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As the Republicans tax scheme is this much closer to reality, and now that Michael Flynn has pled guilty, the question becomes does Donald’s presidency actually even last to the end of this year?

LOCK HER UP? Really? I guess not. More like, I think its time that they think about how they can apologize to Hillary Clinton and give her her proper due, if not her rightful position. Maybe now those lies that these traitors threw at her, which millions believed, that turned her into a pariah for too many citizens, which caused many of them to vote for Donald, will be seen to the world for what they really were, slanderous lies. People believed and still believe the lies told by a pack of con men who spread conspiracies and nonsense, instead of facts and real evidence that showcased what a pile of manure they were continuously spewing on a never-ending loop. The “Believe me” future President has lied his ass off, and unfortunately people believed his lies and sadly helped to elect a possible traitor that looks more and more like the monster that all the news reports showcase he apparently is.

Who’s the puppet? Well apparently the American people were. So Trump, the whole thing is fake news, hm, I think not. I’m not gonna say I told you so, but apparently the conspiracy, that the Russian’s had involvement with our election actually is real. No matter how many times Donald tells us to believe him that it isn’t. Today’s announcement proves or at least puts an end to the lie that no one in the White House had any involvement with colluding with the enemy. That the Trump campaign and worse his administration had been and still could be secretly working with Russia. Which might explain why he and his cabinet seem to be systematically destroying the infrastructure of our government. Maybe this was part of the deal Vladimir requested to assist the Trumpeters into getting into office. Unlike Hillary’s emails or her handling of Benghazi, or even the ridiculous Uranium accusations, this scandal I think can officially be called bigger than Nixon’s Watergate!  

After Al Franken’s shocking USO accusations of misbehavior exploded on the air waves, I began working on a column about all the powerful and mighty being taken down by their criminally sexist behavior. Something I honestly didn’t want to get into, but sadly it turned out that the ugly side of human nature happens to be a big part not only with our political leaders, its also effecting the giants in the world of entertainment as well. By the time Charlie Rose’s and Matt Lauer’s career was over in an afternoon I had had enough, and was finishing up my long winded argument to save Al Franken’s political future, even as a now fifth woman has reportedly come out against him, while agreeing with all the other beheadings why was I siding with Al? Why him, why save him, if everyone else has to go? Why should he be given a chance to stay, until the accusations against him are proven true or false or actually of criminal worthy punishment? That is besides of course the embarrassment of being called out for actually acting like a jerk and having to sit back and ponder if anything else in your past could also be misconstrued as a heinous act worthy of being erased out of existence. 

Well to those out there who want to lump the Senator in with even the worst pedophile, my response is, if he needs to go than all the others including our sitting President have to. Less we forget, Donald currently has 16 women accusing him of acts that shall we say aren’t presidential. That ‘Access Hollywood’ video, which he now is jokingly trying to make us believe the audio inside the bus wasn’t actually him, alone could make him force to end his administration. I ponder what’s his tipping point? So far his accusers have been mostly ignored by the media and those in power who could force his resignation. Roy Moore who's running for the Alabama Senate seat has been accused of child molestation, but sadly the inbreds in Alabama have no problems with those issues either. I guess better a child molester than a democrat. 

It is heartbreaking to ponder, who can you trust when your inspirations and role models actually turn out to be closeted gropers, rapists and worse. Now it feels like practically every man in power uses theirs to abuse people because they can. And whats worse are the numbers of victims who have come out exposing the ugly truth about people in power taking advantage of others. At least the good thing in all this if there can be anything good from such heinous acts. The pendulum has turned. Think about how many years it took for Bill Cosby’s accusers to be believed and most still don’t. Lastly on this subject, for those like Chuck Todd, who want to bring up Bill Clinton and ponder if we should look back at his Presidency because of the sexist awful things he did or was alleged to do. That if it happened now, he would have been forced to resign. Really? You want to compare events with pedophiles and rapists with a consensual relationship. Must I remind you, that Monica, if I can be so bold was an adult woman and she was in on it, she wasn’t being molested or abused. Granted the woman worked under the President as an intern, and yes he lied when he said he did not have sex with that woman. But to discuss drop kicking a former President for that crime as opposed to all the others, that all the others have done that was far worse, is simply a way to kill valuable airtime and frankly change the subject. 

So just when I was about to bang my head against the wall over the growing list of the famous and powerful, who have been outed as sexual deviants the powers-that-be have sent us all a ray of sunshine. Simply put, Michael Flynn has flipped! The end is possibly nearer for the Trump Presidency than any of us could have ever imagined. And yes, Joy Behar is right, this is a moment to jump for joy and dance with glee. Because the clock has just begun ticking on when Donald resigns or is removed from the office of President of the United States. My best guest right now is our Commander-in-chief might be out by New Years Day. 

You see the “Lock Her Up” former member of Trump’s inner circle, shook the White House to its core and probably turned the President’s face the color of pink grapefruit, when he pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. But before you get upset like I was while listening to the announcement that he had pled guilty to one measly charge, simply take a deep breath and let out the negativity. You see, according to the talking heads, the reason for the very low charges is because the man has cut a deal and will be spilling all of the beans he’s got on all the deplorable members of Trump’s inner circle. Of course getting just 5 years in prison as opposed to possibly decades or worse, or caving in to save his own son’s criminality might also have been good incentive for Flynn to flip. 

With his plea deal, Michael Flynn became the forth member of Donald’s inner circle to be charged in the ever growing Russian investigation. The now possible early exit of Trump from the White House began a few months back when Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulous were dragged across our television’s and revealed as people who had lied to us about their involvement with Russian operatives during the Trump campaign. Each time the next traitor came out, Trump’s ‘believe me’ speech sounded more and more like a puppet reciting lines. He or some, or all of his associates are possible actors in the crime of the century, the stealing of  America’s Democracy by a foreign nation on behalf of wannabee dictator or is that king?

Sadly even as the evidence of Trump’s crimes grow, his Republican friends in the Congress have been either ignoring the obvious, perhaps in on it themselves, or actually trying to stop or slow down the investigation long enough to get as much of their agenda passed until the bottom drops off. And as fate would have it, on the same day the lid might have been opened on discovering how high this crime takes us, the hypocrites in the Senate approved the Mitch McConnell led ramming through of Trumps tax scam. There were no hearings. There wasn't even time to read the bill for most. And get this, Lobbyists, not the Senators, were actually making changes in it up until the last minute. The democrats probably were just happy to be allowed in the room to cast their votes against it. 

At the last minute, the Democrats requested the weekend to get a chance to at least read it and decide if in fact it was a good bill like the republicans claimed. Of course the monsters in charge refused to allow it. Heinous. So now that stage two is complete, all they have to do is mesh the House and the Senates bills together, and come up with something they can pass on a straight party line vote. Hopefully for the good of our nation, that won’t be as easy as it was too jam it down the throats of the Democratic members of the Senate. Whats worse, according to what I’ve heard, and I guess now we’ll see whats actually in the final draft that was approved, there are provisions in the bill that reveal to the American people what monsters these Republicans are who voted yes after the stroke of midnight as late Friday, December 1st. turned into very early Saturday December 2nd. And once they learn the truth, and discover several provisions in it that would kill Obamacare, that would give personhood to fetuses and that would ban certain second term abortions, that had been slipped into the bill, me thinks the masses won't be quiet. At least the hope if any of this get signed into law, some of these under-handed provisions would be stricken out of the language before they actually vote for the bill that Trump eventually signs into law.  

The only good thing I see coming out of any of this is, if Trump actually has his Christmas wishes answered and signs into law his dream tax con, right afterwards the Republicans in power will wash their hands of him. Immediately they would call for his impeachment, because suddenly Trump’s Russian colluding will have too much damning evidence for even them to disbelieve. I’m hoping none of that scenario needs to happen. That with Michael Flynn’s plea deal, his departure actually occurs before the Republicans have a chance to hand him his one and only legislative victory. But even if that fantasy doesn’t occur and the bill does pass, nothing is gonna stop his one-way ticket out of the Oval Office. Donald and his minions believe in their hearts that all they need is a victory, any real achievement and everything else will disappear. That all would be forgotten in the glory of winning something… I mean anything. I can’t even remember a day now, when that dream wasn’t talked about on air as Trump’s last ditch effort to save his administration. And the way things have been looking lately that probably would be the logical next step. But I’m beginning to believe that happy ending for Trump ain’t in his future. My feelings of Trump’s departure happening sooner than any of us could have ever imagined isn’t only mine. I’ve already heard several voices on television express similar notions. Seems they agree with me, apparently once they get Trump to sign off on this legislation, all bets are off when Donald's future ends in the White House. 

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if right after he signs it, the man steps down. Donald in the end really got what he was after anyway. The biggest score in history, except for perhaps what Putin is pulling in Moscow. As for his criminal charges and treasonous actions, as soon as he steps down for ‘whats best for our nation’, his replacement Mike Pence will last long enough in office to pardon him and rescind Gay marriage. Afterwards he will resign himself for his own lies about Mike Flynn, before being pardoned by future President Paul Ryan. That is unless once in power Paul Ryan fully reveals his stripes and scarily Donald would suddenly look acceptable as Ryan begins destroying what ever remains of Social Security and Medicare. 

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime between now and February, instead of Trump getting the heave-ho first, its actually his god-awful Vice President. Mike Pence, the fool from Indiana, who isn’t allowed to be in the company of women because I guess either they can’t control themselves or he can’t when a woman is near, could be the next fish to fry. Pence could be the next target on the food chain, and resign or make his own plea deal, because of all of own lies in connection with Michael Flynn or possibly Jared Kushner or even Jeff Sessions’ crimes. If that happens, the question is, who gets the gig of Trump’s second Vice President. Presumedly, if we use history as the rule after former Vice President Spiro Agnew Nixon’s number two, pled no contest to a single felony charge of tax evasion, and resigned his office, he was replaced by the then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford. So if Pence resigns first,  if history repeats itself again, Paul Ryan would become Vice President, and if Trump gets impeached or resigns, whomever is Paul Ryan’s replacement as Majority leader would become his Vice President.   

George Papadopoulous was the first traitor who worked for Trump who pled guilty to crimes in connection to the Russian investigation. Michael Flynn's plea deal made him the second member of Trump’s inner circle to also plead guilty. Ironically this explosive revelation only came out after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was launched because Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey. Comey was reportedly canned by Trump because he wanted him to end his investigation of then National-Security Adviser Mike Flynn. Oh, I also should mention Donald’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is reportedly the person who suggested Comey needed to get fired.    

Now not only did mister high and mighty admit that he lied to the FBI about his meetings with Russians, he also lied about his meetings with them and the Israelis on behalf of their problems with the Palestinians.  The best part for the investigation and the worst part for the Trumpeters is, it seems Flynn was taking these meetings on behalf of someone in the Trump White House during its transition into power. And that person was later revealed as the world was still reverberating from the days big announcement to be Jared Kushner of all people! Sadly for Jared, he’s already been asked under oath about these events and has swore that he never had anything to do with any of this. So apparently his crimes start with perjury just as Flynn’s were. But lets add his second criminal act. Jared Kushner has also broken what they call the Logan Act. Apparently its illegal for unauthorized citizens to negotiate with foreign governments, who have a dispute with the United States. 

Well Jared while working for daddy-in-law, was doing just that as he tried to go around the policies of the Obama Presidency, attempting to under cut its agenda. Sorry thats a no no and a criminal act. Luckily for him all the experts say Mueller would never use The Logan Act to go after him. But unhappily for him that criminal action is the least of his worries. Remember, just like Flynn, Jared has now been caught lying to the FBI. So his deal will be on the table soon, that is if it already hasn’t been offered and agreed upon. 

One last thing, ABC had reported, but than walked back part of its report, that in Mike Flynn’s plea deal he agreed to testify under oath that Donald J. Trump had directed him to meet with Russian operatives. Several news agencies afterwards, came out and said that part of the plea deal hasn’t been verified. So that could be wishful thinking or as Donald would call it fake news. But if it is true, than the end of our national nightmare could be at hand within days. If its not, get ready for riots to start occurring in the streets as the tax scam gets revealed and as the truth of the trumpeters colluding with Moscow becomes more and more a likeable impeachable offense. And unless the rights of millions more lose their constitutional rights to vote, which it seems a lot of them did during our last Presidential election, get ready for the biggest landslide in Congressional history. If that occurs and we get the return of democratic control in Congress, the swift removal of the man himself would begin, as well as anything Donald has enacted, rescinded, and done to ruin everything that made America great in the first place.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, December 2, 2017

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