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Turns out its ain’t fake news, as at least one member of Donald’s campaign played treasonous games with Russia by colluding against Hillary, and boy are they trying to change the subject

SO YOU PLAY WITH FIRE… seems at least one of Donald Trump’s minions did play treasonous games with Kremlin ties. George Papadopoulos, a Trump Campaign Adviser, pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI. In other words he lied to the Feds they figured it out and they weren’t happy about it. George has worked for Trump’s campaign from March 2016 as a Foreign Policy Advisor, and corresponded with an “overseas professor” with Russian connections, seeking “dirt” on Hillary. Something we have discovered happened on a number of occasions with several different people in Trumps inner circle. Most importantly Papadopoulos also admitted to impeding the FBI investigation into Russia. One interesting note about George, before Trump’s campaign he also advised Ben Carson on his failed attempt at becoming the stupidest man to ever become President.  

It is possible as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed during today’s White House briefing, that George Papadopoulos was doing this on his own and had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign or his presidency. I should give them the benefit of the doubt, right? But since there are too many blinded sheep who do, I shouldn't make comments like that. Too many talking heads spew out the same talking points, arguing their versions that don’t relate in any way to the facts and reality, and the obvious connect the dots conclusions that Donald and his pals are crooked from their heads to their toes.

The Trumpeters keep pushing the line in the sand for Donald. Each time they explain away his probable treasonous activities, those criminal actions get shouted out by yet another attack against Hillary Clinton. I keep saying that, hello, she lost, remember she was expected to win, if she had ‘cheated’ she failed miserably. Yet, they keep pitching that she was the one who was the crook, who should get locked up and put to death! So now we’ve got the latest attack against her, the Steele dossier. This treasure trove of allegations against Donald so far all proven accurate, was initially funded by anti-Trump Republicans looking for a way to drop kick the orange faced interloper out of the campaign. 

Somehow, Marc Elias, a general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign got wind of this and hired the private research firm, Fusion GPS, in the spring of 2016 to do ‘opposition research’ on Donald Trump’s campaign ties with Russian operatives, which the Clinton campaign supposedly paid for. Now the Trumpeters are saying this is her smoking gun. This proves Hillary colluded with Russia and not Donald. Seriously? As Joy Reid on her MSNBC show, Morning Joy, beautifully slapped down, that conspiracy theory is a big fat crock. But I must say, the more they pitch this one, the better they are at making it sound almost real. Today one of the Republican talking heads on MSNBC made their argument sound way too plausible. Meaning, the sheep will believe this bogus lie and until the democrats win back the majority, removing Trump from office ain’t gonna be as easy as it should be even if everything turns out to be true.

What cracks me up, as all of this horrible news against the Trump administration comes out, they keep trying to make this about Hillary. Shouting to the heavens that there is nothing there. That there is still is no collusion, that nothing has been proven, even after the first deplorables goes down and starts spilling the beans. What, are they gonna say now that he’s pled guilty, he’s not believable? See he colluded, why trust him. He’s the bad man, not us, we're the victims. 

The fat man in the White House lied and its now official. Donald Trump has repeatedly told us and tweeted that no one in his campaign had any connections to Russia. Oops. Even after months and months of hearing that his minions had secret forgettable meetings, they denied it. Even after all of the phone calls that none of them thought were important enough to mention during their White House interviews, they called it fake news. Even after the never ending stream of interesting coincidental events were uncovered, when it felt like at any second Putin would come out and admit the truth and dare us puny Americans to do anything about it, they persisted that the real conspiracy was Hillary and not theirs. 

Until this morning, nothing has really touched his royal cheeto, and his insane never ending tweet storms arguing his innocence, might have had a thread of truth to them. But everything changed early Monday morning when a ‘volunteer’ of Trump’s campaign, as the Trumpeters are calling him, pled guilty in a deal which will probably implicate many or all associates of our should-not-be President. Or should I write our soon to be used-to-be commander in chief. Finally after months and months of teasing us, the first real brick in Donald’s prison cell was laid. In decades to come the name of George Papadopoulos, will now be discussed in the same way as the infamous names of the Watergate scandal, John Ehrlichman, H. R. Haldeman, Ron Ziegler, John Dean and John Mitchell. 

So a man who worked for the Trump campaign, an advisor, an insider, was indicted and pled guilty to all the charges against him. Seems that tall tale by Trump that nobody in his campaign was colluding with Russia has been blown out the water. Donald was either wrong or simply telling us another lie in his endless stream of false statements. Now we have at least one of Trump’s small circle of friends admitting they attempted to cheat with Russia to help Hillary Clinton lose, so why isn’t this the top story in the land? Shouldn’t it be? Isn’t this like historically bad for the sitting President? Imagine if Hillary or Barack had done this? Apparently the “fake news” that Donald screams about, at least in this case is real. Shouldn’t that shatter Trump’s charade, and finally force even his enablers to run for the hills, try to make a deal or finally come out and take their leader down? 

Plus according to reports in the George Papadopoulos’ case, three other unnamed members of Trump’s crack campaign staff also played games with Russia. These traitors names were kept off the charges to put the Trumpeters on notice. Robert Mueller’s team knows who you are, so traitors, you better come in and make a deal or you will be paying for it for a good long time. Now no one can say, that Russia didn’t try to play with our democracy and our election without being called out as a liar. Not even Donald Trump.  

If that wasn’t enough to make any believers that this treasonous act actually occurred smile for the first time in months, part two of Monday’s bombshell was launched. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former Trump campaign official Rick Gates, both surrended this morning to the FBI after being indicted for money laundering and bank fraud. 

While these charges aren’t seemingly connected with the Russia investigation or Trump’s campaign or presidency, the investigation has uncovered crimes that could put both of these former Trump advisers into prison for decades to come. Which gives Robert Mueller a way to go after these two crooks which might give him something to work with against them to maybe get them to give up the ghost. And by ghost I mean Donald Trump of course. I ask you, what would you give to spare yourself decades in prison? How much of your soul are you willing to sacrifice for the Donald? Its not as if your reputation will ever be clean again. These two, can each spend the rest of their lives as Trump’s Oliver North twins. 

We have finally reached that time, for all Trumpeters to have to a good look at themselves in the mirror and decide if the jig is up and maybe they should make a deal with Robert Mueller’s investigation, if not with the Congressional hearings that are still on going. Perhaps its time for the Trumpeters to jump the sinking ship and stop believing the talking heads on Fox faux news, before one by one they each are offered the same opportunity that George Papadopoulos was offered.  

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, October 30, 2017 

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