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How obnoxious can they get, as Republicans now attack anyone who dared go after his orange unholiness as the real traitors, but in their rush to celebrate and assist Barr’s cover-up, it appears they’ve completely forgotten the convictions and all the opened cases still ongoing … and reality itself

SO LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT, DONALD J. TRUMP HAS NOT BEEN “EXONERATED” no matter what you’ve heard, or how loud they shout it at us. Or as opposed to everything you keep reading and hearing everywhere, by practically everyone, on all sides of the aisle. Point blank, Robert Mueller did not come out and report in any way that Donald J. Trump was innocent of anything. Please people, quit saying that Trump is now in the clear. Already we are hearing on the Republicans side that all of his suspected crimes either never happened, or aren’t really that bad. You know the ones, that at first never happened, then other people were involved in, not him, to you should speak to my attorney, to so what if he did it he can't be indicted because he's the President. So just forget any of his crimes ever happened. Says them. At least that's their story, and they're sticking to it. Now they're trying to pitch the old 'lets just go back to the more important problems facing America' the best way possible. By attacking President Barack Obama, and the should be 45th President, Hillary Clinton, because everything wrong with our nation today, is on them. So now they keep telling us that he’s in the clear, and that he hasn’t done anything because William Barr, not Robert Mueller, wrote a 4 page term paper. Giving us what he wants us all to believe was pretty much what was written in the as of now unseen and unknown Mueller Report. And boy from the reviews on the right and Donald’s elation, so far it appears Mr. Barr probably will be receiving an A+ from his leader for writing a truly historic work of fiction. 

We, none of us, that means everyone besides Mueller and Barr, have a clue how many pages are even in the Mueller Report itself. Meaning how many pages did Bill Barr have to get through to make such an important and hasty decision. Or if you do know the page count, should I ask you, do you have Intel that nobody else has? Has WikiLeaks released those pages to you? If not, if they haven’t and unless you are a fly on the wall in Barr’s office, simply shut your traps and wait till we learn the truth... please. If you listen to most of the talking heads discussing the Mueller report, its amazing how many of them have given us the page counts of it, when that information alone hasn’t been officially given out. In fact, on MSNBC, on ‘The Beat With Ari Melbar’ Ari had a bit discussing this very fact. Simply, the page count of the Report should correspond to the page count of Barr’s summary. So a 4 page summary of the report might seem less corrupt if the Mueller paperwork was say 300 pages or so, as opposed to what others have thought a more logical page total for an investigation that ran for over 2 years. So if the page count ran 1300 - 1500 pages, one would assume Barr’s summery would also be longer than a measly 4 pages. So to those who keep spewing it, quit coming out and telling us things that aren’t real. Unless your job is to officially lie to us, either report the news or shut the… you know what up. Quit gas-lighting the American people, we have Donald and his minions for that. In fact, least we forget so soon, several of them have gone, are going to prison, or are still awaiting sentencing for lying. So whomever is sharing comments like Trump is now cleared, innocent or whatever the terms they’re using, quit it. Stop trying to get everyone to just forget about the last 4 years of our lives, so we could get on with the business of watching Trump and his monsters systematically tear apart everything great about our nation. Like his out of nowhere sudden decision to once again try to kill off Obamacare. This of course happening at the same time Donald is pitching that the Republicans are the party of health care. Talk about gas-lighting! Just like during the last election campaign when Republicans came out of the closet as the real saviors of preexisting conditions, while putting bills up which would destroy the law and the rule in it. So I guess its just another day in Trump-land.  

Let's at least for this paragraph, okay, a few sentences at most, give them the benefit of the doubt, so that I can swiftly shoot down the lies. Just go with it. Thanks. Here we go: So now that the Trumpeters have supposedly gotten the decision, that they’ve been praying for, they now demand the rest of us, who are still living in reality, to disregard everything we already know. To completely forget all the unfinished questions, everything, no I am not joking. So sit back for a moment and try to add up the number of crimes and possible treasonous actions. All the verbal assaults, or the racist commentaries, all the lies, and we are supposed to just forget everything, otherwise we are just being sore losers. We are so far gone that we can’t admit it to ourselves that there was no crimes. That it was just our hatred for the Donald, caused by Hillary which made us all so sick in the head. 

We the doubters, wanted to wait till we heard from Mueller himself before we would give Donny a break. Well according to them, Mueller has spoken, Ta-da, and he has cleared Trump of everything. See we told you there was nothing, it was all a witch hunt. Accept of course all of the witches on the left who fooled us all. BELIEVE US! So Democrats give up the ghost, you were wrong, join us and make America great once more. At least that’s their pitch. They want all of us to believe it wasn’t Barr’s summary, it was all Robert Mueller. We the liberal Democrats were hoodwinked by the treasonous fake news that the liberal media has been coming up with. We are the ones being brainwashed, not them. If you listen to them it was the Democrats and Hillary Clinton who colluded with Russia. Please someone explain that rational to me, I mean only a fool eating insects in an insane asylum could possibly believe that, right? 

So we, the Democrats, not them, are now the real traitors. Because we dared to question every lie that they come out with, on a way too consistent almost hourly if not more basis. So flush with supposed ‘exonerations’ the trumpeting Republicans, are now going after everyone who dared even suggest Trump and his buddies did anything shady to get themselves into their seats of power. According to Sarah Sanders, anyone who dares to ask any questions accusing Donald of criminal actions are the ones committing treason, and they could get death for it, as she so gleefully put it. Sometimes I see the demon in people’s faces, just the way the light hits their profiles, today I saw her’s. Her smile sent chills up and down my spine, and not in the good way. What a ghoul, once again Sarah did the job of Trump’s interpretation of a White House Press Secretary. As always, instead of coming out and informing us of the facts and what was on Trump’s agenda that day, she not only lied to the American people, but this time Sarah practically threatened those out there, who accuse Donald of the worst treasonous acts in American history. Or at least the majority of Americans who haven’t been turned into zombies covered in orange Kabuki tinted makeup. In fact that threat, by Sarah, goes right along with yet another attack against our First Amendment Rights. Apparently the Trumpeters, running the White House are now requesting that any voices of dissent, you know the press, congressional and political leaders,  and talking heads that are not subservient to the Trump effect, are to be taken off any and all future telecasts. Seems in Trump-land those voices are to be censored. Those patriots, are now officially the enemy of the state, as he’s called them since he began the campaign. I’m just wondering when these flag hugging hypocrites will take our Constitution, burn it up, and replace it with Donald’s unholy commandments... I can already see the television special playing on a loop.

Now in Congress, the Republicans, led by Devin Nunes no less, talk about a monster and a half who deserves to already be serving his sentence for crimes against the state, are in attack mode. Again, disregarding the fact that nobody knows what Mueller reported, are obnoxiously trying to force Trump’s accusers out of their seats of power and possibly even out of politics completely. Luckily for us, one of the attacks was captured on video and people got to witness, Republicans trying to remove one of Democracy’s strongest advocates fight back. You see, The House Intelligence Committee’s first hearing since Mueller completed and handed his report to Bill Barr, went off the rails almost immediately when the Republicans in the panel demanded the resignation of Adam Schiff, the committee’s Democratic chairman. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader, compared Congressmen Schiff to Joseph R. McCarthy, no I am not exaggerating. And he wasn’t the only one to try to smear him. He also tweeted out: 'Nine members of the House Intelligence Cmte have just called for Chairman Adam Schiff’s “immediate resignation as chairman of the committee.” For two years he misled the public on collusion, and the American people no longer have faith in his ability to lead. He should step down.' 

Really, he should step down, even though we don’t know anything yet, really? Excuse me, what? Are you insane, like Donald appears more and more likely to be? Hm, sorry, no. Well, Adam Schiff’s response is one for the ages, and one I've already listened to a half a dozen times. Honestly I have to stand listening to his words, almost wanting to salute the American flag and shed a few patriotic tears. One which once again showcases why we the American people are very lucky to have him on our side. And it should be played on a loop,  and blasted in giant boom box speakers directed straight at the White House, till the rats vacate the building. 

“You might say that’s all OK. You might say that’s just what you need to do to win. But I don’t think its okay. I think it’s immoral. I think it’s unethical. And I think it is unpatriotic,” And yes, I think it is corrupt, And evidence of collusion.” 

Now my only fear is, as we’ve seen in the past, when Trump and his minions go after people, somehow those people get royally screwed, like in one of those gangster or spy thrillers. Fingers crossed what happened to AL Franken and to so many others, doesn’t happen to Adam Schiff and all the other real patriots out there trying their best to save our very Democracy.

Okay now let's discuss those doubters out there who have already sadly fallen for Bill Barr’s say so. The sad thing is people already believe Trump’s been cleared of everything, even those who fully believed he did everything days ago. Instantly, I guess it was all a nothing burger? I’m sorry, give me a break. Wake up people. The immediacy of belief of Trump's innocence is startling, but sadly trying to convert those now believers in Trump’s version, will take a lot more proof. You know the actual report, with documented believable evidence to sway them. Which of course is Trump’s plan in the first place, create a fog of distrust, I mean if you’re now not 100% how can you demand the man leave his job, right? 

I had this long Facebook chat, the day after the news of Barr’s summary release, with someone who believed it was now over. He had given in “but the Mueller report said…”, and yes I tried my best to answer, explain and practically vow that in the end, the truth would prevail, and the entire picture that Robert Mueller reported would be revealed. Then we all will cry or cheer depending on the answers and where it takes us. Sadly nothing I could come up with could sway him. So at present, one less person to defend our democracy in its darkest hour is available. Its unbelievable and so, so very sad to me how quickly people just cave in. But I have to believe when the truth comes out, he, like million of others will be slapped awake to what really happened, and hopefully that means Donald will be toast. Sadly because of the never ending obstacle course justice has had to run to slay the treasonous monsters in our midst, too many of us have begun to lose our faith in our political system. After all, look at how the Republicans are doing everything in their power to circumvent it. Each time they do, they smile sarcastically at all of us out there, just trying to stay above the water, as we watch as the cheaters on the right, one by one, destroy a small part of our world.

People, perhaps we should slow down this fast moving sham, put the shred the wool that’s being thrown all over us, before the Trumpeters roll all over our democracy. Please let us get back to reality and not just what they want us believe. So one more time, the only people that know what is written on those pages are two in total, Bob Mueller and Bill Barr. And once more, since we haven’t a clue what he actually wrote, except for the words that Bill Barr cherry-picked to use, perhaps we should wait to declare Trump a victim of this massive conspiracy drummed up by the evil liberal Democrats, that they are now trying to characterize them as. Donald’s hand picked choice, Bill Barr, who was voted in on a Republican Party majority vote, gave out his four page summary of what he wants us to believe Robert Mueller came up with. Remember, this is a man who wrote a 16 page job application, pitching for the Attorney General job, expressing his view that a sitting President can’t be indicted. And whoops out of left field he get’s chosen by Donald to be his next Attorney General. Do you remember what he said on the stand, when questioned what he would do? Well I do. Surprising only fools who actually believed a word he spewed, he now has done exactly what he said he wouldn’t. Total transparency, in a pig’s eyes! Just like every other puppet that has sat on that chair in front of the House or the Senate has done. They sit, they tell us what is acceptable enough not to be thrown out and tossed in the trash with Donald’s other more obvious losers. Then they get enshrined on a Republican majority vote, no matter what vile crime or fowl item that gets uncovered. Or how utterly wrong and ill equipped they are for the position, and once in, they do exactly what they said they wouldn’t. Maddeningly, for whatever reason, over two years in, we still hear both sides act like this time will be different. How stunned they are at Donald's unprecedented moves. Who would have thunk it? It’s like every time Susan Collins is going to vote. She’s a great talker, until she takes the vote, and then she votes not the way she pitched she would, and it oops on a loop… ugh! How many broken records do we need to listen to before we hear the truth, or before we go deaf? So apparently the fix is in. The monsters have won. And all is lost. Democracy is dead, Just like in Camelot.

Of course to throw an even bigger wrench into this game of wannabe dictatorship Donald is playing, what’s not being talked about by pretty much anyone is the fact that William Barr’s son-in-law, Tyler McGaughey, is now currently working in the White House advising Trump on legal matters. Hm, what? Why isn't this front page news How much do you wanna bet, the father son-in-law duo, helped cook up this latest Trump scheme to save himself from that long green mile... and meeting Lucifer sooner than rather later.

Now according to the talking heads, we should just forget all about the biggest crime this nation has ever faced. All his illegal acts. Before and during his presidency. All the racist garbage, all the attacks, because “Mueller said their was nothing there”... aren’t they the same liars who said they knew no Russians. That there was no meeting. That the meeting was about Russian adoptions. It was a nothing burger. They had no business in Russia. That President Barack Obama was an illegal, and Hillary Clinton was dying, and a bigot, not Donald. Forgive me if I don’t believe them now, or ever again, if I ever had. Honestly, nope I don't think I've believed one word any of these trumpeting Republicans have ever said, and I plan to keep it that way.

I’m sorry, so let me get this straight, we are supposed to believe a partisan Republican, who from out of left field, decides to give Donald a way out of his issues, what six months ago. Barr wins Trump’s heart and the job and once chosen and given the gig, he refuses to recuse himself from working on the case. Even though his pitch opus should automatically tell him, nope, I got to do what Sessions did, and make the boss man very angry. But even though those who make these suggestions, told him he should step away from it, recuse big time, because it would look political and taint the entire investigation, Barr refused because he knows better.  Simply put, that’s why Donald chose him for the job in the first place. Then less then a month into the gig, out of the Trumpeters greatest wish fulfillment fantasies, Bill Barr comes out and gives Donald a shiny new ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card, that he’s crafted, over night. And I can’t scream it loud enough that, sadly yes, I told you so. I knew this would happen, but no, Barr is an honorable man. Really? You expected Donald to choose an honorable person? Have you been watching, Longstreet? Simply put it looks fishy. The Democrats who for the most part knew this was coming during Bill Barr’s hearing, are sadly stuck in their minority role, trying to stem the takeover of our Democracy long enough to make it to the next election. Trying to keep us a Democracy long enough so we the citizens of these United States will still be able to have a say in what type of nation we have in the voters booth. As we’ve quickly discovered the people suggesting he recuse himself, their advice was warranted, because Barr’s decision to try to end the entire historic event in one big swoop, reeks of a scam. A whitewash, and the biggest political crime since Trump’s very own decision to work with Russia to make Vladimir’s dreams come true. I mean who couldn’t see this plot twist a mile away?

And now because Bill Barr says so, with no one else, possibly even himself reading Mueller’s report, he comes out and tells us in a 4 page version of pretty much what his original 16 page opus pitched, that he believes Trump isn’t the treasonous criminal that all the noise points us to. Really? So are we to believe he actually read any of it? I have my doubts he read any of it. Perhaps as some have opined since Barr and Mueller go way back, maybe they shared a sirloin steak, while Mueller filled him in on the case. That would be something I guess that will be queried when either or both are on that hot seat soon. Point blank, this is another unprecedented move by the Trumpeters that should never have happened. The Congress is supposed to take his report and then decide what the verdict is, like a grand jury jurist, its not Barr’s decision to make. It’s Barr’s job to suggest, but not decide the fate of whomever is being investigated. Now, almost a week into the Bob Mueller hand off to Bill Barr, and Trump’s Attorney General’s decision to end all of it in one big swoop, happily it appears isn't a slam dunk. The longer the Trumpeters keep trying to hide and cover-up Mueller’s Report, the more people are waking up to the reality that we in fact don’t know anything about what’s in the report. The few crumbs we were given, actually leave us with even more questions than we had before we knew it was being finished and handed off. So until we see Bob Mueller back up what Bill Barr concocted. Sorry, not one of his conclusions can be considered written in stone. It should be thought of more like its stuck in the muck of the swamp in our political world that Trump has dredged up since entering out political world.

Just one man’s opinion
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