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So was this the ‘calm before the storm’ Donald was talking about or has the storm already hit? People are dying, California’s on fire, Puerto Rico’s under water or out of it, and all Trump does is tweet, lie, pitch fear, and play golf

WHERE DO YOU START? Poor Donald Trump, October 2017 just doesn’t want to end. As we enter the last quarter of his first year as President, it appears the wheels are coming off his presidency. What is becoming obvious to most people, even those on Fox faux news, the man, our President, isn’t up to the job he’s currently ruining. The longer he’s in power, the worse it appears to be getting and now his actions are having deadly consequences. In a month which began with Trump unbelievably taking a stand against contraception, which transitioned into actions against the gay community, which occurred only weeks after he tried to ban transgenders being in the military. This added to the nightmare he caused himself when he apparently approved of a white supremacist, whose rally caused the death of an innocent woman. 

Mind you, this was happening at the same time Donald according to Donald, was conquering the hurricanes which had destroyed Puerto Rico. If you ask Trump the disaster is over. His handling of the crisis, is the best handling of any disaster ever, probably up there with Noah. Disregarding the reality of the moment, you know people are dying. Most still don’t have drinkable water. According to reports its actually getting worse, not better. Now the citizens of Puerto Rico also have to worry about diseases kicking in, because without options, the citizens are forced to drink the contaminated or worse water. 

Seemingly this health crisis, which is already being called a “disease outbreak” could have been averted before it even got started, but its very creation was caused by Trump’s inept handling of the aftermaths of not one but two huge unprecedented hurricanes, Maria and than Irma. This now exploding health crisis, has yet to even be mentioned by Trump, luckily we lost his Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price for being a crook, but sadly it appears those currently running it are following the whims of a madman who seems to hate the people of Puerto Rico by the way he deals with the few he meets. 

Not surprisingly, according to our cheeto-in-chief, he rates his handling of the disaster as a “10 out of 10” claiming that they actually had people on the ground in Puerto Rico even before the hurricane happened. What were they doing I wonder, trying to change a few minds that global warming had nothing to do with causing our current extraordinary hurricane season? That this was Obama’s fault, or anyone else’s but his own incompetence. When I heard Trumps comment, it only made me see the man as he should be seen, a lunatic. A person so totally out of his league its driving him loony. The man has to be delusional, there is no other explanation. Otherwise please, someone, anyone, explain to me how anyone in their right mind would throw out the interpretation of the job he’s done so far? Well this my impression of his performance in regards to Puerto Rico so far. He finally showed up, way too late, and threw out a few rolls of paper towel. Donald made a few speeches that some how made things actually worse. Then had a twitter spat with a woman, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, the Mayor of San Juan, whose been practically begging anyone for any help, and kept golfing on the people’s dime. Caring more about how people saw his handling of the event than worrying about the people that were being effected by it. That were dying because of his ineptitude.

With all that to demonstrate what a ignoramus he is, now we’ve discovered that one of Trumps first decisions, in Niger, which might have caused the deaths of four Americans, could turn out to be his very own Benghazi. Seems, Donald’s lack of common human decency in paying respect to the relatives of our dead soldiers, could be yet another self-inflicted wound. Apparently all of the crap Trump has pulled over the last several months or is that decades, is finally hitting the wrong people, the wrong way. Even his biggest followers are now looking at Trump’s behavior as maybe going just a bit too far even for them to accept. Dissing the parents of fallen soldiers, ain’t looked at in a swell way even by the blindest of sheep. This lack of respect, this lack of common human compassion, combined with this attack on another black woman has hit a lot of people the wrong way. Calling out a congresswoman as a liar, when the world can see your lie for what it is, doesn’t earn anyone points. No matter how many ways you spin it, no matter who you send to do the lying for you.

The irony of this whole thing is, Trump’s disregard for the truth and decency may now take down his White House Chief of Staff. That’s right, another Trump disciple might be getting the boot for lying on his behalf. John Kelly, the man who was supposed to keep Donald on a leash, save him from himself and save us from him, came out in defense of the liar and in so doing, lied himself in the process. You tell me, what are you supposed to do when you discover the people running our nation who are supposed to be the gate keepers are also a pack of liars?

What struck me as astounding afterwards, during the daily White House briefings, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was questioned about Kelly’s obvious lie or false recollection of the event, instead of letting it go as a misunderstanding, she double downed on it. Actually saying she had seen it and agreed with him, but when pressed, and backed into a corner, she threw out that it had happened at another event where Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) has supposedly spoke. Pretty much trying to revise the lie to continue the smear campaign. When queried about this new info, she pretty much shut down the question and answer section of the program. Giving us an interesting dilemma, Kelly, calling Rep. Frederica Wilson a liar, attacking her unjustly and almost instantly being showcased as the liar that he has now been revealed to be is pretty eye opening. Listening to his attack on her made her sound like a partisan monster. His commentary seemed to have been rehearsed making it seem fake and another lie by a Trumpeter. The problem being is, almost as soon as words spread like the fires in Northern California are currently doing, a video emerged revealing Kelly’s attack as what every other attack by a Trumpeter is. A bold faced lie. 

I like most Americans, only had his word on what she had uttered. As a person whose made his career supposedly striving for good, for our nation, for the truth, one would hope the words he’s sworn to uphold for decades would mean something. But with one, well now two press conferences, all of that faith and trust has been blown into smithereens.  He has been showcased to be simply a tool for a lying fool. Lets hope, once Kelly realizes that he has been revealed to be a liar, he would do the right thing and resign. But, if your President lies repeatedly and gets away with it, and his cabinet all seem to lie on his behalf at an alarming pace, why should his White House Chief of Staff resign for lying too? I can already hear the talking heads using the fact that he’s supposedly saving us all from Donald’s worse demons. Like with everything else, the bar will be shifted even further lower, till the bar kills all of us in the end.

Sadly we’ve become accustomed to the Trumpeters never apologizing or owning up to any of their own mistakes or lies. They always do their best to deflect, attack, malign, and destroy anyone who dares question their decisions. It sounds like the old Soviet Empire and the KGB. Now Rep. Frederica Wilson has been added to the list of their victims. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a woman, an African American woman no less, and a Democrat in Congress, a triple threat against their quest for whatever version of America they long for. One I know I do not ever want to live in.

Now it turns out that this military mission that four American soldier’s died doing, much like Benghazi is very swiftly turning into a story for people on both sides of the political spectrum to use. The question is will it turn into a nightmare for Trump as it did to Hillary Clinton or will he get away with yet another thing others never could? As is the way with the Republicans, they find anything that they think could cause damage to their enemies, no matter how insignificant, no matter even if its real or imagined. They transform it into the worse thing since Adolf Hitler, and than they ram it in, 24/7 non-stop until it turns into a weapon that can even take down the most qualified person ever to run for president. I remember when the Benghazi conspiracy began, a few crackpots discussed it online, then on Fox faux news, and then it spread like a cancer. Any voices out there trying to call the Benghazi conspiracy what it was, a witch hunt, didn’t matter or weren’t believed. What was once speculation became fact, even after the accusations were all debunked. 

In Republican land, it doesn’t matter if the facts prove the conspiracies false. Actually the proof that they are wrong, seemingly justifies their insane theories. Somehow a tragedy that should have been used as a teaching lesson, as Hillary Clinton tried to explain during her 11 hour ordeal in front of Congress. Sadly this tragedy, was turned into a political albatross against her. As if she single handily had killed the four victims, and people’s opinion of her was warped possibly for good. The lack of funds cut by the Republicans for the embassy’s was never acknowledged as was her own warnings that things could go wrong because of their budgetary cuts. Their scheme had worked. They turned the most loved and respected woman in history into a ugly hateful harpy. So what happens now? It will be interesting to see how the media handles this. Have they learned any lessons from the election? Will the Trumpeters get another pass or will Donald be blamed for the tragedy like Hillary was with Benghazi? Or will one of his minions take the sword for his sins or like with every thing that goes wrong will he blame the whole thing on President Barack Obama?  

According to an amazing in depth report by Rachel Maddow on The Rachel Maddow Show, she showcased how the deaths of the four American soldiers, somehow connected to Trump’s decision to put the nation of Chad on his Muslim travel ban. I must note people out there are debunking this theory of hers, but as usual with her pieces, one ends them pretty much having all your questions answered and all the T’s crossed. Rachel explained that when Chad discovered they had been added to the list of nations banned, nobody could understand why, it didn’t make sense then or now. Seems they have been one of our strongest allies in the war against ISIS and Boko Haram. So when Trump added them to the ban, Chad didn’t appreciate it and decided to leave the battlefield on Niger. You don’t want us, buh bye. 

Well in the craziness of their exodus, the four American soldiers died and the questions are only now beginning. Why has no one said anything about this military operation? At least in the case of Benghazi, there was a video that the Republicans could use against Hillary and the democrats in power, so far with this tragedy, nothing has come out. Why has the President kept this quiet until his dreadful announcement? Why so much silence? What went wrong? What happened to cause the last soldier to be found a few days after the first three? As Rachel Maddow expressed, whats wrong with this picture, and why is Donald or his Trumpeters keeping so tight lipped? Why did they add Chad in the first place to the banned list? Was it political, was it strategic? Was it simply human error or worse negligence when they made a decision without discussing the ramifications of the soldiers sent into battle. Oh and about that battle, why were we even there anyway? Why are Americans dying and nobody wants to talk about it? Transparency in government, not on Trump’s watch, we just have to believe him. Why is everything this President does not allowed to be questioned by any one? The more entrenched the Trumpeters get, the more of a dictatorship they appear to want us to act like we are living in.  

As this month progressed, Trump signed one executive action after the other, seemingly putting the nail into the coffins of Obamacare, contraception, and transgender service in the military. Along with a countless number of other items that his base wants and needs to be satiated, he even got around decertifying the Iran deal. But with each successive executive action, its becoming clearer, at least to me, that these announcements, these publicity stunts are simply a joke. Not that we should laugh at what he wants and what he pitches or is that preaches as law, because as soon as he signs his John Hancock in front of a pack of drooling, snivelling lap dogs, according to him its the law of the land. Like when he celebrated on the steps of Capital Hill when the House passed their repeal of Obamacare, even though it was just step one in an as yet unfinished victory.

Yes, we should scream and shout to the highest heavens against everything he proposes, but the reason we should laugh out loud is for the most part its all for show. It doesn’t mean diddly, because these items on his wish list that he keeps trotting out, will never get enacted or better never ever get the funding from Congress that they would need to work. Of course there will be a lot of screaming from both sides on this, and lots of people will lose lots of sleep over it, but in the end, most of what the monster’s in Trumps closet desire will never see the light of day. Sadly, the problem is even if most of the crap gets stopped, if you throw enough out there, some of it will stick, and too many people will get hurt by the whims of a madman. 

Sadly I’ve given up thinking anything will wake up his followers to the madness that he has put us through. I only hope when his tenure has finally ended, the damage that he has afflicted upon our nation and the world will not be that difficult to pick up after. Lets hope if we make it to the next election campaign, it won’t be effected by Russian involvement in Donald’s favor, and the people now awoken to what Donald has done since his swearing in will now make amends and help elect a democratic majority back into Congress and then the Impeachment proceedings can begin.   

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., Oct. 21, 2017 

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