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Isn't it ironic? It turns out Rudy, the man who went around the country lying about election fraud, committed the actual crime in every courtroom he appeared in pitching Donald's big lie. 

I'M CONFUSED HERE… So we have a bunch of Republicans in multiple states, who wanted the loser to still be the next President, and somehow, several of them simply could get away with it if they believed what they were doing was the right thing to do? What?!?!?! Yup, that seems to be the consensus of opinion of the talking heads who know the law on television (Well at least the television I watch, CNN and MSNBC for the most part). Seriously? Then why does anyone worry about getting caught, getting convicted and actually facing some serious prison time? All we got, excuse me get, practically to our faces, is how they are gonna arrest, lock up and imprison, everyone who did anything to help prevent Trumps attempted coup to come to fruition. Much like they're still threatening to do to Hillary Clinton over her server and e-mail. But somehow everything they do, anything, from tax evasion to hate speech, and now if course an attempted coup (that still is going on by the way), should be simply forgotten, like Trump's first steal of the Presidency with Russia's help. As if there was nothing there, when the Mueller Report actually said, Oh, yes, there was, now do your jobs, and then maybe lock them up for their obvious crimes. Sadly Democrats simply resign and give up, even when victorious and innocent, for the greater good. Republicans, just spit in our faces, and after multiple lame excuses and differing responses, pretty much admit their crimes and go so what, take me to court, sue me, and then go on with the very crimes they've been caught red handed in doing. Lying they're not doing anything everyone else is actually doing the crime, and somehow only keep getting rewarded in the process for actually doing it. 

So like with the law, that we've discovered is seemingly a lot of precedents to what a President and the Powers that be can get away with… whomever said Donald was an idiot who picks the worst lawyers, has apparently not been paying attention. Because he's been making fools of the Constitutional experts, for the most part up till now. It's seems like the Presidential powers, planning an attempted coup, his inane legal advisors discovered that simply making the Election of a President and possibly all elected officials, also seemingly have precedents instead of law. Because I'm sorry, if you are all in on the coup, dumb, insane, or simply suckered in, you've still got to get punished for your crimes, even if you think you are being the hero in the tale, when in fact you are the scum of the Earth and should rot in a prison cell till your time on this planet is done. But what do I know I voted for the Democrat in the race. You know the winner by a country mile, who was elected by the American people.  
These fake electorates, or as they like to call themselves 'alternates' are all either insane, utter fools, criminals attempting a coup, or losers who got suckered in on a lie, by, someone who has been trying to reinstall into power the monster who calls himself Donald John Trump, who has now got to be considered the greatest con man in American History. And Donald that isn't a compliment, sometimes being the best at something, is actually being the worst of every body. Ignoring of course what the powers behind FOX not by a million miles NEWS has been brainwashing their viewers since they launched… man the damage they have done. The lives that have been lost because so many fools are watching dangerous rhetoric by soulless sellouts, who are preaching hate, lies, and conspiracies, possibly helping to end what they all preach they love so much, the American dream.
That's right folks, these alternate electors are the bad guys. These wolves in trump red MAGA hats, tried to change history, to alter the facts, to cheat, to steal, to rob the American people of the man they voted in, you know, good old Joseph R. Biden Jr., former Senator, former Vice President, and now the current President of these United States. All of them need to be rounded up, questioned, and if proven guilty, get the punishment they all so justly deserve. 
According to what we've learned, we've got multiple states, 7 to be exact, seemingly coordinating together, using the same or similar forged and doctored documents, by these traitors to our Constitution, to their oaths if they are actually already sworn in legislators or elected officials, all in on the con perpetuated by Rudy Giuliani, and bunch his Trumpian buddies. Somehow now that their crimes has been showcased to the world, some of them somehow could get away with it, because of the language in some of the fake documents, they all signed as if this was The Constitution, and what they was submitting was the law, the will of the people, pretty much all making themselves a story that we will be teaching in schools till the end of whenever the future of our nation occurs. Books will be written about this attempt at throwing out the will of the people. 
Rachel Maddow has been following this plot for a while now, and when she initially discussed it, is seemed like an odd blip in the big picture, if not just a one off, to be forgotten for all time. But that small blip, seems to have been a big part of the huge scheme in Trump's attempt to not only regain his seat at big table, but in install himself, much like Vladimir Putin has done in Russia, and enjoy a lifetime in power, and of course evade the punishment for his crimes.
Both former Trump aide told MSNBC in separate interviews, that they helped with the fake electors scheme. Peter Navarro nicknamed the con “Green Bay Sweep”. And what gets me in all of this, the fools who have been involved with this are so brazen with either their lies or their delusions, that they actually have the balls to admit it on national television, pretty much announcing that yes we did it, and yes we can get away it, and somehow everything they did was actually legal?!?!? It might be legal in their view point, but its amazing how so many of them refuse to come in and discuss what they know and or what they did, and if they had anything to do with the attempted take over of our government. I mean if what they did was legit, was so shy? If as they say Donald Trump's election was stolen, show up with some evidence, finally,  or give us your account of what occurred and show us what you did was cool. I though only criminals plead the fifth. If what they did was fine, why the delays, and the threats at the committee? 
I keep hearing from Talking Heads on TV, that the people that attempted to overthrow our government with the 'alternate electors' scheme, that if what they did they thought they were doing the right thing, like overthrowing our government because they thought the election was stolen, they could get away with it? As if that is an excuse for what their crimes help facilitate meant nothing That the harm to our democracy doesn't matter. Wait a minute… somehow if they think they were doing the right thing, even if it’s against the law,  even though a crime was committed that they were involved with, they pretty much can get away with it? What the… a woman, a black woman, is sitting in a prison cell for 5 years, because she thought she could vote, she asked, because she has served time, and wasn't sure if she could, if she had waited long enough. They told her to vote a provisional ballot, just in case, and that ballot even though it never was cast, they put away for casting an illegal ballot. And these, insurrectionists, traitors, pieces of… might get away with no punishment? WTF? The fact that some of those who signed the fake documents, which by the way is a crime itself, are either already in office or are currently running for political office is maddening, especially if since they are all running on a platform that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and the will pretty much throw away the ballots next time, if, or should I write have sworn to throw them out and switch them for Donald, or whomever they want once they get into power. WTF times 1000!
I understand that sometimes, people who do crimes don't face prison time or death row, because they were deemed amongst reasons, to be mentally ill, delusional, or worse, and couldn't be blamed because their minds can't comprehend what they did. I get that and depending on the case, and the person charged with the crimes, even those people have to face punishment, like say time in an asylum under medical supervision. So, shouldn’t those like Boris Epshteyn, Peter Navarro or Rudy when they get sentenced, if they are so delusional to believe their own delusions, shouldn't they enjoy a stay inside a white padded cell, looking for nourishment with the insects that you can find as pets. Seriously?  I’m sorry if they’re deemed delusional then they have to go to the insane asylum, and spend the same amount of freaking time they would’ve spent in prison for their crimes, if they don't get the prison time they deserve for their in the real world crimes… or am I the one that’s delusional here?!
And I’m sorry to the people that put a caveat in their bogus electors document, that if they get caught, it somehow makes it less of a crime, just because you put a caveat in it doesn’t mean you didn’t attempt to overthrow our government. It doesn't make you any less guilty of the crime. You were in the wrong, it doesn't matter if you had a feeling the election was tainted… without any actual proof, you attempted to help take over our country. What gets me is, seemingly Donald surrounded himself with other con men and carnival barkers pitching what I can only assume was mesmerizing enough for way too many to fall for. 
How the heck is that still not a crime? They used bogus forms. Doctored forms. They signed their name to these bogus documents, knowing all along they were making things up, how is that not still a crime? How can they get away with that? And why are we, as a nation, letting them know what to do next time? Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? 
So let’s get this straight, I submit to you your honor, that every courtroom that Rudy and his band of happy insurrectionists appeared in pitching their con, that was election fraud itself.  Seems, after lying for over a year that there was election fraud, and Donald was robbed (while they continue to argue that we should stop an election, overthrow democracy itself, reinstalling Donald into power, by throwing the votes of millions of American out, simply because people believe the lies that they've been pitching) they've also been working behind the scenes together in a plot to throw out the electoral votes of these 7 states as well. Let's not take any chances here. If one attempt doesn't work, let's try whatever other way to get our way, and get our man back into power. By somehow magically disqualifying votes for the actual winner, throwing them out, and using the alternate electors chosen by them to vote Trump back in, helping to put him back into power. Somehow always ignoring the fact how  if this crime they preach is true, then how did it not effect the other candidates on the ballots? And now it turns out, it seems The entire scam was being run by Rudy Giuliani himself… this one I never saw. But boy the mighty have fallen, when Rudy drank the Kool-Aid he drank the whole lot. He has gone down the rabbit hole, he took the wrong pill, and now Rudy is going to be now famous excuse me infamous for the rest of eternity… How funny that when this is all said and done Rudy might be the one walking that long green mile… and you know what? I’ll pay for the popcorn for the people to watch it. Question: Why isn’t Rudy in chains already?
Oh, I must add, over the weekend, Donald, you know, the former President, man it still hurts to write that or even think that actually happened, and he came out on stage in yet another COVID19 spreader event, to do his greatest hits… And as is the rule of thumb, went even further in his pitch to get back into power. This time pretty much announcing to the world that he was all in on the overthrow attempt, wow. And the best one yet, at how he would now pardon everyone who stormed the Capitol to help him stay in power. So I will ask it again, question: Why isn't Donald already in chains?

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