one see’s and listens to, apparently no matter what happens or whats revealed, Trump will probably last out his first term, if not his second. That is if he ever leaves the White House. Why do I have a bad feeling in my gut that the only way Donald is actually gonna be escorted out, is when he decides he’s had enough. Watching Donald Trump and his minions, bend the rules on a daily basis to work in their favor, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he remains President for life. Yes I wrote for life. Ironically half his pitch to the masses near the end of the campaign, was, God forbid Hillary wins, she’s gonna spend her presidency under investigation and impeachment trials, how could our nation survive that ordeal? Seems, he was right about half of the equation. Even if the true smoking gun is revealed in this saga I’m afraid nothing will stop Donald from having a crown placed upon his head before this sad time has turned into history.  

After George Walker Bush won his reelection, after taking us into a false war, I pretty much gave into the negatives. But I never was scared our democracy was in danger of disappearing. Even when Donald won his Presidency I still had hope. 8 years of the positives with Barack Obama as President can do a lot for your psyche. Unfortunately since Trump’s win, all of my worst fears have come true. As our nation has been smacked daily by a never ending stream of lies, hypocrisy, and grift by the man in charge and possibly all of his minions, this mayhem has taken me back to being the Debbie Downer I was for the eight long years of George Walker Bush’s false presidency. Need I remind you about that hanging Chad debacle.   

Now that the Republicans have all three branches of the government, all we hear from Trump is that whatever isn’t accomplished is the Democrats fault. Forgetting of course that they have all the power and the Democrats are currently like the step children sitting in the next room eating scraps. Unnervingly this week Donald was blaming the Democrats for the missing 1,500 immigrant children that ICE separated from their parents. Somehow his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who implemented this heinous procedure isn’t to blame, but President Barack Obama is. 

Donald comes out on a regular basis, almost like clockwork with a conspiracy, an attack, utter nonsense, the craziest idea you have ever heard, and whatever he says, tweets, decrees is taken as fact. Throw away all common sense and evidence, and just ruin the lives of whomever you like to get your agenda accomplished. Anything to save himself. So we get to this week’s absurdity, the FBI had a spy imbedded into Trump’s campaign, working for Hillary, the FBI, Barack Obama, or was it the DNC? A few weeks back this was a conspiracy that crazy people uttered, now we have a President demanding the Department of Justice investigate this week’s “worse than Watergate” scandal. Or as the man himself tweeted ‘‘This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!’

This latest Trump fiction of course took precedent for all the talking heads. Much like Hillary’s emails and the Benghazi waste of air time that swept away any questions on Trumps taxes, even on his health, let alone what he would actually do if elected president. Best to keep everyone on their toes. That is until we the people have had our democracy taken away out from under us, without even knowing it till its too late. The scary part in all this is I wonder whats next? I would think if I was innocent, I would want my named cleared. Not to mention his children’s. 

So now we had “Spygate” as he called it. I just shiver wondering whats to come. We went from wiretapping to having a spy imbedded into his campaign. In an instant, like most of Donald’s other accusations, this week’s came out just as another pile of crap has been reported that could upend his presidency, that is if and when the investigation is ever allowed to be completed. Well I’m happy to report, sadly for Donald, apparently his ‘spy’ conspiracy has turned into a bust, there was no spy there. And so instead we now have Trumpeters arguing what a spy is, they actually have people on air explaining what the definition of spying is, to try to make the now debunked crime, still a talking point in Donald’s favor. So Mr. Trump, if I was you, I’d sit back and relax. You should be happy that all your fears were washed away. That again, as the most paranoid President since Nixon, remember you were wrong, no one is out to get him. Whoops, I’m afraid thats incorrect, there is one person out to get Donald, and thats his own guilty conscious.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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