Thursday, April 19, 2012

Besides what he's preaching seems tame as compared to what Mitt has proposed. Wire hangers anyone (yes I went there). I'm sorry if because of their assaults on women's right, on their bodies, on their most private decisions causes one unlucky young girl to even contemplate the idea of using the old 'standard' method for all those harlots and illegals to abort their unwanted babies. And God forbid if even one dies because of the (I'll use it) Republican War on Women. They should all go to Hell. How dare they. What ever happened to the Government staying out of people's lives. Isn't that their mantra. I'm sorry but the more they attack women's rights (looking at the spokesperson's for their brethren , seemingly all middle-aged pot-bellied white men who preach their economic beliefs like its the gospel, and those who oppose them are called communist or worse).
Question, anyone out there believe that any of these other clowns (that includes you Mitt Romney), would have fixed the problems he's had to face. I seem to recall that it was their policies that got us here in the first place. So now that it's working, let's scrap Obama's gains and go back to the good old days. So let's blame the president, after all he's in charge. I mean with all the help that he' received from their side of aisle it's amazing our country hasn't gone bankrupt. Everything that he's attempted they tried to stop. Everything.
Obama was elected in an almost landslide election, yet they seemed to rule the land. The people's mandate was overruled by a bunch of zealots whose belief in their ways superseded any sense of reality. How far gone do we need to fall before any of them sees that it's at least possible that their ways caused all this mess. And to return to those ways again wouldn't work. All along they have fought him, in their seemingly never-ending quest for tax breaks for the wealthy, as he has had to almost seemingly on his own save our country from default. Passed Obama-Care, trying to at least finally fix healthcare. He helped finally to end or at least wind down our involvements in the Bush Wars. Oh and by the way he saved the auto-industry from (it seems) the republican party's wishes. And oh remember that little nuisance, Bin Laden, enough said.
This whole rant started cause I was discussing my latest painting, a portrait of President Obama, and well the person who was talking to me was, (let's say) not too happy with Obama, "He blew it. I voted for him last time, but I'm not sure about it this time." Huh. In my utter disbelief, right in front of me standing there was the biggest problem that's facing Obama's chances of being reelected. This disconnect that people seem to have with what our President has accomplished. How soon people forget how bad it was. What Obama stepped into.
Then he expressed his biggest frustration with the President, "He always blames somebody else for the problems. He wanted to be President. He's in charge, quit bringing up Bush." I tried to reason with him, but soon realized it was of no use. So I changed the subject. But it really bothered me that this disconnect with the truth will give Mr. Roboto a possible chance at being victorious in November.  
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, April 19, 2012 

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