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Oh no wait, we’re still just throwing things out and seeing what might stick!
Normally when I write here, I am responding to something I’ve seen or read that has sparked my latest commentary. Today’s response is actually to one specific article, I read while riding on the bus to work. I was reading AP and this great piece by Alan Fram,  its about the Republicans latest attempt to rid the world of the nightmare that President Obama gave us, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And surprisingly the Republicans have announced that they finally have a plan to replace Obamacare. 
Well as we’ve quickly discovered, the so-called plan is in reality a bunch of ideas, not finalized, but in consideration to replace whats currently in law. What?
Hmmm, so wait a minute, that means no real plan, right? Really, lets end Obamacare, even if The Supreme Court says, it’s still cool and the current case in front of them gets thrown out. And then maybe we can replace it with these possibilities. But nothing yet is written in stone. And of course, the options currently on the table are worse then the ones already in place. Huh, in other words, no real plan. Simply pathetic. Things are certainly different in Washington, since The Republicans took over Congress… not.

So, here we go: Below you will find sections of the article I read by Alan Fram. Below each, you will see my comments about what was written. As if you get to listen to what I was thinking as I read this excellent article.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Three Republican lawmakers eager to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul are touting tax credits and greater leeway for states and health insurers as the GOP unveiled its first plan this year for replacing the law that the party reviles.
Wow, maybe they were actually telling the truth. Maybe this is a new Republican Party? 

Republicans released the outline Wednesday as Democrats continue pounding away at them for pledging to repeal and replace Obama’s law, practically since its 2010 enactment, without advancing a substitute.
That’s 5 years people... 5, but like I said, this is the new Republican Party.  

Finance panel member, also wrote the proposal.
The plan - it’s not in legislative language and may not be anytime soon - 
Oh, so in other words, no real bill, no real legislation, just ‘plans’...  but let’s continue. 

(It) erases the existing law’s coverage requirements for individuals and employers. It eliminates the state and federal insurance marketplaces where insurance can be purchased and ends virtually everything established by the health care law, including taxes it imposes on medical devices and other things to finance enlarged coverage.
So basically, we end healthcare coverage (19 million Americans will receive coverage as a result of the law, including large numbers in GOP-dominated states) without any replacement...

“We need to be prepared to talk about something we could support,” said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., one of the proposal’s authors.
Really sir, shouldn’t that been done already before delivering your Legislation in front of the American people...  

Also gone would be the health care overhaul’s expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor. Instead, states would be given more freedom to decide how to spend the program’s federal funds.
In other words, the states can decide that that money is needed for tax breaks.... And nobody gets covered, accept themselves. You know the ones in power.

GOP aides said their proposal had no official estimates of cost or the numbers of people it would cover. They said they believed their plan would save money and be competitive with coverage under Obama’s program.
In other word, no healthcare for you!

Unlike Obama’s law, states could decide whether to provide maternity coverage.
In other words, women, screw you.

People with pre-existing medical conditions could not be turned down for insurance, as long as they did not have a gap in coverage that lasted more than roughly two months, congressional aides said.
Hmmm, how many people will lose their coverage over this BS... 

For people who don’t sign up for coverage, states would be allowed to automatically enroll some of them in plans. Such people, though, could completely opt out of coverage anyway
In other words: we get to pay for the bills of the uninsured when they can’t... Wasn’t that one of reasons for Healthcare reform in the first place. Emergency room non payers. 

To raise money, the GOP plan would impose taxes on the value of employer-provided health coverage exceeding $12,000 for individuals and $30,000 for families, amounts that would grow as inflation rises.
Wait wait wait, the republicans want to raise taxes? Really, maybe I should rethink my doubts about their plans. Hmmmm can’t wait to see the small print on this one.

Limits would be placed on awards from medical malpractice lawsuits, and insurance companies would be allowed to sell policies across state lines. Republicans said both steps were designed to help lower coverage costs.
Limits? Really in the free market world of healthcare.... we don't need no stinky limits.

So there you have it, simply more nonsense from the party of stupid. Thank you Mr. Fram, I hope by sharing your talents, I've enlightened others by your wisdom. Your words have at least answered a few of my questions, and thanks to you, for helping to explain the truth about the latest try to end Obamacare and healthcare as we know it today.  
Just one man’s opinion
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