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So Hannity how can you possibly be impartial, and shouldn’t you have disclosed that to your audience or at least your bosses as you attacked the good guys while protecting yourself 

WHOMEVER IS WRITING THIS SCRIPT, is one kooky screenwriter. Hannity's comment immediately after it was revealed that, oops, he also might be in this way over his head was “he thinks its funny,” that he’s now a headline in the news. So laugh out loud humorous, then why are we seeing your sweat pouring out of you so much these days? Why does it look like you are sick to your stomach, all the time? I guess just like Junior’s “nothing burger” excuse for his amnesia after the revelation that Russians met with him & Trump’s henchmen in Trump tower, to discuss terrible Intel on Hillary. Well just like that nothing burger turned out to be a huge something, this “funny” news story, could force Fox faux news to fire or at least put a leash on Trumps favorite voice box. Well all I can say is thank God Trump likes porn stars, Playboy models, and paying off his sleeping partners, because other wise we might be stuck with him forever. How ironic, his possible crimes with Vladimir might not bring him down, but his dealings with ladies on the side could end it. Seems, his attorney, Michael Cohen, apparently doesn’t really practice law these days, he fixes problems that his clients have with their lady friends. 

Which makes me have to bring up the Mrs., just wondering how much longer will Melania stick by him? Sorry shouldn’t even be getting her involved with his crimes. Of course, she did pitch his birther nonsense, so maybe we shouldn’t give her a total pass, but at least today I will. That said, the way this current episode in Democracy is going, wouldn’t the wife of the President leaving him, with son in tow, be the icing on the cake with what we’ve seen so far. I figure that won't happen till either the pee tape appears or if the ladies who are now coming out are finally seen and believed. But again, lets get back to the business at hand. 

Maybe this time Donald’s penchant for hiring, what else can I call them but schmucks, could actually be his undoing? Of course most of what I know of Trump’s legal right hand man, is what the talking heads on television tell us. Their descriptions of him, his interactions with them and others. So I am I guess tainted in my opinions of him. But I have watched a bunch of interviews and I pretty much think of him as a slimy character right out of a bad B budget 1950’s black and white drama. You know the ones, badly acted, with a plot twists that could cause you whiplash.

As with most of the people he surrounds himself with Michael Cohen is perfectly and unbelievably exactly what one might imagine a Donald J. Trump minion would be. So having him be the one who fixes all of his peccadillo's might in the end finally be the thing that takes Donald down. Or as with everything else, Trump will fire people, lose it on Twitter and get away with another day still King of the World, at least in his own mind. That said, it now seems to be Michael’s turn to be in the cross hairs. It is funny listening to the talk now on air about him from the Trumpeters, who are beginning their usual drumbeat in ripping him apart that occurs with all followers who have turned on Donald, or who could hurt in in some way.

Stephanie Clifford, alias Stormy Daniels will never be considered a dumb blond, at least by me. She certainly seems to know how to pick smart attorneys. Michael Avenatti who has been popping up all over the various news channels, more so to throw shade at Trump’s dimwitted fixer-upper, Michael Cohen. But I’m beginning to believe when this is all over, expect the man to be spending his life on air with his own show or a nice steady gig as this years’s latest legal expert. Now I’m no lawyer, but listening to Michael Avenatti rip apart Cohen’s legal decisions has truly showcased what a chomp Cohen is. Every move Cohen makes, every leak he spews, bites him and Donald Trump in the ass. Each chess move actually helping make her story sound more and more true and his choices sinking Donald more and more into a hole he might not ever be able to crawl out of. Who knows, in the end the only person who might remain standing in this is Trump himself. While everyone of his minions from his inner circle to his assorted talking heads might all wind up in a prison of their own making. Including a certain top rated Fox talking head known as Sean Hannity. 

How about this week’s humongous brain-cloud legal motion, actually helping more then most to nail the coffin shut in Trump’s eventual removal from office. When I first heard the news as with every other unbelievable revelation over the last six months or so, I simply couldn’t stop smiling. But this one made me actually spit out my morning tea. Talk about the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. By wanting the judge to throw out the treasure trove of confiscated material, he needed to prove he was an actual lawyer, with actual clients besides Donald. I mean Cohen’s clients needed their rights protected, his attorney’s protested. So the judge demanded that they give up the names or Cohen can weep all the way to Sing Sing till he sings. Go on big shot, prove he isn’t just Donald’s fixer, who pays off women to cover up Trumps misbehavior, prove that he actually practises law. 

Ironically, Cohen pleading that the release of the names would be "embarrassing" to one of his clients, proved the most truthful thing he might have ever said. According to reports he supposedly has had only 3 clients the last few years. Just wondering how he could afford to pay off Stormy the $130,000 out of pocket, since he claims he paid her and not Donald? Can’t wait to see when his tax returns are revealed. As for his 3 clients, of course we all know about Donald, which is why Michael is so famous these days. The second of the 3, amazingly turned out to be Elliot Broidy, who used to be a deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committees, that is before he resigned. Well it turns out, Michael Cohen paid a Playboy Model $1.6 Million, who became pregnant during an affair. Another hypocrite, being uncovered for paying off yet another woman in Trump’s inner circle who fears their pristine facades would be ruined, has been taken down. Guess its times to find employment on Fox News or better yet, Sinclair.

But the revelation that the third client just happened to be Sean Hannity of Fox News fame or is that infamy is mind blowing. Listening to Rachel Maddow describe the court room as the Judge decided our nation’s possible fate, okay at least Michael Cohen’s, as she said these words “I’m directing you to disclose the name now,” was  amazing. I hope they have the real court sequence on video, but even if they don’t, Rachel showcased a lesson on how to thrill an audience with just words. The ironic thing in all this of course is that their shows are pretty much the opposite of each other. Her’s is facts, news, investigation and reporting, you know real reporting. His are conspiracy, opinionated nonsense, which are now being revealed to be coordinated messages between the President, his personal attorney and a propaganda voice box who has been brainwashing millions to believe the ‘real’ fake news. Which is every word that Donald J. Trump utters, every lie he says.  

Hysterically, all day long after the shocking development was announced one had to wonder how Sean would discuss it on his show, or in fact if his show would even air at its usual time. Or would Fox force him into a surprise mini vacation which is their initial way of quieting down all scandals with their talking heads, before they announce the parting of the ways. Of course as of now a few days later, he’s still on air. Fox came out with a statement, that pretty much ignores the legal implications of what he might have been pulling by being the voice of Trump. Of pretty much turning Fox into state run television right out of the Cold War days of the old Soviet Empire. I honestly haven’t turned Sean Hannity back on since the news exploded, even just to see how he would try to lie away his big oops. But as its been reported by others, what he said on air probably made his situation worse or at least should have. One of his first guests on air, I’m told near the end of his first hour back on air after the explosion erupted was Alan Dershowitz. Alan who has seemingly lost his mind recently over Mueller’s witch hunt against Donald, responded to Sean’s excuses by sounding almost coherent and saying. “I really think that you should have discussed your relationship with Cohen when you talked about him on this show,” Something that has been reported that he has done with the other attorney’s that they both share, that he had mentioned when they’ve appeared on his show. But why would he even think about mentioning this relationship on his show with him, it would of course screw up his talking points that he received from Donald on their last phone conversation or dinner date.

Hannity’s defense was, “I have a right to privacy.” Drop dead Hannity. But what got me the most was when I heard Sean’s other comment “It was such a minor relationship and it had to do with real estate and nothing political.” Hence his forgetting to mention it ever on air or in print. So lets get this straight, if we are to believe Hannity, his dealings with Cohen had only to do with real estate and nothing to do with politics? Is that what he expects anyone to believe except the deaf, dumb and blind members of Fox’s audience? Perhaps Hannity has a few ladies on the side that none of know about yet, which has been gossiped, and he needed to discuss with the President’s fixer like Donald had done on who knows how many occasions besides Stormy’s? So lets get this straight, the President’s fixer is into real estate? Who knew? Donald is also into real estate, so sure, I guess its in the scope of possibilities, I mean Sean never lies about anything, except everything he says on air, so lets believe him on this.

I can only imagine what Donald was thinking when he watched Hannity’s show, because you know he was sitting watching his favorite lap dog make him sound like a genius. At first I was thinking he must have choked on his Whopper or spit out his thick shake. But thinking on it, I fully believe it was Donald’s idea about the real estate excuse, and not Sean’s. Much like he rewrote Don Junior’s explanation on Air force One, about the meeting in Trump tower. I mean who else would come up with such a lame excuse? Well maybe Hannity, cause he ain’t no rocket scientist either. The way I see this, we could go a few ways. Either as Sean claims that Cohen just answered a couple questions for him, and it had nothing to do with a third party. Or perhaps Michael Cohen’s attorney David Schwartz was trying to prove Cohen actually had more clients then just Trump and it backfired. By throwing Hannity’s name into the mix, he ensnared Sean into the whole mess that is the Mueller investigation. Turning him into collateral damage. And most likely, yet another name which can be added to those who seriously sold their souls to have a seat at the feet of the Mad King and have begun to pay the price. So now we discover that Sean Hannity, whose arrogance knows no limits, has now been outed as possibly in on the whole con game that is the Trump brand. First helping to elect Donald Trump into office and now trying his damnedest to stop any investigation into what occurred last election day and since. Night after night, he louder than anyone else has attacked the Mueller investigation from day one, and has sided with Donald and Michael Cohen on everything. Its like watching the reverse of any possible crime by Hillary Clinton. She breathes and he’s calling for an investigation of her intake of oxygen, with Donald, crickets.

I also must mention The Daily Show this past week, Trevor Noah had an amazing piece on where he showcased Hannity’s reaction in video clips from Sean’s own show on the raid of Michael Cohen’s home and offices. When you watch the clips in retrospect of Sean’s so-called reporting on the shocking turn of events its pretty amazing. Watching the progression of reports, as Sean gets more and more upset as the private attorney of the President of The United States gets raided by the Mueller investigators, is eye-opening. It almost looks like he’s taking it personal, and it feels like its happening in real time as he reacts to the fact that his possible crimes to the nation has been revealed. His then unknown secret connection to the White House now outed to everyone whose still paying attention. Its not as if it wasn’t obvious what Sean has been preaching, but taken into context with this next information, seriously wow. There is no way we can look at what Hannity has been spewing and what Trump is pitching as anything but connected. The only question is whose the voice box? Is Hannity running the show, backed by Fox and Friends in the corporate offices or is it Donald in the Oval office being fed things to say by Vladimir. 

As Cohen’s attorneys had argued, the unknown client would be “embarrassed” if his identity was known. Watching Hannity’s reaction in the clip parade showcased by Noah, its seems to reveal why he was so upset and so angry at it. And boy is he “embarrassed”.  Embarrassed right out of his high paying gig I hope. If he in fact is proven to be in cahoots with Trump and Cohen and Mitch and Jared and on and on, it seems Sean needs to be dragged into the Halls of Congress, and sworn in. Lets see what truths we can discover about him and how many times he has lied in the past about really important things. Now lets see what the Fox bosses do. Does Sean now get canned for omitting this small detail. Does his sponsors now flee him from the legal stink he has to be awash in? So far it appears Sean is weathering the storm, since its been a few days and he still is on the air. I guess if a real crime is revealed when the Michael Cohen tapes get reviewed, whenever they do it, not only will he get kicked off air, but he’ll probably spend a good chunk of time behind federal prison. So Hannity, how does it feel to be in the story as opposed to spouting off your opinion on them? Lock her up? Really? Benghazi? The Rule of law? Crimes against the state? Boy I can not wait to see how this storyline ends, or where it leads too. Just wondering if in the end, if this revelation matters or will it open matter in the history books. Will Trump still survive at least his first term, or will the crap covering the fan already, finally be too much that Donald has to walk? Just one last thing, been wondering when Donald does makes the announcement he’s getting out, will it be in the White House or in Mar-a-Lago?     

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, April 20, 2018

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