Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 #9   Saying in one simple statement exactly what makes someone a leader
"It's like when we were on "The View" ... I'm literally sitting there listening to him just lay out things in a conversational way, and I'm thinking, he's right! This is where we need to go."
What a contrast Michelle Obama is, or should I correctly write the First Lady of the United States, First Lady Michelle Obama; what an example for any person to follow. If I had a daughter, I’d hope one of her idols was Mrs. Obama. For what a classy lady she is.
Mr. Obama, as he has said numerous times is one lucky man. And we as a nation is way lucky that his lady is such a great example for us all.
Anyway, back to what this is about. Mrs. Obama, expressed exactly what I feel makes her husband the ideal person to run our country. As opposed to Mitt Romney, who simply doesn’t get it. Every single statement seems to be a study in what not to say or how not to say it.
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