Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Impeachment has happily begun, sadly as I expected, the Inquiry turned into a partisan event, but hopefully the facts which were revealed by the witnesses will prevail over the gaslighting Republicans anything goes defense.

I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT, CAN YOU? As the American people were witness to two weeks of incredible Impeachment Inquiries. Which if there's a God or whomever is pulling the strings, will surely help push Trump out of power, and into a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life. I know we shouldn’t jump the gun, especially with Republicans pretty much acting as his defense attorneys on a bad Perry Mason episode. According to them, Trumps crimes prove he's innocence and showcase the Democrats are the real traitors in our midst. The question is, if the Republicans help Trump stay in power and then win reelection, will their gaslighting end the American experiment forever? And sadly our very democracy will be just another tale in the history books that future society's will remember as possibly a myth or failed experiment. Atlantis. Camelot. America. 

I can’t speak for others, but for me, the Impeachment Inquiry far surpassed anything I expected to witness. One by one each ‘fact’ witness testified about events they’ve heard about, were involved or was directly implicated with, or were victims of Trump’s or Guiliani’s various attacks, criminal actions, or even treasonous activities. It was even sadder then usual witnessing the Republicans once more do everything they could do to stop the witnesses from even talking. By spending all of their time either arguing the Inquiry shouldn’t happen, or bringing in bogus conspiracies that have all been debunked. And most of them sounded more like defense attorney’s giving closing arguments in a court case. What was the most maddeningly in all of this, is their entire pitch is expecting that the American people are the fools here. That enough of the voting population will fall for the pathetic gaslighting they’ve attempted throughout the Ukrainian scandal, and Impeachment Inquiry. Actually probably the entire Trump political, if not his entire career in business. 

The more evidence the fact witnesses testified to, and the more the dots were connecting, and the more Trump looked guilty, the worse the Republicans kept saying the Democrats case against the Donald is. Apparently in the 21st century, your guilt depends on what your political affiliation is, how far you can stretch plausible denialbility for your candidate, and how much you can hurt the innocent in your zeal to protect your leader. Not one Republican cared at all about what Trump actually was caught doing, only it seems willing to act like fools pitching garbage that only Donald and his rabid fan base would appreciate or believe. How many times did one of the pack of rabid dogs, masquerading as human beings, practically demand that this Trump hating witch hunt be ended? How many of them lied that there was nothing in the transcript? Apparently as Trump he's whining, it was a perfect conversation to them as well, Donald Trump is an Angel, and reality no longer exists. Sadly instead of acting like members of Congress, as impartial jurists or is that judges, looking at the evidence available and seeing what was presented as truth or lies, the Republicans came in as defense attorneys for the leader of the Republican party, and spent the entire time trying to protect Donald. Apparently this disease that destroys intelligence is also effecting the Senate Republicans as well. As Mitch and Lindsey have already announced amongst others, how they would be voting once the Impeachment Inquiry gets to the next stage, if Trump gets Impeached. As Lindsey expressed on multiple occasions ‘I don’t need to see Joe or his son or any of the Trump inner circle, I already know how I’m gonna vote’. Apparently announcing to the world that they legally need to recuse themselves from voting on Trump’s impeachment, I hope. 

Perhaps it's their way of not having to vote Donald out? I mean it is pretty obvious that telling the world in advance, actually announcing their intentions, before the Impeachment trial even begins in the Senate is a no-no.  When the Senators have to take the oath, to defend the Constitution, not Donald John Trump, will do they what they threat, or will they come to their senses? I guess we now will discover how many of them have lost or sold their souls, won’t we. The entire Republican defense, well actually there was no Republican defense, was it seems refusing to talk about Trump's crimes, trying to destroy Hunter Biden's reputation, and Joe Biden's candidacy for President. All they complained about was libtard conspiracies against Donald and praised Trump as if he is the second coming of Christ. 

I spent hour after hour expecting the Republican attack dogs, who were practically foaming at the mouth, to shout “Squirrel” and simply expect the rest of us to forget the crimes that Trump and his associates have done or are still doing apparently right to our faces. And since this is an Impeachment proceeding, let's not forget the voices on the right who were so high and mighty when President Bill Clinton was Impeached, four decades ago, because of his moral shortcomings. How dare he! He lied about having sex… excuse me a blow job with Monica’s blessing. Happily the Senate came to their senses then. These same hypocrites now act as if Trump turned into Charles Manson, and proudly walked around in a white hood, acting in snuff movies in the White House it would be fine. Apparently Clinton’s personal hick ups, were pink slip worthy, and needed to be completely investigated and convicted over, but nothing Trump has ever done is wrong in the least. Scream! 

The question is, are the monsters who are trying to cover up for Trump now their true selves? Or are the pseudo human beings we witnessed decades ago the real Republicans who have been warped through the rise of Trumpism in America? If we ever get past our current nightmare, scholars will spend decades in search of what transformed them into traitors to our democracy. That is if we, the rest of the population who don’t fall in line are allowed to continue to live in this country, or will we be silenced as others have been when a dictatorship shuts down any debate or brush back? How long have they been planning this? Have they simply come out of the closet as the monsters they truly are? Just like all the racists, white supremacists, KKK members and point blank Nazi’s who now proudly show their uniforms and costumes in the open, as opposed to hidden in the shadows for the past half century or more. The excuses the Republicans tried to defend Trump’s crimes simply drove me crazy. Seems to them, not being allowed witnesses and evidence because Trump decreed it so, was just a nothing burger. It happens every day. The I’m sorry, the President is above the law and has absolute power bogus pitch they all now spout off as customary. After spending the last presidential campaign threatening to impeach Hillary Clinton on everything the day she came into office, now apparently only Donald is above the law. Or they’ve also forgotten that in the last election their pitch they tried to gaslight the nation with, was that they were the party that were trying to save pre-existing conditions in health care, while at the same time all they were doing was trying to gut Obamacare. 

I must admit it amazes me how single-handily focused the Republicans are in their defense of the big orange turd. So focused in fact, that sometimes the garbage they were spewing sounded way too logical, that once in a while I had to go, wait it minute, maybe? Is it possible? Especially if you go on social media or see the lies that their propaganda machine is pitching. It is scary listening to their talking heads warping the reality of what Trump is being Impeached over, as they keep coming up with talking points and pounding them into our brains, seemingly trying to brainwash millions of people into disbelieving what really happened. Sadly I’ve spoken to several people that sound like FOX not by a mile NEWS viewers too often, that makes me feel way too uneasy about next years election. And I live in New York City, a so-called liberal, democratic safety zone. But the question is, is all those heinous lies to our faces working, or will the truth in the end triumph over this evil once more.  

Laughingly the Republicans now argue, because one Democrat has said he would be voting no against Impeachment, and has announced he will be switching party’s and becoming a Republican, that this somehow proves the Democrats are all gonna flip and vote against Nancy’s and Adam’s demands. And Donald will be saved! Really? I guess the what now, 20 or so Republicans in Congress who announced they are retiring from power, is a nothing, but one Democrat, will bellwether the end of Democracy… hmm. Instead of discussing the crimes he’s accused of doing, all they wanna now talk about is how this attack against Trump will hurt the Democrats. That showcasing the crimes of Donald John Trump, will only help his reelection, instead of sending him out of office in an historic smack down from the voters. That somehow this trial of his crimes, will only hurt all those who decide to vote their conscience, and vote to Impeach him, you know for not doing his job correctly.

Now lets not forget the Democrats in this test of our Democracy. Simply put, bravo. Give them all a standing ovation. In the face of a wave of conspiracies, lies and pretty much obnoxious childish behavior, all they’ve done is act like the adults in the room. Trying to showcase the evidence, the facts, the law, the Constitution, and hope the world we live in can see reality through all the smoke and mirrors the Republicans have thrown at them. Many of them tried to showcase or more appropriately warn us all, that our very Democracy is in danger of disappearing. It was simply thrilling watching the witnesses stand their ground and speak their truth, I have never been more proud to being an American, than I was while sitting back and listening to these brave men and women, speak truth to power. Sadly for democracy, the Republicans wasted hours making fun of and attempting to destroy the credibility of every one of the patriotic witnesses our nation was privileged to witness, all in their pursuit of saving Donald John Trump’s ass. 

All the Democrats did was simply their jobs, and should have made all Americans proud. By not just defending the witnesses for their courage and patriotism, but actually asking questions to them and received answers that actually answered the questions we the American people needed to hear. Nothing that came out over the course of the inquiry helped or cleared Trump, and everything actually made Trumps guilt more likely. As usual the missing and blocked witnesses and evidence could end any confusion, or questions in all of this, and hopefully if or once this Impeachment event arrives to the Senate, those missing items, will be allowed to be revealed for all the world to see. And convict, impeach, remove, or at least tarnish Trump’s name enough that a second term won’t ever come to pass. Sadly as mentioned above Trump's minions in the Senate are trying to prevent any witnesses from testifying during the Impeachment hearing. Well I guess we'll see if the turtle from Kentucky gets his way, and America takes one big step in the wrong direction and its possible end.

What’s most upsetting in all of this to me is as Trump gets closer to possibly getting away with another crime spree against the American people and Democracy itself, he is still having his minions go around the globe trying to continue illegally going after his political enemies. And this pursuit of guilt is now transforming fools out their into believing Vice President Joe Biden is a criminal. That all of Trump’s behavior is yesterday’s news, or worse, just lies made up by the Democrats and the liberal media. And the only thing that matters are conspiracies tossed out by the same liars that pitched Obama’s illegal status, and Hillary’s all now debunked criminal acts, and that Trump and his family are all seemingly doing exactly the same things themselves that they continue accusing others of doing. So if or when he does get away with it, he can use the dirt that they're creating to try to destroy Joe Biden and apparently nothing in the court of law will be able to stop him, but the voters in America. That is if by the next election we actually get to vote, or if the votes we cast actually get counted.

I must say it was ironic to me that on the day that the impeachment hearings began, I missed watching most of it live because I was having a colonoscopy procedure. It is, if you think of what Trump has tried to turn our nation into… So the morning of the procedure I awoke at nine, turned on my television and began watching MSNBC, switched to CNN for a few seconds because at that moment Trump was on air whining about the witch hunt on both. I then turned on FOX not by a mile NEWS, to discover astonishingly they weren’t even talking about Trump’s inquiry. Perhaps hoping that their audience members would skip the historic event forgetting it was actually beginning in less then an hour. And then finally the next earth shattering event of the Trump era began. Donald’s Impeachment inquiry, to discover if the 45th president, actually committed impeachable offenses worthy of being impeached over. Voted on by the House, and sent to the Senate to stand trial for his crimes against our nation.  

Unfortunately this was when I had to leave for my procedure, hoping once I awoke from it, that is if I awoke from it, and got home, I hadn’t missed something historic, that would either have been the thing that finally nailed Trump to the cross, or yet again somehow Donald once again escaped the guillotine. So he could continue getting away with destroying our democracy and fleecing America and Americans for all their worth. So I gave my mom a goodbye hug and kiss and went off to discover if my days were numbered while pondering if Trumps was too. Well first things first I survived the procedure thank God and got a clean bill of health from my doctor. I got home and sadly the hearing for the day had ended. And I turned on my television to watch what the talking heads had to say about possibly the most important day in America’s future so far. As I listened and caught up, I thought back about what had happened to me a couple of days before this day's historic event occurred. 

I have written about this once or twice in this blog before, and sometimes as in with real life, politics comes into the conversation. Well a few days back, I was working with Caucasian woman in her late 60s, possibly older, for two days straight. And I don’t remember how it started on the first day but at one point she said that when President Barack Obama was president more people were caged then under trumps presidency. And I went what? And she said we shouldn’t be talking politics. And the subject was over. That was until the second day of a two day ordeal, when at one point politics came back to the front. I reminded her what she said yesterday and how the conversation had ended but since she was bringing it up I said whatever the numbers were, nobody died under Obama’s watch. While nine kids, nine had sadly during Trump’s… so far, or least as far as we know. She scoffed at that, anything that I said that was anti-trump she gave me an obnoxious smile like I didn’t know what I was talking about. She defended Trump and the Ukraine conspiracy, by claiming Joe Biden was just as dirty and so was his son. Well I was not a happy camper, and I Kind of lost it, but quietly, we were working amongst a few thousand conventioneers. I expressed my belief that she was a FOX NEWs watcher and maybe she should watch other channels, you know news, not propaganda or lies, and she acted aghast, how dare I!  She explained I don’t watch Fox I heard all of this on ABC. And I went, enough.

I then said you know last year I worked with somebody, a lady at the convention center who proceeded to tell me that Hillary Clinton was dying when we were discussing who was going to run for president in 2020. So she wasn’t worried about Hillary running again. And then she said Barack Obama was not born in the United States, because his birth certificate it stated that Obama’s father was born an African American. So we know the birth certificate is bogus because in those days, when Obama was born, black people weren’t called African-Americans yet, hence Obama is not American. It blew me away then, and it still does whenever I think about it. So  when I threw this at my current work mate, she actually said well a lot of people don’t think he was born American. Which was when I looked at her and said those people are fools. If you believe that, you’re a fool too. I hope you don’t believe that, but if you do, you are a fool, and anyone who does believe that is a big fat fool. Well suffice it to say I was very proud of myself, because I pretty much shut her down. But I was also sad because I couldn’t believe anyone could be so stupid. And what’s worse is the millions of people out there who are just foolish as this person. Well later that nights when I was thinking back at the conversation, I actually realized that the person that thought Hillary was dying, and Obama wasn’t born in the United States, was the same woman who I had spoken to the last two days. Exactly! I know. Unbelievable. And either she didn’t remember telling me this, or she was hiding the fact that she was the fool who told me the garbage that she spewed out. 

Well I thought that was interesting and something I should share here, I thought it was hysterical that I had actually forgotten that she was the person I was talking about who I was now telling the story to. I also thought it was simply sad, that she still believes the garbage. I tried to explain to her that even if Biden had done the crimes they are accusing him of, he wasn’t president at the time, plus there’s no evidence. Just people throwing rocks at the Sun, hoping something will stick. And… Trump was caught. He’s guilty, can we deal with his possible crimes? For once, and ignore all the garbage he's trying to bombard us with. Simply put, let's find out if he’s innocent or if he’s guilty as charged. She simply didn’t get is, and refused to listen to reason. Or worse, she didn’t want to listen to anything, and just wanted to believe her lying ears. Which is really sad. And a real fear, once election day arrives.

I’m ending this commentary with possibly and most important question in all of this. Why isn’t anyone else asking the same question? Who was the person who came up with the insane idea that they thought would help cover up for Trump’s crime in regards to Ukraine? You know the genius who went, I got it, I know how we can gaslight the world into believing Donald’s crimes was somebody else's. And somehow in the mix Joe Biden and his son got mixed up in it, which is a win win for the gaslighter in orange. That's the million dollar question, who? I mean who came up with connecting the dots for Trump with Ukraine, Hillary’s server with those 30,000 emails, and Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Talk about a perfect deflection. Give that man, or woman a promotion.  Every excuse they keep coming up with has been a debunked conspiracy. The question is was it Rudy? Was it Vladimir? Sorry, for once, I can’t fathom even a conman like Trump could come up with this genius concoction, that sadly way too many people believe. And my help end democracy forever.  

Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019

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