Friday, April 20, 2012

"This is just about waving a tar baby in the air and saying that something else is a problem," said Bachmann in an interview with the conservative blog The Shark Tank. "I have never seen a more irresponsible president who is infantile in the way that he continually blames everyone else for his failure to first diagnose the problem and second to address the problem."
Well 'he' may not have an answer to your query (in your opinion), but I certainly do. You know what the problem is, you (low-rent dressed-up white-trash uneducated tax clerk... Sorry had to get that out of me) Know what the problem is, it's people like yourself. You masquerade your truth in pretty clothes and lipstick, but it doesn't hide the ugliness that lies inside. "Tar Baby!" wham bam thank you Mame. There you have it. The truth will set you free. Michele Bachmann you are a bigot. There you go. Phew imagine if your running mate would have been Herman Cain.
My one complaint, you couldn't have expressed your feelings on the subject on one of the debates. Then this disgusting bigoted moment in time would be a real issue in this campaign, as opposed to a blip on the radar screen.
All I can say is thank the powers that be that you will never be sitting in the Oval office leading our nation into oblivion. You racist 'bit*h'. There I said it. Now go ahead an make excuses like you didn't know. It's news to you. If that's true, then you are definitely aren't up to the job of the presidency of the PTA, let alone of the country. Just go away. 

Michele Bachmann Says 'Tar Baby' Comment Was Not Intended To Be Racial

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