Tuesday, October 09, 2012

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant," Romney shot back. "The idea that you get a break for shipping jobs overseas is simply not the case.
Here we go again, I know I’ve been harping on Mitt Romney’s lies during last weeks debate (2012 #1 of 3). But I read an article today which happily had me writing some more on my current ‘favorite' subject. The Lies of Mitt.
Obama's Debate Claims On Tax Writeoffs For Offshoring Hold Up: Fact Checkers’ published today on The Huffington Post By Dave Jamieson (Link below) Discusses something that bothered me that Mitt Romney said during the debate. I listened to this section of the speech a few times, cause it sounded a little odd. Especially when I witnessed President Obama’s obvious surprise at Mitt’s answer. And luckily as Mr. Jamieson’s article explains, Mitt’s shock at the news that business gets tax breaks for shipping jobs over seas showcases what a freaking liar he is. I just wished he was asked about his personal banking policy, cause why else would you send your money overseas, unless it was to make more money on it.
We have been inundated by the ‘facts’ of Mitt’s business mind. I mean it is the reason he is running for the Presidency after all, isn't it? That's what really separates him from the other warnabees and our current President. The whiz-kid of the boardroom will fix everything that ails our system of government. If Mitt is as stupid as to, either believe we (the voters) would be gullable to believe he doesn’t know or worse that he 'really' doesn’t know. Simply put, do you really want a president who doesn’t know this basic business decision or knows and lies through his teeth telling us he doesn't.

To read more about this important story, please check out the link below: 
Obama's Debate Claims On Tax Writeoffs For Offshoring Hold Up: Fact Checkers 
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