Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am so sick of listening to this conversation already. Simply put, how many people have to die before you wake up to the reality that we are facing.  People are literally being gun down in schools now. What is this the Wild West? What have our streets suddenly been replaced with dirt again. And we’re riding on horses again? Isn’t it time, that our gun policies enter the 21st century too. I mean if we can pave sidewalks, why can’t we curb gun’s also.
I watched an angry women on FOX NEWS the other night, Michelle Malkin, another one of the many hi-paid talking heads, practically boiling because people were having their guns ‘confisgated’ by the police. Like this was a plot to rob us of our rights. Look lady, this was a volunteer program to help lessen the hardware out there, not to take away any rights. Guess you can have an opinion, but not facts, huh? Next step, no guns, really. Oh, my God! Damn the man, lets start a revolution. How dare they take our rights away. First safety belts and now guns. Time to revolt again.
Our rights? Screw our rights! Our children are being slaughtered in the streets, literally. Thousands upon thousands of people are being shot, maimed and killed in our nation, every single day. Wake the ‘F’ up already. All I can say lets hope they’re right. Cause I think we have reached the tipping point. Kids are now, let me start that one over, white kids are now being killed (in large numbers no less). That’s when the Government starts to do what needs to be done to protect the masses from the crazies. The people who think its okay to have enough fire power in their pockets to destroy a city block or worse.
I understand peoples rights to protecting themselves, I do. But there comes a point when I’m sorry something has to be done. To listen to idiots say that teachers should be forced to learn how to fire guns if they want to teach is insane. Isn’t their job tough enough? Isn’t their a better solution, then even more guns?
Honestly, this just stuns me that in this day and age we have to listen to people without a sense of logic, expressing outrage that Uncle Sam will take away their guns. Well perhaps after over 200 years, its time that he did just that. The country is safe. We will not be over taken over by the British, or the Germans, or whomever. Maybe its time to say good bye to the past. Throw away the arsenal. Get with the program and actually be a part of our great nation.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday December 29th, 2012

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Averageshmoe said...

They are not worried about the Germans or Japs They are afraid of their own government!

The Perversity is that the second amendment purpose was to prevent the establishment of a standing army. Knowing how a standing army was used as a tool to suppress the people by the Kings of Europe, they felt SAFER without an army.