Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Luckily or not, I missed the debate ‘live’. So I first heard some the Talking Heads discuss. Basically how bad President Obama did. That he basically let Mitt walk all over him. To be honest, several, mentioned Mitt’s Etch’a’Sketch performance.
After over an hour of hearing all kinds of talking heads basically agree that Obama was ‘asleep’ at the wheel. And Mitt is now in the race ... ? Guess Governor Christie was right.
After I had had my full of all the B.S. I sat back and watched The Debate.
I guess I must be completely crazy. Cause what I watched wasn’t exactly what I heard described by most of the talking heads. I will admit that Romney was ‘for’ Romney amazing. I also must say he really was wired to perform tonight, and his answers actually sounded logical.  And if I had never had heard anything about or from I might actually be interested. But I have witnessed ‘years’ of Mitt’s Presidential quest.
But sounding logical and actually answering the questions truthfully aren’t the same things. And the Mitt Romney we witnessed during this debate was literally a completely out of the blue Mitt Romney. It was like another candidate was playing Romney’s part. The problem here of course is that most everything he said, wasn’t what he has been promoting.
And simply put he really hogged the camera. Several times I wanted them to silence his mike, I am actually astonished how composed our President was (I mean how many times can a candidate lie). Every time our President pointed out one of Romney’s Platforms, Romney turned around and said, ‘That’s not my policy’ I would never do that. My policy is... I love everything. Simply put, I’m amazed our President didn’t do one of Gore’s ‘big’ mistakes, his ‘sign’s’ each time Bush lied during their debate. As usual our President kept above the fray, showcasing his intelligence.
I truly wish they had had ‘Fact Checkers’ for this debate, cause Mr. Romney was so over the line here that he actually made Ryan’s Convention speech seem truthful.
I do agree with some of the complaints against the President. He should have brought up the 47%. He should have been more forceful especially when Mitt wouldn’t shut up. I know he needs to look civilized, but I’m sorry Mitt lied straight face. After an hour President Obama earned the right to say something pointed (at least).
A Shout out to the Rev. Al Sharpton for seeing right thru his lies, and showcasing exactly what we witnessed tonight. And I agree completely with his assessment that once people look at what Romney said at the debate against what he has been saying before the debate... But as we know Mitt ‘Never Apologizes' right.
That said, I think it was a pretty close debate, and I’m sticking to my opinion. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, October 4, 2012

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