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Plus, Junior makes it worse for himself and his father, has anyone at all in this White House been researching Julius and Ethel Rosenberg?

SEEMS TRUMP’S ENVY AND JEALOUSY OVER THE OBAMA LEGACY has now zeroed in on the Dreamers in the worse way possible. We’ve spent months hearing how Donald hated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or as it is known, DACA Executive Action that President Barack Obama enacted when after waiting years for the Congress to do anything. The only kids who were born of foreign parents this monster likes are underage low paid oversea workers. Especially the ones who work for his family businesses, right Ivanka? All along Trump pitched the bull that DACA was a different nut to crack. Donald repeatedly let us know that he loved the little children, but the law is the law is the law. 

Remember this is a nation of laws, and the only people who are allowed to sidestep them are hypocrites like the Donald, should we discuss the questions on his wife’s alleged illegal entry in the states? But one thing you have to say to him on this one, he has been consistent on his pitch, Trump kept saying the kids would have to go. He was sorry for their, but their parents were bad and they shouldn’t be rewarded with it with a lifetime pass on our shores. So in order to showcase Donny had a heart, we would have to find a loving way to do drop kick them all from our sacred home land. So with his announcement via tweet, and Jeff Session’s unfeeling explanation we found out what that was… six months to pack up and say goodbye to America. I’m actually expecting Trump to send these Dreamers the bill for all of the expenses we Americans spent on these poor unfortunate children. Yes children or should that not be discussed in this conversation? Sadly I’ve reached that age. When all of these teenagers and young adults are kids to me. Which also means I’ve lived long enough to want to scream my lungs out at the way our nation has screwed the Dreamers over if the man in orange war paint gets his way. But, sadly with a Trump in the White House and a Sessions doing his bidding, did you expect anything less? If you did, you’ve been a sleep at the wheel or as gullible as the sheep that voted the man in. 

After Jeff Sessions did Trumps dirty work and made the world spin backwards, Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out and preached the line of attack against the Dreamers and then pretty much put the ball in the Congresses hands. For once she’s right, it is their job to fix this issue, President Barack Obama only enacted his decision as a last resort. But we are talking this Congress. I guess all we can do is hope for once they actually do their jobs. Happily as is the whiplash effect we get with our monster-in-chief, by the end of the same day it appeared Trump was having second thoughts about his DACA decision. Seems Donald’s decision had softened, after he tweeted that if Congress didn’t come up with a fix, he might revisit the issue afterwards. Then later Nancy Pelosi while dealing with the debt ceiling had a conversation with Trump and he tweeted supposedly with her assistance that these kids wouldn’t have to worry. According to the former majority leader, the President had told her there would be no action/ That the Dreamers were safe. Of course, I took it slightly differently than she did. To me it meant, in six months, the Dreamers front doors would be knocked down and they and their loved ones would be escorted possibly dragged by their ankles across the border.  

Trump appears to be going the way of other tyrants, more likely they would be moved into a internment camps like the Japanese were in WWII since who would accept these children without a home? Sadly after Hurricane Irma’s devastation many of the children’s homelands that none of them even remember, has been destroyed. So we are gonna now pay to round them up, place them in places to house them until we can ship them out. Then ship them out if anyone accepts them. Are we also gonna pay to fix up the places that was destroyed by Mother Nature with man’s help? All of this is gonna be on the tax payers backs. Wouldn’t it be simply more logical just to let them stay and fix the problem. Honestly with everything else, how does anyone expect all of these items to be funded? What happens if we are suddenly in multiple wars? With all that, now lets talk tax cuts? You thought George HW Bush put us into debt, that was a blip compared to what Donald is planning.

More likely, Donald’s latest brouhaha is just another hornets nest being stirred up by the Trump dynasty players, and just like with health care and possibly taxes, in regards to the Dreamers, lets kick this thing down the road till the next guy in charge has to deal with it. So according to Trump or should I say Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Congress has six months to figure out how to save hundreds of thousands of Dreamers from being escorted off of our shores. But because of Trump’s later tweet, thanks to Nancy, this hard deadline by Donald to the Congress is pretty much jello. Kind of like my stomach has been since election day. So you better start cracking down there Congress and get to work. The Republican Congress wanted to be in Charge. They wanted the say in everything. Remember how they screamed to high heaven as the minority party when they weren’t being listened to. Well we are listening to them now, scared that our democracy is being stolen away from us bit by bit. They wanted all the credit and refuse to admit to any of the blame for their help with the financial crisis, and of course the hick-ups in our health care system, which they refused for almost a decade to have anything to do with. Except of course getting rid of it. Well lets hope that they actually enact something big for a change that actually benefits the people and not just their benefactors. Hopefully with the debt limit deal and hurricane relief package, perhaps there will be deals ccomplished that help some of us. Sadly I can’t believe that this dealing with democrats stunner will become regularly scheduled programming on the Trump channel.

Of course the problem with simply fixing Immigration is that just like in health care we have a bunch of monsters in the Republican party, who want it their way or nothing. Sadly the remnants of the Tea Party still run strongly with today’s Trumpeters. Their way is, if you want healthcare you are on your own. You want to live in America, you’ve got to be born here. Sorry, no exceptions, ever. Simply put, no immigrants at all coming in, and as many as possible going out for good. Sadly, the very essence of what makes our nation great, its diversity, its immigrants, is completely lost with those who see America as a white Christian nation. Sadly this is nothing new in America’s history, but it was something I for one had hoped had died off around the time Richard Nixon was elected President for the first time. How stupid and naive was I? Without bringing up that whole Civil War thing and of course President Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. As we all know, those historic events didn’t end racism in America, but had we as a nation forgotten everything we had gone through in the 1960’s? The assassinations? The riots? Hadn’t we finally crossed that bridge for the last time? I mean shouldn’t The Cosby Show’s success or even Michael Jackson’s prove that we could all love each other and skin color racial hatred as an issue would be a thing of the past? But what should have been the surest proof that racism at least in our nation was over, the election of Barack Obama as President, sadly woke up the sleeping racists out there. Almost a decades worth of racist banter has followed, perpetuated by right wing talking heads on Fox Faux News, and online cesspools like Breitbart. These real fake news sites, has helped brainwash millions of Americans. Easily turning sheep who prefer fiction over fact, conspiracy over science, and high school drop outs over college educated PhD geniuses when its come to who they get their news from.  

Just listening to the talking heads discuss the Dreamers themselves, gets me so angry. These Republicans who are trying to squash the dreams of millions never discuss them as human beings but as things that are lesser than a dog. When they came out of the shadows, the Dreamers came out and trusted President Barack Obama. They came out and gave all their information to the Government. They have all been vetted. To those spreading lies about them to make themselves feel better. Shame on you. Look in the mirror and stop blaming others for your own problems. These Dreamers did everything that was asked of them. Which means their families and loved ones have also been checked up on. What do you think this administration will be doing with all that beautiful intel? Screw Big Brother is watching us, in six months he’s gonna be coming to take the Dreamers away and if possible everyone who helped keep them here. 

The sad thing in all of this is, Trump will prove once again that you simply can’t trust the man. So then of course, Trumpeters will come out and say President Barack Obama lied to them again. First he lied about Americans keeping their doctors and now this, see he was the bad president. Now the Dreamers only hopes are that in six months Trump is in a good mood that day. If he’s on or off his meds, or more likely if he has been replaced by a Democrat as President of these United States. It seems some in the Congress like Sen. Tom Cotton want to use the Dreamers as leverage to alter the Immigration laws themselves. Why not, if you don’t consider these people humans, why not play politics with their lives. 

Now onto Donald and yet another what’s wrong with this picture moment in the 8 months since he began running our nation. They say moments of tragedy can make a President into the leader he was born to be. Or showcase to all the world why being President wasn’t something they really should’ve gone for in the first place. Well we are talking Donald, sadly and as usual, Hurricane Harvey turned into yet another wasted opportunity for the man to seriously make an ass of himself. 

The other day in Texas, there was a scene that bugged me more that his campaigning during a tragedy for reelection. Or Melania’s wearing foreign designers on Labor Day while Donald pitches American jobs. When the man with no clue actually met with some of the victims of Hurricane Harvey, somehow he made it sound like they were lucky this horrible event had occurred to them. There he was trying to act his most compassionate, smiling and trying to at least appear to care about his minions, when several kids got his attention. Mind you these children weren’t white. These innocent kids, probably looked up and saw someone who is supposedly our leader. Our nation’s father figure and they were looking at him for help or at least a good hug. Donald obliged them and luckily didn’t act like they were virus riddled, and appeared as if he actually had a heart. 

I know I have ill feelings towards the man, and I should give him some benefit of the doubt, but the way he picked up a few of the kids, made me all queasy inside. Not that there was anything nefarious in the way he lifted them, but sometimes when you see something it instantly brings you back to a moment. Well, Donald’s apparent fatherly skills, instantly reminded me of a scene in a movie, and not in a good way. The film was Steven Spielberg’s brilliant The Color Purple. The scene in the movie takes place when a middle aged white woman see’s an adorable black child, and precedes to act like she’s deciding on buying a chicken or more appropriately a slave. Asking if the child would like to go home with her. If you’ve seen the film, you will know what I am talking about, if you haven’t I will not spoil it for you. But it is what came to mind as Donald held the kids and acted all lovey dovey with them. This scene from the movie has left a lasting impression in me. Whenever I think of racism, this is one of the images that pop up in my mind. Perhaps next time, don’t try so hard. They say Hillary wasn’t a natural politician, well you sir are not a natural human being so stop giving us the creep when you try to act like one.

As briefly mentioned earlier, Donald decided to make the deal with Nancy and Chuck over the objections of Paul and Mitch. Which makes me want to discuss our President’s self promoted big talent, the main thing he keeps telling us makes him different. Donald kept pitching to us while running for President that he was a genius when it came to deals. That’s what was missing in politics, a man with his deal making talents. Well 8 months in and I am seriously not impressed. Apparently his deal making skills basically are demanding things and hitching a fit when he doesn’t get what he wants. From all indications doing this while not being involved in any of the negotiations. This week we discover his negotiating style is giving in once he’s heard enough. That’s it. No back in forth, no negotiating, simply I’ve heard enough. According to reports during the meeting the Republicans kept pitching things and the Democrats said no. Then finally when it was their turn, Chuck and Nancy pitched and Donald went deal. After 8 months in office, we have learned 2 things. It appears, Donald doesn’t do any work. Negotiating is simply too much work for him, and he will sign anything that’s handed to him and take all the credit and share none of the blame once the deal has been finalized. Whatever you want, you’ve got it. Thankfully unlike with his own businesses he knew this time to at least agree to raise the debt ceiling, and not to bankrupt the nation. 

And the Republicans are pissed. For years they refused to work with a Democratic President, but as showcased yesterday, that playbook is over. In one big swoop, Trump has told the Republicans led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, that you don’t matter. Perhaps demonstrating that not all of Trumps stomp speeches were totally garbage. He did say that he would go with what he thought was the best deal, not just what the Republicans pitched. So you gotta give him some kudos for the deal. Or perhaps we should all step back and take a longer look at Senator Chuck Schumer as possibly the party’s next Democratic presidential candidate. Why not? If he can make it a habit of outsmarting the man, shouldn’t he be considered a possible Presidential contender in 2020? Heck if Bernie Sanders, whose legislative accomplishments are quite lacking, can become the darling of many democrats, while shouldn’t a lifelong Democrats with multiple achievements to show for his many years, the Minority leader, be considered a possible candidate? So the questions are, was this a one off? Has the President suddenly gone sane or has he completely lost his mind, depending on your political leanings? Or is this out of nowhere working with Democrats simply a smack in the face to the Republicans for not giving him his big Healthcare victory? Or really any victories during this very long first 8 months in office. Maybe seeing the enormity of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and all the devastation they’ve left perhaps made him sit up and realize that he’s actually the President now and he better get his act together. That his actions actually effect people. 

Now about Donald Trump Junior. Even with two historically humongous hurricanes and a DACA distraction, I still hasn’t forgotten his unbelievably treasonous action. To actually meet with the Russians in Trump Tower to discuss issues with Hillary Clinton. I still can’t believe this actually happened. Especially after listening to the pompous offspring spew accusations at those asking if anyone in the campaign had had any meeting with Russians. How dare anyone even consider the possibility. Its all fake, utter nonsense. Well thanks to his own mishandling of the news to the press, the man has to be considered the dumbest relative of any President since probably Jimmy Carter’s brother William Alton “Billy” Carter III or as American’s knew him simply as Billy Carter. In the long run, he himself might be the thing that destroys his fathers presidency. And I for one would finally believe karma is more than just a word

As we have all heard, his explanation has repeatedly changed on what happened in that much forgotten meeting that everybody seem to called a nothing burger. Well now he says that if there was anything of substance he would’ve called his attorney up after the meeting. That’s his attempt at showcasing his innocence. According to him, since nothing supposedly was learned during the meeting, outta sight, outta mind. Hm, no. Lets back up a little Junior. You set up the meeting hoping to get dirt on Hillary, so instead of calling your attorney if it was a good idea, or bad, you contacted the power players in your fathers campaign, and they all decided to go along with it with you. So did none of these political novices call any of their attorneys? And none you them thought it was a bad idea to take the meeting? 

According to Junior now, there was nothing of interest at the meeting. No real dirt on Hillary, so everyone in the meeting decided to have collective amnesia. No crime was committed, hence bringing it up wasn’t necessary. No matter how many times he was asked nothing seemed to come to mind or any of the other people who attended the meeting. But what if there was something there? How do we know there wasn’t? Why should anyone believe anything that any of these amnesic victims says? Junior now tells us that if in fact they did have dirt on Hillary he would have contacted his lawyer. Wait you seriously want us to believe that you would’ve done the right and patriotic thing by calling the Feds? Sorry it doesn’t make any sense. Why not set up a sting operation if you intended to do the right thing? One last item, if there was nothing there on Hillary Clinton, maybe that meant she hadn’t done anything wrong. Perhaps you should have reported that to the Feds as well? The hard truth Junior, was that by trying to find dirt on Hillary Clinton you Donald Trump Junior made yourself into a treasonous criminal. You turned yourself into the monster that you blamed Hillary to be and you got what you deserved when you got caught. I just hope in this case you and your family get your rightful punishments for working in cahoots with our nation’s political enemies. Maybe its about time you read up on what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, if this was the America that your father promised to return us to, you and several of your friends would be looking at the same fate. Just think about that as the screws turn tighter and tighter around your neck.

Just one man’s opinion
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