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So Christmas came early for the Democrats as Alabama rejected Roy Moore and the Trump effect, so why does Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan always turn out to be Scrooges?

SO IT TURNS OUT, DONALD IS GETTING HIS TAX WINDFALL AFTER ALL, and the deficit hawk hypocritical Republicans can now blow up the deficit to their hearts content. Apparently all these patriotic Americans, who screamed to the heavens for years that we needed to cut the debt otherwise all Hell would break lose, now are happy to destroy everything to get their backers off their backs. Point blank, our elected officials it appears were blackmailed by their investors to either give them what wanted, the tax breaks, or lose their pocketbooks and eventually their jobs. If you look at the poll numbers, they’ve already lost their constituents, they can’t afford to lose the people who keep getting them into office, their owners. And just like with the Trump White House, way too many of these political leaders pocketbooks speak with a heavy Russian accent. I mean come on, did you hear Roy Moore speak Russian, I actually got chills, and not in the good way. 

What blows my mind in all this is how do these Senators and Congressmen get so damned rich while working in political office? I seem to recall how many of them complained that their pay wasn’t big enough to afford to live in two places, their home states and in Washington D.C., why isn’t that investigated? How is it okay, that these writers of the tax bill seemingly will be the only Americans, besides the corporate bigwigs of course, that makes out like bandits from this weeks nightmare legislation? Listening to the experts on air, all we hear all day and all night, without exception is that these Republicans in the majority just wrote themselves a big fat pay day. It goes without saying that the experts I’m talking about aren’t the ones on Fox faux news, who only want to spew conspiracies and ignore reality and facts. 

The new poster child for Republican hypocrisy is also the perfect example of why no one should ever believe a thing that any of the Republicans say. Bob Corker, the United States Senator from Tennessee, who until recently was the loudest Republican voice argued that he would be saying no to the tax bill because of the debt it would create. That he would never say yes to it unless there were changes in the legislation to fix his issues with it. How funny, amazingly the debt issue wasn’t fixed, but they did add an amendment at the last minute into the tax legislation, which supposedly will earn the Senator millions. Not surprisingly, but definitely infuriating, once that amendment was in, his vote changed from nay to yes. And a hash tag was born, #CorkerKickback. As for the debt problem, magically it all appears to be forgotten. Guess we’re back to magical thinking and believing in Santa Claus. Oh, I should mention, like all hypocrites, Bob Corker, has come out and is very upset that people now think of him as a monstrous soulless sell-out. How dare any us think his vote was paid off?  Senator could you be any more pathetic, laughable or sad? 

Speaking of taxes, and the con of the century, guess who will make a butt load of money when Donald J. Trump signs his John Hancock on his first major piece of legislation in his almost year long administration? That’s right you guessed it, Donald Trump and the Trump family singers. The Trumps supposedly will earn millions initially, and with the Estate tax changes, possibly over a billion, a billion and a half. I wrote supposedly because how would anyone know? Since nobody is allowed to look over the man’s tax records.

Someone should really contact the Guinness Book of World Records, because it seems Donald is still under audit. Unbelievably but true, the orange faced liar-in-chief, according to his people is still being audited. Question, when did this audit begin if it actually is occurring at all?  Remember, there is no way of knowing if the person is actually being audited, so basically we have to “believe him” but as Hillary said brilliantly during the debates, “No Donald, I don’t believe you.” Also of note, when someone is under audit, there is nothing illegal about releasing his tax returns, or the returns of previous years not under audit. Remember all that talk about Donald’s tax returns during the campaign? How we needed to see them before he was allowed to change our tax code? Remember how people argued that he shouldn’t be allowed to even be a nominee of the Republican party, or better the Presidency without releasing his taxes? All that big talk about what was right, was forgotten in the campaign almost as fast as the Access Hollywood Bus revelation turned out to be as Donald Trump Junior would call it a nothing burger.

Seems no one else is talking about his taxes now. All those complainers before election day have gone silent. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, remember coming out on more than a few occasions, as your face turned red with anger, how this could never happen, not in America. That they if necessary would do something to prevent Trump from orchestrating a tax bill when the Congress or the American people didn’t have a clue how much the President would benefit from it. Remember the Emoluments Clause, that Donald wouldn’t be allowed to make money off of the job as President? Well? Anything? Crickets… 

Now the man has signed into law the biggest changes into our tax system in thirty years, and his taxes are simply an after-thought. We’re too busy screaming about all the other crap he’s thrown into the wind that his monumental heist isn’t even being discussed. No its more important that we push conspiracies against Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, than talk about Donald’s con of the century.

On one hand every talking head has come out to let us know that this tax legislation is one big con game. The rich will get richer, the middle class will get poorer, and the poor will just disappear from view. That is till society’s dead weight, all die off and poverty is gone from America for good. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. On the other hand, we get a fairy tale version from Trump’s propaganda wing Fox news that makes the Republican trickle-down day dream sound like heaven on Earth. That disregards what actually is in the law that apparently most if not all of the Republicans who said ‘yes’ to it, haven’t even read it. Just imagine, they didn’t read a bill that will effect every single American for decades to come. Well at least they have another excuse if or when our nation implodes financially. Why bother reading the small print, what could go wrong? I mean what could the lobbyist sneak in at the last minute, Right?

So if Trump’s band of treasonous monsters don’t all wind up on death row, or at least in a prison cell, about the time the results start becoming real with this tax legislation, the electorate will get to decide if the results so far, are reasons to drop kick the lot of them outta power. Of course the more pressing matter would be pitched, the Impeachment proceedings of Donald J. Trump on account of the Russian investigation. One would think, by next election day kicking them out, might be the best campaign pitch by a Democrat ever used. Hopefully the democrats this time won’t play nice and kick the monsters down when they most deserve it.

Like everything else they do the Trumpeters always screw something up. Sometimes like with Trump’s tax package, it happens even before the ink is dry, in this case, even before he signs his name on it. Wednesday evening, Rachel Maddow had an amazing take down on whats wrong with the implementation of the tax bill on her show. I must note, today, I read otherwise, so who knows what the whole story is, but according to new reports today, the changes to the tax code actually go into effect in 2019, not on January 2018 as was discussed during an interview on her show. Perhaps her story made them fix the provisions before Donald gave himself the biggest Christmas bonus check ever. I mean why not, it was reported that they were rewriting it within hours of the vote, why shouldn’t they make a fix that actually makes sense.

But if true, according to her report, one of the things no one was discussing during the run up to this weeks voting, or seemingly at all, I mean I haven’t heard one word about it, was when the legislation would go into effect. If Rachel’s report was correct, supposedly on January 1st, 2018, everything hits the fan. It all becomes real. One big problem, nothing has been set up for the big day. So the instant payoff we keep hearing about, how the heck does that happen if the W2 or whatever new forms they’ll come up with haven’t even been designed yet or the figures on it finalized? That’s why Obamacare and every other major legislation always are given sometimes years to get fully implemented. They always build a time frame in, a cushion if your will, so the world will be ready for the changes that everyone needs to learn how to live with.  And we are talking about something that effects every one of us that pays taxes, again what could go wrong?

Simply put, its insane. Need I remind you on what when wrong with the roll out of Obamacare and it’s website. This probably more than anything helped give the Republicans the perfect attack line on one of President Barack Obama’s signature achievements. Well what will happen when our pay stubs are all screwed up or our pay checks are held back till the system is fixed. What happens when millions are kept in the dark while they wait having their electricity turned off and have to live like the millions currently suffering in Puerto Rico? What happens when those millions on the mainland, you know your followers can’t feed their families. I give we would be living in another “Let them eat cake” moment, and hm, I wonder how that turned out? 

I’m sorry, if I sound negative but I have my doubts anything he does is for the good of the nation. Please, tell me I’m wrong, please tell me one thing that Donald has done while in office that hasn’t been messed up in one way or the other. As a way to trumpet Donald’s pitch was working and that the people were gonna actually feel flush with green like the rich folk living the life of Reilly. Magically even before anything was signed into law, several large corporations including Comcast have announced that they’re giving out hundreds if not thousands of bonus checks and raising salaries, showcasing how fast the trickle-down will wash us all with sweet cash in our pockets. Hm, I’m sorry this isn’t an effect of the tax legislation, this is just a few ass kissers trying to look good for the teacher. This was certainly something Donald wanted to spread like sunshine on a dreary winter day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these bonuses were planned and the contracts already signed when Obama was President, but Donald’s people talked the CEO’s into making it a Trump benefit. Can’t wait to see how they react to the facts, if or when most likely, the reality of the business deals come back to bite these liars in their asses. Seems to me thats Donald’s modus operandi whenever he touts his administrations successes with corporate America. He pounds his chest like a gorilla about job growth or factories moving back to our shores, and its always smoke and mirrors, and its always somebody elses doing. Well lets see how far this publicity stunt spreads and how many people really get anything from Trump’s pie in the sky tax con. 

Simply, how many people will actually get jobs when everything shakes out or how many will in reality be worse off, jobless, and living in the streets. And how many of those positions gained or kept will be higher paying? Or will most of these new jobs, simply be the ones that all the illegals can’t do anymore because they’ve all been rounded up and deported. Dragged down to what I already can see occurring in the near future. You guessed it, our new deportation center in Puerto Rico. I mean what better use of the island now that Trump’s government is letting it die as quickly as possible. Instead of trying to fix the problem, he’s causing the largest mass exodus by American citizens in possibly our nations history. On the bright side, Ivanka now has a ton of new employees she can hire to fill her new factories they’ll build in Puerto Rico to create her knock-off products. Why not simply bulldoze the whole place and start fresh, build those Trump warehouses. Let’s ‘Make The Trumps Even Richer’ be the official tag line of the Trump Administration, not the ‘Make America Great’ lie of the century talking point they keep trying to sell.

For some reason I think its gonna turn out like most of Trump’s publicity stunts, when the reality of the rewards turn out to be peanuts on the dollar. Like when he touts a major corporation is gonna add tons of jobs and actually the deals for those jobs were done a few years earlier during the Obama Administration. So in reality Donald had nothing to do with it, but man ain’t it great publicity to pitch. God willing this con game turns out to actually work, and Trump was right and most of us were wrong, boy will I be happy to have been so wrong. Really, I know I preach to high heaven that the man’s a nightmare, even worse than Adolph, but please let me be wrong on this one. Because if I am right, man is it ever going to get bad and sooner than any of us could ever fear. What happens when it all turns out to be as big a crock as most people think? How do we pay for all that infrastructure that Donald promised would come next? Which is needed according to his experts for his tax plan to actually work. What happens to Social Security and Medicare if it succeeds and worse if or when it fails? Paul Ryan is practically drooling over the thought of hurting millions upon millions of people. Maybe we should rename him Josef Mengele, the grin on his face when he gaveled the victory in the House was vomit inducing.  

Someone or something needs to give Josef, I mean the Paul Ryan a swift kick in the ass. You see after the House voted ‘yes’ and tossed it over to the Senate for their own middle of the night vote, Paul Ryan actually said “nobody knows” if the sweeping tax cuts Congress are enacting will produce enough economic growth to fend off soaring federal deficits. Excuse me, then why are we gambling our futures on it? I can’t for the life of me remember any other Republican saying anything like “nobody knows” about this, till Paul made a hypocrite of himself. All we ever got were made up talking points of how great things will be. Of course with no actual figures to prove their hypostasis, we all just had to on faith. I mean with a track record that the Republicans have, sure, why shouldn’t I believe every word they say? Anytime any financial expert was on, listening to the Trumpeters wriggle around reality was really rather painful. Whenever there was a debate between both sides, not once did you come out of it believing the Trumpeters side. Not once. 

So if the tax cuts fail or even if they don’t and the gamble works, the republicans next game is to destroy our social safety net. After all, look at that huge deficit caused by the shortfall. That was to be expected wasn’t it? Oops did we not remember to tell you that? Anytime you implement a new policy, things are bond to be bumpy at first. Of course this shortfall, this ever growing debt that might swallow our nation whole, was never discussed when they were announcing the tax scam. Just like they did before with the Post Office and Social Security, borrowing funds to pay for other things, and then oops blaming the system thats breaking down, that they helped to destroy.  

Maddeningly Donald’s prayers were answered to a great degree by Mitch McConnell. Seem’s the Majority Leader of the Senate as usual used his now patented manner of going against precedent and won yet another round. This time, Mitch McConnell did it by not swearing in the recently victorious Doug Jones, in the Alabama Senator race. Not that it turned out to be needed, but Instead of giving him his rightful vote in Trump’s tax con, Mitch decided to push back the swearing in ceremony till after the new year. Which of course will be much too late to vote for or against this latest Republican monstrosity. I should mention that the Republicans are actually trying to play games with the Alabama election, apparently one of Moore’s supporters who helped bring people to the voting centers said something that the right says show that the Doug Jones camp cheated and Moore actually won. So who knows, in a few months Moore might still get in.   

Mitch played the same game with his filibuster against President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court appointee, and eventually won when Trump picked the newest member of the court once he became President. At the same time he was stopping Merrick Garland from being voted into the Supreme Court, he also was somehow forcing President Barack Obama from letting the American people learn the complete facts on Russia playing games with our democracy during the campaign. Seems if he had, Hillary’s accusation against Trump during the debates would have been believed as real and not just a campaign pitch. And our current political upheaval might just be the stuff of nightmares as opposed to our current reality.

Ray Moore’s defeat in Alabama is being looked at as a beginning of the end of Republican majority rule in the House and maybe even the Senate. That with those victories in less than a year, believe it or not, the people could vote in a new Democratic majority. They could actually vote out all the monsters and restore America to the greatness that President Barack Obama was taking us towards. Lets hope this week’s Republican declared tax victory, adds fuel to the fire that’s been lit under the rumps of the democrats in our nation. 

Almost a year in, and I still walk around dumbstruck that Trump is our sworn in leader and Hillary  is still more often attacked for not disappearing or worse for actually breathing. Everyday something new occurs that makes me ponder if this is all one of those bad dreams you can’t wake up from. But even if that happy notion was true, the way things have been going lately, when you finally think you’re awake at the end, sadly in our story line, the boogie man kills you dead just as the credits role or who get to relive the nightmare over and over again. Well I for one hope by this time next year, this current national nightmare is over. That somehow we as a nation can get over whatever hump Donald and his minions have constructed. And whomever is President when it all shakes out, actually once again makes me proud to be an American and not embarrassed to be living in a nation that somehow put such a person in charge. Sorry, the jokes still not funny.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 22, 2017 

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