Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If before they're even in office they're campaigning for their next job, while not doing the one they were elected to do!
Just a question, since most of these so-called candidates running for their parties Presidential nomination, are already in political office, when do they do their real jobs? You know, the ones they were elected to do. The ones we elected them to do. Several who when queried during their campaigns (since it was presumed some of them might throw their hats into the Presidential derby, especially if they indeed were victorious), all said similar things.
Look I'm not even thinking about it. I'm not running, end of discussion. Some actually said, I'm planning on holding my position till my term is up, that is if I'm so lucky to get elected.
Well, seems, all of these would be Presidents are doing exactly what they promised they wouldn't.
Instead of focusing on the people's business, showcasing why they should be President. Actually bringing new, fresh ideas, heck any ideas to Washington, as they promised to do before the election. Instead of seeing them legislate any real solutions to even the smallest problem, they are showcased traveling all over this nation, drumming up support, name recognition, and most importantly money for their run at the brass ring.
The worse culprit in all this, has to be Governor Christie of New Jersey, who spent the better part of last year out of state working on his parties National campaigns, while ignoring his own states issues. This while also being under immense scrutiny because of the Bridge-Gate scandal. 
There are several other wannabees in office with their own cases pending, but instead of focusing on their jobs, and on the legal issues nipping at their throats, they'll doing the campaigning thing.
Seemingly every politician out there hoping to catch that magic, is getting as much television exposure as possible.  But sadly, their states seem to be left to fend for themselves. 
I can almost understand this if you haven't announced, and you're doing it on your own time. And since these politicians have given themselves so many days off, which as far as I know was supposed to be so they could spend the rest of their time in their home districts. Dealing with their constituents issues. Figuring out how they can fix the issues at home by creating legislation in Washington. 
But instead of heading home, they're heading anywhere they can to fundraise for their campaigns. I'm sorry, once an elected official announces, that yes they are a candidate, they need to step down from their jobs. It's ridiculous to be running a national campaign, while trying to do their elected jobs.
I distinctly remember Senator Bob Dole, resigning from the Senate during his Presidential campaign. Well guess that was old-school politicians.
Maybe there needs to be a law, as if this idea would ever fly. That once elected, you must wait a certain amount of time to campaign for another office. Or better yet, while in office, you can't run for another one. Heck the people elected you, cause you said you wanted to do the job, not use it as a stepping stone to the next.
You all went around campaigning, begging and pleading for our votes. And as soon as you're in office you're already campaigning for the next one, instead of doing the job. Isn't that why we pay you a salary. If I was out doing another job, my boss would fire me.  
These are the same folks, who argue against paid maternity leave, or basic medical care.
You want to solve a little of our national debt, quit your job. We can get someone to replace you, and you can add all kinds of jobs with all your campaigns, a double win!
The funny thing is, the one person most people think will be running and eventually winning the while damn thing, could be all over the airwaves being a talking head, has been practically invisible. I'll give you a hint, she's the former First Lady… The media reports that behind the scenes, she's getting ready. Getting all her ducks in a row. But as far as we know, it's all conjecture and speculation. And she's retiring to be a Grand Mother and make speeches.
But when she does announce, the one job she'll have is as a candidate. And as opposed to the other would be Presidents, she won't be wasting tax payers money! 
Because we are paying these elected official's their salary, and we aren't getting anything in return but an out of office delinquent, who sadly isn't doing the job to warrant a promotion to begin with. Begging for our votes for a new job, while ignoring the ones they already have in place.
I mean isn't that what elections are for, to elect someone to do the job they were elected to do? Not to elect them so they can start to run for the next office.
What do we need to now elect two people to do the job, one to person to do the job, while the other elected official run for his next office?
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Feb. 10, 2015

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