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After this web of lies that William Barr has spun, enough, I get your fears but sorry Democrats, the trumpeters are making it impossible for you not to… Donald wants his day in court, so Nancy time to give it to him, let’s all watch him hang himself

POINT BLANK, WILLIAM BARR IS ONE BIG FAT LIAR, and boy I so hope his smugness, arrogance, and pointblank criminal behavior gets him incarcerated. Even if it’s only for contempt for refusing to release the full unredacted Mueller Report, which includes all its pertinent evidence and paperwork that would help them flesh out the breadcrumbs, Robert Mueller might have left them to discover and work with. And of course his failure to testify in front of the Democratic led House of Representatives, and as its Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi point blank expressed, lying under oath! It is a shame Barr decided not to appear in front of the House, something he was scheduled to do, but decided to skip it after his testimony in front of the Republican led Senate didn’t go as wonderfully as the Trumpeters hoped. As the minions on the right once again showcased what soulless sellouts they are, by simply refusing to do anything that might hurt the Donald and their political futures, or at least discuss what the Russians had done, which was reported a lot in Mueller’s report! 

If you listen to Donald, William Barr, FOX news and the rest of the right wing propaganda machine (yes Bill and Hillary were right, it exists), at least they admit that we were attacked by Russia, but according to them the Trumpeters had nothing to do with it. The fact that foreign agents be it civilian or political operatives, some working with Vladimir Putin himself, had contacted apparently every single trumpeter, and they had discussions about everything, including voter information in several states that Trump surprisingly won, but even doesn’t mean squat. They all repeat Trump’s mantra, The Mueller Report proved Trump was innocent, "no collusion" mimicking the words that William Barr or Donald J. Trump himself had concocted to gaslight a nation into believing a lie that he pitched to actually get the gig in the first place. According to them, the real criminals in this historic event are President Barack Obama and the Democrats, especially former Secretary of State and should be President, Hillary Clinton, because they did nothing to stop them, sanctions be damned. The real traitors in the sordid affair weren’t those who were in on the conversations, those who agreed to meet  because of the promised juicy dirt on the Democratic nominee for President, or those who conspired to work with the Trumpeters to cheat the system, and of course let's forget all those who lied to get Donald in, and to protect from his removal from office now. According to the aspiring dictator, which was repeated by William Barr and several Republicans at the Senate Hearings, the real traitors in our midst are those who dared to go after Trump or any of his minions all. How dare they accuse are glorious leader or any of his treasonous family members of crimes. How treasonous these monsters be, they must be taken to task. They must answer to the laws of Trump's great nation. We, the followers of Donald J. Trump, are above the law, and our interpretation of the law is now the law of this corrupt nation.   

Of course William Barr’s cowardly decision to skip the scheduled Congressional hearing in front of a pack of hungry Democrats and even some Republican as well, at least some in the Congress in the Republican party, actually care about the rule of law, that can't be said of any of the Senators. If I am wrong, I apologize, and if I am, those in the minority of the Republican party, need to step up loudly, screw your political careers, the future of our American Democracy is about to be Camelot of the future. A great experiment that was toppled by mistrust and lies and sadness. I was so disappointed that the outed lying soulless Attorney General decided to skip part two in his, time to lie some more capital hill tour. I was looking forward to watching their knifes carve the hopefully soon to be impeached Barr into little perjured cubes.

No matter what he and the rest of the monsters on the right are pitching, how righteous he tries to make himself out to be, unless Barr is as dumb as the Donald as insane, he has to realize that the next time he sits in front of the Senate or when he eventually testifies in front of the House, even if its for some other hearing, he will be torn apart for the lying douche bag that he's fully revealed himself to be. Of course we will still get the same Republicans doing their worst to protect their treasonous orange leader. Hopefully the onslaught of right, justice and the American way thrown at Barr by the Democrats, will actually cause William Barr, Donald J. Trump, and the rest of the lying treasonous mother trumpeters to crap in their collective underwear, as they all realize that all of them are gonna get locked up. Be in a real federal penitentiary or in a prison of their own making. At least I hope they all get ostracized by society and don’t one by one become paid talking head experts on our televisions and favorite online social networks, like Ollie North or Newt Gingrich.

So I now have to ask Americans, if in Trumpland the rule of law officially dead, or is it still at least on life support, hoping to survive this horror show we are all suffering through? If I asked the liars on the right, they of course would say all of the Democrats are sour pusses who are still upset that Hillary Clinton isn't our President. They're all sore losers. Well you know where you can stick it, to those who agree with that version of the story. If watching Trump’s AG’s testimony in front of the Senate doesn’t worry any democracy loving Americans out there, nothing will. Actually using words sounding like they came right out of Richard Nixon’s very own mouth, Barr tried to brush aside his own treasonous and impeachable actions, as he continued to help our current commander-in-chief to gaslight our nation. William Barr pretty much testified under oath, that the President of the United States, any President, not just Trump, is above the law. That with a snap of his fingers, as if he was Thanos and had absolute power over everything, a President can decide to end any investigation into him or her, or I guess that means anyone, that he decides to. Somehow now, according to William Barr’s interpretation of our Constitution, a President of the United States in his viewpoint is a King, or probably more to the religious fools who follow an orange jackass, their God! I mean they talk about him as if Donald's the third coming. have you seen the pictures of Trump walking on water, for God's sake. And you know what, watching what Trump has done over the course of his campaign and now his presidency, the comparison to Thanos, actually makes sense. Doesn’t it feel like at least half our nation has transformed into mindless soulless Trumpeters who don’t seem to realize, what happened in Germany in the 1930’s with Adolf  could actually be what we are living through now. And yes, I went there, heck somebody has to.

So now according to Barr, any sitting President can end any investigation whenever they like. Just as Barr promised Donald in his ‘pitch’ for the Attorney’s General gig, when he from out of left field delivered from the depths of Hell his ‘I figured out how to save your ass, 19 page job application pitch. Trump’s new volunteer with the plan, was then voted in by a straight Republican Party majority vote, even though watching the hearing made it played to see that if he hired, things could go really badly, really fast. This should have been apparent to even the blindest of people, and I am not talking eyesight. Who couldn't see that Barr was the wrong person for the job who was being put into place, to save Trump's bacon. Unfortunately everything Barr’s done since handing in the application sounds like it was outlined in the pitch itself. Except of course for all of his lies, deflections and downright treasonous responses and actions on behalf of Donald since getting the key to the Attorney General’s office. 

Witnessing the Senate hearing on television was eye opening, then after wards seeing the clips of it again online made what we all witnessed even the more shocking at how obvious William Barr is being. As he point blank lied under oath, selling out our democracy to help cover-up his president’s treasonous demands  and activities. It was maddening watching as nothing questionable Trump or his associated had done, was bad enough for William Barr to even bring up. He as well as any of the Republicans, who made it their mission to  protect Trump. None of Trump’s considerable conflicts of interests seemed to matter to Barr or them. None of his many obstructions of justice mattered to the patriotic flag waving bible trumpeting republicans at all. Donald's many tries at ending or at least hampering the many investigations that were occurring during the last few years was no big deal. Trump asking others to lie for him in regards to his own criminal activities, according to them was such a nothing. 

Robert Mueller discussed all of these items in great length and with great detail in the his report, which they would know, of course, if you had read the report! Which apparently only Democrats, real reporters, and patriotic Americans thought would be the logical next step in the process of discovering if people associated with our political system, were bad. I mean after two years, wouldn't you think people who were pro Trump, would want to know if their leader was a false God? If Trump was aided, assisted, or was in bed with a foreign person, government official or whomever might have helped to install Donald J. Trump into the presidency? So now that the Mueller Report was available, even if Redacted, wild you think they would want to learn what the investigators had uncovered. So one would think that would be next, am I crazy? Especially if our very democracy is in jeopardy, and if everything looked as if the person who is currently is our President, was aided by others in shall we say many questionable ways. Especially when that person in power who is being investigated, acts guilty all time, and does everything to attack and shut down the investigations on a daily basis. Plus if they had actually read the report, which funnily is part of their jobs, they would have found that Robert Mueller had in fact investigated, discovered, organized, and set up, the report so that the Attorney General could hand over the full report to the Congress, so they could decide what legal actions were needed to be done. Which is exactly how the system was created to work. What's maddening in all this is when Barack Obama was President, it was the polar opposite, as anything and everything real, imagined, conspirator or out of someone’s ass was treasonous actions, or impeachable sins, with gleeful threats of prison time a constant talking point about Hillary Clinton, because of her vile server, her missing emails was the worse scandal since Watergate.   

Not surprisingly it turned out William Barr’s hiring did in fact signal the end of Mueller’s Investigation, as some had feared and I actually wrote about in a previous Neilizms. Boy, who couldn't see this one coming. You replace the current Attorney General, who refused to shut down the investigation, after finally firing the previous one because he refused to end the investigation years before and had recused himself for it. So he placed Willam Barr into power, who had already signaled what  was to come. A few days in, he shut down the investigation and declared Donald J. Trump was actually under a witch hunt as Donald had expressed, and Trump was finally vindicated. I might add, to those who accused Trump of crimes, well time to pay the piper. You are now the criminals in our midst's, and now Lindsey and Mitch will go after your pathetic Trump hating, Democracy loving traitors. It's time to shut down all talk about what happened. That's right people, let's forget the past, and lets only discuss what a great job Trump has done as President. Look at how great our economy is going. Just disregard how he’s destroying Democracy every day a bit more, how the rule of law is clinging to life, and of course all of his and the other trumpeters treasonous activities. 

If there is a bright side in the perpetual, every worsening nightmare, apparently this stunt Barr and Trump are trying to pull, might finally be the wake up call to the doubters and fearful. Seems more and more likely that it's about the right time to start those Impeachment hearings, and I for one second that idea. During his confirmation hearing, the Democrats gave William Barr every chance to recuse himself, since obviously there were conflicts of interests by the score. But sadly the Republicans currently with the majority in the Senate, showcased that finding the truth was the last thing they were trying to do. The collective disregard of his sins of the past, or the little fact of how he was chosen to protect their leader, and their own backsides. Our democracy, the truth, and our next election isn’t on their minds, except in regards to how they can lie their way back into power once more. And this latest display during the the Senate hearings, by the trumpeting republicans double-downed on the horror show that they themselves have allowed to fester into what's more and more transforming our nation into the second coming of The third Reich. As we’ve seen over the years, the Republicans never actually ask a single question about Russian’s attack on our Democracy if it at all connects Trump with the attacks. They make it sound like its completely ridiculous, 'come on he's Donald J. Trump, he's a great builder'. Each time new evidence comes out to showcase that the ridiculous actually occurred and is still occurring, their denials of any Trump participation becomes more and more absurd. At least they admit we were attacked by Russia, the problem being they refuse to do anything about it, besides what the now proven under oath liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders' has come out to lie about. Some Republicans talk a good game, but they all side with Donald in the end. They all vote almost every time on a strict party line for any of his wishes into reality, while at the same time Donald has private over one hour video chat conversation with Putin, probably discussing the plans to do a do-over in 2020. 

Sure they go after Russia, but somehow, Trump’s hands in the pot always gets overlooked. But all they’ve done since we discovered Russia hacked our last presidential election, even after it became real and not some unbelievable plot twist from a cold war novel, is cover up for the Trump’s crime syndicate. And they did it once more during the Senate hearing with William Barr as several of them seriously should now resign for I would write pretty much spitting on our Constitution. By ignoring the criminal and possibly treasonous activities by Trump and a number of his associates, in regards to a foreign power seeking to overthrow our way of life, and instead spent all of their time attacking the investigators who dared go after Donald and friends.  

Committee Chairperson, Lindsey Graham, who was running the show, besides outing himself, by revealing that there were portions of the Mueller Report that he never actually read. Wait let me repeat that, he was the Chairman of the committee, yet he skipped reading the whole report? Really? I guess that would explain why none of his questions had anything to do with reality! Instead he went off on the FBI agents, who remember lost their jobs, because they tweeted love notes to each other, for the sin of dissing Donald. I guess Lindsey forget we already had hearings on the two, they already got punished, fool. Which is what gets me so agitated with their constant 'lock her up' chants. Hillary Clinton was already vindicated, lets not forget her 11 hour testimony, you know the one where she never got upset, cried, whined or committed perjury while being questioned by the most heinous soulless liars in political history. Remember haters, James Comey declared her innocent, if not as clean as his high and mighty ethical brain could handle, she was cleared. After he pulled the stunt twice. But her clearance never mattered to them, they still want to get her for crimes they keep making up. There's got to be something, no one can be that great a human being, so let's keep going after her till Hell freezes over, damned if their searches winds up destroying our very Democracy. 

The Republicans never go after the people who actually committed the treason! On a lighter side, what was hysterical to me was as Lindsey was rereading old tweets, practically giddy salivating over how disgusting these treasonous democrats were. But what he was reading sounded a heck of a lot like the things he himself said around the same time in February of 2016 about Donald, “I’m not going to try to get into the mind of Donald Trump because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of space there. I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.” How come Lindsey isn’t being accused of treason, oh that's right, he’s blowing the Donald on a regular basis, or is it the other way around? I presume the parts of Mueller’s report that Lindsey or William skipped, were the parts that showcased what treasonous mother trumpeter’s Donald J. Trump and his band of evil henchmen really are. Simply put, when Lindsey slipped about skipping at least some of the report, I’m sorry the Democrats and even one or two of the Republicans should have pounced on Lindsey when they got their chances to question the now confirmed perjurer. He didn’t read the report? He didn’t read the report! I’m sorry, Lindsey, you must resign your chairmanship of this committee, and really, you should put in your resignation letter to the Senate as well. How dare you. I'll add one more sentiment,  that others have said, what would your supposed good friend John McCain say about how you are performing your sworn in duties.

So a short recap on why right now, at least for me, William Barr, is the most hated man on Earth who isn’t named Trump. Just like Lindsey, Trump’s personally chosen AG, the highest law enforcement officer in the land, didn’t read or at least look at some of the evidence that went into Robert Mueller’s report. Which means when he was making probably the most important legal decision in decades, of his life, and didn’t peruse the entire investigation he failed at his job. He glanced at it, with obviously preordained feelings about it. I mean it took him two whole days to read everything? Sit back, see the picture and then decide that there was nothing there? This decision to tell America that Donald was not found guilty by Mueller, is supposed to end the entire incident. That's it, it's over. That we were just supposed to take Barr's word for it, because he had been declared by the powers invested in him by Donald J. Trump, that in all practical purposes Trump was vindicated. 

So Barr came out, much like James Comey did when announcing with Hillary Clinton. but instead of saying that there weren’t enough to arrest Trump as James had said twice altering the course of history. William Barr came out with his 4 page summary, and pitched that there was nothing there. That the whole investigation found nothing, and the Trumpeters have run with it.  Immediately attacking the Democrats for their witch hunt, and actually demanding apologies by those who accused Trump. Then almost 5 weeks went by, till the Mueller report was finally released. But before doing that, Barr once more, came out, and pitched how innocent Trump was. How Mueller had found nothing, which was why Trump wasn’t already in a cell, as his face faded from orange, while his outfit now matched Donald's favorite shade at the tanning salon. Once more the Trumpeters screamed for joy, and shouted his innocence, even after the Mueller report finally dropped, and to the amazement by most, and the shock by none who believed Trump was a treasonous charlatan, it turned out nothing William Barr pitched about Mueller’s findings were true. His pitch and his summary, didn’t reflect anything at all that is inside the pages of the Mueller report. But sadly the Trumpeters keep pitching that the Mueller report cleared Donald, disregarding whats actually in the report, but merely echoing the words trumpeted by Donald and his lying treasonous followers. Obviously now we know why, because they haven't read the report, Barr's gambit is working. People would rather listen to a lie, from liars, then believe that their President and his minions could be treasonous actors in the greatest con ever perpetuated in American history, if not the world.

For the most part, during the hearing it felt like I was watching a loop, as the Democrats would ask actual questions, and every freaking time, William Barr tried not to answer them. It is rather amazing whenever we get any of the liars associated with Trump up on the stand, their hearing, forgetfulness and outright lies are worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records. Either acting like he hadn’t heard the question, or in my opinion, actually more like he's a fumbling idiot pretending to have dementia. Then every time it was the Republicans turn, the world once more transformed into a bizarro backward universe. As they one by one attacked the real traitors in our nation, no not the trumpeter's silly fool, but those who want Trump removed from office for his treasonous crimes. The scariest part for me in the entire hearing was when Barr testified that a President, any President, in charge, can end any investigation into themselves at any time. So as Donald has said all along, he could’ve fired anyone investigating anything into anything that involves him, the king, which I now presume he is officially called while walking around the White House in his PJ's, even though they haven’t said it out loud in public yet. Wait election day is coming, if he wins … 

The only thing that made watching the lying obvious soulless William Barr and his buddies in the Republican Party worth sitting through at all was seeing the Democrats showcase once and for all that yes Virginia, we still somehow could get out of this nightmare eventually. Amongst those Democrats were several running for president who showcased why our nation would be very lucky to have any of them get the gig. Especially Kamala Harris, who personally I think is genius at prosecuting witnesses during Senate hearings, and who, through her questioning prodded William Barr into admitting that he hadn't read the full evidence associated with the Mueller Investigation. Oops. Which after wards made her declare that the man, whose titled our Attorney General, but who is acting like a Defense Attorney for the President instead, should resign his post for dereliction of duty. Plus listening to Senator Cory Booker’s take down of Trump's current Attorney General during the hearing, as he queried Barr how all of the ‘issues’ covered in the redacted report, were simply tossed away as nothing, in Barr’s summary and his current testimony in front of the Senate, aw well as his public statements in regards to how innocent the Trumpeters all are. As I watched Barr try to side step the questions, I had the revelation that he possibly didn’t read any of the stuff that Robert Mueller could have entitled in the Mueller Report ‘Attention Congress, yup Donald J.Trump did it, I just can't write that, because that's not in my jurisdiction, and by the way his minions helped’. 

Of course the joke in all this is, Trump has now come out attacking all of the Democrats in the committee who are running for president as using the Barr hearing for their own political purposes. Ha ha ha ha ha. One would say after you put in an Attorney General to save your bacon, and attempt to cover-up the greatest theft in American political history, you saying that the Democrats are playing politics is pretty hypocritical, while others might add outright outrageous, while adding a few expletives. 

While the nation is still grappling with the ramifications on every thing and what the truth really is, or even now if should we impeach the President or just impeach William Barr. To add madness to the insanity, it's now come out it turns out that Robert Mueller is upset at how William Barr’s mischaracterized his report. That twice he wrote letters to Barr complaining, that basically Barr was lying his ass off at the expense of two years of really hard investigative work. That they actually had phone conversations or meetings about his issues. Seems Mueller is pissed with Barr coming out like James Comey and acting all high and mighty. Right now there is a running battle on if or when Robert Mueller will testify in front of the House or the Senate, or in front of the public.

Apparently, it takes less than one term of a President’s tenure, to totally destroy the supposed democracy that's still left in our nation. Can we finally admit it, the Republicans simply don’t care about the truth, facts, or anything. All they want is power, screw the pain others might suffer for their greed. After watching the Senate hearing with Barr, that revelation I felt. makes it abundantly clear. If Donald J.Trump gets a second term, this time it would be the American people who are to blame. I get that the republicans are the agents who are leading Trump's treasonous actions. But sorry, we gave George Walker a second term after he attacked the wrong nation and set us on an eternal war, while practically imploding our economy into another Depression. Sadly, Trump's attacks on Bush and Cheney's actions in regards to the war, is the only thing Trump might have said that was at all true during his campaign. Which is why when he said it at the debates, it didn't end his candidacy, right then and there, as many pundits thought it would. Remember many of us knew Bush had attacked the wrong nation, I personally figured if someone would do that, he would never get elected again. Especially after the way he got in, in the first place. Stupid me. It actually made me sit up and take notice with Trump, which was when I said to myself, oh oh, this could actually happen. But when anyone brought that bit of negativity to the Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' storyline, especially when it was actually happening in real time, we were attacked as unpatriotic and in some cases like the Dixie Chicks, their careers were practically ruined by the machine behind the seat of power. 

So now, to actually elect Trump in again, a person who showcases everyday that he's not up to the job, or in the least is at all interested in it, except when it comes to getting what he wants. A man who pretty much is showcasing how easily it is to transform our democracy into his dictatorship, especially when one of the political party's running our nation, is in on the crime and the cover-up. While at the same time the party in power all seem to have way too many connections to a foreign nation, which is the same nation, Mueller outed as the ones who attacked our country. So if Trump somehow gets in again, this time, that would be on the American people. Yes you. So Americans what do you say, do you want to live in Trumpland for the rest of your lives? Or do you want to return to living in America, the home of the brave, the land of the free? It's on you, and who you believe and who you eventually vote for. I for one know it would definitely never be a person named Trump.  

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, May 5, 2019

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