Monday, November 02, 2020


Will a genocidal maniac named Donald get voted out, along with his complicit Republican sycophants or will we discover 2016 wasn't a fluke, and the American ideal was just a temporary dream, lost in a nightmare, pitched by a con man

WHY IS THIS EVEN CLOSE? What has Donald done to earn any followers, to earn any votes, to have such a crazed following? Especially after his handling of the COVID19 pandemic which as Joe Biden perfectly has said, "totally disqualified him" from being our President? Somehow all his illegalities don't matter to these people, while they shout 'lock them up' to anyone who dares go against his wishes. His impeachment, never happened. All the crimes he was supposedly investigated during the entire Mueller investigations, which he was never clear up, don't matter. All his lies, a no big deal, just a normal thing now a days. Anything obnoxious said or pink slip worthy tweeted, brushed aside as sarcastic comments. People dying, in genocidal numbers, not his fault, but somehow everyone else's. Somehow his followers preach, nobody could have done a better job, that everyone else is to blame for everything that he does wrong. When you see enough of these people on television or on your social media feeds seemingly swallowing up all the oxygen, one has to wonder if what you think is gonna be the outcome, the heaven's opening up and good winning, defeating evil, might not occur. Somehow, the fear is, once again, Trump will defeat all common sense, and I will awaken the day after election day and discover that my world, or at least the world I thought I lived in, actually was a mirage. That the nightmare we've been surviving through, if we've been so lucky to survive so far, is actually our real world, and that world is Donald's and what we were living in was just the fantasy. Like the Matrix. Talk about a horror show. Boy I just went from being a happy positive thinking blogger to a depressed scared tail between my legs petrified American, worried that my democracy will actually die at midnight on Election night, and the people themselves, much like in Turkey, Russia and other like minded nations will unbelievably vote our sacred freedoms away… happily, as I cry myself to sleep wondering what went wrong.  

I hope my fears, are just temporary, and the people, the real American people, not the ones clogging the airwaves, or the highways, will actually rise up and vote enough of the monsters out, that our democracy will be shown to be what the people really want. That those people who voted Donald in, or didn't vote at all, or voted in protest against Hillary, have actually learned their lessons, the worse way possible… having to survive through a pandemic of a monster's making… and I don't mean China. Hopefully they've learned  that voting on the pitch of a con man with Russian leanings is not the wisest thing to do. That believing a man who pitched a president was illegal because of the man's skin color, isn't someone who has any right to spouting the lie that he's has done more for the African American people. That same man, is the one now telling us he knows more about the virus then the doctors, as he spreads lies, and pitches herd immunity,  unbelievably actually causing a genocide to occur across our nation as he's announces we've round the curve for what feels like the thousandth time, as  our nation is now averaging 1,000 deaths a day and 100,000 infections. 

In 2011, I began this blog worried that our nation would vote out the current Democratic President, Barack Obama, because he dared to give the people healthcare, how dare he? I couldn't believe that a President who actually had delivered on a promise, was gonna be taken down because of it. Especially while he was taking us all from the brink of financial ruin, caused by the very same people who are incidentally currently running our nation back into a ditch and into actual graves. The experts in Trump's ears who are pitching that a virus is a nothing,  or a blessing for Gods sake, while they all try to get rid of people's healthcare just at the very moment that 'we the people' all need it. Sadly with Republican's in power, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Well, happily the election in 2012 ended the right way, and our nation continued to rebound, and was beginning to prosper as never before. But the monsters in the background who caused our financial meltdown during George Walker's term in office, besides of cause sending us into a never-ending war with the wrong country, were laying plans for their take over of our nation once more. Seems with them, they never learn from their failures and defeats, they just double down and weasel their way back into power. So same liars, spent Obama's entire presidency trying to ruin everything he tried to do, so that they could pitch what a failure he was in office and why we needed to return to an America that actually never existed.  And once in power, instead of fixing the issues wrong with it, they did one thing, try to destroy everything about it, but not once with replacing it with something other then lots of empty promises. Apparently with Republicans, once out of the womb, they don't care about you, but in the womb, they have all the say in what happens. And no matter how wrong they are, they preach to high heaven how right they are, damned how many people get hurt in the process or die. And they will lie, steal, cheat, and kill to do it. They will actually commit treason, lie on the witness stand, after swearing on the bible, just to get whatever they want, arguing that whatever they do is justifiable. As long as they get more powerful and wealthier, the rest of us are simply collateral damage, and what gets me is, none of those voting for Donald for the rest of the liars seem to understand that. Somehow these monsters who last told the truth, possibly in their diapers, if ever, grew in enough numbers to get their latest monster, the Donald in office. And as we've horrifically discovered the monster that they created, is on the brink of either losing his power, while taking them all down with him, or taking over our nation completely. And when I say taking over, I mean in a coup like way that makes him emperor of the world. Apparently the monster is in charge, and his creators are either gonna live in his glory or die in his defeat. It comes down to this, our vote for Joe Biden is a vote for equality. Our vote is for our very freedoms, our beloved Democracy, and for whatever sanity any of us have left after what we've witnessed since the Trumpeter's came down that demonic escalator, or say goodbye to America forever. And get ready for whatever hell-hole Trump and Putin have plotted… during one of their many unknown, top secret, conversations, where I will presume Donald is getting all his instructions on their takeover. 

I mean seriously how is this close? What has the man who is supposedly in charge done, that he deserves another four years? Has he actually earned any of our votes or lost which ever ones he got last time? Especially as apparently we've all discovered that all he is pitching now isn't what his plans are for the future, that part of his pitch is simply more of the same, except of course completely unhinged and unrestrained. But most of his pitch is, if I don't win, it's rigged. Any other scenario is fake news. That the only votes that actually count are for him, or they all have to be counted by the end of Election day, other wise, sorry, your vote is illegitimate… just like our current President. So American's please remember as Donald announces sometime late in the evening, that the votes by all the people who voted absentee or mail in, or overseas, as in the military, all of them, which haven't been counted yet, well none of those will count. That's now gonna be Donald's latest lie. 

That is unless, of course, that by the end of Election Day, it turns out that Donald is actually behind in the tally's, hopefully by a mile, and a blow out is happening in historical numbers right in front of our eyes. So my feeling is that either he will come out and say, we now have to wait till all the votes are in, or he'll claim that the numbers announced are fake, and whatever his excuse will be, the Republicans are gonna do their worst to make sure that our election for President in the year 2020 will be decided by the Republican's Supreme Court, and not the American people's vote. The question will be, if that actually happens, will the American people rise up in protest, in numbers too large to even scare the Donald out of office? And if the people actually rise up in protest as never before, will his takeover of our nation be completed by the monster's he's installed into power in his coup of our democracy, or will they turn on Donald in the end realizing what side of history they were on? That they weren't in the end, working for him, but for us, the American people. And in the end, the American people will get the President that this time, they had actually voted in. 

In the good old days in the movies, by this time in the story, the bad guys would have lost, the bad man in orange would have been escorted into a holding cell, Pence would have resigned in disgrace, Joe Biden would already be working with the current administration or what's left of them, while waiting to be sworn in, while Nancy would holding down the fort, or was that Hillary, getting her a few weeks or months as the rightful leader of the free world. But sadly we currently live in a time, when just when you thought the story was ending, the hero has won the day, and all is wonderful in the world, a giant hand erupts from the gates of Hell, ripping through our dreams of happiness and taking us all back to Hell in its clutches, To suffer for eternity, and what was our world is transformed into the Hell scape of the devils dreams, that the fools who fantasize end times have been dreaming of all their twisted and sick lives.

As you can tell this election is giving me the …  simply put, I'm spooked. Nobody knows, what gonna happen, before this nightmare ends, if it actually ever does? Perhaps we'll all wake up the next day, and somehow we're all back in 2016 and Trump has just won the presidency and millions of women are protesting his victory. Honestly I wouldn't be shocked if that were to happen. The scary question would be, is if that nightmare scenario occurred, and everyone remembered what happened, would the people now, getting a second chance to change their original vote, would they, if they could. Simply,  are we all in a never-ending loop that goes deeper and darker to the world we all live in, does it spiral into nothingness, all until we all simple disappear. Is this all just Darwin's theory working its way to it's ultimate conclusion. The closer we get to the end, the fears of what could be's get stronger in me. My sleepless nights get more frequent, and a whole lot of nightmares get a whole lot scarier. Can you blame me, after what we experienced in 2016, after everything that has occurred since how could anyone have a positive outlook? How many times has Trump gotten his foot stuck in the door, had his neck on the chopping block, or has he got caught in a lie, does it take for him to lose his followers? Somehow, the worse he gets, the more death and destruction he causes,  the guiltier he looks, the more his followers actually love him. But with the memories of the last election still hitting my head like a migraine of epic proportions, after the highs and eventual lows of that election night, until Joe is sworn in, already signing Executive Orders and starting to move America on the right way out from the darkness that has been the Trump regime, with Trump in chains awaiting his many trials, my worries will not subside until Donald has been excised. 

No matter what the poll numbers are, or what the talking heads say, as they keep repeating over and over since 2016 on a non-stop loop, we have no real way of knowing what will happen in regards to what the votes will be. So as we now listen to the experts try to explain what they think will occur, most of them always throw out,  take what we say with a grain of salt. And after last time, which also looked very promising before the bottom dropped out for America, even, with the early and absentee voting happening so far in record numbers. Almost 100 million Americans of already voted, and the statistical geniuses are losing their collective minds over the numbers. They talk about who the people who voted are, the demographics, the should be's, the sexes of the voters, the age groups, how many are first time voters? How many Puerto Rican's who had to move to Florida, pretty much because Donald did one thing for the Isle, throw paper towels and try to trade it for Greenland, or knowing him, Trump change… or will,  all the displaced native Puerto Rican's, overcome the massive Cuban presumed vote for the man in orange? But what if those and all the early votes get cancelled out? What if they don't count them or  even throw them out?  And what about those hidden Trump voters, like those from 4 years ago? We live in a world where the absurd can happen, where the good guy loses. Where racists stand proud, along with the KKK, and white supremacists, out in the open, without hoods or sheets to hide their identity. Where the sitting President is pitching for the people, his people, to come out and rise up in a new Civil War that will split our nation into two once more, as long as he can become their ruler in lies and corruption. 

As Donald has screamed on a repeat for weeks now, whatever the announced totals are, as soon as his name is in the lead, he will say he's the winner. If however Vice President Joe Biden is ahead, he will say it's fake, or we will have to wait for the numbers to come in, or even worse, that the people at the polls are cheating him out of the White House. Just like he now says that the essential workers, the doctors and nurses who are treating those who are suffering with COVID19 or worse have died from it, Trump now claims that they are rigging their numbers for profit! Seems Trump is pitching Doctors are making more money if their patients are diagnosed with COVID19, as opposed to other sicknesses or injuries, so if they die from it, I guess they get a bonus?!?! Could the man be more heinous. So as a closing argument in his reelection campaign is that he has now a better job then anyone else could have ever done. If you get the virus, you've been blessed, and if I win again, I promise to bless as many American's as possible, dame the ramifications from having a virus that we have no way of knowing what are the long term effects. Let's disregard, that Trump secretly knew how deadly it was and lied his ass off. He pitched that anyone who wore a mask, was a loser and a sucker, and even though it could save your life, that the people who are  actually trying to save our lives were actually the real rip off artists and con men,  as opposed to him, the biggest tax cheat on the face of the Earth. This from a man who was pitching we should possibly inject clorox or shove light bulbs up our ass holes, while all the time telling us that the virus was a nothing. In possibly So Donald in one of his most disgusting lies, has accused doctors have cooking the books, and most of the dead from the pandemic didn't die from the virus, but from other things. Like the common flu. 

Well I guess sometime soon we'll know if Donald will be king for life or Joe will be President of a Democratic nation. I'm hoping American's will get this right this time. I'm hoping that Joe Biden wins the day, that the Democrats win the Senate, and on the way out, Donald doesn't do that much damage. And I'm hoping that this national nightmare is over. Because the other side of the coin is too scary to even imagine. If we learned anything from 2016, every vote counts. So please vote, the future of all our lives depends on it. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, November 2, 2020

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