Friday, December 28, 2012


Since the election, I have watched as the political leaders in Washington have played with the lives of millions of Americans. I like many others thought that once the election process was over, everyone would wake up and do the job that the American people elected them to do. Sadly I guess I was being gullible and naive. Lets see, the voters had a choice, we decided, Obama and his policies were approved by the vast majority of the American people. So what’s the problem, lets get things accomplished.
As we all hoped after President Obama’s first election victory, that CHANGE was gonna occur. Of course in reality, we discovered that the people who are against the CHANGE we voted for in 2008 tried their best to stop any CHANGE from happening. The Mid-Term election possibly giving them, just cause to think that they were in the right. Perhaps we were just bamboozled by a great speaker?
But as this years election results proved, they weren’t. The people spoke, and what we said was that we indeed wanted the change we requested 4 years a go. And the CHANGE that seemed to actually be making a difference.
But, as the clock ticks outs on this current fiscal crisis, it seems the losers in the election haven’t heard the peoples voices. We spoke loud and clear, we didn’t like their candidates and we didn’t like the message. We liked and voted for what our President requested. And we expected that the grown-ups dealing with our problems as a nations would do the right thing.
So I guess my question is, as we watch what occurs, why are these people even in their positions? Why did they decide to run for office in the first place? Was it to help people? Was it to try to improve the lives of the less fortunate? Was it because they thought they could do better? Why? Why would someone go through all that hell of running for political office if not to help others? That they become Congressmen or Senators to get rich? Is that the real reason, so that once they resign, they’re set forever. Not worrying about their retirement, cause they were elected and their pension plan is better then God’s?
I’m Just wondering how they sleep at night. When people are worried about the next meal, their children’s education, how they’re gonna pay this months rent let alone next months. How do people who have the capacity to do great things for others could go on television and act so smug and point blank lie at what they’ve been doing to try to help the situation. How?
I mean if you have the chance to do something of good, shouldn’t you. How can you just sit back and let others suffer when you actually could help them so easily.  And if they don’t shouldn’t they just get up and quit and let someone else whose got the balls to do something, do the job.  I mean isn’t that why you become a politician, to help others, if not, why bother?
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday December 28th, 2012

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