Monday, February 06, 2012

It was literary Déjà vu all over again yesterday, as the NFL'S NEW YORK/JERSEY GIANTS won its forth Super Bowl, defeating New England 21-17 for the second time in four years. Winning in Indianapolis, his older brother Peyton's home stadium, it seems all the stars were aligned for Eli Manning and his team mates.
Not only did he defeat New England for second time, touted by many as the best test team of the decade, he beat them both times as the underdog. But unlike the last game, this game Eli and the Giants dominated the game. If not for a last minute touchdown at the end of the first half, the final score seemed like it might have been  a rout. Eli and his offense spent most the the day eating up the clock, keeping New England's vaulted offense off the field.A similar trick another Giants team did to win anther championship. Isn't that right Buffalo. And as opposed to the last time, in this super rematch, the Giants played this game as if New England was the underdog. And just as last time, Eli and the Giants had to come back in the forth quarter in the final minutes to win the game. Of course this time it wasn't such a shock. The entire world who watched the game wasn't on its feet in disbelief. No not this time, and not ever again. Eli has proven time and again that he's now the man. 
The only questions I have about this team is next years outcome. Cause watching this years team grow at the end of the season. Winning its last several games easily, it seems that something awoke this sleeping Giant. Perhaps it was all the BS from the other side of the stadium... the Green side fuming at being left off the back pages. That somehow The Jets  had stolen the heart of the city away from them. 
A team that began the season with no thoughts of a championship, not many people picked them to even make the playoffs. After beginning the year at 6-2, the talk began (at least in the New York Press) about a possible division championship, it seemed the bottom dropped out. The Giants then lost four straight and well it didn't look good. The talk began about firing the coach. But then something funny began to happen. But at the same time that the Giants were losing, they began to play like a team. They might have lost the games, but it seemed like they were learning that they were as good as the best teams in the game. A loss may be a loss, but a loss can also be moral victory, and now it appears they learned their lessons. The Giants began to right themselves. To find a defense it seemed out of nowhere. As Eli Manning proved once and for all time that he wasn't just a Manning, but he was Eli Manning. 
Now that they've graduated and won the big game, next year they'll have to come out and prove this season wasn't a fluke. Next season The Giants have to come out and win 13 or 14 games, and then go on and win the championship again. Then for me this seasons promise would be realized. Cause this years Super Bowl victory was a nice surprise, and next years will be the real icing on the cake.
Oh, and if a certain quarterback from Indianapolis is back and Eli has to beat his brother for his third ring, now that definite would put an end to all talk about Eli's qualifications.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, February 6, 2012

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