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So is Karma biting Trump in the ass in 2017 for his possible Impeachable crimes against the state, and is anyone surprised?

YOUR THE PUPPET! NO SIR, YOU ARE! How ironic that Hillary Clinton of all people called it best on national television, in front of millions during their debates. Seems less then a month in, everything she asserted has possibly been revealed as not conspiracy, but fact! Sadly the people preferred his bullshit and not her reality. Now Donald John Trump, the newly elected 45th President of the United States, is being revealed to be either in cahoots with Putin or his unwilling accomplice, or maybe even worse, simply a fool. Who like another Republican blowhard, Governor Chris Christie still argues he knew nothing about Bridgegate and that somehow his closest advisers all worked behind his back to do such a horrible thing, he argues trivialities instead discussing the crimes that could have been committed. At least now, he's not making a joke about it which was his first response when his personal Waterloo, first hit the fan. So like the New Jersey putz, we have to believe DJT was out of the loop too or that a crime never actually occurred, for what now appears to be a widespread talk fest between members of the Trump White House and Russian operatives working under the Russian President. Seems to me they were playing the telephone game with Vladimir's minions and if you want to believe his spiel, the man on top was too busy tweeting on his unsecured phone to get into hijinks with his minions and missed out on all the fun to have noticed. So far lucky for him the leaks haven't revealed any of his conversations with the Soviet leader, that said, it was reported that when he recently spoke to the Russian President, the tape was turned off. So now we don't have anyway of knowing what they spoke about. Hm, isn't that a crime and what is he hiding on that one? But again, with everything else thats happening, that little oh oh hasn't become an issue yet.

Of course Trump much like Richard Nixon did is arguing the crimes that Gen. Flynn did wasn't a crime, he was simply doing his job. He was just calling up all the nations of the world and spreading DJT's words of love and community. Sure. But those who illegally leaked it, those are the criminals in Washington. Thats his deflection with this one, lets go after the illegal leakers, as opposed to the crime they reveal. Which is the opposite of what he said the entire campaign. Then it was all leaking good, but what was on the leaks mattered! Remember Donny? But as always with him, what he says and what he does isn't the same. And when his same is reported, Donald whines that the news is fake. When he argues how mean to him that the media is, when all t hey are doing is showing the video. When the media doesn't just fall in line, like Fox fax news does all the time, then they are the enemy. As opposed to simply reporting the facts and not what you demand us to believe.

According to him, the leaking is criminal, but the conversations with Russians were just something he ordered Flynn to do. In fact during his Press Conference from Hell, he actually said, that 'if Flynn hadn't called Russia up, I would have ordered him to make the call'. The fact that people like Jason Chaffetz or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell want to ignore the ramifications of the leaks and only argue Trump's deflection makes Donald's possible ties with Putin even worse. Because unless they are just soulless party-over-country ingrates, their continued alignment with the actions of our Mad King, make it seem that some of them or all of them are in bed with Vladimir too. Wouldn't that be sad to discover that not only are the Republicans in our Government bastards who only care about themselves and their pocketbooks, and of course the joy of hurting others who don't have it as good. They hurt everyone but their inner circle, and they would probably hurt those too if they weren't a necessary evil. If they are in bed with Donald, that makes them even worse, treasonous turncoats who deserve a special place in Hell, one worse then the one I'm already expecting them to go to eventually. 

I mean wow. I mean I was kind of expecting something would hit the fan eventually, but its still Winter. Its still February people! I guess in dog years, I mean, Trump years, less then a month is equal to decades of misery for the rest of us. I should mention, even though I kind of expected this, I was and am still hoping desperately that I was and am wrong about him. That somehow he will turn out to be a genius and he will fix all that is wrong with our nation, hopefully in the right way. Because if my feelings on the big guy, which scare the dickens out of me are true, the shit that's hit the fan so fine will be forgotten shortly in a Nuclear winter like none of us have even lived or died through before.

Hm, three weeks and three Floridian vacations, on us. What a grateful country we are, that we love our newest leader so much that we happily spend our hard earned taxpayers money to fete our King Joffrey in the manner he is accustomed to. Which would be funny if we didn't bring up the fact that as far as we know the man hasn't paid taxes in over two decades! But we the people can and sadly will pay all his expenses. What goes without saying is how obnoxious that is, but whats even more troubling is not just the lavish spending but that he actually might outdo George Walker Bushes in the number of vacation days he does take away from the White House. Which sadly seems to be Donald's mission, to out do the worst President in our nation's history seemingly in every aspect. 

It has been reported that his trips to Mar-a-Lago on his weekend getaways, cost the taxpayers in our nation more then $3 million apiece. Remember he's not going to a Days Inn, our new King is living like a King on our dime, and he's not alone. Which is obnoxious, because Trump went after President Barack Obama, on too many occasions about his too many timeouts. Tweeting how our President was wasting precious taxpayers money. The, 'if he was President' how he wouldn't have the time to take a vacation being too busy doing the people's business. I could quote them, but you get the drift. If you want to get yourself riled up, there's always google to search yourself. Of course attacking a sitting President for taking a vacation or two is nothing new they even bitched about good old George Washington, yes I googled searched that bit of history and yes I discovered it actually happened. Sadly like some of the other attacks against President Obama, the attacks about his vacations seemed veiled in racist tones by most. Like all of his other accusations, he went after President Obama for doing something, and of course, he's not only do it, but taking it to another level.

Before Donald won the big show, he and his people acted like Trump was the king of the world even before there was still no way in Hell he was gonna win the election. We all scoffed at them, well I did. But once he won any niceties were thrown away, gone and their fantasies, or is that insanities have scarily now taken over most in Washington. A quasi 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' has slowly been taking place right in front of our eyes for a while now. It began with the Tea Party uprising a decade ago and has now morphed into whatever DJT has unleashed. These Pod people, known as Trumpeters are in command, as they quickly start taking over the masses. While whats left of the sane people are running in the streets protesting, or my case writing a blog warning people of the invaders who are stealing people's souls and transforming our once Democratic nation into what eventually could be another Nazi Germany or a under Putin control. Even the so-called normal Republicans are now bowing down to his excellency's most trivial demands. Throwing out any semblance of American values for a pseudo dictatorship by obeying whatever he decrees. Seemingly when King Joffrey or one of his Trumpeters discuss one of his Proclamations it is now the law of the land without any vetting. Screw the law, the Constitution, common sense or most importantly how it effects everything else on Earth. Be it man, animal or land mass. The only defense we have now is the courts. But with the Republicans running the show, eventually even the Supreme Court could be transformed into his puppets and what ever safety net that remains could be gone.

And that doesn't begin to discuss the money that we the people are throwing away, while Melania and the kid lives in New York. In their Palace, as they disrupt thousands of peoples daily lives, and hundreds of businesses, so they can keep thousands of miles away from our President. Plus there's the issue with his grown children who work in and out of the White House. Who do business all over the globe, and because they are the children of the President, all of their travels have to be protected, and you guessed it, we the people are fronting those bills too. What's not really being discussed, at least loudly enough yet to make it a political issue is, a lot of these trips his grown children are making are for Trump's businesses, not the nations. And since DJT hasn't divested himself from his businesses, he will be making profits from these journeys and business deals. Hence the American people are paying his business expenses and he's the only one profiting from them. Isn't that a problem? Doesn't that make you want to sit up and go, hm, someone in power make this stop. Even if you voted for him. Arrest him already. Or at least lets have a discussion about it. But so far silence on the Hill. 

A few days back on CNN, an Eli Lake, was discussing Flynn and actually accused Obama "holdovers' working in the White House of being the leakers. In his opinion, it made total sense, I mean none of the Trumpeters would ever do that, right? Like DJT's asinine comments that there were 3 to 5 million illegal or dead voters in his winning campaign, and all of them, all, voted for Hillary. Donny, first prove the numbers actually happened as opposed to you hearing it from one of your imaginary friends. Then if you can prove it, then showcase all of them actually voted for her as opposed to you. But as always with those who argue for Donald, no facts or evidence was given or none is necessary. We are just supposed to take their word for it, we are all supposed to be one of his pod minions, I guess because they say its so. At least this Eli Lake, didn't name anyone, putting a target on their heads for the inbred fools out there who believe its there right to hurt or destroy those who disagree with them. Because in their minds, only their beliefs hold any weight in our lives. I should mention that on this weeks episode of Bill Maher, Jack Kingston was on and threw out that assumption too. That Holdovers from the Obama administration were the leakers. But his stupidity was in the midst of a bigger conversation and sadly his stupidity wasn't slapped back. I however screamed at my television, "Fuck you!" 

Which is basically my response to all of the Trumpeters. Simply FU, for deciding we needed a King to run our nation and not a President. FU to those who sold out our nation for the little power it afforded you. FU for the pain and agony you are gonna cause millions more then you've already done. And FU for ruining Hillary Clintons chance to showcase what she could have done as President of these United States. One month in, seriously what did you guys do? For that and for unleashing the Donald on all of us, FU till you all leave this Earth and spend the rest of your eternities in Hell which is where you all belong.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, February 18, 2017

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