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Speaker John Boehner made a total fool of himself when he actually had the nerve to use President Obama as the scapegoat for his party’s failures at reforming Immigration. On Thursday, February 6, 2014, he basically blamed the President, using the ridiculous excuse that he’s untrustworthy? That our President can’t be trusted to follow the law! 
"The American people, including many of our members, don't trust that the reform we're talking about will be implemented as it was intended to be," Boehner told reporters during his weekly news conference. "The president seems to change the health care law on a whim, whenever he likes.…."
Excuse me! Aren’t you the person in charge of the fools who shut the country down! So we are supposed to trust you. Now its come out that the latest scheme by the Republicans is that they are hedging their bets that they will win back control of the Senate, and once they do; then we will grant the masses a crumb. Perhaps we’ll allow some of the many a shot at citizenship if we decide to allow it!
Oh really, so what happens when you don't take over the Senate, we'll wait another 2, perhaps 4, maybe 6 years for you to get your heads out of your political asses and decide to fix this mess.
The fact that you are making something so important into a political game really is simply disgusting. So why don’t you go out and tell everyone the truth… that unless you get your way, that is, you get enough fools to agree to vote your brethren in, forgett-about-immigration! 
Tell me again how that's gonna happen. Since the rest of your agenda makes the majority of eligible voters vote for anyone that's not Republican. Oh that's right, that why your party is doing their best to try to rid the voters of their rights.
Let's see, a war on women's rights, a war on voting rights, and let's add a war against immigration now. So if what you are threatening is true, for me its three strikes and you’re out! 
I guess the citizens of this great country will just have to wait till the Democrats take over in 2016. Maybe not such a bad thing, remember we voted democratic in 2008, and the democrats gave us Heathcare Reform. 
Sadly when the Republicans won the majority in The House on 2010, any logic in governance on their part seemingly vanished. Their only agenda was to try to remove the Presidents healthcare reform. So perhaps history will repeat itself. Perhaps, if the democrats get back in power, Immigration will finally have its day.
So no immigration reform, this year. Sorry to all those hopefuls who thought that this would happen while President Obama was in office. 
Simply put, vote Democratic in 2016, expect immigration reform! 
Vote Republican and forgett-about-immigration!
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, February 7, 2014

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