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Now get this hypocrisy, remember Hillary emails, I know she was bad, well seems her biggest accusers are actually secretly doing it while running our nation… oops 

WELCOME BACK HILLARY CLINTON! Eight months later the should be President looks younger and more Presidential than she did during the campaign. Funny having her crown stolen from her has loosened her reigns, again showcasing what the rest of us lost when our current national nightmare began. Sadly however, just as before the horrible realization that America’s first woman President wasn’t to be, it appears every one on television and in the media wants Hillary Rodham Clinton to just go away. How dare she write a book about what happened? Who would want to hear her side of the story? Seemingly they attack her because she even has the audacity to still exist in our world. It is seriously infuriating how much this talking point is pushed, especially by those who are supposed to be the liberal media. I expect it on Fox, not on places on CNN and MSNBC.

Of course all that negativity against Hillary Clinton, neglects the majority of the people who actually voted for her. You know the almost 66 million, who like myself still wake up every day wishing the election never happened. If I understand these professional know-it-all’s, we are supposed to be the new silent majority in this upside down world we currently live in. Hillary lost, they’ve won, and if you don’t like it you can leave. Worse we’ve got the monstrous trolls on social media who apparently drunk with their victory, have only double-downed on their attacks against our democracy. Well I wasn’t listening to the Berniebots or the trolls during the campaign, and I’m still not listening to them. 

As a person whose still heartbroken over Hillary Clinton’s loss, and obviously our nations, one of my wishes since election day has been that she wouldn’t have been the grown up in the room. At least in this one instance, the invasion of our democracy. Remember she was the one who warned us all about Russia invading our election in the first place. As with everything with Trump what ever he attacks others with, we discover sadly too late that he’s actually the one doing the criminal activities. Who could forget the number of times he went off on our election system being rigged… and now with all the revelations, perhaps he was the one who was in on the rigging too or at least the beneficiary of those who were fixing the game?

But instead of doing what Donald would have done and gone insane over the stealing of his presidency, while licking her wounds, Hillary Clinton was busy trying to figure out how all of this craziness had caused her to lose the presidency to a blustering fool. How she did everything right, was the perfect candidate, the most qualified and still got screwed out of her victory. I totally understand her needing to just get away and see the bigger picture. Clear her head of all the noise. I mean, this woman was punched in the gut. I know I’m sick to my stomach, could you imagine it from her end? Much like Al Gore, who gave up during his campaign for the good of the nation, and allowed George Walker Bush to become what was then the worst President who ever lived, HIllary believes in our system of government. She was the good soldier, by going quietly into the night, as she was after losing the primary to the future president, Barack Obama. 

And now that Hillary's book is finished and enough time has passed, and sadly what she warned us about has all turned out to be happening, Hillary has come out to showcase what we've been missing. This is definitely the proper time for her to return and be speaking out. Who better to tell us what we need to hear. She has also come out and said that running for office, that part her life is done. Wanting to end all speculation here and now. But happily for all of us, she won’t be disappearing and would be using her intelligence, experience, and influence to better the world. So, simply put, nothing has really changed. Except of course, everything.

Well this past week comments taken out of context by the former First Lady had people all a flutter that she might actually fight for her stolen presidency. This all began innocently after Hillary was questioned during an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air by Terry Gross. They were discussing the legitimacy of the election, and she was queried about would she completely rule out questioning the election? In other words would she fight for her rightful title as President if it turned out all to be true. Her response was “No, I wouldn’t rule it out.” Well, immediately the talking heads went crazy. Yes, finally Hillary would say enough is enough, I am the real President. When I read one of the posts about this I honestly got a little giddy inside. But this momentary excitement, I felt as social media tried to turn it into yet another conspiracy sadly was taken way too far. Of course the Republicans heard that to mean, she’s running again in 2020. Time to demonize her some more. Lets ignore the elephant in the room, and yes I’m discussing the fat slob who spends all his time playing golf or tweeting, as opposed to actually doing his job.

Before we go onto other important subjects, one last thing about Hillary, remember those damned emails that Donald and his Trumpeters continuously attacked her for. Transforming her into a pariah and turning the election upside down. Well apparently Donald’s entire cast of characters, has decided to spit into the face of the millions who they brainwashed into believing Hillary’s emails was the biggest crime that ever existed. Even after the FBI came out and said there was nothing there, they still were chanting, “lock her up” at every opportunity. Even after General Flynn’s resignation and it turned out he was pretty much the Oliver North of this political event, they believed his lies and still use his chant. Somehow it turns out that if you’re a Trumpeter you are allowed to have a private email account. Let me repeat that, these monsters are doing what Hillary did, after bitching about her crimes forever.  

They spent months turning her emails, her use of a private server into a treasonous act that should have canceled out her candidacy and better yet put her to death. They railed against her on Fox faux news ratcheting up her actions as the worse political move since Watergate. So as usual we discover that the loudest voices in this attack against Hillary Clinton are turning out to be even bigger hypocrites than even any of us could have imagined. Currently it has been reported that six members including Jared and Ivanka, of Trumps inner circle have been doing this since they took over capital hill. 

I am happy to report that for once, because of this shocking bombshell, the White House is supposedly looking into it. Yeah democracy! But I’m sorry, is there anyone out there not brainwashed who actually believes we can trust them to investigate themselves? Somehow I have the feeling that their report will come out and they will tell us that nothing was illegal here. Except for the elephant in the room, why were none of these private email addresses, disclosed? Much like their amnesia with the Russian’s secret meetings and forgotten phone calls, and the rest we have yet to learn about, we are supposed to believe these are totally nothing burgers. After all the lies and false statements, if they think this time anyone believes them, that none of the emails were smoking guns, they are crazier than any of us fathom.

Oh, I almost forgot the other big news about trolls on our social networks. Get this, its occurring on Twitter as well. Seems this social network has also joined into this trolling game that Vladimir Putin pulled on our Democracy, as they apparently did on Germany and France as well. Sadly just like Facebook, Twitter has been surely lacking in their responsibilities in regards to foreigners sharing propaganda and lies. Seems their profit margin was more important than our nations democracy. And offering up evidence and the truth in all this just like with Facebook is something that only occurs when threatened with legal repercussions. Seems our social networks have been weaponized by the Russians as their greatest threat to our world. Who needs nuclear warheads when you’ve got trolls to plant the seeds of descent. Screw North Korea and their possible hydrogen bombs, we are currently under assault by an enemy of our nation. The only person who says he doesn’t believe it currently sits in the Oval office. This game of patty cake the leaders of North Korea and the United States are playing on Twitter is just deflection to hide Trumps collusion with the Russian leader, maybe North Korea is in on it? Why not? What if on one of Jared’s emails on his personal account, that have just been discovered, its revealed that any of this Nuclear nightmare scenario they are playing with our heads currently was plotted in advance?

It is amazing with all of the other stuff thats now coming out that Mark Zuckerberg finally admits Russia played games with our lives on his social network. Finally coming out to say that yes, it was a bigger problem that he had mentioned or admitted to before. Perhaps he has a lot of information that he needs to share and share fast. Like does anyone in Trump’s inner circle have a connection with any or all of these troll farms. Putin’s trolls paid lots of money to be allowed to place a ton of ads on it. Of course these ads they paid for could have been pitching vodka, but did you see anything remotely to do with their alcoholic beverages? No? Me neither. Instead, what I was deluged with and still continue to see are obnoxious, ugly attacks against Hillary, against those attacking Bernie, and all those who go after Trump. Whenever someone comes out and goes after them, instantly my feed is swamped by a multitude of attacks by those who all apparently live in Macedonia. Sadly a lot of these disgusting attacks are shared by people who showcase the Confederate Flag, their love of guns and Jesus and their hatred of anyone who isn’t white on their home pages. These patriots love our nation to the point that they would kill for it, yet haven’t a clue or simply don’t care that the crap they are sharing are lies spewed to them by Russian trolls. 

Now one last thing about this troll problem. The other day, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s briefing was attacked by a group of loud obnoxious protestors who decided to disrupt whatever she was gonna be pitching. What appeared to be Dreamers protesting being used as pawns by our political leaders could actually be undercover trolls. Initially when this story hit the airwaves everyone went off on the protesters, including me. I just couldn’t fathom how or why anyone would attack someone who had just possibly negotiated with Chuck and Donald a way to keep all of them in the country. Eventually maybe giving them legal status. I was gonna call them ungrateful fools, until I discovered online that these supposed Dreamers had been trolled into becoming a rowdy mob. So were the people who attacked Nancy being used as negotiating pawns in this inhuman game the haters play or were they actually biting the hand that feeds them? Possibly ruining their chances forever of ever becoming legal constituents. 

With all the trolling we’ve witnessed, who knows what to believe. Which is why the situation is so scary. I must add, I actually find it easier to believe that trolls did do this. Attacking Nancy Pelosi doesn’t sound like a wise move, and disregarding what the Trumpeters like to say, these Dreamers are pretty intelligent. Making me think that yes, the fools protesting were trolls. I just hope that their attempt at getting publicity doesn’t derail the hopes of the real Dreamers out there. Of course knowing Nancy Pelosi, she won’t suddenly drop the Dreamers like a Donald Trump instant tantrum. No she would never do that. Instead she will chalk it up to civil disobedience, possibly request a hearing on the trolling of the Dreamers and continue doing her best to help people in our nation.

Now onto the Republicans latest attempt at killing off Obamacare. Happily it failed just as badly as its predecessor. The best part of their latest indefensible attempt, the bastards pulled the bill even before they voted on it. Saving millions the torment of having to go through yet another torture session. The few Republicans that were needed to say no, thankfully announced again that no way they could put their names on this monstrosity. So to avoid even more embarrassment, they’ve decided to wait and try this again sometime soon. 

But even before recent attempt has gone up in flames, the now former Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Tom Price, had been doing his best to destroy it from within by ordering things like shutting off opportunities to sign up for Obamacare. Even cutting funding to advertise the program by 90%. I jumped the gun when I used the word, former. If its Friday in Washington, it means, another Trump cabinet member kicks the bucket. Tom Price, yes the person I just was mentioning has stepped down. The former Senator, who screamed to high heaven during the previous administration against excessive spending on taxpayers money has just announced his resignation from his job of destroying our nations healthcare, because of his own piggish behavior. Oops, he was bad and doesn’t want to be in the way.

What is it about the Trumpeters and chartering flights on the dime of the American people? Do they think we are stupid? Is it since others are doing it, why can't they? Are they simply following the lead of the Trumps or are they just greedy SOBs who can’t help themselves? Seems that the same people who have screamed about budgets and cutting the deficits and tax cuts, are the one who are ripping us all off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is it necessary to remind you, all of these criminals are wealthy and could easily afford the cost of the tickets.  

Every day a new name gets added to the list of possible criminal defendants. Now its revealed that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and several staffers had done it. This of course follows of the footsteps of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, and of course Tom Price. Between vacations, lunches with family members, honeymoons and other personal journeys, these hypocrites act like they are allowed to do this. Hm, Mr. President, your swamp, we’re drowning in it. Happily at least one of them paid a price for his obnoxious behavior. Wondering if his actions will extend to prison time and if his punishments will befall any or all of the others associated with this criminality. 

Lastly, and maybe most importantly I have to discuss Donald and his issues with race and a little place on Earth called Puerto Rico. I know we don’t know whats in his heart. So we don’t know if his expressions of bigotry are political moves or his real inner feelings. But while scaring the world with thoughts of nuclear war with North Korea, Trump has again racheted up the racial tensions in our nation. By first discussing with African leaders who were gathered for a lunch at the U.N. that he’s in awe of all the continent’s “tremendous business potential.” Sounding more like a slave trader and seriously making my skin crawl, Trump discussed his many friends who go to their African countries to get rich. Does the white man in orange face paint not see what’s wrong with this? Is he oblivious, obnoxious or simply dead from the neck up?

Last weekend, the world was confronted by Trump’s latest twitter bombs. When he went off for no reason on Stephen Curry for being rude and not accepting his invite to the White House. This occurred the day after his latest attack on former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, which then expanded to all the rest of the NFL players during a campaign rally in Huntsville, Alabama. Turning Kaepernick's protest against murdering police officers into an attack against patriotism and dissing our American flag.  Besides the obvious WTF, why this at this time. Remember a certain island, which is part of the United States had just gotten decimated by not one but two hurricanes? Why the Hell were we confronted by numerous rants on football players and a total dismissal of what was occurring to our fellow Americans? 

Apparently if you’re a black athlete and you want to work in professional sports, you aren’t allowed to have opinions. You should just be happy to work for the white man. You should be ecstatic to have your bodies and brains smashed in, till by the age of 40 or younger you are lucky to still be walking up right without drooling. It seems only members of the white Supremacists are now allowed to protest about their rights. So instead of turning presidential and helping the stranded citizens of Puerto Rico, Trump spent days double downing on the attack of citizens who disrespect our National anthem. 

But what has made the situation even been worse in Puerto Rico, is when he has spoken about his handling of the humanitarian crisis he seems to be discussing an entirely different event. Apparently he’s trying to tell us what a great job he’s doing. Practically calling for a parade. He claims in fact he’s being praised by many people for his fantastic work. That they are amazed at how he’s handling the worse crisis in our nations history. This of course goes against every report we’ve heard. Every video we’ve seen. The reality of the situation is and the big question we have to ask. Are the unnecessary deaths occurring in Puerto Rico, because of the presidents lack of competence, or perhaps his racist tendencies? Sorry, it had to be asked.  What gets me so angry is we’ve got thousands, hundreds of thousands of people living on borrowed time and our President is trying to lie his way through another crisis. He wants us to believe everything couldn’t be better cause the loses aren’t so bad.  

Yesterday, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, who had heard enough of the lies Donald was throwing. Sorry, somethings can't be defended or worse used to congratulate themselves as Trump is doing. Slapping himself on the back as if he just discovered the cure for polio. Well on his latest weekly weekend getaway on taxpayers money, Trump showcased how really low he could go by going off on the Mayor on twitter with a series of tweets that are too offensive to quote. The Mayor was practically begging for aid, simply telling us what her people were living through. Yes, she called out the people not on the ground, who were lying in their ivory towers, saying things that were utterly laughable. But everything she said rang true, and give the woman a break she probably hasn't slept in days. 

Donald, being the bastard that he is, took that as a personal attack and attacked back. Suffice it to say the man is garbage. Honestly these tweets, his handling of this nightmare, could be the thing that snaps the sheep into consciousness. That is unless, those sheep are as racist as he is. Sadly with what we’ve seen so far, I have to believe that these Puerto Ricans that are living through the worse times of their lives, Trump's pathetic rescues would have been handled a lot quicker and more professional if the island was filled with people with a lot whiter skin. 

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, Sept 30, 2017

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