Tuesday, January 23, 2018


After hundreds of thousands marched against Trump, seems a year with Donald hasn’t made it better. I guess now we will see if Chuck’s gamble proves he’s the real dealmaker in Washington that Trump kept telling everybody he was.

VLADIMIR MUST BE ONE HAPPY PUPPET MASTER… seems the games he’s played to help elect Donald J. Trump is working out better than he possibly ever conceived. Putin may not have had those nasty adoption sanctions weakened… Sorry, couldn’t resist. We all know by now, that the something burger of the forgotten meetings and assorted phone calls had nothing to do with kids, and everything to do with selling our nation off to the rich pals of the President of Russia. That is unless you can’t get your head out of the Fox faux news world of alternate reality lies that they keep coming up with. 

It is really something listening to the Republicans spin their attacks on the Democrats for causing the shutdown over “illegal immigrants” as they like to call the Dreamers. How simply despicable they are, throwing bread crumbs for months that they were willing to discuss and negotiate. Giving the dreamers real hope a deal could be forged and Sir Orangeness could actually sign it into law. But of course, each time we hear about lots of talk, seemingly good vibes, and positive talking points by those political leaders involved nothing ever comes of it. In the end they always pull away, or Mitch or Paul won’t ever put it up for a vote. Trump made The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) an issue when he rescinded President Barack Obama’s executive action. The Republicans using The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as a carrot throwing it in at the end, but still refusing to add DACA into the deal which caused the Democrats and several Republicans to vote no to keeping the lights on. 

Giving the Democrats an awful choice. Having to take a stand, and for once showcase they do have a spine or give in. Be “good”American patriots, and just go along with the charade that a few crumbs would come the Democrats and the people’s way if they just bowed down and blew the orange faced doofus in charge. Sadly whenever one of these votes or initiatives occur and the Dreamers get pushed aside, some blame the Democrats for not succeeding. When if it wasn’t for them, they wouldn’t even have a voice. I can’t blame them, we are discussing their very lives, but be careful how you attack the very people who are trying to help. Hopefully this decision to side with the children of foreign born visitors who walked the shores of the United States, won’t give Trump the thing he needed to jolt the electorate to his side of his new world order. 

For a man, Vladimir’s Donny, who only a few days back spoke of his love for these dreamers, it is really eye-opening to realize that this imposter of a President, would utter such words when in his heart he never believed a thing he said. Not that many of us thought what he was saying was nothing more than bull and all he was doing was just putting on a show for the masses. If you can describe all the months of in your face white supremacy talking points, or the badly veiled racist commentary as just asides and not proof that Trump was a bigoted douche bag. But if you consider at the same time our political leaders were trying to hammer out a budget deal, which includes immigration decisions and most importantly of course the DACA recipients, it is pretty I should say timely for Trump to have been quoted calling African countries and other foreign lands with predominately non-white citizens as sh*thouses. 

Remember that big 90 minute television reality event, when he had what 20 members of the Congress sit around him pitching ideas? The Trumpeters trying desperately to showcase Donald’s mind hadn’t completely slipped away. Remember how he agreed with any and all suggestions thrown at him? I distinctly remember our President, well not mine, responded and made a big point that he would sign off on anything that came to his desk. Even if he wasn’t happy about it, no questions asked. Sadly with Mr. Jello as Chuck has categorized his way of deal making, Donald has showcased on too many occasions that he seems to have completely forgotten his own words. But that’s okay, he’ll come up with something new tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that. Each time the question is put to him, he keeps denying straight faced that he had ever said the words in the first place even if its on tape or on audio. Consistency isn’t his middle name.  

So the Democrats now should have a definite political talking point they can run on. Showcasing that they are the party of inclusion and democracy. That there is a difference between the party of us and the party of well, rich white people. Well I’m proud of the Democrats, my party, for once putting your foot down. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does its always for a good thing. Unlike the republicans who shut the Government down over giving people healthcare! 

Perhaps the Democrats finally learned. Especially after all the hypocrisy that we’ve been smacked in the faces with that they all pull on a never-ending daily basis. One would think that this is a slam dunk political move too, but sadly the vile trumpeting Republicans as usual have already found their attack line and the media is already reporting that apparently its working. 

The attack by the Trumpeters is that Democrats are with the illegals that kill our innocent American born children. You know all those Mexicans, all those brown sweaty ugly foreigners streaming over the border to rape, steal and kill our babies! Those are the Dems priority not us, the true Americans. There’s a new disgusting political ad by the committee to reelect Trump and Pence, that actually uses the words “Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants.” You can’t make this up and I so wish I was kidding. This is how the political right operate, always going to the lowest vile attack they can come up with. Always finding a way to attack others as un-American when they are the ones acting like savage racist beasts. They have no problems using racism and hatred as a way to separate Americans. 

Budget director Mick Mulvaney, spun the shutdown in the most ironic way. “The Democrats got the shutdown that they wanted on his anniversary.” Ironic in my eyes since, it was his ineptitude and disinterest in doing the job. His unbelievable outbursts and odd behavior that got us to this point not the Democrats or even the Republicans. The original woman’s march might’ve never occurred or at least have become such a phenomenon if the man with too many skeletons in his closest hadn’t become President.

On the 2nd anniversary of the woman’s march which was launched in protest to the realization that the male chauvinist pig known as Donald J. Trump had somehow beaten the most qualified candidate to ever run for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who just happened to be a woman. It’s really eye opening how pathetic the man has been, possibly even worse than most of us feared. Every stomp speech he spewed, every talking point that has become his mantra, he has either done the opposite of, or simply blamed everyone else for his own failures. Half the time the man sound paranoid or delusional making people ponder if our President has lost his mind like Reagan did during his Presidency. Nothing is ever his fault. Everyone but him is lying and against his wishes. He is the only one telling the truth and we should only believe him and his Trumpeters. 

Any and all of his success so far as the sitting President can be squarely put on the shoulders of his predecessors brilliant job of handling our economy. Even the supposed surge in the stock market probably has more to do with the 8 year turn around that President Barack Obama took us on and nothing to do with Donald’s power to come up with great deals. So according to his puppets his so-called tax deal which really hasn’t begun effecting anything is being used to showcase what a genius he is. For a few days after the big robbery was signed off on, we got several major corporations announcing pay raises and bonuses, which were attributed to Trump. But unnervingly we’ve gotten a lot more businesses beginning to announce more layoffs, including some who announced those bonuses and raises. So if you compare the two sides, it might turn out to be a wash. Meaning, the greedy bastards, pocketed the gift that Donald handed them, gave some people a raise, but canning others, so probably in the end their costs are actually less. 

Oh and about those raises they touted as something of huge significance, I wouldn’t be shocked if all of them had more to do with the minimum wage being lifted than the corporations suddenly growing a heart. Remember how people voted in their states to raise that states minimum wage, well those raises kicked in. None of which has anything to do with Donald or the Republicans. In fact, several Republican people in charge have cancelled or tried to lessen the minimum wage increase. Yes they are that monstrous. 

One year in, this has got to be the longest one I can ever actually remember in my lifetime. As Senator Chuck Schumer perfectly expressed, the man can’t say yes to anything, even if the very same day he already said he would just hours before. The Republicans have the audacity to come out and blame Chuck for the shutdown, but it was Mitch who refused to put up for vote a bill that the Senate had worked up in a bipartisan manner the night before they voted to shut it down, believe it or not. It was Donald who changed his mind, not the democrats on at least two deals that were agreed upon. 

It was Trump, and no one else, who decided to end President Barack Obama’s DACA Executive Decision, and It was the Republicans who decided to use the CHIP program as a bargaining tool. Imagine how God awfully inhumane you must be to use the lives of innocent children and adults for political purposes. Well sadly you don’t have to, its real, and they’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. So now after months of teasing the Democrats with a possible deal, when the offer was on the table, instead of actually doing the right thing, they chose to shut the government down. And the carrot they are hanging over the Democrats heads is that they would come back to the table and hammer out a bill, if they end this nonsense tamper tantrum.  

Paul Ryan, I gotta ask is he trying to see if he can lie as badly as Donald does? Paul, just so you know, if no one else has told you, when you do it, when you lie,  it’s actually easier to tell you are full of … than practically anyone else. So the talking point, the words he’s memorized for this battle for his America’s soul. His coming out and spewing that the Democrats are all at fault is seriously dumb. Its not me, we love the dreamers. Its not us, its all on them. According to them, they’ve been angels trying their hardest to fix the sh*thouse that President Obama left. Its was the liberal monsters that caused the shutdown over the Dreamers, not we, we love them, we would do anything for them, accept of course vote on a measure to finally get some peace in their lives. Besides they have plenty of time, months! Plenty, so why the heck would they pull a stunt like this? Its baffling, and bewildering! It makes no sense. These are Ryan’s talking points. Disregarding the years he and his cronies tried to shut down out government over Obamacare. Oh Senator Cruz… sorry your Green Eggs and Ham filibuster isn’t something any of us will ever forget. We will try… but sadly what you pulled, shutting down the government is something that will be put on your tombstone.

Ryan keeps repeating that this wasn’t something that needed to be done today. That this shutdown wasn’t necessary, but the Democrats refused to be the good soldier and just go with the flow. Not us, we love those dreamers. After the Democrats agree, they would work on the deal, we promise. The dog and pony show we’ve seen before. I’m sorry liar, I don’t believe you and I haven’t probably since I heard you say your first words on air spouting some rant about killing off Social Security and medicare. As for plenty of time, every day people lose their DACA coverage, not in months. Theirs live hang in the balance. We all know how this goes, the republicans will kick this can down the road, till all the dreamers have to leave the country or go into hiding like their parents did for decades. 

One of the funniest things occurred as the march throughout the land began, Donald tweeted out a message to all the ladies, basically making him sound like a delusional nut job. “Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”  @realDonaldTrump

I gotta ask, would you describe that tweet as one written by a supposedly sane person? Did you see Dr. Jerry’s assessment of Donald’s health? Wow, talk about fake news. If I was Trump, I think I would want a second opinion. Perhaps Trump is dying and the good doc’s diagnosis was his way of covering up the truth. One day Donald will go golfing, and right after announcing he hit a hole in one, possibly his first ever, the man will kick the bucket. I mean come on people, the man looks like you could stick a pin in him and watch as he flies away like helium leaking out of a balloon.

So last night, the Dems, as some of called it, have given in. The shutdown was well, shut down, after 3 days, because Mitch supposedly made a promise with Chuck, and Chuck thought about it and went okay. Sadly too many in the Democratic party and way too many out there not into the conversation, are now attacking Chuck and the Democrats for giving up on them. I am now awaiting for the calls to remove the senior New York Senator as the Minority Leader. How could he fail all the DACA kids. Wake up people, the talking point that the democrats are bad was working. Chuck made the most logical decision, and I for one applaud the Democrat. I can actually see the truth and the genius of his deal. Simply put, this gives Mitch 3 weeks to make it so otherwise, shutdown number two of the Trump era begins. So now Mitch will at least put the vote up for the Dreamers and if they don’t when it comes to re-upping again to keep the Government running, don’t even ask Chuck to the table, he ain’t coming. When they have to vote again, for the next short term deal, Chuck will not give him the benefit of the doubt anymore. Because of Chuck’s move, now its all in the Republican hands. 

Now if Donald and his merry band of Democratic, big ‘D’ not small destroyers, pull more games, a shutdown will be all on him and them. The Democrats will rightly be looked at as the Party of the people, not the party of Illegals as Donald would like you think. And if the deal finally gets done the dreamers might finally be given legal status they all so much desire. The only question I now have, is if a deal is made on DACA, will next election day Donald be given the credit he’s gonna take on the deal? Or will the voters see the truth and vote out all the Republicans who used the negotiations to harm millions of innocent Americans as yet another way to hurt people of color? 

 Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 23, 2018 

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