Wednesday, September 16, 2020


So is Trump Insane or is this Willful Indifference or worse? I started my political blog in October 2011 when President Barack Hussein Obama was running for reelection against what we thought was an evil Republican, how naive we all were... 400 Neilizms' later, and an astonishing 181,000 visitors and counting, and we find ourselves less than 50 days away from what actually is the most important election in American history, no really.

It is September 16th, 2020, and as yesterday our nation passed 200,000 fatalities (200,171, +1,171 in the last 24 hrs) and 6.75 million infections (6,787,613 +35,912 in the last 24 hrs), and I’ve got to wonder if all our friends and loved ones are simply the victims of Donald’s very own, Trump derangement syndrome? If not TDS, which I don’t honestly believe even exists, I’ve gotta ask is Trump a cold blooded genocidal premeditated mass murdering psychopathic maniac death cult creating nut job? Or is this all in my mind and I myself have TDS? 
What if Trump is worse than insane? I’m at the point that everything is possible, and after what we’ve suffered through, perhaps Donald is in actuality one of the cloned 95 offspring of Hitler’s very own ‘Boys From Brazil’? That would explain everything. His lack of a sense of humor, his love of tyrants and dictators, not one iota of compassion, empathy or humanity. Who doesn’t know he’s telling a lie, or doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. Or simply he’s an admirer of Hitler, currently trying to top the Nazi’s deadly regime totals
Remember we now know he knows how deadly and infectious it is He’s still willing to hurt... kill people, for no reason imaginable. And it’s all on tape! And I’m not talking the Access Hollywood audio of his love for grabbing women’s... We now know Donald knows the truth, we know he knows the science and understands it no less, at least he sounded like he did on the tape, so why still act like a delusional psychopathic schizophrenic, even after being outed?   
So did the deaths and infections in such a high numbers make Donald lose his mind? I mean he was taped by Bob Woodward, calling COVID19 a “Plague”. Or, did Donald already lose it when he won the Republican nomination and then the Presidency, as he realized he had now absolute power and had no freaking idea how to do the job? So is his apparent insanity, utter disbelief of truth, and facts, all an act? He certainly sounds sane on the tapes. I mean if you were faking it, confronted by a pandemic of monstrous proportions, and hadn’t a clue on how to con an “invisible enemy” you too might lose it, and desperately try to magically wish it all away over and over again, in an avalanche of lies.
If only Donald had told the truth as opposed to lying ... again maybe we would have panicked, or maybe not, but either way a whole lot more people would still be alive. Instead, we panicked because the man in orange, acted like an insane psychopath, calling the virus a Democratic hoax, as thousands died daily. While fools argued that Trump’s lies was reality and all the death and destruction was all Joe Biden’s fault! And now only The Donald himself can “make America Great Again ... again?!?!? 
Six months to the day of the first reported death in America we’ve reached 200,000 lost souls with no end in sight. By saving us from “panic” in his rewriting of reality, he has himself caused the health crisis to transform into what now has to be considered genocide. And all of this sickness and death, is Trump’s willful indifference, and the American people are simply collateral damage to him. I guess we should be happy, he claims by his early actions, he’s saved million of  lives. But I live in reality, and in reality, those numbers, will pale in comparison to the millions that could actually die, especially if we let him stay in power.
He’s been actively pushing herd mentality (oh excuse me, Trump’s words) Herd Immunity for months, fully knowing that COVID19 was a “killer”. Talk about the Second Coming of... Adolf. I mean who needs a gas chamber, when all you’ve got to do is hold rallies or worse force school children into petri dishes of infection, all the while knowing how deadly and contagious this “killer” is. And whats most damning, having his victims sign waivers so they can’t sue him if they too become yet another tragic victim of Donald J. Trump’s genocide of the American people. 
So it looks like the answer to the question is yes! Donald Trump is that diabolical, that sick, that evil, that twisted, and that barbaric. He’s willing to let people die, to suffer, simply because he can. Why not? Remember, he said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, right? Well now, he’s killing an average of over 1,000 Americans a day and people are praising him like Jesus! Praise the Lord, and pass around the COVID19!
I mean what other excuse can you come up with? It can’t simply be because nobody really loves him? Or he has daddy issues... can it? He’s just another lonely obese Fox loving hate filled depressed white male loser, who decided to take it out on the world because nobody loved him? You know what, that’s hysterical, and sad, because that I can believe. And if he gets his way, his hate, will kill us all. He lied, People died, and haven’t stopped dying since.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms no. 400, Wed
, Sept. 16, 2020

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