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So you want to sell books, just give us your soul and say goodbye to your reputation. In one big swoop Donna Brazile lost everything… accept the love of everyone who hated Hillary and wants Donald’s fleecing of America to continue.

WOW, DONNA BRAZILE, how disappointed in you am I. I wish I was in that corporate meeting, when your publishers said we need something juicy to sell your book, cause that’s the only reason I can think of for why she would come out and say that Hillary rigged the democratic primary. Seems replacing Debbie Wasserman Schultz during the Democratic National Convention wasn’t enough to sell books or get a book deal. Being a well respected voice for years in the party couldn't do it either, so Donna Brazile needed buzz to get her book the desired push to get her sales to soar and it looks like its worked.  

So Donna created a conspiracy about Hillary and most of the media is lapping it up. Chuck Todd was practically foaming at the mouth over this yesterday. As for social media, Facebook was inundated with countless number of attacks against Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I shouldn’t have been, but as usual, again, I couldn’t believe how many posts from overseas trolls I had to report and block with comments referring to something that had erupted in the same morning just hours before. It was as if the whole thing had been set up ahead of time. Hm, wonder if we need to have a congressional hearing on this too? 

Because of this promotional tour to sell her books, I wondered if Hachette, the publishing company that is printing this tale of lies was in bed with the Trumps or with Putin’s regime. Maybe the publicity director is related somehow or at least a fan of Bernie’s or the Donald’s or even Russian vodka? So I google searched the book publisher to see if any connections came up. You know like an ownership stake or something else that might throw up a red flag and a big uh-oh. But all I could find was that they’ve published numerous books on both, so at least in my fifteen minute research inquiry, nothing made me want to scream I told you so.  

I must mention I used to work at Hachette Filipacchi Médias in their magazine division decades ago, the late 1990’s and I never saw or heard of anything that would have made me get suspicious. That said, Trump Style, Donald Trump’s custom-published quarterly magazine, was distributed there in 1997 while I was doing promotional art direction for them. And yes I did create and work on a number of promotional items pitching the self congratulatory propaganda publication.  

Of course with every accusation against Hillary Clinton, it seems most can be explained away with facts and logic. Sadly this never stopped the lies from continuing, might as well just add it to the pile of conspiracies to use the next time someone wants to insult the former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State. Like all the other attacks this was no exception, as within hours of Donna Brazile’s book pitch, it turned out that the entire accusation was either her misunderstanding of what occurred or her making up events. Seems in reality, instead of buying the DNC off, taking command and demanding power, as Donna spewed, Hillary saved them. President Barach Obama, had pretty much left the DNC bankrupt and in debt to the tune of millions of dollars, and Hillary’s fund raising was what saved it from going under. 

After her bombshell was etched in the minds of everyone, the second explosion occurred making Donna Brazile sound a little like she had gotten a taste of power when taking over the DNC, and was itching to use it. Absolute power they say corrupts absolutely, well now as Donna’s book supposedly explains when Hillary was under the weather, remember she fainted, well it turns out Donna was actually contemplating replacing Hillary with Vice President Joe Biden. 

Interesting that this is the first we are hearing about it. Perhaps we should request to see Donna’s emails, lets see who she’s been saying hello to, perhaps Bernie or Donald have ben recent pen pals  Could you imagine how not only the Berniebots but the fans of Hillary would’ve reacted if this actually took place then? Well I would have been pretty pissed. 

Talk about blowing up the entire party, which seemingly it looks like she is trying to pull. I have to feel that she’s working with anyone who isn’t in the Democratic party, because the damage that it could be causing might keep Donald in the White House, even if a video of him literary in bed with Vladimir was leaked.

After spreading her tale of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and bad behavior, which got the Berniebots upset, the Hillary’s fans angry, and the Trumpeters on cloud nine, which she hopes will turn her gossip conspiracies into a New York Times number one best seller, Donna is now talking on shows saying its her right to pitch her side of the story. I mean if Hillary can come out and pitch her side of the story, she explained, why can’t I? Lady you can pitch all you want, whatever you want, just tell the truth. Not your version of it. Especially after the contracts were shared showcasing that your interpretation of events occurred is wrong. But like General John Kelly, now a days, liars never say they misspoke, and apologize or at least set the record straight. No they just pound the table, look angry, that others dare to catch them in a lie, and still argue they are correct. 

It seems the entire Trumpeter parade of liars, keep making themselves look like fools when they constantly argue there is no evidence of Russian collusion anywhere. That the entire investigation should be scrapped, even after the first indictments have been sent out. Even after George Papadopoulos, one of their own is now wearing wires for Mueller’s investigation after he admitted his guilt in conjunction with that treasonous activity, that they all said and still say never occurred. Seems Donna stepped into a nightmare of her own making, much like the Trumpeters. The only question is, how much damage will this cause and who is gonna be the one that pays for it in the end.  

So I guess according Donna Brazile, she herself was the party’s savior and not Hillary’s fund raising. Sadly for her accusations according to the facts, without Hillary, they probably would’ve held their big DNC love fest inside the Port Authority or some other public space, they were that broke. As far I can tell, Bernie wasn’t offering anything of financial assistance except for his demands on changing the party to what he perceives is Democratic. Lady you can be as indignant as you want, just like our current commander-in-chief, but when the facts prove you’re making stuff up, its time to admit the truth as opposed to the man whose currently getting set up on his one-way ticket to a maximum security prison cell.

Apparently the years of brainwashing on the citizens of the United States by the vast right wing conspiracy and of course Fox faux news, against Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton worked. Sadly for a couple who have spent their entire adult lives doing nothing but trying to make other people’s lives better, it seems all of that great work, has been forgotten and replaced by conspiracies and lies. Like the libelous accusations thrown against the Clinton Foundation during the campaign. No matter what proof was showcased that all the accusations were political hit jobs, the Foundation were tarred and feathered. That is until the election was over, than it was never mind, go about doing your good work, we’ll go after you again when its politically necessary.   

After Donna Brazile accused Hillary Clinton of basically attempting a coup with the DNC yesterday to help pitch her book, an open letter signed by more than 100 people involved in Clinton’s White House bid was released, including chairman John Podesta and vice chairwoman Huma Abedin, who said the staffers "do not recognize the campaign" that Brazile "portrays in the book.” They were also "shocked" by her contemplating replacing Hillary Clinton. Seems Donna was drinking the kool-Aid that Trump and the Kremlin's trolls were offering,

Every time the walls start closing in on Donald, another accusation against Hillary gets thrown out. Trump’s still doing it and now it seems its the attack needed by others to sell their books. Like everything else if they throw it out against Hillary, no matter how insane, it became that days top news story. And not just on Fox faux news. Its also happens on MSNBC to a degree, and of course CNN which specializes in having the same guests on time after time who live to spread lies on behalf of a treasonous bunch of deplorable hypocrites. 

So now the former head of the DNC, has come out and is pitching a book and immediately Clinton is guilty, no questions asked. The book doesn’t even have to see print and Hillary has already been convicted of the crimes teased about in the publicity campaign. Just the teaser and people are going insane. The Trumpeters are already calling for more investigations and prison time, the Berniebots are screaming to high heaven, see they were robbed, and the television talking heads are drooling over anything that smells of a different stink than Donald’s sewage. 

As is the case with all accusations thrown at Hillary, as soon as even one tease comes out, she’s guilty until proven innocent. And even if proven innocent, the accusations stick to her as yet further proof how dirty she is. The old innocent until proven guilty, doesn’t apply for our should be President, as it seems to apply to our soon to be ex liar-in-chief. So the lovely Donna has thrown out crumbs, or crap if you prefer, for the world to eat up, and now lots of people are discussing how its not the Republicans who are in the middle of a civil war, but its actually the Democrats. 

This is happening even after Donna’s accusation had already been debunked just hours after she initially spewed it out, by the release of the contracts that Hillary Clinton’s campaign signed with the DNC in 2015. The same contract, Bernie eventually signed. The same contract that had been used for at least the last 15 years. So as usual, the media and the people are being fooled by nonsense, by conspiracy, by gossip. At the same time the Russian investigation seems to actually be getting good and juicy, while the Republicans keeping pushing that there is nothing there. 

So what are the Trumpeters and Fox reporting on, not their President, or his problems, no need to defend him when we’ve got a new Hillary scandal to pile on to the other ones that they keep trotting out. Even after it was already debunked almost immediately, lets disregard the fact and spin it for all its worth. See it worked with Benghazi. See it worked with Hillary's damned emails. Well I for one am not gonna be blinded by lies. 

Every time something comes out, and I am talking decades now, that makes Hillary look bad, my heart sinks. Perhaps the lies against her aren’t lies but facts this time, and Hillary is who they describe her to be. I have to be honest, sometimes my faith in her gets shaken. But every time, and I mean every time, those lies always turn out to be just that, lies. Usually easily explained away, like the current uranium accusations. Somehow all of these lies, helped to taint a great human being. Helped make Donald Trump our President. And still the media, buys into the lies. Even as most are reporting on the walls closing in on Donald, they still believe the lies on Hillary. Even after what we've just lived through, how sad. Apparently the media heads haven't learned the lessons that they need to learn. One would think having the Presidency stolen, by traitors and a foreign government, would be enough to finally end the never ending attacks on Hillary Clinton. But no, seems, no matter what, she's going to be used as a pawn in some evil game. I just hope in the end, all those who have tried to destroy her, get what they deserve, and that  even goes for a former associate of the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, November 5, 2017 

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