Friday, January 30, 2015

Then fine, we're gonna smack a Scarlet Letter on your forehead!
From the mouths of the uneducated and ill-informed, a new/old plague has begun. For some reason I can recall someone somewhere describe Jenny McCarthy as the end of civilization... who Knew that commentary could actually have a speck of truth to it. Same goes for global warming deniers. Sorry, educations a good thing!
One would think in the age of Ebola, parents would be happy to inoculate their children, fearful of any virus touching them. But no, it’s safer chancing the life of my children as well as others by listening to something I learned about on TV. Amazingly the words of one woman, yes Jenny McCarthy, you, spewing the lies of a now discredited, Andrew Wakefield (do a google search, its all online explaining why those listening to him… shouldn’t!), this British, former surgeon and medical researcher, claimed that by vaccinating your kids, you might be giving them autism! Well, he was wrong, his theories have been shot down. End of discussion. Roll up your kids sleeves and let them take their medicine.
I mean honestly if a ‘doctor’ announced this on national television or to the press, as a parent I might have to sit back and go… hmmm, maybe he’s right? Let me find out the truth. Let me research the facts.
Well the truth is clear. And this charlatan was literary throwing out nonsense, with no basis in fact.
In an odd twist for me, it’s the similar reaction to those political leaders in power who claim there is voter fraud, but in reality they’re de-franchising hundreds of thousands of people of their rights to vote. For no real reason. Just political gain. No evidence that there is any voter fraud what so ever... just a gut feeling!
So now we have a group of parents who have decided not to vaccinate their kids because they believe something that has no basis in fact or in reality. And by so doing, they have endangered the lives of countless individuals. And now because of this, we have begun watching, as this latest strain of measles has begun spreading because of their personal beliefs… So these parents listening to the so-called expert, with only their gut feelings to back them up, decided to believe him. Thus causing a ripple effect.
I usually scoff at science fiction movies showcasing epidemics. Come on, this could never happen in real life, especially in the year 2015! Twelve Monkeys, The Planet of the Apes, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and even TV shows like The Strain, you sit back knowing in your heart that this is impossible, it’s only entertainment. But then you turn on the news and watch stupidity cause sickness to children for no ‘real’ reason. None!
Actually to be living through what we are currently living through with Ebola, and what we are still in the midst of another epidemic, HIV/AIDS… you’re telling me that these victims, people who are living with these illnesses, wouldn’t take the shot even if it caused Autism to save them from the virus, to save their lives and ease their suffering.
To actually skip something on a belief is almost criminal. 
The other night I was watching Comedy Central’s The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore and they were having a conversation about this very subject. 
During it, I learned this fact, it seems that people who do this type of thing, tend to live in groups, or “pockets” of people. Basically, since the kids who aren’t getting vaccinated live near each other, the infected children, are infecting the kids who aren’t vaccinated. Causing a nice little domino effect, epidemic anyone!
How ironic that a bunch of parents trying to protect their children, who of course love their kids enough to want to save them from getting autism or any other illness, somehow may cause the end of the lives of their own children as well as others. Sometimes, as we’ve learned, parent’s love can kill! 
What if by their very actions, we do get a new epidemic? What if what they’ve done causes the suffering of thousands of children and eventual death of untold numbers? Should those very same parents be put up on trial for endangering the lives of these children who got sick because of their actions?
If that’s the case, shouldn’t these mothers and their off-spring be forced to wear a scarlet letter, on their foreheads, warning others to stay clear of their kids. Perhaps an armband? Maybe a tattoo! 
And then of course, their kids would have to be separated! I mean, seriously, their children are now carriers of measles! 
Another showcase of how stupidity is ruining this nation.
I am not a scientist, so I’m just gonna go on my beliefs and gut feelings... I don’t believe in Global Warming… just my personal opinion, damned the facts! I’m not gonna allow my kids to get immunized cause of my gut feelings, not my problem if your’s gets sick because of mine. Really?
Times like this I wish I believed in the power of prayer. Maybe then I’d understand how someone would trust the word of a hack, a discredited quake, over the advice of educated professionals who have spent their lives becoming experts in their chosen fields. 
Personally I’d take the word of my doctor over Jenny McCarthy. Jenny I love you, but I wouldn’t chance people’s lives on your opinion. I’m not saying that your heart isn’t in the right place. I’m just saying, I’d just feel better listening to the advice of a person who had spent their lives and entire careers learning and training on the subject that could save my life and others, over someone who has ‘researched’ it. And as since been discovered to be wrong! 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Fri., Jan. 30, 2015

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