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Now about the most recent worst storm in our nation’s history, can we finally seriously talk about global warming? Cause whats happening in Texas is because of it… not because of somebody’s sexual preference! 

WOW I ALREADY WISH DONALD WENT BACK ON VACATION! I know I complained about Donald having too much free time on his hands, as we watched him cause one crisis after the other. But man since he’s been back its actually gotten worse! The scary thing is what could be next? Seriously we found out, a so-called natural disaster of epic proportions. I’m amazed my knees aren’t shaking as I write this. So a man who has no knowledge about government, about politics, about helping the less fortunate, has now got to figure out how to save Texas from going the way of Atlantis! The most obnoxious part of all this is, Trump recently rolled back an Obama-era executive order for infrastructure projects that was to design structures like roads and bridges, to survive rising sea levels and other consequences of climate change. So he cuts funds for things we so desperately will be needing now. Somehow I know this is gonna be a Democrats screw up. Like when they blamed the deaths in Benghazi on Hillary Clinton. The Republicans spent millions going after her work abilities. They attacked her for her failings, yet it was them, the Republicans who cut the funds which caused the lack of protection at the embassy. She actually warned them about it, but they didn’t listen. 

But no big deal, right? As we all know, there is no such thing as global warming or climate change in Trump’s universe. What is occurring in Texas and now Louisiana has nothing to do with rising sea levels or man’s talent for destroying everything that makes living on this planet a possibility. As Trump has showcased with his executive actions, worrying about our ecological world only matters if it doesn’t hurt profits. So what if we all die because of their greed, as long as Donald and his pals, which includes Vladimir cleans up, screw the little people. 

Our President talks like tomorrow the entire region will be a paradise again. Lying as he smiles to his adoring sheep, Trump disregards the reality of what’s to come. Has he no memory of the states that were effected by Katrina in 2005. They’re probably still rebuilding there. Has he forgotten what happened to his home city of New York, after Sandy? People are still waiting for their relief checks on that one. I’m sure he remembers the government windfall he got from Sandy relief funds for the damage to his property that apparently didn’t really have any. 

Any time a disaster of this size occurs, it takes years, maybe decades to rebuild if ever. How about the millions whose lives will never be the same, the deaths, the hardships? Did you notice that the monster who is now our President, didn’t really meet with any of the victims of Harvey. He just made a speech, shook a few hands for the camera. Sold some hats and went back to tweeting his obnoxious nonsensical tirades. So don’t worry everybody, King Trump, will make it all work out, simply by snapping his fingers or more accurately giving us the white power symbol. Google search it, if that alone doesn’t give you the creeps, nothing possibly would.What gets me is we had a Republican President, remember, the one who used to be the worse President ever, named George Walker Bush. As opposed to what the Bots out there keep trying to tell us. That President Barack Obama was President when Katrina happened, not George. Don’t you love it when fools, try to lie about history? Make up their own facts to suit their agenda. Accuse others of crimes that their saviors are actually committing. Now in the real world not the delusional one, the newest and worst of the lot, Donald J. Trump is even making Bush’s fly over look good. Of course we are talking Trump, so why should we expect anything else? We are also talking Republicans. Even if its the new version. The quasi white supremacist, with a little Nazi thrown into boot. Plus just add a smidgen of KKK to add a little salt to the wounds of democracy. Now that Trump’s bigotry has been outed, and his deflection has caused our nation to go nuts over all  historical statues in our nation as opposed to the hate itself he sided with. Let’s try very badly to segway to acting like a President so people will completely forget what happened just days a go. I mean its worked so far, hasn’t it?

What gets me is, The Mad King recently proposed massive budget cuts to some of the federal government’s most vital agencies that would confront disasters like the current one we are living through. For example Trump wants to cut FEMA’s budget by $667 million. He wants to chop $62 million from the National Weather Service, and so forth. Much like his Government, somehow he expects things to get done just because they should get down. I guess humans aren’t necessary in Government, so why appoint ambassadors or diplomats to do the jobs. I mean why would any of that be important when it looks like war with multiple nations are a soon to be possibility. Who needs to talk to North Korea, when we’ve got Trump tweeting his negotiation. You know what the rest of would call threats. We the people can simply sit back and wait till Kim Jong-un’s nuclear warheads reach our shores. Well, the good thing in a nuclear war, me thinks it would end the biggest threat to the man himself, the investigation into his Russian connections. Who would care about Trump sleeping with the enemy if we are under attack and at war with the North Koreans, if not one or two other nations at the same time. Perhaps with all the warfare with other nations, Trump being in bed with Putin might be a good thing. So should we thank the traitor? By the time this revelation becomes the talking point on MSNBC and Fox Faux News’ excuse for Trump treasonous activities. That is if any or all of it is true. I guess we should give even him the benefit of the doubt in this. 

There is that long shot chance that he’s simply the dupe in the middle of a school of piranhas, known by the term Trumpeter. Of course this doesn’t even begin to discuss the ‘floodplains’ of Houston, which has had 3, as they call it ‘500 years floods’ in the last 3 years. Meaning hurricanes success as Harvey, which should happen once every 500 years or so are now happening year after year. Each time it happens, it gets bigger and more costlier. We are talking billions in dollars, the costs to people’s lives unfathomable. Also, scarily for millions in Houston, Texas, approximately 85% its citizens don’t even have flood insurance. 

Here’s a link to a story that fully explains why people in Texas choose not to have coverage:

So what happens to those people? I presume that's what Congress will be voting over. Trump will just gets to sign his name to it. And of course he will take all the credit, no matter how good it is or how little it really helps the people. The helping of the people doesn’t matter with people like the Trumps. Its the talking point that does. The spin. But the people, they can fend for themselves. Sadly for some reason, why do I feel business owners will be the big winners after Harvey. Sure they lost a lot, but somehow, when all is said and done they will have brand new warehouses and factories with state of the art facilities, as opposed to spaces that have been around for decades if not longer. And the rest of the victims of Harvey, hopefully they’ll get a place to live again and a new lease on life. Why do I ponder how many Trump properties will now spring up all along the reconstruction of the decimated landscape. And now that they are rebuilding, they can put up a few new ones statues. It Texas, I see a huge shrine to George Walker don’t you. Perhaps a few new Confederate statues to spit in the face of African Americans everywhere. And why wait for Trump to leave office or die, let sculpt a tribute to the greatest president in the history of Trump’s mind. Donald Trump.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this historic storm is making these Trumpeters giddy. See a chance to change the subject. Look another opportunity for the big orange fool to showcase his humility, his humanity and his God given abilities for the betterment of mankind. I threw in “humility” because that’s what Kellyanne Conway said was Trump’s most notable characteristic, his humility. Whatever she’s on, they better pry it out of her hands and put her into detox, cause she sounds delusional. God I must sound horrible. How did I become me, writing such evil thoughts about our President? Oh, I know, a decades worth of lies by republicans. Months upon months of never-ending Donald Trump garbage has turned me into a crazed leftist.   

So I ask you, what would be the best deflection of all, besides a nuclear war with North Korea, to change the subject from Russia? Luckily for him, and unluckily for the rest of us, a tropical storm named Harvey arrived in Texas to wreck havoc on the population, the landscape and the infrastructure. Turned hurricane, Harvey has sadly far exceeded all the worse forecasts. I lived through Sandy in New York, I saw the devastation that once in a century event caused, and they say this is worse. Well if he was gonna pivot, this I presume would be the perfect storm, no pun intended. But, it sadly does fit the conversation. I’m at the point, that I could see the madness in him thinking this. As if God himself, or in Donald’s case, perhaps Adolph, or Vladimir.

Remember George Walker Bush was reelected after going to war with the wrong nation. If he could survive that, why shouldn’t Donald J. Trump survive his error in judgment. His deals with the Russian powers that be.
I understand that Republicans and the Trumpeters don’t actually believe Global Warming exists, or at least I hope their sponsors, their backers, are paying them not to. Which makes them even bigger monsters. Is it worse that they are dumb or refuse to see the reality of the situation. That they refuse to listen to the scientists and the facts. How did any of them ever graduate school? It appears, none of them learned anything. Or was it that they sold their souls for political power and financial reward? Disregarding the reality of the situation, and the cost in actual human lives for their own private gains.

As the deniers keep trying to tell us, its all a made up plot by the Chinese or some liberal democratic college educated whiner. But even if you don’t agree, shouldn’t you do something to prevent the what ifs? It’s gonna cost possibly billions of tax payers money for Texas and Louisiana after Harvey’s still on going destruction has finally ended and the clean up begins. Where is that money supposed to come from? When Congress argues and makes their personal pitches for the rebuild, how many of them will come off as hypocritical monsters. The political leaders who are begging for funds, when its their turn, who voted against funds for others when then were confronted by their own once in a lifetime natural disasters. Maybe we should make a deal, if those Republicans who voted no for funds for Sandy relief, quit jobs and allow others who believe in science to replace them, they get every cent they want. Otherwise let them drown their biblical fantasies. Of course I am only saying these suggestions, who could be so heartless to deny anyone aide when their lives are actually at stake. Oh yes, that's right, the Republicans who want to deny health care for millions. Who keep trying to kill off life saving organizations like Planned Parenthood. Who tried to destroy the Clinton Foundation for their own political needs.

Perhaps this time, when rebuilding the infrastructure they take into account the worsening effects global warming, instead of just rebuilding it and waiting for the next time. Reconfigure the landscape to take into account what is inevitable in the years to come. Just in case. Otherwise we the American people are simply throwing money away again. I know that probably sounds heartless in light of what’s occurring as I write this. Sadly and infuriatingly, this isn’t the first storm that the people of Texas has faced. More specifically the people of Houston. Rachel Maddow had a piece on this recently, showcasing the problem, which blew my mind. Seems, they haven’t learned anything Yet. At least in places like Florida and Louisiana, the political leaders there are beginning to realize that if they don’t fix their infrastructure the right way and quickly, they might not have a place or a city left over ground for its citizens to live and to have futures at. Remember the movie Water world? Well that fantasy is quickly becoming real in our world and they better wake up and start doing their jobs before our worst nightmares becomes the world we live in.

Its possible that its true, maybe God is punishing us? Maybe we deserve whatever storms we get faced with. Maybe Trump himself is our punishment for being bad, how many times can you keep reelecting the monsters before somebody upstairs says enough! Perhaps this storm was actually sent by the big guy to test Donald. Listening to the talking heads on the right. The religious leaders who hear Gods voice or is that the Devils? They spew bigoted homophobic rhetoric against the sinners out there. For example blaming the gays heinous acts has the reasons we recently had that way cool Solar eclipse. As if a solar eclipse is a bad thing. A punishment that somebody caused. Just think about that. These talking heads, who people follow, fully believe that we have the power through our actions to cause planets and stars in the heavens to shift in their orbit. Somebody pleas get the white jackets and the padded rooms ready. Listening to the way they hate people. The things they still say about Hillary Clinton. Maybe we deserve the wraith of the all-mighty? How dare we give the LGBQT community equality? Marriage? Compassion? Nothing in the bible about that? Surely God should smite us all down for that, right? God doesn’t teach us about love, or compassion or simple human kindness, he teaches us about hatred, about vanity and about greed, right? At least if you listen to these hypocrites or their flock of inbred fools that's what I hear. Those famous ten commandments? Actually are probably more of a what to do, than a what not to do it list. Thou shall not kill. Oh really, tell that to the police that shoot to kill their innocent victims. 

Tell that to the millions who get shot and wounded by the owners of weaponry never dreamed about by our forefathers. Mention it to the thousands of uneducated fools, who all seem to have mental issues, who parade our American streets like they are invading a foreign land. Spewing obscenities that they really need to off themselves for saying. Sorry, I went a little off topic here, or did I? But listening to fools like our President ignore reality and science, irks me to no end. They argue against things that are simply right in front of our eyes which is utterly maddening. Its not as if we don’t know about the melting of the icecaps, or seeing how the land masses around our globes are quickly shrinking as the oceans expand and cover up huge areas of land. Even if it was just a natural change in our world, wouldn’t you think those in power would know to try to solve the problem? 

In Trump’s America, who needs people in place to do the jobs in our government. For example, Donald still has not appointed many ambassadors and diplomats. So currently who do we have to negotiate with the North Koreans? One person, the businessman turned President, who could snap his fingers and get whatever he wanted as the head of a family run empire. Sadly he still doesn’t understand that is not how the real world operates. Or more importantly, Trump doesn’t understand that he now works for us, and not the other way around.So Harvey turned from a tropical storm into a hurricane and the Donald has to do something to showcase that's he’s up to the job. Lets all cross our fingers. This is something he can’t just tweet about. Catastrophic events such as Hurricane Harvey actually takes some bit of maneuvering, political and people skills to work, something of which Trump has yet to show any capability to do. He can not bluster a hurricane away.

So Donald flies into Texas with the Mrs., has a meet and greet with the political leaders in the state and thanks his audience for attending his campaign. What a crowd! Did I hear clearly? Thanks for coming! Is he kidding? What planet does Donald come from? Who or what trained him in his people skills? Later sitting there with Greg Abbott, discussing how great their work will be considered once this job is done? Already predicting that all will run smoothly. Can you say pathetic. Seemingly slapping the governor on the back with congratulations when nothing has been done so far, is not the image they should be presenting. Please someone explain to the man who is oblivious to others, this isn’t about you. This is about us! For once grow some human skills. All of us, not about you and your ego. Trump actually had the nerve to blame others like President Barack Obama for the state being in this situation. Sadly, I’m awaiting for the tweet from Donald announcing that this was the biggest ever audience in the worst disaster in American history. Yeah me! Look at how great I am for handling the mess so easily.  See Donald saved everyone. Time to crown him King or is that God, if you listen to his followers. 
If you ask his spokespeople, anything bad that happens like the now reported 17 deaths so far caused by Harvey, is Obama’s fault. Perhaps President Barack Obama’s DAPA policies caused God to flood the streets and kill the innocent. That's right, go ahead and say it Trumpeters, it was America’s last real President’s policies that caused the flood. It was his Kenyan roots that made the rains come down. It was his signing off on Gay marriage that caused Harvey to kill the victims of the downpour. Supposedly Hurricane Harvey is actually worse than Sandy or Katrina I guess if God wants to show his wraith for allowing a person of color to be our President. Well thank God we have the master businessman, the lying douche bag to save us all from drowning, right?

The worse part of all of this, is as with everything Donald, Harvey isn’t about the people suffering on the ground, or those who have and will lose their lives. This is about visuals, about pitching his reelection and banking those bucks. Turns out Melania’s little fashion show and Donald’s little speech of congratulations to himself and the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, was simply a show. His television ad campaign, paid for by the American people. Seems to Donald his trip to decimated Texas was more of a photo op to sell hats! It appears, Trump’s and the Mrs.’ wardrobe choices are simply a fashion show to showcase Donald’s reelection items for sale.

I must say, seeing Melania wearing that hat with the words FLOTUS stitched across the front, I honestly wanted to rip it off her head and explain to her that in a flood of epic proportions seeing the word FLOTUS in a hurricane might look bad! At least she took off the stilettos when she walked from the limo and back to Airforce 1. Seriously what was she thinking? I understand that the word float and the letters F-L-O-T-U-S aren’t the same thing. I get that this acronym or initialism, which is how Merriam-Webster described it, for the first letters in the words First Lady of the United States, has nothing to do with floating or a hurricane or water even. But that is exactly what smacked me in the face when I saw her standing next to her husband wearing that cap. I saw the hat, with those letters and I saw bodies. As in dead bodies, floating down the newly formed Houston River, which was created by hurricane Harvey as they drift to the gulf of Mexico. Sorry if that visual is too much, but that's what felt and where my mind wandered. Now speaking of hats, I talked about Melania’s, wouldn’t want Donald to get jealous, would we? Turns out Trump, the man himself, our savior was wearing a hat that he sells on his website for $40 a pop. That's right. That red baseball cap with the white letters, its for sale if you want to reelect the fool on the hill. This has got to be high on anyone’s scale of lows that any President has ever done. Profiting off of tragedy. Trump wasn’t there to help people, he was there to pocket some change. Promising suckers magic if we just believe him once more. I promise this time, everything will all work out. Disregard whats behind that curtain. Disregard how I’m tearing about the very fabric of what makes America great. Is this how far our nation has sunk? Well if we have another presidential election and Trump wins again. I would have to say, perhaps America is dead!  

Donald is promising as usual to fix everything, and its gonna be quick and cheap. What’s ironic about this, at the same time he’s cutting the budget on the very agencies he will need to stem the tide till Congress can approve the funds to fix the late great state of Texas and its surrounding areas. Plus lets not forget, as this is happening, Trump is threatening a Government shutdown unless he gets funding for the wall. So how are they gonna work on fixing Texas if the Government is shut down? I presume by the time the storm is over and the clean-up is beginning, the shutdown would have already started. If the Government is closed until further notice, whose paying for the clean up? Is this gonna be an all volunteer army? Are we gonna be using prisoners which I heard one political leader suggest? You know, like the good old days that Trump keeps drooling over. When the president was asked that question, that is, what happens if he shuts the government down? He basically said, don’t worry. Tell that to the millions whose lives are under miles and miles of water. Does anyone actually believe Donald Trump can handle anything? I wonder how many of those Texan’s now regret voting for Trump as opposed to Hillary, of course, right now they have more important worries than if they were stupid to vote for a fool. 

Sadly, as is his lot, Trump is already lying about his journey to Texas. You see Donald tweeted that he had witnessed “first hand the horror & devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey” when in reality he was nowhere near it. I mean its possible that he flew over it like George Walker did during Katrina’s aftermath, but “first hand” that's a bold faced lie. Like killing Obamacare was gonna give the citizens of the United States, better and cheaper health care, as opposed to no health care at all. 
Today in the midst of the biggest crisis of his presidency, instead of focusing on the hurricane and being Presidential. Perhaps getting funding set up for the victims of Harvey, something even the Democrats would agree with. Trump came out and pitched tax reform, deciding he and his Republican friends in the Congress want to give billions of dollars of tax breaks to the rich while stiffing the regular folk. Which of course isn’t what he ran on, but has been the way he pitches legislation as the President so for. His big breaks for the rich folk, remember trickle down economics, again this is what they’re pitching. This is supposedly gonna raise salaries on the members of society that are still lucky enough to have gainful employment. 

At the same time Trump wants to cut millions in funding from everything else, he’s gonna also give himself and his rich friends a huge tax break. While this is happening he wants to also fund his wall along the Mexican border and I guess the entire southern border of our nation. So just like the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare Trump’s attempt failed miserably, nothing will get done with tax reform. If Trump doesn’t get his way, he has warned us that we will watch as our nation goes on hiatus. If he doesn’t get what he wants, the people will suffer in the streets. Anarchy will be the new name for our nation and Donald John Trump would have done exactly what he came to Washington to do. Tear apart the very fabric of democracy. You still don’t think he’s a Nazi? Lets just hope our nation is strong enough to survive till his exit. And lets hope that the citizens who are living through the ordeal of Harvey’s ramifications all somehow survive and prosper sooner than later. I would hope that Donald Trump as President of these United States would still be in power when those whose lives have been devastated have been able to go back to a normal way of life. But that would mean a President named Trump would still be in power for years to come. If that's the case, in theory that Donald is no longer President, but King or Dictator. I guess the only good thing in that scenario I can fathom is, that we somehow survived the nightmares to come. Of course surviving might be the best thing any of us could ever expect in a world where a Trump could actually become the most powerful man on Earth. Even if he is the most incompetent.  

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