Tuesday, January 05, 2016

While Republicans do nothing but whine
It simply boggles my mind, today our President finally did as much as he could with Executive powers to try to alter the trajectory of murder and harm that gun violence in our nation is causing. And sadly as opposed to the BS thrown at us by the NRA and its paid off power players, guns weren't taken away for law abiding Americans in his actions, as supposedly is the Democrats aim. Which of course is nonsense spun by those who seemingly have no brain.
And what do the talking heads on the other side say… its an act. That his tears are false. That its all a political game. "Is that all there is!" Really! Calling our President a cry baby, cause he feels emotion discussing  the blood spilled over one dead baby after the next. The thousands killed every year.
Its bad enough that they try to stop him at every opportunity. That they refuse to vote to authorize him to act militarily against ISIL and then bitch to high heaven what ever he deems necessary. Of course, without offering or suggestion any ideas that are different then Obama's. Or worse, offering all the same old policies that failed miserably under George W.
Seemingly all the President has really done is rewritten the language in the laws and asked the Congress for additional funds for those changes. Thats it. Nothing major, cause sadly it seems, that the Congress is the place to fix the problem. The President can only suggest and tweak.
As usual in modern politics, especially since Obama became President, the opposing talking heads already had attacked our President even before the actions have been announced. So when they're announced, the spin against any moves are already turned into nightmares scenarios as opposed to what they really are, little steps in the right direction.
And I'd rather have a politician that has feelings then have ones have none… any day.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues. Jan 5, 2016

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