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Who would have thought that the President’s own son, would turn out to be the smoking gun! How ironic, seems Junior has learned everything from daddy.

“I LOVE IT” So do I, Junior, because you just signed your admittance of guilt. Who knew that the 400 pound fat man that Trump keeps telling us might be the hacker, could be the one true thing that our President has ever said? Seems, the fat man’s name in the real world is Rob Goldstone, and he’s an entertainment agent whose the go between on Junior sordid affair. The man, was the person behind getting Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant into Russia and he contacted Junior setting up the meeting, or was the scam? With friends like these, who needs enemies? So on June 3, 2016, Donald Trump’s son received an email from the fat man telling him that a Kremlin lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskay, had intel that could hurt Hillary Clinton. A week later, the meeting was set up between Natalia Veselnitskay and Junior. After he was offered the filth against Hillary he got really excited, possibly peeing in his pants, and told Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort. But instead of them calling the FBI or sitting back and going maybe this would be wrong. They agreed to go with Junior, and I guess you could say history was changed forever. Sorry if I repeat myself, because this story keeps changing and I have to repeat it to make sure I am up to date and that all the dots and facts line up. So let’s get this straight, the President’s son gets an email on June 3. Just 15 minutes later, Junior emailed back to say yes. I’d love to meet. The very next day daddy, announced in a campaign event that he was going to have a big reveal in the next week or so, and would have lots of dirt on Hillary Clinton. A week later Junior and pals had the infamous meeting with the Russian lawyer. Supposedly the meeting turned out to be a bust. According to Junior and the Trumpeters, nothing came out of the meeting and it turned out to be about adopting Russian children. As the experts on TV have explained, the Russian adoption angle was really about sanctions against Russia. You know the ones that President Barack Obama had implemented because of Russia’s hacking of our democracy.

To make things even better, or is that worse, until last week this meeting wasn’t even known, supposedly by anyone except those who attended it. The only reason we even discovered it took place was because Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. In order to work in the White House Jared had to revise his SF86 security clearance form. You see, after initially supposedly forgetting, who knows how many meetings with foreign agents, and skipping to report them, some of those meetings started getting discovered through the news media. Seems, he’s one of many members of the Trump campaign whose minds are amnesic when it comes to Russian meetings. So instead of perjuring himself, Jared revised the forms. One of these edits turned out to be this meeting with Junior and the Kremlin attorney. Juniors defense is that supposedly this secret meeting, the top 3 members of the Trump campaign all somehow decided it was such a nothing burger, it totally slipped their minds. No big deal. Everyone does it. So now lets go after Hillary Clinton some more she’s the run who colluded with Russia, not us. Ignore everything that we are talking about. Lets go back to before thee election. The fact that no Hillary Clinton information was supposedly revealed during the meeting honesty doesn’t matter. Besides, are we really to believe their explanations of what the meeting turned out to be, since they’ve lied about even having it.  Hm, wondering if anyone’s videotaped the event? Vladimir, helps us out.

To add even more coal to this now rapidly burning brush fire, it turns out the meeting might just be the second most important event of the day. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell had a story which makes Juniors screw-up amazingly even worse. Seems the appointment with Natalia Veselnitskay, had to be pushed back an hour, because the Kremlin attorney was busy working on a criminal case against a Russian money-laundering company. Turns out, that Preet Bharara, the Former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who Donald J. Trump fired was in charge of this case. The case was huge, having crimes in the neighborhood of $230 million. According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Vladimir Putin is probably involved with any case this large. After all of the US Attorney’s were fired, Jeff Sessions, settled the case for $6 million. And from day one, many people felt that Sessions was ordered by the President to make the deal. Now the Democrats want to find out why this case was settled for such a small amount and what was Natalia Veselnitskay’s part in all of it. Remember, originally Preet Bharara was asked by Trump to stay on, but he was fired along with all of President Barack Obama’s United States Attorneys. According to the piece, its now possible that Trump fired all of the US Attorneys to cover up Bharara’s firing. You gotta ask yourself, what are the odds that the same Russian attorney is involved in both historic events. And if she worked on this Russian money-laundering case, presumingly she was working under the guidance of the Russian President. Are we really supposed to believe Putin wasn’t behind her meeting with Junior? Told you your mind would be blown. 

If you listen to all of the Trumpeters and a vast majority of the Republicans wants us to believe this events doesn’t matter. Junior didn’t break any laws. See still no smoking gun, isn’t it time to shut down this nothing burger? Well if there was nothing there, why has Donald Junior lied about any collusion between Russia until the press threatened to out him. If he was being so transparent, more than a year of lying would never have happened! In fact, if Junior had come out and called the FBI on the evil empire for trying to play with our Presidential election, he currently might be looked at as a saint amongst the American people and not a lying treasonous douche bag. But instead he lied, acted stunned and took it personally that anyone dared accuse any of his crew with doing actually what he attempted to do. Junior keeps whining, if someone called you with news that could help your campaign, everyone would do what he did. No sir, not everyone. 

Actually, a similar event actually happened during the Gore v. Bush campaign. Vice President Al Gore was actually sent George Walker Bush’s debate brief book. But instead of doing what Junior did, the Gore camp, didn’t jump for joy or set up a meeting, they called the FBI. Seems as opposed to attacking the Democrats, perhaps the Republicans should take notes from the real Americans out there, the Democrats. So should we believe a man that says nothing was discussed since we now know he’s been lying straight faced since day one about any collusion with the Russians? The next question in all this is, was this the only meeting? Junior in his bombastic manner now claims that the 4 pages he tweeted out showing the emails is the entire relationship with this Kremlin attorney. But during his interview with Hannity, Junior slipped out that there were more meetings. There have also been reports that there was an email chain between Goldstone and Junior. There is a query that sounds like that Donald actually spoke to the attorney via the phone sometime before the meeting. So it appears either the Kremlin attorney or Goldstone was either playing with Junior, or suckering him into becoming a pawn for Russia. Maybe this is what Vladimir has on Donald? You play nice, or Junior gets destroyed. Remember until last week we didn’t even know about this meeting. Now a few weeks after this initial introduction, Donald Trump comes out with that infamous campaign speech where he practically pleaded for Russia to release all of Hillary Clinton 30,000 missing emails. Perhaps doing one of these other secretive meetings that has yet to be revealed, those 30,000 emails were discussed and the time line of their release was decided. 

Now that we know that Trump or his campaign was colluding with Russia, or at least trying to collude with them, shouldn’t we start talking about Hillary’s stolen election? Now that Vice President Pence probably was in on everything too, shouldn’t we start talking about figuring out a way for Hillary to be given her proper seat in the Oval office? I’m sorry, if Mike Pence didn’t know about General Flynn or Junior’s email, he is either the most dense member of the Trump Presidency or its biggest liar. And if we do find the smoking gun, and connect or the dots, shouldn’t that mean the entire Trump regime be removed and Hillary be put into power? Since Hillary’s accusation that Donald Trump was a puppet for Vladimir has pretty much been turning out to be fact, shouldn’t she be put into office, sworn in as president, and allowed to sit in her chair which she richly deserves and earned by getting the popular vote? Isn’t it time for the Democrats to have a meeting with Hillary Clinton and the power players of the Congress and discuss getting Hillary Clinton into the oval office? Isn’t it time to shut up the naysayers of the supposed Democrats out there, sit down the friends of Bernie and those Hillary haters and read them the riot act? 

We now know she was telling the truth. We now know Donald was lying pretty much about everything. Trump fired the FBI director and he’s currently trying to get his pick in. Who knows if yesterdays performance on the hill which seemed to bedevil the Senate, was the real FBI nominee, or simply another performance by a Trumpeter appointee that will bite us in the ass once he gets approved. Isn’t it time that the Republican Party get their heads out of their asses, get themselves up off their knees, and do the right thing? They demonized Hillary Clinton for the last 20 years. Thanks to their masterful job, Donald Trump is currently in The White House, and now its their fault that he’s getting away with murder as President. Listening to the Trumpeters make excuses for Junior, pretty much sums up their political party and the last decade of Republican obstruction. If they get caught, its a so what moment. If others had done it, its the death penalty. Seriously enough! 

So for months we’ve heard the same talking points, there was no collusion with Russia with the Trump campaign. Ironically the loudest voice in the inner circle was Junior’s, and now we know why. Talk about a secret to have kept. As this latest wrinkle has been revealed I am getting a very strong sense of Déjà vu. Doesn’t this whole episode sound like the Chris Christie’s Bridge Scandal. Seemingly his inner circle was in on it, but Trump himself was out stuffing his face with KFC. Lastly, originally I was gonna write about Trump’s meeting with Putin in Germany. What got me unnerved was it seems, nobody in the media gets the fact that Donald isn’t a stooge when it comes with Vladimir. Sorry, as this latest wrinkle in history has showcased, our President was and is in on everything. How much more evidence needs to come out before others open their eyes?  

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