Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Democrats outed Donald as the insurrectionist he is, while Trump didn't get found guilty, he was convicted in the eyes of the American people

A FEW THOUGHTS ON THE TRUMP'S SECOND TRIAL … I had begun this piece before the Impeachment trial had even begun, with the 'would the trial be a circus or would Donald finally pay the price' thoughts running though my brain? Would Trump speak, or stay muzzled? Would Rudy be the surprise witness or what I was really fantasizing, his actual defense attorney? Guess we got those answers, I think my version would have been more fun. After Friday night's shocker that Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Minority leader, had had a shouting match with Trump during the January 6th attempted coup, which pretty much proved that the now disgraced and twice Impeached and twice acquitted former President didn't give a rat's ass for the now former Vice President. I was pretty positive that on Saturday, they would announce that they would have to be calling witnessing, especially after Trumps seemingly accident attorney pretending to be an actual defense attorney lied in his description of events. I fully expected, that on Saturday, we would have a pause in the trial and that in a few weeks we would get witnesses, and that Trump if there is a God, would be convicted, because this time, it would be so overwhelming. Which of course, sadly didn't happen.

So I awoke on Saturday around 11:30 expecting something, that sadly didn't materialize. I understood it was a long shot, I guess I saw Mr. Smith Goes To Washington one too many times? Or maybe it's because I'm a Democrat and still believe in the rule of law and Democracy, unlike Republicans, who sadly now have been outed and has to be labeled as the party of white supremacy and insurrection! To those who say what I just wrote is hate speech, hello twitter, yes, I was banned on twitter for correcting Chris Hayes, who called one of Trump Republican leaders in the House or Senate, I'll let you figure that out (I suppose his comment is still on twitter), and I CC'd him and the fool he dubbed "traitor" an insurrectionist, and was blocked because 'I' was pitching hate speech which went against some community somewhere. Really? Well, good riddance.  
So I expected that when they went into the hour long break deciding upon the rules for witnesses, that this piece would be about what could be with that historic event. Well, after spending most of that break in the trial to write about that, we discovered, those dreams and visions of sugar plug fairies went out the window, as no witnesses were approved. Apparently the Democrats realized that would be a lost cause as the revelation that Mitch McConnell, had informed everyone that he was voting to acquit Trump, so they decided, that it wasn't worth extending the trial… that they had proven without a shadow of doubt that trump was guilty. That after the history 57-43 vote, that even if Donald wasn't convicted with the 67 votes necessary, he was proven guilty in the eyes of the world. No matter how much the complicit Republicans now try to rewrite the truth about what occurred that day, and every day of what was the worst presidency in the history of our nation. 
As I tried to collect my thoughts on the upcoming trial knowing that In should be putting something out there, I couldn't focus, I mostly sat back shaking at times, at what Trump had put us through, at what was currently happening at that very moment, and at what we were about to live through this time.  Every day,  which has been the case, seemingly from the moment, Trump descended the escalator, especially whatever the latest unbelievable bombshell revelation occurred on the now infamous and historic anniversary, which further showcased what a heartless, treasonous and evil man Donald John Trump truly is. Ever since Mitch and the Republican's gave Donald the free pass the last time, which occurred remember after half of the Republicans, in the Senate, refused to even read the Mueller report…  I mean in the first trial, you know the one with Ukraine involved, they agreed he did the crimes, they admitted it, but once again, what he did wasn't bad enough to be removed or even punished for. 
What gets me is, the victims of Trump, the men and women who came forward for America, the true patriots in that hearing, who outed the crimes of the orange menace… their lives were destroyed, and nobody is paying for that! No one! Not one of these republican liars in power have been punished in anyway for destroying true American heroes. The heroes lost jobs, their careers, their pension, but those defending the monster, got promoted, were made into heroes, and some are running for elected office. Trump does the crime, his complicit buddies, lie for him, and hurt everyone that gets in their way and they act everyone else are the fools who can't see reality… heck, lets disenfranchise 13 million American voters, on a lie! And then not only do they go all in on the 'big lie' and help spread it, and I'm not talking about the COVID19 lie, about masks, and about how deadly it isn't, or how it's just all a democratic liberal political talking point that would wash away on election day if Joe Biden won.  
But I'm sorry, the fact that one person in the room voted to acquit Trump after McCarthy and Trump's phone call was brought up in the trial truly showcases how complicit and soulless every Republican who voted to allow him to run again in. Who gave him another pass is. Who said out loud that they believe Trump to be above all others, to be above the law! No matter the crime, no matter how many people die over his actions, nothing. Trump was right … damn them. In that one phone call, we learned all we needed to learn. Donald only cared about one thing, keeping his job, for life, and like everything else in Trump's world, Vice President Mike Pence was simply collateral damage. To be used and tossed away at his own convenience. 
Sadly the witness excitement ended within an hour or two at the trial, and sadly we just had to settle on none and the House Managers brilliant closing arguments. Now I must say, I was hoping that the trial would end in a swift manner, but I didn't expect by the weekend! Am I the only one? What got me with the last Impeachment hearing, the one with actual witnesses, at least we got a trial in the House. In the Senate, Mitch just tossed it. But this time, only one year later, the House, didn't need witnesses, they were their own witnesses, and in the Senate, when witnesses actually could have gotten the man convicted, the Democrats out of fear that the Republicans would try to make a mockery of the proceedings, somehow lost the trial, even when they had the winning hand. Well at least politically in the election, they won the House, the Senate and the Presidency where I guess it counts most, at the ballot box.
Funny Mitch, you said while Trump was President, there wasn't enough time to hold a hearing… enough time for a Supreme Court Judge, but not an impeachment hearing. Mind you, the second hearing ended in less then a week! Now your excuse is, well he's no longer the President, so I'm sorry I wish I could have, but I declare, you Democrats blew it … too bad … WTF. I'm sorry Mitch, acquitting Trump on a concocted legal notion, and then announcing to the world he did the crimes … boy this reeks of swamp.
I guess you can lie in the Senate, and get away with it, if Bill Barr can lie to get in power at his hearing, and help Trump stay in power, shouldn't his attorney's be allowed to do the same thing at his impeachment trial? When Rachel Maddow informed us on air, on her show, that one of Trump's attorney's who is a religious man of the Jewish faith, David Schoen, had requested and was allowed to take a few days break for the shabbat, there was a question, would Castor be the only one speaking or would there be someone new who would magically appear. Of course this thought process occurred before we lived through what we got, an insult to the legal profession. What, did it last 3 whole hours? It was mostly filled with lies, misdirections, accusations and outright slander, and what must be mentioned edited and misleading videotape. 
Am I the only one who wanted the fat ‘lady’ to sing, or in this case, the obese liar and wannabe president for life to show up and make a grand display of his evilness? Or as his minions like to call him, the 45th President, as opposed to what he now is, the former president! As for Rudy, I so hoped that he would show up and be his surprise defense attorney. As we all witnessed, the 'attorney' Bruce Castor, was pathetic, and has been roundly ridiculed by pretty much everyone as a car crash. But what can you get, when your only defense is a lie? I guess we discovered, an attorney who lies. Of course, now that the twice impeached liar has won, or should I write was acquitted  still impeached, the question will not be if Donald is guilty or not, the House Managers proved that. The real question will be, will his attorney's ever get paid for defending the insurrectionist, or will he stiff them like everyone else, and their reputations will be stained forever for defending the disgraced monster. I mean, I could understand not paying Rudy, especially ever the hair dye incident … but man, if anyone earned his excessive paycheck, Rudy did. To make go so low, to demean yourself so far, to destroy any semblance of the man people thought you used to be, I for one, thinks the ghoul deserves whatever blood money he earned. I mean, remember, for his crimes, of helping Trump, he's gonna have to hire really good defense teams, I doubt even the pathetic and victorious Castor would defend him? 
So the question was, would Donald stay silent during the trial? Since Trump officially lost the election, for the most part he's pretty much played golf the entire time, not doing his job at all, as thousands died daily, seemingly on a one track mind, to somehow fight to keep his throne. Since the horrible attempted coup on January 6th, after his 'I love you' video to the Insurrectionists, Donald has been silent. Of course it was 'reported' that behind the scenes he was stewing. Hating his inept lawyers 'defense' and I guess wondering if all his work to 'stop the steal' was worth putting his foot more deeper down his throat. Well I guess sadly we discovered it was, since 43 of them officially became complicit in Trump's crimes, or at least gave their approval to minimizing what his crime was.
So today, finally someone, cause it obviously wasn't Donald wrote Trump's official response to his acquittal  note, it was from the 45th President and not the former president, after he once again got away with his criminal actions. I'm sorry there is no way he wrote the message … not one typo? Not one I won the election by a landslide lie … shame this wasn't what he had pitched the last few months, perhaps, what happened on January 6th., might not have. Now as has been proven way too many times, every time, they give Donald a pass, his crimes afterwards, makes his previous ones seem quaint. So now I have to wonder what comes next? I mean if you can get away with causing an insurrection, in having your followers go after your own Vice President, actually building a hangman's noose, to hang him, what could be next? Trump has been proven an evil monstrous lying hypocrite, who caused the riot on the Capitol. People died. Police officers were murdered … and still fools like Lindsey come out and say Trump is the voice of the party. Buddy, your voice lost 57-43? Lost the popular vote by almost 8 million votes! The vast majority of the majority of the American people, even in the Republican party, not in power, believe Trump did the actions he was accused of and should have been found guilty. Man, I guess those protesters who surrounded Lindsey in the airport after his revelation in The Senate, that Trump had lost, after the uprising on January 6th, scared the bejesus out of him, enough that reality had finally hit home,  sadly it seems, the bloodlust in Trump's treasonous insurrectionists at the airport, scared it back into the closet, and little Lindsey, is lost again, to spout Trumpisms and showcase what a sycophant he is. Simply pathetic.
I should add, that for a few days I fully expected Donald would come down to Washington, and be his own defense attorney especially after his previous team, jumped ship a few weeks before the Impeachment trial was supposed to begin. The other day I had a thought, I don’t know if any of you have seen the movie Big Eyes with Amy Adams, directed by the great Tim Burton, well at the end of the movie there’s a court room sequence where her husband, played by the always amazing Christoph Waltz, is his own defense attorney and he literally gets off the witness stand to question himself and then walks back onto the witness stand to answer himself. It’s a hysterically funny in the movie, but in my vision I imagined Trump himself doing that, and man I so hoped what I envisioned happened. Now that would have been the proper conclusion of this movie. Not the possible, one still to come, Round Three, the time in our story where the world pondered would Trump run again or would he be too busy fighting court dates and or serving a prison sentence for one of the way too may crimes that were uncovered or done during or before he became President, that finally is coming to their conclusion. Everyone talks like he's already running for his next term in 2024, but almost no one is discussing how he might be spending the majority of the remainder of his time on Earth in a prison cell, aging rating ungraciously,
Republicans I’m confused, your argument was you can’t impeach a former president, funnily Trump's argument is he still is the 45th president! I mean it's only, since his legal defense kept calling him the 45th president, not the former president, and they’re arguing he’s still president, and believes he won by a landslide, why couldn't we impeach him? Especially since apparently they all still kiss his ring. Throughout the trial, each time Senator Patrick Leahy, the president pro tempore of the Senate, would say Donald's name, he would call him the former President, not the 45th, so which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Well obviously you can, because your insurrectionist buddies, gave him another pass. 
Of course they would argue, why not? While he was president they argued that you couldn’t impeach him for 'his' crimes, or there wasn’t enough time. Now that he’s a former president and a private citizen, they’re arguing he’s not president anymore, and of course that this was just another witch hunt. So I guess again, let's just disregard yet another crime he committed, because God forbid, he was caught in his other crimes and was accused of those. And let's not forget that this time, this criminal act most would consider the worst act ever by a sitting President!
So your argument is, Trump can’t get removed from office even if he loses an election, is that what we are to make of this? Seems to me they consider him their God, their king, ands scarily, their Lord and Savior, I guess if thats the case, what's a dead Vice President the the grander scheme of things? in other words you guys are no longer Americans anymore and need to resign now. And please,  all of you, give yourselves up to the authorities and enjoy your time in prison paying for your own crimes. I mean, if the phone call between Kevin and Donald was true, that happened on January 6th, why did Kevin go all the way down to Florida as they prepared for Trump's Impeachment Trial? How soon after he made his speech in the Senate on January chastising Donald for his actions or really lack of actions to try to stop the onslaught  did he wake up to the reality that he had already sold his soul too long a go to now do the right thing.   
And just to put an exclamation on how complicit the acquitters were in all this: Why were Republican Senators, the jurists in Trump's impeachment trial, in on his defense? Didn't they swear an oath to be impartial? Why were members of the Senate, and House, who were all in on Trump's 'Big Lie' not part of Trump's case as co-conspirators? Why weren't they arrested like the mob that ransacked the Capitol, since their words helped cause Trump's lie to do as much damage as he did? Why in heaven's name, did they have a say in Donald's acquittal?    

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sun., Feb. 14, 2021

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