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Bravo to the three “brave” Senators who voted no, but as Obamacare dodged another bullet, no one’s talking about the 49 Senators who voted yes for the ‘skinny’ bill, they need to go!

WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT, in the span of a few days I went from wishing the worst of John McCain, to wanting to erect a statue in his honor. Talk about an emotional nerve-wrecking bunch of days, as the nations citizens pondered life without any health insurance. So on the big night of the big vote I was coming home from a job. I discovered on Facebook, that a live video transmission of the Senate vote to repeal Obamacare was taking place. As usual at that time of night, there was no local buses so I walked the 30 blocks home. Which gave me plenty of time to watch the bill go down in flames as it was happening. Talk about walking on pins and needles listening as the people who we elected decide the futures of millions of American lives. Seriously evil doings are going down on Capital Hill these days. Willing to hurt millions to give your benefactors millions of dollars of tax breaks, pretty much ranks up there with conceiving of gas chambers to annihilate entire races of people. Yes I went there.Listening to the Republican talking heads argue that we should blame those who voted against the Republican healthcare bill was making my stomach sick. Mitch and his murderers row of Republican Senators pulled a pile of manure from out their asses. They gave very little time to peruse it, and then tried to kill the nation’s healthcare in the middle of the night. Unbelievably, this version of their bill was 8 pages long and was scribbled down during lunch, and they are complaining that they couldn’t pass it? Three Republicans said no, so it’s their fault, not because the bill sucked moose. No accusations thrown at the 49 fools who voted for this monstrous bill, seems they were in the right. Plus I shouldn’t forget to blame the Democrats, if just a few of them had said yes, the national nightmare known as Obamacare would be a thing of the past. Right Trumpeters? Fools like Hugh Hewlett are angry that the 3 Senators refused to vote for something that supposedly the Republicans didn’t really want to enact in the first place. Seems they really weren’t happy with it, but they made that damned pledge to slay the dragon so Obamacare had to go no matter how pathetic the legislation was. The idiots should be angry this was what they came up with, not that some political leaders with a conscience voted no. They should be angry that this was what your leaders thought was acceptable for Americans, not that they voted it down. Seriously what is wrong with these bloodthirsty monsters, oh that’s right, they’re bloodthirsty freaking monsters who have no humanity in their souls.  

So as yet another bombshell dropped, I had a thought. Seems I might have figured out what we’ve been dealing with with the Trump Presidency. Simply put, the election was an earthquake, and the hourly bombshells are its aftershocks. Years ago I lived in Hollywood, and experienced the Earth moving on too many occasions. In fact right before I moved back I visited a cousin in San Francisco, and you guessed it, I was there during the famous 1989 World Series. But to me what was worse then the quakes were the aftershocks. Because you could spend weeks feeling the earth jolt beneath your feet, as opposed to the one jolt which woke you up in the middle of the night. It was after one specific after shock which was actually stronger than the quake that started the latest jolts that finally made me decide to leave the West Coast for good. Right now, I kind of feel the same way I did then. Just too much, please, enough. If there is such a thing as Trump fatigue, I’ve got it bad. There is too much being thrown at us on a daily, if not hourly basis. It feels like I’ve hit a wall, or is that the wall has hit me? I mean where do you start? 

So many bombshells being dropped on us, at such a pace that I seriously need a time out. Talk about a conundrum, each time I start to focus on one event, something unbelievably crazier or more important occurs. Just in the last week we’ve witnessed or read about Jared Kushner’s testimony and all that goes with that. Juniors and the Trumpeters never ending lies trying to cover up their recently disclosed nothing burger of a get together with possibly a town hall filled with Russians. The latest update is that daddy Trump, actually dictated what Juniors initial response was gonna be. Not that he okayed it, not that he helped rewrite it, but that he concocted the lie. Its pretty amazing as the revelations about this come out, how many of the Trumpeters get caught in their own web of lies. Tell me Donald, if you didn’t do anything why do you keep making things up. Why do you keep trying to cover up crimes, if they never happened?

Amazingly that wasn’t the only thing, that occurred, but just the appetizer. Lets not forget, Donald’s never ending attacks on Jeff Sessions. Jeff don’t resign, you can actually feel Donny shaking in his boots these days, as his world is imploding on itself. Please make the fool fire you. Please make Trump cause the Constitutional crisis, not you. But as we ride the incredible roller coaster we are all riding on these days, amazingly instead of Jeff Sessions getting the heave ho, it turned out Reince Priebus got the pink slip. Or according to Reince, he resigned the day before. Which makes the fact that after whatever occurred ass backward. You see after this, Reince went to Long Island with Trump to witness the Mad King’s latest stomp speech embarrassment, on his never ending, ‘I’m the President damn it, why doesn’t everybody love me tour?’

To put a cherry on top, the man who campaigned on being the friend to the LGBTQ community, or whatever initials he threw out incorrectly, just tweeted he wanted to kick out all transgender members of the military. According to the Trumpeters, this was about cost and being considerate to them, not about homophobia. A few hours after that obnoxious tweet became the latest fire storm, word came out that Jeff Sessions was gonna try to push back against gay rights. You see the Trump administration’s Department of Justice is arguing that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, does not protect gays, only African Americans. Seems President Barack Obama went too far, again. How dare he make ‘them’ equal in the eyes of the law? Is it a bad thing that as each new revelation get trumpeted out, that inside I’m dancing for joy? When it was announced that ‘almost’ Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci, was fired even before he officially was hired for it, I practically jumped for joy. I guess he did his job, Reince is gone. But in so doing, the Joe Pesci of the Trump administration lost his wife for selling his soul, to as Hillary perfectly called him, Putin’s puppet.

But out of all the events this past week, at present, and most importantly to the millions of American’s whose life was on the precipice of death, Mitch McConnell’s failure to jam his heinous heath care bill gleefully down the Senate’s throats failed once more. So at least the citizens of this nation could rest easy for the next few days. That is till they try their next attack on humanity. Hopefully they actually do what John McCain suggested in his heartfelt speech. Lets do it the old fashioned way, as opposed to another midnight jam session. All that said, what a week Donald J. Trump had. While no literal smoking gun, we’ve been presented with enough could be’s to make anyone who loved Democracy drool. To those of us who practically pray on bended knee each night that our current President might actually be leaving earlier then expected, this has been a week like few others. The dreams of those of us who are still aching for a Hillary Clinton administration, the end of this nation’s nightmare, the presidency of Donald J. Trump, can’t come soon enough. 

Each day, well each hour, we get more and more evidence that our President or at least a number of Trumpeters conspired to, or colluded with Russian associated folk who in one way or the other helped elect our current liar in chief. I can only imagine what the should be President, Hillary Rodham Clinton must be thinking, as each revelation is revealed. Her warning to all of us that sounded to some like crazy talk appears more and more to be what actually happened. I can honestly say I was one of those who believed her spiel about Russian entanglements, and I got the blog posts to prove it. But nothing she warned us about prepared me for what we’ve learned and witnessed so far. Nobody could have predicted it would be the President’s son, who in future history books, might be considered the smoking gun in this historical moment in time. 

Of course if you listen to Fox Faux News or one of the Trumpeters, it is eye-opening witnessing how the spin is being spun for all of us in Trumpland. Their pitch, the Russian thing never happened, or even better that Hillary Clinton was the one doing it boggles the mind. So what are we to believe, Hillary was in on it, but they doublecrossed her and instead helped the true patriot? Not that he knew anything about it, of course. Is that what you want us sheep to believe? Lets disregard entirely the sanctions bill that overwhelmingly passed which the Congress pretty much forced Trump to sign. Today after a few long days of waiting, this morning he finally did. But instead of having a big event on national television, showcasing that he signed a bill, Donald put his autograph on the bill almost as if he was trying not to. Seems he’s pissed that the Congress could do this, but not pass healthcare reform. Oh, and he kind of made it sound like he would follow the bill, instead of saying this was now the law of the land and what it says he would do. In other words, Donald won’t be following the rules of law, again, unless that is, if he can make some money off of it. 

Adding to the pile of revelations, its turning out that one of the many disgusting things Fox News did, using the death of Seth Rich during the campaign as an attack against Hillary Clinton was possibly pushed by Donald J. Trump. Yes, let me explain that a bit more coherently. Fox news misquoted Rod Wheeler, a former DC homicide detective on air. Why this is this important? Fox news, tried to pitch this lie as proof that Trump and the Russian collusion scandal was simply fake news. That the real criminal in all this was Seth Rich, a former employee of the Democratic National Committee who had colluded with Russia not them. Whats really disgusting about all this, Seth Rich is dead! The man was murdered in what looks like a robbery. But as of now, the police are still investigating. So instead of focusing on that and who or why he was murdered? It appears their pitch was that he was murdered because he was colluding with Russia. I guess Hillary put a hit out on him? So they tried to destroy the name of a man who died in a still unsolved crime, by tarnishing Hillary Clinton. And, why this is important? Our President wanted this to be what the people were talking about, not reality. Could you imagine if you were Seth Rich’s family? Not only dealing with a loved one’s murder, but the political might of Fox Faux News tainting the man’s very history. Even after the supposed news outlet came out and explained they were wrong, their talking heads still pitched the lies as truth all for political gain. Sean Hannity was of course the loudest cheerleader of the lies. This all came out because of a law suit by Rod Wheeler, wanting to clear his name. So lets get this straight, again, like with Juniors big meet, Donald lied to cover up his illegalities. The scariness of it all is how many people out there still swallow their lies whole. I mean who are we to believe, our lying President or the fake news truthers? According to the Trumpeters, its all a liberal, excuse me, a Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama loving delusional lie that Americans are being fed by the likes of CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and whomever doesn’t fall in line. It appears, all of these hurtful and jealous unjust attacks are hiding Trump’s huge successes as President. Its like we’re living in two worlds at once, reality and whatever one the Trumpeters can concoct.  

If you watch the ridiculous propaganda ads that the Trump reelection committee is pitching to the masses, you actually might think that, wow, the man is the greatest President who has ever led this nation. No, seriously, if I had been asleep since election day, and had had amnesia about the last year and a half or so, this winning bull that they are pitching wouldn’t be so delusional. The other day, Trump said something, that as usual just made you shake your head no. According to Donald, Trump’s the second greatest President who ever sat in the White House. Seems in Trump’s generosity of spirit, he allowed Abraham Lincoln to be considered a little better than him. Someone needs to explain to the moron that others decide where you land in the history books, not your own personal insane and stupefying opinion. I sometimes sit back and marvel between fits of rage, at the alternate reality they keep pitching us. I find it ironic that after years, actually decades of never-ending conspiracies against Hillary, unbelievably after just a few months of drip, drip, drip allegations against Trump, that this according to them, is now destroying our very democracy. Get a grip folks, the only thing that’s putting our democracy in danger is what the Trumpeters are doing, not the investigation into if our current President shouldn’t be in the Oval Office. In the scheme of things, that in fact might be the thing that actually saves democracy from extinction.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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